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↳ Day 3 [Favorite Dynamic(s)]: In which I can’t really choose. 



When people ask me why I got into screenwriting and directing or why I fight so hard for representation for LGBTQ+ and POC in media…
This is why I fight.


is that good enough for you? yes, sameen. that’s good enough for me.

Things that make 0 sense about HTGAWM and are/were destroyed by the writers

1) Frank Delfino - I used to like this character. I knew he was doing bad things and I knew he was never supposed to be a good guy, BUT! He was never this psychopath either. (yes he killed Lila, an innocent pregnant woman but I thought there was an explanation to it, something to at least give him a motive for his actions?) Like he was doing shady things for Sam and Annalise but we were able to see this softer side of him when around Laurel, or his family. He cooked meals to her or took her to family dinners and I thought well this guy has some manners after all. He can’t be THAT horrible. Especially because everyone on this show was killing people/doing bad things anyway so I overlooked his deeds and actually even rooted for the guy. I shipped him with Laurel. But then. He turned into this cold blood murderer, sociopath and a psychopath. And I just couldn’t watch it anymore. He kept killing innocent people all of a sudden channeling his inner Stefan Salvatore the ripper. And I was like??? Why???? He got rid of the beard which was his significant look, probably in an attempt to make a more obvious change in appearance as well, but all of it was such a failure. I couldn’t root for him anymore. This “softer” side of him was gone. Not only did he ignore Laurel and treated her like shit, he also had sex with Bonnie and once he was back felt the need to scold her for being with Wes. He even SPIED ON THEM HAVING SEX. How disgusting. And when you overlook everything he’s done, he’s just beyond redeemable. They can never go back to him working at Annalise’s house dynamic. Oh right, Annalise’s house is in the flames anyway. His relationship with Bonnie was ruined too. I never ever got a romantic/sexual vibe. I thought they spend so much time at Annalise’s house that they bonded as friends and were just looking after each other in a friendly manner. That sex scene was there for the sake of omg moment. Because it “shocks people”

2) Speaking of that, Annalise’s relationship with Bonnie. I thought it was just Bonnies loyalty and devotion to the woman she works with for such a long time. Not romantic/sexual love. The kind of love you have for a family member or a best friend. But then again, shock value comes first, right? So let’s have them make out. Maybe we should have them in a threesome with Frank now that they’re all comfortable with each other?

3) Connor and Oliver. One of the most popular relationships of the show. I used to LOVE them both. They were so different yet such a perfect match. When did their relationship turn into this toxic mess? Who are they even dating? Oliver kinda wants to date Thomas but kinda also doesn’t kinda wants Connor gone but kinda also wants to have sex with him????? WHAT? Not even gonna discuss his college application and getting mad at Connor once he forgave him? Not even gonna bring up Connor having sex with Thomas for “shock value” … They even lost the “spark” they had for me. Connor’s character got so destroyed in the process. He shouldn’t have been all about romance and relationships. He slayed that Irene case in court. Why never give him more storylines like that? Why have him screw Thomas and mope around because of Oliver?

4) Wes and Annalise. I’m not even gonna discuss Wes dying because I wrote essays about it, but after everything, after all their interactions from 1.01, him crying in her lap, Annalise sacrificing everything ready to sell her soul if it meant protecting Wes. All of it to be this cold and distant upon finding out he died? No closure? No interaction between them? She told him he deserved a good life and 2 episodes after was completely okay with him dying? What the actual fuck?

5) Keating 5 dynamic. No more Keating 5. If they ever try to bring Simon or Oliver as a fifth member I SWEAR TO GOD. Their dynamic was ruined a long time ago, but this pretty much sealed everyhing. Connor and Michaela whose purpose revolved around yelling at Annalise and Wes? Asher who was barely even there?

I am so so done with this show.

I would just like to make the decendants fandom aware that these photo’s exist.

Ok, so a few weeks ago I went to this bookfair, and look what I found…

It’s almost like a Disney decendants yearbook.And as soon I saw it I was anxiously rooting through it to find anything I could conserning my ship. (aka, Jaylos.) and this is what I found.

Chad, is a homophope. 

Now we can only assume that according to the weather and the end of the Isle of the Lost, our favorite Villian kids appeared in Aurodon half way through the school year meaning that this yearbook was published in their reality after mal stood up to her mom and Aurdrey decided to get along woth mal. 

