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pairing: calum x reader

word count: 2,400

another daddy!5sos imagine because reasons idk what do you want from me

actually let me know if you want more of these kinds of imagines bc i love writing them

also imma try and get a michael smut up before i leave tomorrow so yeah…while I’m gone tho ill be inactive which is great

“You’re what?”

Calum looked at you with wide eyes, in complete disbelief of what you had just told him. You had never seen him this surprised before, and finding the news yourself just days before left you with the same feeling of oh fuck.

You sighed, scared to hear Calum not rambling about how happy he is to be a father while hugging you tightly; he remained in front of you, on the other side of the kitchen counter, still unbelieving of your news. “I’m pregnant, Calum.”

His hands covered your face as he let out a frustrated sigh, turning around himself aimlessly. “I cannot fucking believe this.” He said mostly to himself, but the way he sounded disappointed left you scared out of your mind and tears welling up in your eyes. 

“Are you sure you’re actually pregnant? ‘Cause y’know those tests are sometimes wrong.” He said after a moment of shaking his head silently and rubbing his temples. 

Rolling your eyes, you shifted your weight to your other foot, crossing your arms in front of your chest. “Yes, I’m 100% sure.”

“Fucking hell.” He cursed, putting his hands on his hips and shaking his head. “I can’t fucking believe this. How could you be so stupid!” He yelled, now letting his clear anger get the best of him.

“How could I be so stupid?” You asked, shocked that he would put all the blame on you. “It takes two people to get a girl pregnant. That’s one dick and one vagina and you’re the dick that put a fucking baby in me!” 

When you first found out you were with child, you thought Calum would be a little unsure at first, but no where near this mad at you. You thought since the two of you had been in a committed relationship for over a year it wouldn’t be that huge of a deal, since you had talked about your future together on more than one occasion. And your future absolutely had children in it.

Now you thought to yourself how wrong you were.

Now Calum stood, with gritted teeth and his eyebrows furrowed, angrier than ever. “I can’t do this, Y/N.”

“What can’t you do, Cal? Be a man and take responsibility for dumb shit you do?”

“I can’t take care of a fucking baby! I’m still technically a teenager, and I’m going to be a father?!” He shouted.

“How do you think I feel, Calum? I’m still in college and a year younger than you, barely even an adult, and I have a child growing inside of me right now!” You yelled back at him, the fear growing in your chest and the tears threatening to spill at any moment due to the fact that Calum didn’t want the child.

“Then what the hell do you plan on doing?” He questioned.

Do you plan on doing you noted, as in: without Calum. You sighed, running a hand in your hair and trying to calm yourself some. “I guess I’ll just take care of it on my own since you obviously don’t care to father it.” You said. You had never felt more alone in your life, absolutely distraught over the fact that you were going to be a single mom and not even out of college. You bit your bottom lip and turned towards your his bedroom, grabbing a blanket and pillow and coming back to the living area, seeing Calum still standing there, absolutely dumbfounded. “I’ll sleep on the couch tonight and just pack my things in the morning and be out of your hair before you get back from the studio.” You said softly, tossing the things in your arms on the couch, not daring to turn back and face Calum with tear-stained cheeks. 

You heard him reply with a quiet ‘okay’ before you heard his footsteps walk towards his bedroom and shut the door behind him.

The second the door closed, you laid down on the uncomfortable couch and rest your head on the soft pillow. Your mind began to fill with thoughts about the future, and how hard it would be to raise a kid on your own. How judged you would be, and how the tabloids would absolutely eat up the tale of you and Calum: him leaving you over the kid and most likely a hundred different theories behind the story. 

You hated how brief the whole argument was, and how easily you just took what Calum said and how unaffected he seemed with your distress. He didn’t seem remorseful at all for saying he wasn’t going to take care of your child, and that not only shocked you but disappointed you. It made you think if he lied about wanting kids with you, did he lie about other things too? Did he lie about his love for you, or had it just disappeared over the good year you’ve been together? 

All the emotions whirling inside of you finally burst from the terrible thoughts, and you were sobbing. At first you were crying incredibly loud, not aware of your now ex in the other room, trying to sleep. So, you cried into the pillow to try and muffle the noise, but that didn’t deplete how awful you felt. 

“I’m so sorry.” You quietly sobbed, lying on your back and wiping your eyes, trying to collect yourself some. You weren’t talking to Calum, that’s for sure, but instead the baby inside of you. “I’m so sorry you won’t have a daddy, but there’s nothing I can do, baby.” You whispered, shutting your eyes tightly to try and prevent anymore tears from falling down your cheeks. “But one thing’s for sure,” You said, nodding your head for clarification. “I love you more than anything.”

from Calum Hood: hey Y/N. i know we haven’t spoken in a while but i was hoping we could meet up and chat for a bit? i need to make things right.

It’s been close to a month since you’ve left Calum; rather, he didn’t want you or the baby anymore, so you were doing him a favor by removing yourself from his life entirely. News of you being pregnant hadn’t gotten out yet, and you prayed it didn’t. You were just known as the girl who Calum used to date, but the story behind your breakup only went as far as rumors, and you wanted it to stay that way. 

But him sending you a text at this random of a time (it was a Tuesday, like who the fuck even does stuff on a Tuesday) really caught you off guard. Part of you wanted to just ignore him entirely, like you had gotten used to over the past month. The other part of you, though, wanted to work things out with Calum. You didn’t want to be alone through this time in your life, and Calum being by your side would make things so much better. Things would be back to normal with him in your life to support you, and you two could live the future you talked about.

That’s assuming he still wanted a future with you.

Needless to say, the part of you that wanted to see Calum again brought you to the coffee shop on the corner of the street, finding a table in the back corner of the shop and scrolling through Twitter waiting for Calum to show. And he did, bringing Dave along with him. 

Dave waited at the front of the shop to control the few girls that followed him here, and Calum spotted you immediately. His face lit up when he saw you, as you just softly smiled at him, watching as he walked over to you.

“Hey.” He said quietly as he took a seat in front of you.

“Hi.” You merely replied, finding it more awkward than you thought to make eye contact with him.

He let out a brief sigh before resting his elbows on the table, indicating he meant business. “I want to be in the kid’s life–sorry, our kid’s life.”

You studied his face, how tired he looked and how his hair rest in curly ringlets on his forehead. Before you spoke, you leaned back in your chair, resting your hands in your lap and glancing down at them, looking at the finger that usually has a simple ring Calum had given you on your one year anniversary adorning it, but was now bare. You had taken it off the morning you packed your things and moved out to live with a friend close by. Not once did you think about putting it back on, but after seeing Calum again, you wanted it back in it’s original place.

“Are you sure?” You made up your mind to ask.

He nodded. “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my entire life.”

“You do realize that this means you’re going to most likely need to spend a little more time away from the band to help take care of him.” You told him, making everything he needed to know known to him now so he didn’t leave you in the future, realizing this was a mistake. “This is a big responsibility, Calum.”

“I’m fully aware of that, Y/N. And I’ve thought over this past month, a lot. I’ve talked things through with the guys asking their input on the situation, I’ve cried a few times for hating myself, and I’ve made up my mind. I want to be a father to this kid, and be the best goddamn father ever.”

Hearing Calum say these things brought a smile to your face, but you partially held it back from stretching to both of your ears; no, you couldn’t give in this easily. “You’re sure you’re sure?”

“Of course.”

“Really really sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure Y/N.”

“You’re failing the final test, Calum.”

He rolled his eyes at you, who was completely straight-faced. “Come on, Y/N, what more do you want from me? I know I was an asshole and was being selfish when you first told me, and now I’ve come back to you to say I want to be in our child’s life. It’s because I love you that much to be the desperate one, I love you both so much more than you think. I was so fucking wrong, Y/N. And I didn’t realize it at first because I’m a dumbass, but I know what I want now. And that’s having a family with you, and only you.”

