i ruff you

RFA + Valentine's Day

Jumin spends weeks telling anyone who will listen about the commercial origins of the event and its close relationship to flower sales and chocolates etc etc. If MC brings it up to him, he might even tell them about the projects he is working on and which items he expects to turn a profit. He is also the one who sends MC dozens of roses at their workplace, multiple little gifts throughout the day and ultimately takes them to a candlelit dinner.

Yoosung will have grumpily scolded Jumin every time he complained about the worth of Valentine’s Day. He would spend ages thinking up the perfect gift to show his affections, write poetry in the back of his class texts and gift MC the cutest, punniest card (I ruff you!) ever, along with a bouquet of red roses (which he possibly bought instead of groceries). He would also have spent the longest time teasing MC about what their gift might be or that he might forget, when everyone and their nan knows he won’t forget.

Zen is so over the top enthusiastic about having someone on Valentine’s that he makes plans in January. He wants to do all of the schmoozy couples stuff like going to see a movie and kissing in the back row. First thing that morning, he will show up at their door with a single red rose like “be my valentine”? Also, it wouldn’t be Zen if he didn’t reference getting MC to put on some of the lacy underwear that’s new in that season. Valentine’s Day is a MUCH bigger deal for him than MC, lol.

Seven is probably not that into Valentine’s Day but he’d make a very deliberate effort. He’d give MC some of those joke love hearts candies that are like “smelly head” and “dingus” before taking them out for a long ride in his car that evening. They can sit under the stars and eat candies and laugh at exactly what statements are printed on them, like “this one says ‘you smell’ on it. Clearly it was made for you”.

Jaehee is almost definitely going to end up snowed under with work (it’s the snowball effect: Chief Han probably wants to do something romantic so throws more work in Jumin’s direction, which means Jaehee ends up with more etc etc). Also true if her route is completed. She possibly was also of the opinion that Valentine’s Day was too commercial, but she leaves MC a card and some handmade chocolates next to the phone, where she usually leaves notes and things (and blushes like a beacon the next time they see each other).

Saeran won’t fully understand the day (a day for love? Sounds fake but ok) but he won’t say no to MC showering chocolates in his general direction. MC will wake up to find a really beautiful flower on their pillow, but if they ask Saeran about it he’ll go a bright red and be like fUck if I know.

It’s at this point that MC finds out V has been keeping really detailed journals from the beginning of their relationship and on Valentine’s Day, he makes a little scrapbook of pictures, pressed flowers and anecdotes from the first time they met to the present day. It’s also further proof that he’s a gross goober, but if they’re dating him, they probably know this already, since he makes a habit of sending them flowers and love notes.

  • Moroslut/Morocock/Morocunt/Moroderp/ the list goes on. 

    .. YOU NEED TO BE ASLEEP CUNT, YOU HAVE WORK IN A FEW HOURS. You’re a slut. Done. Jokes lad. So like I first saw you on tokbox and yes I was like ‘What’s a moroslut..’ LOL and I thought you were cute, ew what was I thinking.. joooooookes. Yeah, me and dina would check you out.. weird because she talks shit about you all the time AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. And yeah, when we went to the tumblr meet up together, and it was so awks.. AHAHAHA but it was good getting to know you. and then the beach meet up, and when you went topless, thank god i had glasses on because i was checking you out, now i can do it without glasses LOL. I remember each night I’d wait for you to talk to me HAHAHAHA and you always would (because YOU WHERE WHIPPED.) but you’d always speak to me so late, which pissed me off, stupid cunt. I’m not sure when I started liking you, but I’m assuming it was that week when we hung out non stop, and you were just super different to all the other guys who were the same. And you were confusing as fuck, as in I didn’t know if you liked me or not. 
    Yeah, and now, unfortunately, I’m forced to love you.. Ew. Black cambo shit.