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my thoughs are: tomorrow: even pov thursday: william pov friday: my babe Elias?? saturday: no pov/ sana's/ yousef's *isak voice* YOU WISH What do you think?


I think that tomorrow will be Even because it’s Isak’s birthday

then on Thursday we will get William so we can see Noora

and on Friday I’m really rooting for an Elias clip, you have no idea how much I need that!!!


Boku no Hero Academia Cast Interview with Ishikawa Kaito, Iida Tenya’s Seiyuu (selections)

Interviewer: Did you know the original manga before participating in the anime production?

Ishikawa: Yes. I like hero-related things, and I’ve been watching movies adapted from American hero comics for a long time. Heroes possess incredible powers, that’s for sure, but what I love the most is their strong mindset and conviction. So when I heard there was a hero-themed manga out there, I read it right away. It drew me in because the protagonist Izuku is a strong-willed character, the type of character that I like. Besides, I cried just reading the first chapter. I ended up getting so into it.

Interviewer: And you’re playing Iida Tenya’s voice in HeroAca.

Ishikawa: The anime audition started with Izuku’s and Bakugou’s positions, but considering the quality of my voice, I thought Iida should be the character for me rather than those two people. That’s why I intentionally performed Izuku’s line “SMASH!” as (an Iida-like) “SMASH!”

Interviewer: Horikoshi Kohei-sensei also said that after listening to Iida’s voice in the drama CD, he had a better idea of how Iida is like in his mind.

Ishikawa: I read the interview published on Weekly Shounen Jump, and knowing what Sensei has said made me really really happy.

Interviewer: Having been voicing Iida so far, how do you feel?

Ishikawa: I saw the difficulties after actually playing his voice. Like when he is mean and strict to others in the beginning, or when he gets laughed at for getting too into character playing the villain in Episode 7, or when he is serious for real. All of these comes from him being a person who’s serious “from the roots”. I thought this “seriousness” was hard to handle. Although I’ve played many characters that are dorks overly serious in other animes, I am putting out all the experience I’ve earned so far for Iida.

Interviewer: Is there anything that stays in your mind upon playing Iida’s voice?

Ishikawa: Iida is a person who is serious to the core. From there, I tried to explore the boundaries (of his character) as I played his voice. While Iida talks and behaves virtuously like an adult, he ends up taking childish actions sometimes. As a person, he is still far from being secure. But this insecureness is definitely going to follow him in the future. I think if he could think about and grapple with it while moving forward, he would become better and better as a character. In order to preserve this part of him as I struggle through (my performance), I want to take on (this character) with care.

Interviewer: As you’ve mentioned before, Iida left you a deep impression during the mock battle.

Ishikawa: (Sound director) Mima-san talked to us about how he wanted to bring out the contrast between the Izuku-Bakugou pair and the Ochako-Iida pair. Because it was an important fight for Izuku and Bakugou, I performed in a way to put them under the spotlight. I raised the pitch of my voice for a little. Since I had a lot of fun playing my part, Izuku and Bakugou’s fight was also really exciting, that was my favorite episode.


Finally got this one done. Im excited for more adventures but this arc, the space arc will ALWAYS be my favorite. Sure it had its ups and downs, but all in all it was beautiful, adventurous, and filled with so many emotions its hard to keep up, and it made you want more, want to root for the good guys no matter what. I will never forget fugitoid, he was our mast splinter at the time, and I will always see him as the kids crazy, whacky, british uncle. :)

((Shout out to David for doing an excellent job on making the uncle robo a loveable dork <3))

The picture:

 Mikey and Casey: Goofballs? I dunno really, I didnt want to be too angsty. Plus I saw a lot of moments with these two dorks. So that counts for something?

Donnie and April: They will always be the closer ones, friends or a couple, these two definately hold onto one another in many ways.

Chompy, Raph, and Mona: Family? Ramona happened, and Our favorite hot head got another cute pet <3

Leo and Fugitoid: Captain Leo! And Fugitoid carrying the weight of all his friends, along with his horrible secret. Leo oblivious to the one holding him and his siblings up plays as Captain Ryan, full filling his craziest dreams! of becoming a great Captain, Big Brother, and most of all A Leader.

Captain Ryan would be so proud of you blue ninja! ;)

Im gonna miss this arc, for me, it was the best space adventure ive been on, even the 2003 series didnt fill me with this much emotions, excitement, and bitter sweet feeling. but thats just me. ^////^

Im sure others will have differ opinions and views! Id love to hear your thoughts on all this, and the picture. It was super fun creating it. 


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When Shaw kind of went away at the end of last year, all of the sudden I got to do all of these cool things that I hadn’t really done before and everyone is like ‘Where’d you learn that?’