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↳ Day 3 [Favorite Dynamic(s)]: In which I can’t really choose. 



#goddd they really invented sexual tension and chemistry with this scene #the amount of times shaw looked down at root’s lips though… (calm down you thirst bucket) #the face holding and touching #i just….. #not to mention root kissing shaw’s upper lip??? #soft??? #i truly wish they weren’t THIS convincing during this whole scene #like they weren’t even fully kissing and this was still amazing #forever THAT ship?? #i fully agree


My dear lesbian activity fans. If you are thirsty for more queer material, please go and check this comedy web series called GAL PALS. It’s a small but entertained funny series. The main characters are Bee (sexy, cute, charming) a girl openly gay, and Dylan (pretty, friendly, flirty) straight girl. I really got onto that ship, definitely I’m rooting for #Beelan.

Give it a chance, you can watch the whole season in less than an hour. Let’s support lesbians series makers. Here is Episode 1. You can follow on @galpalsseries.  Enjoy!


The people who have the skills to deal with dogs like that rarely want a dog like that.
—  Nice succinct quote from a GSD forum on the subject of rehoming an aggressive dog with serious bites in its history.
If we can’t have carizona... Can we finally have amezona?

remember that speech root gave to the psychiatrist at the end of 3x01, where she was like, “wanna know what me n the voice in my head were talkin about? just casual things. like if i’m gonna kill u”

so, immediately afterwards, we cut to this calculation thing the machine is doing, generating predictions and showing us some possible paths.

blue is whatever, red is violence/death scenarios, BUT here’s how the yellow path starts out:

normal, normal, we’ll get back to the difference between asset and admin in a second, but then:


this leads me to

the very real, very true, definitive proof that the machine is working towards a shaw/root marriage endgame:

the “ASSET ACTIVATION: 28.49%” part is clearly that whole un-killer-fying training at the asylum thing. for now, or until root passes the test or whatever, the machine is still just referring to root as Her asset (as opposed to Her analogue interface, aka the light of Her life, aka auxiliary admin).

so in one possible branch off, in the case of root’s capture, the likelihood of her then becoming the “AUX_ADMIN” for the machine drops down to 2.06%. but then in the same branch after that……… “MARRIAGE/PROCREATION: 0.04%”?!?!?!

we now know the following:

  • the machine had basically already adopted root at this point. She was like “how am i going to get admin grandbabies out of this” and already lining up marriage options for root even before anything was official.
  • if root had gotten herself captured it would have been very difficult for the machine to use root as an auxiliary admin, and thus even MORE difficult for the machine to be able to do Her matchmaking thing after that
  • implying that the machine needed for root to become Her analog interface so She could go about setting root and shaw up on all those cozy lil mission dates.
  • and let’s not forget that this was the first episode shaw really started actually workin as part of team machine, so.

in conclusion:

IF shaw’s chance of survival at the stock exchange was 0.000000000001% (the machine is so dramatic, sheesh), and there was a 0.04% probability rate of asset marriage/procreation, 

BUT we all know shaw is 100% alive, 

THEN there is a 4000000000000% chance that root and shaw will get married and have a family and stuff because this is just how probability works, okay, i’m sorry, it’s just math.

(and this was all classified as non-relevant but let’s be REAL the machine filed this away in a special “shaw/root” folder for later reference. we all know this)

(…in fact, it was REclassified, so really that just means the machine instinctively considered it to be relevant at first because the machine is just the #1 shoot shipper ever. it is known)

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A Soulmate Au where you cant see color until you see your soulmate but the only thing you can see thats in color is the string that attaches you both