However, Audrey comments, obviously tye into her feelings in the begining instead of at the end, which brings forth the quetion…what?

Like, was this just a sloopy mistake that nobody bothored to think about or was Audrey lying about her feelings concerning Mal and her friends?




Next on the list.

Chad is still a jerk face.

Jane on the other hand, is startingt o come out of her shell (at least in writting) and posseses a whole lot of sass. Go Jane!




Along with pics from the movie and strange comments, the book also includes biographies of the students, although in this cass, the Villian’s Kid’s Bios look more like something they pulled out from their records when they were originally deciding if they should bring the villian kids over

I mean, Carlos still sounds like he’s scared of dogs, (which wasn’t the case at the end of the movie, so we have to assume this was written BEFORE the contents of the movie. His Bio also outlins how much he spends with Jay to share personal informationwith as well as how abusive and terrible living with Crullea is.

Speakign of Crullea, may I piont out that in 101 Dalmations 2, It was canoon that Cruellea was mentally insane she was seeing a phyciotrist that cut her off from buying furs forcing Cruella to find another outlook of spots-Painting which laster lead to her kidnapping the puppies all over again. 

But serriously. The Isle of the lost,is the land of the leftovers, most kids over there go to bed hungrey and have never tasted sugar. Do you honestly belive that Aurodon would care about the mental stability of Cruella di Vil? NO. This means, that Carlos grew up with a mentally insane person OFF their medication, who grew more violent everyday. That’s harsh.

Jay’s Bio for the most part reflects Carlos’s in the fact it appears he wrote very soon after he arrived at aurodon noting that he’s “drooling from all the fine swag to lift”

However, his list of stuff he’s stolen says otherwise. As I’m sure many of you know in the second descendents book Return to the Isle of the lost, the gang had to go back to the isle to search for their parents’s magical items of evil. Carlos’s mother’s object was her Emerald ring that represented her pride, wealthy and power and shamed others. 

Now, look back at Jay’s list…yep. he couldn’t have stolen the ring on the Isle becasue they wree hidden in the underground tunnels which means, he had to steal it from Carlos after the second book before they all decided to hand over their objects to the museam/council for safe keeping.

So, what was this? another mistake? an added piece of paper Jay inserted after the yearbok was publishe? Does anyone own their own year book or does everyone in the school just share one?




Moving on! Unforchunetly, as wonderfull as Jaylos is, I’m afraid I’m going to be breaking all you’re jaylos shipping hearts when I say this…Jaylos, is NOT going to be canon. EVER. Not in Descendants 2, not in another book, NEVER. and here’s why…

“Carlos is like a little brother to me.” -Jay

You read that right. Jay, is hitting us hard with the ‘I see you as a younger sibling’ cannon ball. Prepare to abandoned ship. 

HOwever! WE all know that carlos might have a small crush on jay as according to The first Book Isle of the lost when Carlos said thought “Jay laughed again ,which made Carlos feel good, though he couldn’t explain why, not even to himself.” So congrats if you stayed on board, you are hearby saillig bnthe S.S. unrequited love ship.

Ok,Ok,Ok, sirriouly thou. Here’s what I don’t get. you guys see the las tpicture where arlos writes how he wsa scared of dogs and then Jane asks “Who’s afraid of dogs?” Like…???? WHAT THE HEACK JANE?!? HE LITTLEALY WORTE  HIS NAME???? HOW ARE YOU CONFUSED???

 idk, but that’s that. we also have another page with thier bromance grcing the pages. (take THAT chad.)

YEA, They’re familly! Which also more serrious because they grew up without strong relationships with their familly. And right now, I’m going to exclude the girls. Jay’s dad wouldn’t even LOOK at him, really. he wouldn’t, nothing Jay ever stole was EVER good enough. And Cruella? Sometimes, I doubt she even knew her own son’s name to be honest. But I guess she showed a little amout of compassion by forcing him to have “henchman” They didn’t have ANY realtionship with their parents. they barley spoke to their parents at all. For them to claim to be familly, is supper important.

Now, wait a minuite. It looks like Audrey has made another appearence in the book, but this time, her attitude toward the two boys is deffenetly different. It’s way more freindly and sounds more like her personality from the end of the movie/ the wicked world serries.




Well, that’s the end of that. Thanks for reading this long post!