You allowed yourself to smile brightly this time, leaning your elbows on the table in front of you. “That’s what I wanted to hear.”

Calum leaned forward and brought his hands to cup your face, connecting your lips for a brief second before he pulled away. “Our baby’s going to be cute because of me.”

Rolling your eyes playfully, you laughed. “And he or she’s going to be the kindest person ever because of me.”

“Fair enough.”

“One last push…” 

The doctor urged you on, but you were exhausted. You felt like you had no strength left in you, but somehow, you managed to deliver your baby smoothly, and it only took 6 hours.

Once you heard the first cry of your baby girl, you couldn’t help but break down into tears, falling into Calum’s shoulder and staining his shirt with your tears. 

Calum rubbed your shoulder soothingly, whispering sweet ‘you did amazing, sweetheart’s and ‘I love you so much’s. No more than 2 minutes later and a doctor walked up to the two of you, handing you your child wrapped in a lilac colored blanket. Just at the sight of how beautiful she was, you brought your hands up to your mouth in awe, amazed that a human literally had grown inside of you for 9 months and was now born, a living and breathing child. You held your hands out, taking the baby from the doctor and holding her in your arm.

“Hi, babygirl.” You cooed, kissing your daughter’s forehead gently. “I’m your mommy.”

“And I’m your daddy.” Calum chimed in, bringing his hand to gingerly stroke your girl’s cheek. “And I love you very much.” 

Once the two of you were allowed to see visitors, the first bunch to find their way into your room was–of course–the band. Ashton made little Sophia (what you had decided to name your daughter) cry uncontrollably, so their visit was cut short. Both of your parents came and fell in love with Sophia, but the day came to an end when the doctor said you needed to rest and all visitors had to leave.

Calum stayed though, and sat in the chair next from you cradling Sophia. He could not move his eyes from her; it was like he was lost in her–infatuated with her, even. You watched him intently, your eyelids becoming heavy. 

“I was so wrong.” 

His voice woke you up some, causing you to blink your eyes a few times and try to keep them open, which was a struggle since you were so exhausted. 

“I was so fucking wrong, Y/N.” He said again, looking up at you. “She is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

You smiled softly at him. “I’m glad, Calum. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, as well.”

“I’m so sorry for being such an asshole.” 

“Calum you don’t have to apologize anymore.”

“No, I have to.”

“You’ve done it quite enough.”

“But that’s because I feel so terrible for even thinking about now having her in my life.” He said, looking back down at the sleeping angel in his arms. “She’s my flesh and blood, Y/N, and I was telling you I couldn’t be in her life? I was going to leave you, the fucking love of my life, with my own daughter. And somehow I thought that would be best for me. I’m an idiot.”

You sighed, hating that Calum brought up the past which clearly disturbed him. “Calum, everything is okay now. You’re here, and she’s here, and everything is okay. You don’t need to bring up your stupidity from the past, it’s gone and over with. What matters now is that you’re here.”

“And I’m not going anywhere.” He said, looking up at you and placing a chaste kiss to your lips. 

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“I’ve been in love with you my entire life.” Luke!

(LESLIE omg I love you I hope you like it! 💓)

“You really wanna know why I’m acting like this Luke?” You shouted, agitated at the length of this conversation. It was long overdue yes, but you didn’t think it would come out like this. You didn’t think that you would be screaming at him at midnight outside the ice cream shop you used to always go to when you were kids.

Even after weeks of not talking, weeks of not seeing each other, you both ended up at the exact same place. The place both of you would go to when things were getting too much and you just needed a break. Ice cream was like your thing. But you realized now that it wasn’t the ice cream that calmed you down all those times, it was Luke.

Because you were in love with him.

So when he saw you coming out of the shop right when he was about to go in, he had to know what was going on.

“Yes Y/N, it’s not like I wanted to know why you’ve been avoiding me for the past 3 weeks or anything!” Sarcasm dripped his voice as he let out a sigh, hands rubbing down his face in frustration.

You rolled your eyes as you took a deep breath, trying to relax yourself.

“I’ve been in love with you my entire life.” You whispered, pausing to look up at him as he took in the seriousness of your tone.


“I never realized it until now okay? All those times when you would come over with pizza and movies and we would just talk and talk all night and fall asleep with each other, I thought it was just because that’s how we were. Me and you. But now I realize that the feelings I get when I’m around you are more than that. I’m in love with you Luke. That’s why I haven’t been talking to you okay? Are we done now?” You ended your speech, finally staring up at him as his eyes never wandered from your face throughout the rant.

You sighed and turned around, speed walking away from him because holy shit you just told your best friend of 10 years that you loved him. You didn’t want to know his response. You just wanted to get out of there.

Luke stood there processing every word you just said. You loved him? Him? He was in love with you for the longest time but he thought you never felt the same way. So he tried to get over you. And he did. But now you were saying all the things he has wanted you to say to him for years now and he doesn’t know what to do.

But he sure as hell wasn’t just going to let you walk away again.

“Y/N!” He caught up to you quite quickly as he grabbed your wrist and turned you around. “Please can we talk about this? You know I love you too I just need some time to think. Please can you give me that?”

He was practically begging you at this point, your eyes staring into his cerulean ones. Heart beating faster and faster each passing second as his touch sent an electric shock through you. The least you could do was give him some time. That’s what people do when they’re in love, right?

“Yeah.” You mumbled, a smile slowly creeping its way onto your face.

“I can wait.”

Maybe - Michael Clifford Smut

Summary: Michael and you are childhood friends who grew apart but that doesn’t mean that you forgot about each other.

Word count: 4K

“What are you doing here?” Michael asked with his eyebrows risen, looking me up and down before unpausing his video game and concentrating on the screen in front of him again.

“It’s not by choice. I’m grounded and mum was coming over to see your mum and she thought I’d sneak out, so here I am.”

Michael snickered as I sat down next to him on his bed.

“It’s not funny. I should be at a party but instead I get to spend my Friday night with you and your video games!”

I pushed his shoulder, making his concentration on his game waver momentarily. His eyebrows furrowed together as he tried to concentrate on his game once again.

“You should feel lucky that you’re even in my room you dick!” He quipped.

I scoffed as I stood up wandering around his room. It’s not changed too much in the past few years. I use to be in here all the time, our mum’s were pretty close so most of our time was spent together as kids but once we reached puberty we kind of drifted apart. I started to rebel against my mum, doing anything and everything that I shouldn’t be doing and Michael didn’t. He kept to himself, still playing his video games and stuff but we didn’t mix in the same circles really. Meaning that now I only see him once in a blue moon when our mum’s somehow drag us along to meet each other.

“You have so much shit in your room Mikey” I ran my finger along the wall which was littered with band posters. Michael didn’t even respond, he just kept his eyes on the screen. His tall body hunched over with his grey hoodie and sweats on. His hood was up and his bright red hair poked out the front of it, framing his porcelain white face. His lips matched his hair now, his lips were always so red looking, like they’ve been bitten. He had his headset on too, talking to whoever he was playing with about their strategy. I wandered over to the top of his drawers, seeing a few old pictures in their frames, smiling when I saw a big family one that I was in too. I spotted a ceramic dish next to his bed with some money in it and a few condoms too. I grabbed one out the bowl and walked back over to him blocking his view of the TV.

“Now what does precious Mikey need condoms for, hmm?” I waved the packet in front of his face, trying to taunt him but he just tried to look around me.

