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Can you add Kagami, Kiyoshi, Izuki and Takao to the mix please admin-sama?! can you do GoM realizing they're falling completely and hopelessly in love with their s/o, and accidentally blurting it out after seeing their s/o do something moronic/cute (such as their s/o's tendency to always pout when they're forced to eat carrots or something)?

This was soooo overdue. I’m sorry guys. Just dropping by to announce I’m not dead and thank you all so much for sticking around with us! P.S. Takao’s ended up being… different… than the rest.

- Lena

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Kagami sighed, but it was difficult to remove the smile from his face. Not that he wasn’t going to at least try, because this was supposed to be a serious place, an important place and there were plenty of people giving them dirty looks over irrelevant reasons anyway.

None of it seemed to deter the girl giggling like a little kid beside him, holding onto his hand like a lifeline.

“Hey, will you stop that already?” he asked, but the fact of the matter was, he didn’t really want her to. Well, he did, but not enough to actually force the issue. Her giggling in general was contagious, the only reason he was only vaguely annoyed was because this time, it was directed at him.

She took a deep breath, glancing up at him. Then she burst into a set of giggles all over again. “I’m sorry, I just–thank you. But you look ridiculous in that monkey suit.”

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Ohmygod, THIS.


|Imagine Dying and making a deal with you reaper, just so you can say bye to Dean|
You smile as you appear in dean’s room, you heard the shower loudly and you walk into the bathroom, and you hear sobs coming from behind the shower screen, you push your hand against the glass and when you pull it back you see your handprint on the screen. You push your finger onto the screen and you begin to write on the only thing that separated you and dean. ‘I’m here, Babe.’ You wrote. Dean looked at the writing and he quickly got out of showers his eyes searched the room and you walked over to the mirror. ‘Dean I’m here I don’t have long’ you write as you force myself to be seen you see yourself flicker in the mirror and his eyes look hopefully at you. “Y/N.” Dean shouts and his hands reach towards you.
“Dean, I don’t have long i just wanted to say. I love you and good bye.” You say reaching your hand forward towards him you gently run it over his ruff cheek.
“I love you.” Dean said and he kissed you tenderly although you felt nothing, you place your hand  back on his cheek as he pulls away. “Why do you have to go.” Dean tenderly said a tear rolled from his eye.
“I made a deal for 10 minutes with you to say good bye.” You add and his green eyes soften as you look in the mirror you see your image disappearing “What no this wasn’t the deal, you said ten minutes.” your image fell from view and dean began to cry. “You SAID!” you shout loudly into the oblivion

  • Moroslut/Morocock/Morocunt/Moroderp/ the list goes on. 

    .. YOU NEED TO BE ASLEEP CUNT, YOU HAVE WORK IN A FEW HOURS. You’re a slut. Done. Jokes lad. So like I first saw you on tokbox and yes I was like ‘What’s a moroslut..’ LOL and I thought you were cute, ew what was I thinking.. joooooookes. Yeah, me and dina would check you out.. weird because she talks shit about you all the time AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. And yeah, when we went to the tumblr meet up together, and it was so awks.. AHAHAHA but it was good getting to know you. and then the beach meet up, and when you went topless, thank god i had glasses on because i was checking you out, now i can do it without glasses LOL. I remember each night I’d wait for you to talk to me HAHAHAHA and you always would (because YOU WHERE WHIPPED.) but you’d always speak to me so late, which pissed me off, stupid cunt. I’m not sure when I started liking you, but I’m assuming it was that week when we hung out non stop, and you were just super different to all the other guys who were the same. And you were confusing as fuck, as in I didn’t know if you liked me or not. 
    Yeah, and now, unfortunately, I’m forced to love you.. Ew. Black cambo shit.