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The Patriarch - Part 2

Just in time for Halloween, here’s the second part of The Patriarch, with Xanxaske!

It’s been a year since the day you met Xan, and Halloween has come once more. While it’s very interesting to you that nobody seems to react to seeing him on a normal day, they respond amazingly when they see him today. After a few particularly loud responses, you ask him about it.

“I am normally cloaked with a camouflague spell,” Xan explains as you walk the streets together. His heavy footfalls and great stature bring the attention of most nearby people, and they excitedly ask for pictures. Xan poses in a cheesy, overdramatic way as they snap their photos, and you can’t help but laugh. “Most humans cannot hope to understand the entire realm of possibility around them, so my kind keep themselves hidden from prying eyes.”

Thinking back on what had happened the day you met, you nodded silently. Specifically, your giggling fit upon Xan telling you he was interested in you. It still made you cringe to this day.

As a group of trick-or-treaters pass by, he growls loudly, making them scurry away, yelling in mock horror. You look up as he chuckles, and smile.

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Too Faced Clover Palette—>Fall 2017

This palette is inspired by the founders of Too Faced’s dog, Clover. It’s limited edition, and word on the street is that a percentage of proceeds are going to an animal rescue charity. It’s way brighter than Too Faced’s usual, so I’m vaguely intrigued. It’s also gluten free, apparently. Do people with Celiac disease have to worry about topical contact with gluten, or is Too Faced just hopping on a trend with this?

I must admit, I feel personally victimized by the shade “Good Boy,” which is that Bright-Ass Yellow. It doesn’t go with anything else in the palette, and it throws off the color scheme,IMHO. Now I willingly own up to the fact that I am not a fan of yellow in most contexts, but I try to give it fair treatment in spite of this, as you can see in my treatment of past palettes. BUT THIS YELLOW DOES NOT GO, Damnit. So, for place-holding purposes, I replaced it with “Bless Her Heart” out of the Sweet Peach palette. What I would actually rather have, though, is a dark matte olive green.  This is not something I like to do, because I don’t find it to be in the spirit of the challenge, but I just truly feel that this particular yellow doesn’t work.  My apologies. Imagine the yellow where I put Bless Her Heart, if you prefer. I know sume people are totally here for That Yellow In Particular.

Also I’m kind of mad that I was forced to read the words “fur baby” and “Daddies <3 Me” with my own two eyes.

shade list under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

Can you add Kagami, Kiyoshi, Izuki and Takao to the mix please admin-sama?! can you do GoM realizing they're falling completely and hopelessly in love with their s/o, and accidentally blurting it out after seeing their s/o do something moronic/cute (such as their s/o's tendency to always pout when they're forced to eat carrots or something)?

This was soooo overdue. I’m sorry guys. Just dropping by to announce I’m not dead and thank you all so much for sticking around with us! P.S. Takao’s ended up being… different… than the rest.

- Lena

Original post

Kagami sighed, but it was difficult to remove the smile from his face. Not that he wasn’t going to at least try, because this was supposed to be a serious place, an important place and there were plenty of people giving them dirty looks over irrelevant reasons anyway.

None of it seemed to deter the girl giggling like a little kid beside him, holding onto his hand like a lifeline.

“Hey, will you stop that already?” he asked, but the fact of the matter was, he didn’t really want her to. Well, he did, but not enough to actually force the issue. Her giggling in general was contagious, the only reason he was only vaguely annoyed was because this time, it was directed at him.

She took a deep breath, glancing up at him. Then she burst into a set of giggles all over again. “I’m sorry, I just–thank you. But you look ridiculous in that monkey suit.”

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Ohmygod, THIS.