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Badgirl!Y/N and BadBoy!5sos - Michael Clifford Imagine

A/N: I have come to the realization that we have a good amount of Punk/Badboy 5sos imagines, but no Punk/badgirl Y/N ones, And i was thinking…why can’t i be a badass too?? i wanna have tattoos and be ruling the school and not be the “geeky, shy, bookworm.” The way I am, is very not geeky and I’m Kinda out there and not shy, so this (shitty) imagine is to the girls like me who want to be badass too. Here’s to you. You fucking rock. 

TW: As you can tell by the authors note, swearing, maybe some smoking, maybe the mention of sex and Alcohol. I’m not sure, I haven’t wrote it yet, but it won’t be to terribly bad.

 Michael’s Pov

Another year another school. I finally was about to get through a hole school year without getting expelled, and then, BAM, I take one nerds clothes in the locker room and run it up the flag pole outside and now here i am. Going into my Senior year and another school. I guess the principal and gym teacher finally got sick of my shit. But it’s not like i haven’t done it before. 

The only thing good about it is my friends were in on my plan, and they got expelled too. My boys had too sink with there captain and there ship right? The fact that we actually all got expelled on the second to last day of school still floors me. Couldn’t we have just gotten suspended like before??

“Hey man you ready for this hell hole?” Luke asked on our drive to the shit hole. 

“Yeah man, lets go get Ashton and Calum so we can get this over with.” 

We pick up Cal, and as predicted, he’s in a fowl mood, due to having a hangover from the night before. I told him not to get to crazy, but what does he do? He gets shit faced and brings so twenty something year old home. Thank God his parents were gone on a business trip, Joy would have flipped. 

We were pulling up to Ashton’s house when he came bounding out of the house and jumped into the back seat, looking like he was about to burst. “Holy shit guys guess what I found out.” 

“That you didn’t brush you’re teeth this morning?” Cal responded rubbing his head.

“No, asshole, that Jessica Linkson has the clap.” he responded laughing. 

“Aw shit that’s nasty Ash. I was waiting for that bitch to get something!”Luke replied laughing at the misfortune of his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him with half of the football team in 9th grade. 


Y/N pov

I got of my bike this morning at school, with a smile on my face. Not because I like being at school at 7:30 in the morning on a Monday, but it’s because I woke up with the feeling something good might actually happen today.

“What the fuck are you so happy about?” Lexi said pulling up next to me, on her flame red bike and pulling off her helmet. 

“I’m great best friend, How are you?” I sassily acknowledged, which prompted her famous eye roll. “Anyways I’m fine. I just feel like today might be good, you know, it’s our first day of our senior year, were gonna kick even more all.” 

My little speech prompted a smile and a happy eye roll from Lexi. Before anything else could be said Moriah and Morgan pulled up on there purple and blue bikes. All of our bikes were different colors, but matched to bind up together as a group, Moriah had purple, Morgan had blue, Lexi had red and I had black. 

We all got off our bikes after a quick hello and headed inside. The people in the halls parted like the red sea. Everyone staring at the girls covered in black, with tattoos and piercings. No one said a word to us as we walked to our homeroom, to scared one of us might snap. 

We all had an angle at the school, Lexi and I rained over the jocks, playing multiple sports and getting on the inside to take control from within. Moriah was is with the arts-y kids and the nerds, getting the dirt on the preps from the arts and band classes, and using it against them. Morgan was in with the preps, who commonly back stab each other, by talking when mad (or drunk). (Hints why we like going to parties.) 

We didn’t need dirt on everyone to keep the students in check, we just liked it. In case someone wanted to step out of line. People respected us and didn’t fuck with us because they were scared of us. I think this got established when Josh Richards wanted to spread a rumor he slept with Lisa Smith. I knew Lisa Since I was fairly young, and she was a kinda nerdy and shy girl, so when she approached our table at lunch and told us about the problem, i told her we’d take care of it, and we did.     Josh came into school next Monday with a black eye, busted lip, and a heart felt apology for Lisa. 

We never had a problem from him again. 

“Who the Fuck are those guys.” Moriah said in first period. 

I look over to where she gestured and there are four very tall boys walking into the science classroom and taking their seats at one of the other lab tables at the back of the classroom. They all had piercings and tattoos, wearing all black. Who the fuck do they think they are?  I made eye contact with one of the boys. Blonde, green eyes. tattoos, and an eye piercing. 

This guys fucking hot. 

Michael’s Pov

Shit that girls hot. 

“Mike quit looking at that chick, we’re trying to talk about the party this weekend.” Cal said, trying to get my attention. 

“You seriously wanna talk about drinking now? Aren’t you still hungover?” I asked. No one i knew could drink as much as Calum, not even me, and you have to drink a lot to beat me. 

“I took some pain meds, I’m fine now.” 

“Good, we need to get planning. It need so be perfect.” Luke said. He was always particular about his party’s, his next has to be better than his last. 

Time Skip

“Get out of the way ass hat” i sneered at some meat head jock blocking my way in the hallway. 

“Oooh look what we have here.. Some type of Bad boy? Are you new here? Don’t know the ropes? I’ll tell you them then. Stay out of me and my guys way, and we won’t hurt you.” he smiled, thinking i was scared, while looking at his idiot friends behind him. 

“And you think you’re scary? You’re just some stupid Jock riled up on some steroids. I’m not scared of you. And i shouldn’t be you Shitty, ass hat, Dumbfucking tw-”

“What the fuck is going on here?” I head a girl yell. I hadn’t notice a crowd had formed a circle around me, this dumbfuck, whoever he was, his idiot friend, and Luke, who was behind me.

I look to where the voice came from and it’s the girl. The hot one from earlier and she’s coming towards us.     A space opens up for her to get through and, may i say, she’s even sexier up close, but I’m not about to let this little squirt save me. 

“Listen honey-” I start, but I’m cut off. 

“What the fuck did you just call me? One, I’m not your honey, baby, boo, or any, anything. So address me with my name, or not at all. Two, I thought I asked a question. Now, Josh, did the new boy hurt you’re feelings? Tough shit, get going, you’ll be late to class. And we don’t want that now would we?”

Josh, The Meat head and his goon looked at the girl with a look of annoyance for a second before she clarified her command with a “Bye Josh, bye Brad.” 

The two guys leave trough the circle and mutter a “move” as they pushed through. 

“All of you, get to class! Now!” she yelled.  The sea immediately parted going their separate ways, and the hallway, that was once so quiet you could hear a pin drop, erupted with noise. 

“Who are you?” I asked looking down at the girl in front of me. 

“Y/N, my girls and I run this school. Who are you new boy?”

“Michael Clifford.” I stated “This is Ashton Irwin.” I Introduced Ashton and finally looked away from Y/N. 

“Well Clifford, you sure do know how to make an impression.” She looked away, down the hall and spotted three other girls coming. The hall crowd splitting down the middle for them too. “I have to get to lunch, I’ll see you later.”

Holy shit did she blush. The cute girl blushed at me . I’m panicking. Damn Michael keep your cool.  

“Yeah, maybe sooner than later. Do you wanna go to a party with me this weekend? I know we just met but-”

“Yeah Michael, I will, but I have to go. I’ll see you later.”  And she was gone.

She said yes. Holy shit she said yes. 

“Dude, Y/N never went to a party with a guy before. Lucky fuck.” Some guy in an All Time Low Shirt said. 

Okay Michael, Don’t fuck this up.

you should know me by now (a.i.)

