i roll with optimus prime

Mean things to say to your companion. ( I have no shame.)
  • Sometimes, you get a little annoyed at your friends. Then you mumble under your breath:
  • Ada: Where's Optimus Prime at? Because I think you should roll roll away autobot.
  • Cait: Ron Weasley looking self, where's your wand at?
  • Codsworth: You sure in hell ain't being handy Mr.Handy.
  • Curie: The world is violent!There's no sun shine or rainbows! How about we forget these shiny sticks are swords so hop right on!
  • Danse: Look tin can, you and the other clackers can go fuck yourselves.
  • Deacon: Looks like God and your forehead didn't really agree eh?
  • Hancock: [From the game] Nice costume..Freak.
  • MacCready: Want me to help your son? Well that'll be 2,000 caps. And an extra 500 for wasting my time by talking.
  • Nick: You're not fuckable so I can't fuck with you.
  • Preston: How about this, my foot up your ass will be me. Your ass will be the settlement that needs help.
  • Piper: Call me Blue again someone is gonna be black and blue in a second.
  • X6: So umm Blade...You're just gonna keep quiet and be an asshole or shoot up some vampires.
  • Dogmeat: ....I...I..C-Can't do it man! I JUST FUCKING CAN'T!