Thanks to kingofthewilderwest and rewatching some RTTE episodes, I was inspired to finally do the part 2 to my RTTE headcanons! I did a minor food edition but I can call that more of a part 1 ½

 - Heather cannot decide who the sass master of the Edge is
 - Tuff makes bets on everyone’s future
 - “Ruff, I predict that you will be eaten tomorrow” “Tuff, I predict that you’ll be impaled in the next two seconds”
 - The gang made dinner together once and…just, that day is not spoken of anymore
 - Even the dragons don’t talk about it
 - Astrid trains in storms often because “what if someone attacks in bad weather guys you think these rascals JUST ATTACK WHEN IT’S ALL SUNNY AND DANDY?”
 - And no one bothers arguing with her cause…what’s the point?
 - Except then she gets sick
 - Please get sick on the Edge
 - If you get sick on the Edge, you are pampered to no end - the only one who doesn’t really like it is Hiccup
 - Because that boy needs to be doing something 24/7 and no one lets him so much as touch a piece of metal
 - Tuff takes his leg
 - In case it drove anyone else crazy, yes, Heather did teach Astrid how to make her axe
 - Ruffnut, bless my baby’s poor soul, goes lone wolf a lot of the time
 - This girl needs LOVE - and enter Fishlegs
 - And then suddenly Fishlegs and Ruffnut just take long walks with their dragons
 - If you think Tuffnut’s mind does not go places, then you are…absolutely right
 - Stormfly is still most attached to Snotlout after Astrid, and he sneaks her a few extra fish when no one is looking
 - Just…these kids are precious. Protect them

Part 3? Maybe? If you guys want?

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May I ask for a hc of the RFA during Valentine's Day? What do they have in mind for MC?? Thank you~

That’s so cute :OO 

  • Zen: He loves showering you in affection so this day was like MADE FOR HIM. He buys you chocolate, a big vase of red roses, a giant stuffed dog with a ribbon on it and a sign that says “I Ruff You <3″,  and writes you a really long and poignant love letter that’s sprayed with his cologne and has a kiss mark on it (did he wear lipstick just to imprint his lips on the letter?? The answer is yes). Takes you on a really cute date to the movies to watch whatever you want (he likes romance but he’ll watch anything as long as you’re happy). There’s also black lacy lingerie & wine involved in the evening, and you two have a great night together ;) He kisses you passionately throughout the day and always wants to have his arms around you. Also, seven makes cutesy edits of you two together with text like “soulmates” “congratulations Zen and MC” and posts them on all the tripter bots and spreads them like wildfire
  • Jaehee: She secretly loves little holidays like valentines day!! She bakes you some cinnamon rolls (or your favorite pastry) and writes you a sincere and heart felt letter. She takes you someplace quiet like a picnic at the park or a lovely day at the beach and you enjoy each other’s company. She holds on to you tightly, kisses you gently and plays with your hair a lot. That night, you get comfortable and close while she plays your favorite songs and you both have a lot of fun that night. 
  • Yoosung: He’s a blushy mess the whole time because it’s his first Valentine’s day!! He’s not sure what to do at first but he looks up how to make Valentine’s day great for your S/O a few days before it happens. Gets you a cute stuffed animal, a box of chocolates, a small bouquet of roses, and he dresses up in a button down and bowtie (because he knows you like it when he dresses nice ;)). You eat dinner with him and he cooks everything himself (and it’s DELICIOUS). There are sweet & shy makeouts all throughout the day and he can’t stop holding your hand and laughing happily with you. He lights candles and buys a bottle of wine (his poor wallet ;w;) that you two share. He gets a little drunk because he’s a fucking lightweight and you have some fun teasing drunk Yoosung before sloppy makeouts happen and one thing leads to another ;) The next night he’s flustered but happy and you probably go for another round :D
  • Jumin: I mean in all my HCs that are remotely related to these kinds of things, I say it a lot, and I’ll say it again, he romances the shit out of you. You get a dozen boquets of roses, all the chocolate your heart could desire, an excellently written and sincere love letter that makes you weak at the knees. You’re extra pampered that day. He buys you a lovely dress to wear all day and takes the day off to spend it with you. He kisses you intensely in public often, showing everyone that you’re his. Takes you to multiple locations - first you see a play, and then he has an elegant lunch with you in a beautiful garden, and then you walk through the garden for a while before going to the opera, and then you have a four-course dinner topped off with the finest wine and desserts, and then…it’s to the bedroom ;;;) You don the most expensive lingerie and garter belt combo with heels that are to die for, and it’s one of the best nights of your life!
  • Seven: Low key it’s his first Valentine’s Day too since he never had a steady girlfriend and he gets rly into it. He gets you a lotta chocolate and makes metal sculpture flowers (they never die! It’s better). He makes you a stuffed animal/robot combo of your fav animal that has recorded messages of him telling you how much he loves you whenever you hug it tightly. Makes out with you a lot, sometimes sloppily and sometimes deep and intense. Drives you out to the coast to stare at the sea and eat a light lunch in his car. Then you go stargazing later that night, laughing together and talking about deep things like existenec and the probability (mathematically of course) that you two would ever have met and fallen in love. He makes love to you on the grass and you move back to the house to continue being intertwined with one another ;)
  • V: HE’S SO HAPPY his Valentine’s days with Rika were always really weird bc she was pessimistic as shit about sappy holidays but he really likes them. He brings you a boquet of flowers that he grew in his own garden with corresponding flowers that represent love, devotion, and adoration. He also spends the day with you at the park or someplace in nature where you can both enjoy the simple beauty of life and each other. Holds your hand all day, smiles at you constantly, gives you sweet and gentle kisses. There are lit candles at home and it smells lovely. You have intimate sex in the bed and cuddle a lot. 
What it mean to be a mom a Rouge and Ruff Fanfic part 2 by krispinathederp