***something new!!: Here’s a short list of songs that inspired me and what I listened to while brainstorming/writing/editing this imagine. You obviously don’t have to listen as you read, but I strongly recommend checking them out sometime if you haven’t. (clearly it was a Marianas Trench sort of writing party lmao) :) xx***

  • “Machines” - Biffy Clyro (my favorite song of all time!!)
  • “By Now” - Marianas Trench
  • “So Soon” - Marianas Trench
  • “Fallout” - Marianas Trench
  • “Porcelain” - Marianas Trench
  • “Home” - Foo Fighters
  • “Kissing You Goodbye” - The Used
  • “Fall For Your Type” - Jaime Foxx ft. Drake
  • “Stuck on Stupid” - Chris Brown
  • “Wrapped Around Your Finger” - 5SOS



You almost couldn’t believe you were back in this godforsaken house for the second time today, seeing as though it didn’t go so well the first time. And to think, some ridiculous pictures and possibly made up stories about those pictures started it all. 

Those pictures were taken the night before and consisted of Ashton, your boyfriend of a year and a half, at a party with some girl you two had briefly met once before at the same club. Granted, Ash was there with other friends and not just her. If he had been out with just her, then things would’ve gone down.. differently, to say the least. However, the pictures that were sent to you repeatedly by fans and friends the morning after, were of this “chick” getting way to close to Ashton, while a smile stayed plastered on his face. 

He had crossed a line. And you were determined to confront him with no mercy.

You had originally stormed into the house after Calum had let you in, relieving you of angrily banging your fist on the door.

“Woah, what the fuck is wrong with you?” the clearly hungover, and irritated, brunette exclaimed as you pushed past him, navigating your way to Ashton’s room.

“Sorry Calum, this is important,” you seethed through gritted teeth, obviously not being truly apologetic.

You had woken Ashton up by slamming his bedroom door behind you. Due to the fact that he was possibly more hungover than Calum was, the yelling came from him immediately. First, he wondered who in the hell gave you the right to storm into his house like you did at such an ungodly hour: 12:00, noon to be exact. 


“I can’t.. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Are you goddamn serious? You believe this bullshit?!” He growled after you had told him the reasoning behind your intrusion.

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a/n: this is just a thing about Luke getting stuck that @michaelgclifford and I discussed because he’s Impossible. enjoy :-)

Much to your amusement, Luke was often unaware of his stature; denying his height and his width until it was impossible to pretend he wasn’t six foot infinity. Like when he got stuck trying to pull shirts over his head, the amount of fabric seeming to double without his broad shoulders to stretch it out, his face becoming lost in the cotton; when he’d come home of a night tired and certain he was much smaller than reality allowed, his entire body laying flat on top of you as you lay sprawled on your couch, his limbs restricting any movement other than gentle scratches to his hair until he was fast asleep and you had no choice but to nap with him; or the first time he’d used the shower at your parents house and he’d had to call you to manoeuvre the door open, the confines of the glass space smaller than he was used to.

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45 with all the boys 🙈 but if not then either Michael or Calum 💖💖💖 congratulations on 2k babe !!!!

(thank you love!!xx)


I smile as we wander along the trail, Ashton’s hand holding mine, squeezing gently every once in a while. He only lets go when he wants to take a picture with the camera hanging from his neck. I swing our hands, causing Ashton to giggle as we stroll through the walkway of trees.

Tell me a secret.” He asks, spinning to face me as we walk.

“Why?” I giggle, mirroring his actions so we’re both walking sideways.

“Because we’re in the perfect place. There’s no one here but us and the trees, and I won’t tell anyone, and I doubt the trees are interested.”

Ashton grins, squeezing my hand encouragingly as he awaits my answer. I roll my eyes playfully, stopping to think for a second. Ashton stops beside me, waiting excitedly.

“Okay.” I nod, pulling him along as I begin to talk again. “But you have to promise not to laugh.”

“Of course.” He smiles. “Cross my heart.”

“Well when I was a kid, I created this world in my head. I filled it with all the things I wished I had, like friends who were fairies and pet dragons and the ability to control water. Stuff like that. And it started off as a daydream, something to think about when I was bored. And then it got bigger, and I started incorporating my normal life into it until it became a story, with characters and plots.”

“Am I in it?” He grins, making me roll my eyes.

“You may have made an appearance or two.” I smile, making Ashton’s grin grow. “And lately, I’ve been thinking that maybe I should write it all down as a book, even if it’s just for me.”

“That’s…Y/N you should so write a book. It’s be great. You could be the next J.K Rowling!”

“Easy there Ash. It wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as Harry Potter.” I giggle, making Ashton roll his eyes.

“You could be if you tried.” He insists. “What would you call it.”

“I was thinking maybe Secrets In the Trees.”

“I love it.”


I groan, throwing my head back against the sofa in frustration.

“Mikey.” I whine, turning my head to face him. “I’m bored.”

“What do you want me to do about that?” He chuckles, looking up from his phone and copying my actions.

Tell me a secret.” I smile, making Michael cock an eyebrow.

“A secret?” He asks, and I nod. “What kind of secret?”

“One you’ve never told anyone before.”

“Ah. A secret secret.” He smirks, making me grin. “I don’t have many of those.”

“I’d hope not.” I giggle, Michael’s smirk changing to a smile.

“Well, there’s really only one main secret secret.” He continues.

“And that is?”

“Okay, well you remember how I asked you out?”

“Obviously. I was worried about ruining our friendship, so you said you’d only ask me on a date if I beat Cal at FIFA. Which I did.”

“Because I paid Cal to lose.”

My jaw actually drops at Michael’s statement, not believing what he was saying. 

“You’re lying.” I accuse, narrowing my eyes.

“Nope. I paid him to let you win so could take you on a date. Didn’t take much persuading, I think he was fed up of me whining about wanting to be with you. Still took my money though.”

“Michael you have got to be kidding.”

“I’m not. Ring Cal if you want. He’ll tell you.”

“I can’t believe you! You tricked me into going on a date with you!”

“And look how great we turned out.”


I idly trace patterns onto Luke’s chest, our breathing finally back to normal. His own hand squeezes my hip lightly before his fingers run up and down my back.

Tell me a secret.” He mumbles, making me lift my eyes to his.

“Don’t be so cheesy.” I smile, making him roll his eyes.

“Fine. Don’t. I was just trying to be cute but whatever.” He huffs, although his smile gives him away.

“Do you really want a secret?”

“Not anymore no.”

“Fine. I won’t tell you then.” I grin, making Luke pout.

“No! Tell me!” He whines, and I giggle.

“Okay okay.” I smile. “The secret is…you’re a dork.”

“Y/N.” He laughs, pinching my side. “That isn’t the type of secret I wanted.”

“I know. That’s why I said it.”

“I don’t know why I bother with you. You ruin all the romantic moments.”

I ruin the romantic moments?” I ask incredulously. “Luke, you hit your head right before we were going to have our first kiss!”

“That was an awkwardly placed board and you know it.”

We grin at each other, happily existing in our own little bubble of memories and fun. Luke begins to move his thumb in circles against my skin, and I begin tracing patterns again, my eyes following my movements.

“Do you want a real secret?” I ask quietly, and Luke hums. “I don’t think anyone’s ever made me as happy as you.”

Luke doesn’t reply, and I cautiously lift my eyes to his to find him grinning.

“That’s the kind of secret I wanted.” He smirks, and I hit his chest.


“Kidding!” He chuckles, using his free hand to catch mine and kiss it. “I feel the same way you know.”


“Always have. Probably always will.”


“Well you never know. Keep hitting me and I might change my mind.”

“I love you idiot.”

“Right back at you beautiful.”


I throw myself into his arms, ignoring the screams and giggles surrounding us and focusing on the boy who was finally home. Calum hugs me tightly, burying his face in my neck as I grin.

“Hey there angel.” He mumbles into my skin, causing me to grin.

“Hey there rockstar.” I whisper back, revelling in the feeling of begin with him again.

