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Delena + their baby pictures


Rating: G

Ship: Poppy/Branch (Broppy, Boppy) 

Fic Summary: When Branch’s new bunker below the Troll Tree floods, Poppy finds a way to help him cope with his past (And learns a few things about her own history while she’s at it.)


Poppy loved the rain.

Well, Poppy loved almost everything–but rain was one of her favorites. So when she had awoken to the pitter-patter of water hitting her roof, she was thrilled. She spent most of the day cozy in her house, watching the drops hit the leaves of the trees around her while she worked on one of the many scrapbooks she had lying around. Her friends managed to drag her out for about an hour to enjoy an impromptu ‘singing-in-the-rain’ party, but she was quick to retreat home as soon as the cold started to seep in.

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Jade Thirlwall + Style (insp.)

Because I’ve been in a major art block lately and because I’ve been MAJORLY in love with the OC picture the lovely @mormoc made for me, I decided to return the sweet gesture and draw her wonderful OCs! 

May, I know your boy has tattoos, but they are too pretty and unique for me to copy correctly in fear of ruining it. 

If you want to know where these two cuties are from, go and follow @mormoc and check them out! They are super cute and they’re expressions are absolutely the best! I hope you like it hun! =) 

In Ruins - Mercy/Pharah - SFW

On this day every year, Angela remembers what was and what could have been. Speed prompt, written in 61 minutes.

AO3 | FF.net 


Every year for six years, Angela returned there. As the days shortened, the leaves turned, and the wind began to bite, she knew it was time. November 10, a date she would never forget: the date she watched everything she’d hoped for, everything she’d dreamt of blow up in a mushroom-cloud of smoke and flame, lit by the people she loved and trusted.

The Swiss Overwatch HQ was abandoned and overgrown; a new Chernobyl. After the UN and the International Security Police had picked though the site clean for clues and bodies, no one went there. No one trusted her experiments, and no one thought it was safe. So it sat untouched, untrespassed, for six years.

This year, on November 10, Fareeha came with her.

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But yo hey im not the only one who thought this shot was just killer, right? Like damn son that hair is fabulous and the narrowing of the eyes. The animation was amaze, Malachite was amaze.

KateGate: The Story of How a Grown Woman Ruined My Life for 5 months

So this is actually my third time writing this fucking thing. The first time was sort of just going through everything chronologically and the second my computer shut down and didn’t save anything. So hopefully this is my last time attempting this.

I guess I should start from the beginning, but just to keep this in mind while you read this my story will most likely be different from Mia’s and Shanna’s and others who have come forward. Mostly because maybe this whole thing was my fault.

I didn’t really edit this so sorry if there are some bad grammar or missing words in places and sentences.

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iamdantheman9  asked:

Hi. Got any more pictures of yourself sitting with the laptop?

I don’t… What I do have though are other pictures from that day. You can probably guess why I wasn’t asked haha. (BTW I ruined all of my sisters pictures with her date… Kinda feel bad but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .)


Ryal Shepard - Earthborn, Sole Survivor, Renegon
Many years post Reaper Wars (left) & during Mass Effect 2 (right)

The wonderful @fatalmirage brought my canon Shep to life and did such a great job! I legit squealed with glee when I first saw them. Great communication, obviously talented (I mean look at the proof!), and as sweet as can be! 10/10 will work with again.