Rouge couldn’t believe what she heard. Ruff just identified the hyena woman as his mother. That can’t be right?
Maybe he was confused cause that hyena had a baby girl with her plus Ruff and Tumble don’t have a sister.

“ Ruff… Are you sure?” she ask. She hope it was just a mistake.

“ No Ma'am” the pup spoke “ That is indeed my mom… I recognize her scent” He darted down the aisle.

“ Wait Ruff” Rouge called going after him abandoning the cart.
/ / /

The Hyena pup track down the female Hyena, she was in the baking aisle. her daughter notice Ruff sneaking up on them. the little tiny pup pointed to Ruff.

“ What is it my little one” she turned around. Ruff froze, he wondered how his mother would react to seeing him again, instead the hyena female didn’t recognize him.

“ Are you lost little boy?” she asked.

“….M… Mom…” the pup squeaked. The female arched an eye.

“ Mom..don’t you recognize me?” he asked taking a step closer “ it’s me Ruffscalion” he addressed his full name to her.

The hyena started to get embarrassed, customers were looking at her. “ Ruff ” a voice called, Rouge showed up “ Ruff please don’t run off like that” she said, she looked over to the hyena female “ I’m sorry ma'am but my son must have you confused for….”

“ So he’s with you” The female spoke. Ruff’s ears perked up, his mother does remember him.

“ Excuse me?” Rouge spoke.

“ You taking care of my son?” The Hyena got defensive “ just how did he end up with a trashy bat like you?”

“ Like you’re any better” Rouge pushed Ruff behind her “ You abandon your sons!”

“ Hyena mother’s prefer daughters over sons, their father died before I gave birth to my second pup, but when I found out he was a boy like his brother I rejected them” she said with no regrets in her voice.

“ You mean to tell me you disowned two precious little hyena pups all because they were born male?” Rouge was now getting angry. How dare this woman admit what she had done and still have a children. if anything That little baby girl should be taken away. This woman doesn’t deserve children.

“ Ruff I want you to go back to the cart” Rouge told him.

“ But….”

“ Now” Her voice was firm.

“ Don’t talk to my son like that” the Hyena mother barked.

“ He isn’t your son” Rouge leaped up in the air and kicked the hyena in the stomach “ HE’S MY SON!”

// / / / / / 

Mama Rouge in action! even if Ruff isn’t related to her She’ll defend him!

And yeah Mama Hyena isn’t a nice lady!

[Oh god… I thought you were going that direction when you mentioned the baby girl in the cart but GRAH MY HEART!!!]