We stand there for an unrecognisable amount of time, wrapped in each other in the middle of the airport. Eventually Calum puts me down, pulling back to send me a lopsided grin.

“Have dinner with me?” He asks, and I nod, grabbing one of his bags off the floor and walking towards the exit with him. We pause so he can say hello the some fans, giving me the opportunity to greet the other boys. He’s still grinning whe he comes back over. “Home time.”

He throws an arm over my shoulders as we walk, pulling me into his side. I smile, content with just being near him. When we get to my car, he throws his things in the back before sliding into the passenger seat. As I pull away, he twists to face me.

“Stop staring creep.” I grin, making him laugh. “Or at least talk while you’re doing it.”

“Talk about what? I spoke to you all the time when I was gone, you probably remember tour better than I do.”

Tell me a secret.” I reply, shifting my gaze to him momentarily before looking back at the road. “There’s bound to be something you kept quiet whilst away.”

“Well, yeah.” He nods. I don’t say anything, waiting for him to continue. “I missed you more than I should have done.”

“Missing your best friend isn’t a secret Cal.” I roll my eyes.

“It is when you miss them as more than a best friend.” He replies, causing me to nearly crash the car.

“What?” I ask, my eyes darting between him and the road.

“I missed you more than I should have done. I missed you like I’m supposed to miss my girlfriend, which is wrong. But it’s true. Because I think, and here’s another secret for you, I don’t think I like you as just a best friend anymore.”

“When I said tell me a secret,” I say. “I meant sometiing like you stole Luke’s underwear.”

“Shit, Y/N, I didn’t want you to, I mean, I still want to be your best friend more than anything, I didn’t want to ruin-”

“Calm down Cal, I didn’t say anything about not liking the secret. I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“So you…”

“I feel the same yeah. But if we could mmaybe wait until I’m not driving to talk about it, I’d really appreciate it.”

“Good plan.”

Mikey's Daughter is Getting Bullied

“Can you do one where you’re Mikeys daughter (14) and the other boys sons don’t like you and bully you but then Calum’s son catches you self harming and they get protective and stop the bullying and feel bad. Can the sons all be like 16-17”

Warning- includes bullying and mentions of self harm, and self harming. Do not trigger yourself!

Michael’s Daughter- 14, Y/N
Ashton’s Son- 16, Blake
Calum’s Son- 16, Eli
Luke’s Son- 16, Corbin

Having older cousins were annoying, but it was bad when they weren’t technically related to you, and they tormented you, always ragging on your appearance, or your personality, and eventually it had got to be enough, you had started self harming because of it.

“Stop begging for attention!” Eli groans, as you had made a comment. You looked at him confused, not understanding how that could be considered ‘begging for attention.’

You kept your mouth shut though. You didn’t want them to say anything else to you. “Go get ready!” Blake screams, annoyed with you.

You nod and run to your room, pulling some shorts on and a tank top, and come downstairs, your Dad was taking you and your cousins out to dinner.

“Could those shorts get any shorter?” Corbin scoffs, and the other 2 start snickering mumbling about how slutty you dress.

You bite your lip and stare up at the sky, trying not to cry because then your dad would find out about everything, and they’d get in trouble and you sure as hell didn’t want that. They’d kill you, or you’d kill you.

One freakishly long car trip, a few fat jokes, and some insults, you finally reached the restaurant.

You sit beside your dad and your uncle Ashton, picking at your food, eating some of it, not a lot, trying to ignore the 3 boys across from you who keep kicking you and whispering.

Finally it got to be too much, you excused yourself and rushed to the bathroom, crying. You sat in a stall for a minute, crying, hard, knowing what was gonna happen as soon as you got home, after sniffling and applying enough water to your cheeks so they weren’t red and blotchy, you came back and your dad smiled softly at you, squeezing your knee.

“Do you feel okay?” Dad asks, smiling.

“I feel fine, daddy.” You whisper, laying your head on his shoulder. He smiles and kisses your hair and rubs your upper arm.

“She acts like a 6 year old.” Blake scoffs, causing Ashton look up.

“Blake Alexander, I would hush up right now, because 2 nights ago you ran into our room screaming mummy mummy, because you had a nightmare.” He says sternly, causing the other 2 boys to burst out laughing and Blake’s face to blush bright red.

“Sorry..” He mumbles, then shoots you a glare mean enough to make you turn and hide in your dads arm.

Dad glares right back at him, not liking how he’s picking on you.


You jog up the stairs, opening the door pulling out your blades and rolling up your sleeves, feeling the familiar sting as you run the blade across your wrist, opening old wounds, and creating new ones.

You must have been sobbing because someone opened your door and you froze, like a deer caught in head lights. ‘No this can’t be happening.’ You think, you look up and see Blake, he opens his mouth but closes it.

“U-Y/N why?” He asks, and it makes you angry, angrier than you had ever been, you press something to your wrist.


Suddenly everything clicks and he falls to his knees, crying, horribly loudly, crying tears, filled with regret, sorrow, guilt, and self hatred. “Y/N, I am so sorry, I never honestly thought about you, I was thinking about the guys, being cool to them, not you, you don’t deserve this, I’m a shitty person, you should hate me, you really should, please stop harming yourself though, I love you, so much, even though it doesn’t seem like I do.” He says, looking up at you, his eyes filled with guilt.

You understood where he was coming from, you two were the youngest and you wanted to please the two older kids, and that’s all it seems like he was trying to do, so you sat down beside him.

“I’m I, I mean, I’ll stop, j-just as long as you guys stop, please, it hurts me so much.” You cry, wiping his tears.

“S-should I go get them?” He asks, and you nod.

You explain to them everything and they apologize profusely, and attack you in a hug. “Seriously we are so sorry, I swear.” Corbin says, hugging you and kissing your hair.

“We all used to be so close and I miss that, I really do, you guys used to be like older brothers to me.” You say softly.

“I think we all miss that, that’s what I want our relationship to go back to.” Eli says, softly. You nod and give each boy a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Could we maybe watch movies together?” You ask shyly, normally you weren’t this forgiving, but they were your cousins and you missed them being like this so much, you were longing for it.

“Of course!” Blake yells and carries you downstairs, despite your pleas and giggles.

“Dad! Where’s the movie bin?” Corbin asks, and Luke smiles.

“Uh it’s in the basement, with the other movie stuff!” He laughs, and Blake giggles and carries you downstairs.

“No horror films please!” You say, hating horror films, although your dad loves them.

“How about The Heat?” Eli asks and you nod.

The four of you ended up falling asleep like that, you cuddled up to Blake, hiding in your chest and when your dads went downstairs to check on you, they didn’t even bother waking you guys up, they left you there because it was too cute, they took pictures of course, they weren’t stupid.

Authors Note- I hope you guys like it! Send in request! This is my last request!

trapped on a deserted island together AU
AU ideas

When she regained consciousness from the blow she received to her head, there was a vague figure in front of her. Her vision focused minutely when she opened her lids, and she winced. The figure soon morphed into a man, a wide-eyed, disquieted man. He held onto her jaw tenderly and spoke under his breath; perhaps he was talking to her, but it was more than likely to soothe himself.

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Not Your Type - Actor!Ashton

Originally posted by suitelikechocolate

Synopsis: How do you react when your celebrity crush is now your costar?

Words: 3k+

PART 2MASTERLIST / Leave a request here


You were beyond excited to be playing Jade Stidham in an upcoming show. Once you read about the type of character she was, you knew you could do it justice if you were given the shot. Thankfully the casting-director felt the same and you got a call confirming that you had gotten the part. The table read went swimmingly, your costars took to you just as easily as you took to them. When you found out the show was being picked up by MTV, you thought you could only go up from here! That was until David, the director dropped the bomb of a new addition to the team, Ashton Irwin. You knew that Ashton had hinted about crossing over in a recent interview but you didn’t think it would relate directly to you or your production. After an internal debate, you decided it would be best to tell David about the crush you had on your future co-star, he deserved to know that this could be a bit of a hurdle for you. He brushed it off, insisting he knew you could be professional and that was that. Inwardly you still were a bit worried about what would happen between you and Ashton on set but you distracted yourself by rehearsing lines with Soraya, the junior director and your roommate. It was a week before filming and you were trying to be off book. You were about to ask for your line when your phone rang.

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10 Things I hate about you - 5sos (mostly Calum Hood and Michael Clifford)

Requested - no

A/N: This was for Calum’s birthday but now it’s part of my new project so it’ll be extra long. I’m in love with the movie and I feel a real connection to he guidance teacher Miss Perky 

Also Joseph Gordon Levitt reminds me so much of fetus Calum

This will be complicated as there are two [Y/N]s pick one and the other you can make a real or fictional sister of yours

Character comparison ~
Katarina Stratford :: [Y/N/1] Stratford (if you wanna be with Mikey)
Bianca Stratford :: [Y/N/2] Stratford (if you wanna be with Cal)
Cameron James :: Calum
Patrick Verona :: Michael
Michael (not clifford) :: Luke
Joey Donner :: Ashton

Word Count - 5535

‘I don’t give a damn about my reputation’ the classic lyrics of Joan Jett blares out her car covering the lame and overplayed mainstream music coming from the radio of the painfully plastic popular girls’ car as she pulls up beside them. Exchanging a death glare she presses her foot to accelerator speeding past the lights as they turn green, that’s [Y/N/1] Stratford; school renowned feminist, indie-punk-rocker, sister of [Y/N/2] Stratford and daughter of obstetrician Dr. Stratford. Storming through the parking lot she spots one of the prom committee pinning up a poster drenched in glitter just outside the school entrance.

As she walks passed she rips it down tossing it aside earning an annoyed, “Hey!” from the prom girl as she jumps to pick it up again.

Meanwhile, in the guidance office, new student Calum Hood is having the obligatory meeting with guidance counselor Miss Perky. He isn’t sure that she’s even noticed that he’s with her in the room but watches her typing on her computer, seeing the reflection of some erotic novel she’s writing in her glasses.

He coughs loudly to get her attention and is surprised when she suddenly chirps, “So Calum have you been to many other schools?”

“Yeah, we moved around a lot as a kid-” he begins.

“I didn’t ask for your life story, now Calum I have novel to finish and you have classes to attend, I have arranged for someone to show you around, if you have any real problems you may pay me a visit, but only if,” she shoos.

Calum stands with a puzzled look seeing how little of a shit his new go to teacher gives and leaves to wander down the flooded corridors.

“Calum?” a sudden voice calls tapping him on the shoulder.

“Yeah, that’s me,” Calum responds.

“Hi I’m Luke, I’ve been assigned to show you around,” this smartly dressed blonde greets shaking his hand.

“Oh good I got someone bordering the lines of cool,” Calum giggles ever so slightly. “Normally they end up sending one of those mathletes”

Luke laughs along but suddenly 3 or more geeky looking nerds with bowties swerve round the corner, “Hey Luke, we were thinking of a way to solve that equation-”

Luke shoves the boy away and ignores him just as the bell rings.

“So any advice for this school?” Calum questions.

“Stay under the radar and all will be fine,” Luke says. “And especially don’t talk to the popular kids, well unless that talk to you first”

“Is that your rule or theirs?" 

"Just watch,” Luke says spotting school hot shot Ashton on the corner. “Hey Ashton”

“Bite me nerd,” Ashton hisses.

“See what I mean”

Luke lives out the day as Calum’s personal tour guide, taking him from class to class and at lunch he finds him stood waiting outside his art class.

“Ready for lunch?” he questions and Calum follows.

Luke takes Calum through each and every group of people from the coffee enthusiasts to the wanna-be Marleys, his voice growing angry when he gets to the honour roll kids.

“I used to be their god,” he snaps with a hint of resentment.

“What happened?” Calum questioned.

“Bogie Lowenstein started a rumour that I shop at thrift shops, which is apparently a big no-no,” Luke informs. “But I’ve got plans to get them back to my side, just you-”

“Hod up,” Calum stops him, his eyes locking on something across the court yard. “Who is she?”

Luke then sees just who he’s looking at.

“Ugh, [Y/N/2] Stratford, the most painfully vapid person you’ll ever meet,” Luke tells him, an obvious distaste for her evident in his tone.

“Really? That’s not what it looks like,” Calum replies in an awestruck state. “She looks pretty perfect to me”

“You’re under the same impression every other guy has, I assume you like the look of her then?”

“'Like the look of her’ is an understatement, I burn, I pine, I perish,” Calum dramaticises.

“Slow down there boy, she’s not all that impressive, really,” Luke sighs.

“I’m certainly impressed, just look at her, her hair, her eyes, her smile”

“Well you’re out of luck, her dad doesn’t let her or her sister date, besides she’s more into that type,” he points at the group of football jocks gathered around the trash cans.

“And who’s he? The ringleader?” Calum questions about the curly haired ass that Luke had the audacity to talk to earlier in the day.

“You could say that, he’s Ashton, the usual type for people like the [Y/N/2]s everywhere”

Just then Ashton eyes up [Y/N/2] and begins whispering among his friends, something along the lines of, “I could tap that so easily, but I won’t do it for a bet, this I’ll do for fun”

That afternoon in Mr Morgan’s English class Ashton sits in a leisurely fashion, his bag over the back of his chair, and him sat half in half out of the chair so he can easily talk with his friends.

“Now class, let us talk about Hemingway’s 'The Sun Also Rises’,” Mr Morgan says.

“Oh it was so romantic,” a girl swoons.

“Romantic? Hemingway?” [Y/N/1] suddenly says, her presence so far unnoticed to most of the class. “He was an alcoholic, misogynist”

“Oh here we go again,” Ashton groans.

Just then the school’s most feared punk boy, Michael, appears in the doorway, “What did I miss?”

“The same bullshit we always learn about,” [Y/N/1] sighs.

“Oh good,” Michael grins slightly before turning and leaving.

“Miss Stratford, can we get through one lesson without your constant need to express your opinion?”

That day, after all classes are over, the school empties sending a wave of over 100 students into the parking lot.

“Nice bike, asswad,” one of Ashton’s many followers spits at Luke as he climbs onto his moped.

Ashton laughs and climbs into his car and drives forward, stopping when he sees [Y/N/2] Stratford with her friend Chastity.

“You girls want a ride?”

The idea of being driven home by the school’s hottest senior sending them into a flurry of excitement they both jump and climb into the back before squealing as he drives off.

“Well that’s a charming new development,” [Y/N/1]’s best friend Mandella says.

“Ugh, I don’t even want to know,” [Y/N/1] sighs turning the key in her orange car and going to drive.

Just as she goes to move Luke pulls out in front of her.

“Remove head from sphincter then drive,” she exclaims.

Quickly Luke gets out of the way and allows the bitch of a girl to get on her way.

“Well isn’t she a delight,” Calum comments as Luke wheels his way over.

“Not the ripest fruit in the picnic basket, but that my friend is the sister of that little crush of yours,” Luke laughs at his misfortune.

“That’s [Y/N/2]’s sister? Awh man”

“Yeah, see you around buddy”

With that Luke begins to drive off again only to get in the way of another car making him swerve and end up driving down the hill beside the parking lot tumbling down among the laughter of most of the senior year.

At the Stratford residence [Y/N/1] sits at the window reading one of her primarily feminist books when her father, Dr Stratford walks in.

“Make anyone cry today?” he questions, straight off the bat.

“Sadly no, but it’s only 4:30,” she smiles. “Did any thing come in the mail today?”

“A little something from East Coast Colleges, for you, I didn’t think you’d want it, I thought you were going to school here, like I did,” her father continues.

“Are you kidding? That’s what you decided, I want to get far away from this place,” she chuckles at his ignorance.

She senses that he’s going to go of one of his long lectures but luckily for her, just as he begins he sister arrives home.

“Enough of this dad, why don’t you as [Y/N/2] who drover her home,” she smirks.

“No, wait who drove you home?” he gets distracted.

“No one,” the younger sister defends.

“No one? Try Ashton Irwin,” [Y/N/1] throws her in the deep end.

“Ashton Irwin? That sounds like a boys name,” he worries.

“It is”

“Now, [Y/N/2] you know my rules on dating”

“I know daddy but I’m the only girl is school not dating,” [Y/N/2] whines

“I’m not,” [Y/N/1] adds.

“Exactly and it’s done no harm to her,” Dr Stratford points out.

“But it’s just not fair!”

“Fine,” he sighs. “New rule, [Y/N/2] can date… when [Y/N/1] does”

“That could be never, she’s a freak,” [Y/N/2] yelps.

“That’s the point”


A few days pass and Calum begins to lose hope on ever talking to [Y/N/2], that is until Luke comes across the information that she needs a french tutor. Obviously Calum jumps at the chance, the only problem is he needs to learn french. 

“Can we make this quick there’s about to be a very public break upon the quad,” [Y/N/2] says as she shows up.

“Huh? Oh, maybe this isn’t a good time to be doing this, we could meet some other time, say Friday for dinner?” Calum risks.

“Calum, are you asking me out?”

“Sort of, I guess, I figured your dad may make an exception if it’s for french,” he proceeds.

“It’s not as easy as that, Column,” she begins.

“Calum,” he corrects to no avail.

“My dad is only letting me date when my sister does,” she tells hi. “So you’d need to get someone to do that”

“I’m sure that someone wouldn’t mind a difficult woman, it’d be like extreme dating, I’m sure I could find someone

“Really? You’d do that for me?” she places a hand on his forearm.

“Hell yeah,” he exclaims. “I mean I think I could do that”

After bringing up the idea with Luke he agrees to help. They spend the whole day asking around subtly with no success, that is until they get to Biology.

Paying no attention to the frog he’s meant to be dissecting Calum looks around the class, “What about that guy?”

Luke turns and sees Calum is talking about Michael and so quickly adds, “Don’t look at him”

“What? Why?” Calum says.

“He could kill you with a pinky finger, he’s apparently eaten a live duck, set a state trooper on fire, had an unsuccessful porn career, sold his liver on the black market for new speakers and spent all of last year in prison”

Unconvinced Calum glances at him again and sees him flick a scalpel around in his hand before plunging it into the frog in front of him, “That’s our guy”

That day in woodshop Calum decides to take the courageous job of actually talking to Michael, so when he’s gotten up the courage he walks across the room with his french text book held up in front of him as some kind of protection.

“Hi,” he begins and Michael turns

Before Calum can even say anything further before Michael has turned on a drill and begins drilling a hole straight through the boo.

Luke laughs seeing this, “What we need is a backer”

“Like who?”

“I have ideas”

In the lunch room that day Luke sees exactly who he needs, Ashton Irwin sat drawing various phallic images on a lunch tray. Luke takes a seat in the empty chair next to him with a smile on his face only to be met but the various confused and disgusted faces of the group.

“Can I help you?” Ashton says.

“Hi, I’m Luke, ” he holds out a hand to shake but nothing comes of it so he pulls it away again, “Ok, no? I have a proposition for you”

“What makes you think I even want to talk to you,” Ashton says grabbing Luke’s head and continuing his dick drawing on his face.

“Well word is you’re looking to date the younger Stratford sister,” Luke explains.

“So, what does that have to do with you?” Ashton continues in a hostile fashion.

“Well, the only way that’s going to happen is if you get someone to date her sister,” Luke says

“I’ve heard that”

“Well, have you ever consider paying someone to take [Y/N/1] out?” Luke adds.

Suddenly Ashton is listening, “Go on”

“Well hat if you payed Michael to take her out, that way you get to date the sister with only a little extra cost”

That’s where Ashton is on board and Luke returns to Calum.

“What are you doing getting him involved?” Calum whines.

“Trust me, we can get him to pay, make him think he’s calling the shots while we’re in complete control”

Calum sighs and walks off Leaving Luke on his own.

He suddenly comes to the realization, “I have a dick on my face on’t I”

Ashton talks to Michael and comes to an agreement with him that for $50 per date he will take [Y/N/1] out and so, after she’s done with football practice he wanders over.

“Hey there girlie, how’s it going?” he smirks.

“Sweating like a pig actually yourself?” she greets.

“Ah, same old,” he sighs

“Is there any reason you’re over here talking to me?” she questions sipping her water.

“Well I was wondering if you wanted to go out this Friday, I mean if you have nothing better to do,” Michael asks.

“No thank you,” she says.

“Fine then Saturday, or Sunday, whenever you want,” he tries to persuade.

“I’ve never seen the point in it so I will suggest you stop trying and leave me alone,” she walks away.

Calum and Luke go to find Michael to talk over the plans with him as it becomes apparent that he doesn’t know the right version on the plans and he only knows Ashton’s ideas.

“H-hey, man,” Calum stammers walking up to Michael

“Did you not get a clear message last time we spoke?” Michael says.

“No we need to talk to you about the Stratford sisters,” Calum says.

“You see my man Calum has a major thing for [Y/N/2] Stratford,” Luke interrupts.

“What’s with this chick? She have beer flavoured nipples of something?” Michael questions.

“No, I believe that the love Ashton has for [Y/N/2] is impure compared to Calum’s,” Luke continues.

“Listen I’m getting payed I don’t really care, Ashton can plow whoever he wants”

“Hey,” Calum cuts in, “There will be no plowing”

“So you’re saying you’re going to help me tame the beast?” Michael chuckles. “How exactly are you going to do tht?”

“We have an idea,” Luke grins slapping down an invite to the yearly honour roll part at Bogie Lowenstein’s place.

As revenge for the rumours he started, Luke has the media geeks make posters for Bogie’s party advertising free beer and together, he and Calum toss them down the stairwell for everyone to find.

Over the course of the next few days Calum tears information about [Y/N/1] out of [Y/N/2] while he’s meant to be teaching her French, learning every last detail he can possibly get that would help get her to like Michael, also hoping that he may also get [Y/N/2] to get really into him.

“How do you suppose I get [Y/N/1] to go to this party with me then?” Michael asks.

“Well her sister told me she’s going to the 1975 concert at the weekend in that weird cat club downtown,” Calum says.

“A secret show,” Luke adds.

“You’re going to make me go to that girl power club?”

“Well if you want to keep your money then yeah”

“Oh one other thing,” Calum adds. “[Y/N/2] told me that she only really likes pretty guys”

Michael furrows his brow at them, “Are you saying that I’m not a pretty guy?”

It takes a good 15 minutes to persuade Michael to go to the concert but he does and on the night of the concert he enters the club with dozens of angry girls staring at him, it doesn’t phase him though. It isn’t difficult to spot [Y/N/1] dancing at the front of the room and Michael has to admit, she does look pretty attractive. Instead of approaching her directly he takes a seat at the bar, realizing he knows the bartender and orders a drink.

“I’m off to get water,” she calls to her best friend, Mandella, over the music.

She asks the bartender for the bottles of water she desires but catches the eye of Michael say only a few feet away

Rolling her eyes she walks up to him, “What do you suppose you’re doing here?”

“Do you mind, you’re kind of harshing my buzz,” he smirks.

“You like this music?” she raises her eye brows at him.

“Yeah, I mean it’s up there with bands like Kodaline and The Neighborhood for me,” he stands and walks to the edge of the dance floor, thankful he did some research before he arrived.

She seems slightly dumbfounded by this sudden revelation but moves to stand next to him again.

“You know I saw you dancing out there,” he calls over the music but just as a song ends meaning when he adds, “I’ve never seen you look so sexy,” that’s all that can be heard.

The whole room laughs and [Y/N/1] goes to walk away

“Go to Bogie’s party with me,” he catches her arm.

Once more she rolls her eyes and begins to walk away again.

“Is that a yes?” he questions.

“No,” she grins in response.

“So it was a no?”


“I’ll pick you up at 7 then”

That evening, before Bogie’s party, [Y/N/2] is getting ready to go with her friend.

“Bye, daddy,” she says heading for the door.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he booms.

“To study,” her friend lies.

“Not dressed like that! You’re going to a party aren’t you?”

“Yes but dad, everyone is going!” [Y/N/2] begs.

“You know the rules, is your sister going?” he proceeds.

The two girls sigh but suddenly [Y/N/1] appears in the stairway, “I’m offto a party, dad”

The other two squeal.

“What?” their father’s eyes widen.

“So we can go now, right?” [Y/N/2] grins.

Their father seems angry, “I want you to wear the belly”

Both sisters groan while the last girl looks remarkably confused. Suddenly the father pulls out a strange jacket-like thing in the shape of a pregnant stomach and forces [Y/N/2] to put it on, supposedly simulating what it’s like to be pregnant.

“I want to stop you from creating any bad life decisions,” he says.

Then there’s a knock at the door. When it opens there is Michael stood on the other side.

“What are you doing here?” [Y/N/1] asks.

“I’m here to pick you up for the party, it’s seven o'clock isn’t it?” he smiles in an almost charming manner, he looks past her to the other Stratford sister. “Who knocked her up?”

Meanwhile at Bogie’s house the party is yet to begin. Inside are the honour roll students enjoying a fine evening with wine and cheese when there is an abrupt knock at the door.

Bogie stands, “That must be Nigel with the bree”

However when he opens the door they let in a stampede of high school kids equipped with music and alcohol.

Luke and Calum arrive just as the party is getting into full swing and instantly Calum sets off to find [Y/N/2]. When he finally locates her they only exchange a few words before she is whisked off by the likes of Ashton Irwin, that’s when Calum realizes, she never did like him afterall. 

While [Y/N/2] is being bored by Ashton’s idiotic ramblings that lack intelligence [Y/N/1] is getting strange looks from all around, that’s when she decides, where’s the best place to get drunk? At a high school party.

The night wears on until [Y/N/1] is completely wasted.

“How’d you do it?” Ashton questions Michael.

“How’d I do what?” Michael adds.

“Make her act like a human?”

Just then a new song starts and [Y/N/1] climbs on top of the table to begin dancing/ Crows of people stand around her cheering for her until Michael decides he needs to go her rescue.

“Get down from there you’ll hurt yourself,” Michael says.

“No get away from me,” she spits but as she stands upright she hits her head on a low hanging light fixture causing her to fall down from the table and into Michael’s arms.

“Let’s get you to a seat”

On the way out of the party Michael stumbles across Calum who stops him, questioning his situation with [Y/N/2].

“Listen dude, do you like the girl?” Michael asks and Calum nods vigorously. “Then tell her, and don’t waste your time”

Michael gets [Y/N/1] to a swing set at the side of the house where he props her up, trying to make sure she doesn’t pass out.

The party gets disbanded early meaning a houseful of high schoolers are turned out onto the street.

“The party is continuing at my place, wanna come?” Ashton asks [Y/N/2] when he finds her stood beside her friend.

“No I can’t, I need to home in a half an hour,” she says.

“Well I’m up for it,” her friend says.

Ashton easily settles for her leaving [Y/N/2] stood with no way to get home that’s when she spots Calum.

“C-calum?” she approaches him.

“Oh, it’s you,” he sighs. “What do you want?”

“Uh, I was wondering, could you maybe give me a ride home?" 

Calum rolls his eyes and reluctantly nods.

They have a silent ride back to the Stratford house but when they pull up [Y/N/2] speaks up, "Thanks for the ride”

Calum doesn’t say a thing.

“Calum, I know that you’re mad but there’s no need to be…”

“To be what? Perfectly rational, you made me think you actually liked me and then went of with Ashton-”

Calum is cut off when she presses her lips to his and immediately leaves.

Calum can’t help but smile as he drums his fingers against the steering wheel and says, “I’m back in the game”

[Y/N/1] however finds herself in need of a ride home too, instead she hitches a ride with Michael..

“Why do you waste your time with me?” she says in a severely drunk manner.

“Who needs affection when I have blind hatred?” he chuckles.

There’s a moment of silence and tension between the two of them but suddenly [Y/N/1] begins to lean in for a kiss.

“Stop,” Michael says.

All of a sudden embarrassed [Y/N/1] gathers up her things and exits the car.

“No wait, I didn’t mean it like that-” but it’s too late.

That’s the last she talks to Michael for a little while but Calum on the other hand is happy as ever.

“Okay, Luke and I have got other ideas to help you get her back,” Calum says sitting down next to Michael on the bleachers.

“Why do you even care anymore, I thought you’d given up on trying to date her sister,” Michael continues.

“That was until she kissed me,” Calum smiles slightly.


"In the car,” he responds.

Michael gives him a confused look but then laughs it off, “Listen, just leave it, I don’t think I’m in this for any of the good reasons anymore”

That afternoon Ashton approaches Michael at his locker.

“Here’s $100 I want you to take [Y/N/1] to prom so that I can take [Y/N/2]”

“No chance man, the deal’s off,” Michael replies.

“Fine, $200,” Ashton sighs.

“You’ve got the wrong guy for it now I’m afraid,” Michael continues.


Michael accepts it.


“How do you suppose I ask her to prom then?” Michael turns to Calum for help a few days later.

“I’m not sure, I thought she’d have cooled off by now,” Calum says.

“What do you think then?” Michael sighs now looking at Luke.

“Not sure but I can’t help guys I have my own prom plans to be getting on with,” Luke wastes no time in skipping off.

“Listen, it has to be big, that’s all I know,” Calum says.

And Michael hatches an idea.

That afternoon, during the girls’ football practice, Michael taps into the sound system and pays the wind band to play for him. 

Situated at the top of the bleachers he begins to sing, “You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off of you”

He begins to wander down the bleachers, step by step just as the band begins playing, his eyes locked on [Y/N/1] at all times, but by the end of the song he’s being taken off to detention.

While in detention [Y/N/1] decides to pay them a visit.

“Uh, sir,” she says to the teacher in charge. “I have something to talk to you about, it’s about the girl’s football team”

“Great then it can wait,” he says.

“No it can’t”

He rolls his eyes and turns away from the class long enough for [Y/N/1] to signal to Michael to sneak out the window.

“Okay so here’s my idea”

 She begins to talk some complete rubbish about misdirection in order to give Michael enough time to sneak out but he begins to have trouble with opening the window. Just as the teacher is about to turn around catch Michael in the act [Y/N/1] lifts up her shirt and flashes him in order to save Michael.

“Okay so that’s my plan, and I’m uh, gonna go show someone else the plan,” she hesitates before running off.

The two bunk off school for the rest of the afternoon and decide to go paintballing, since that’s apparently the only option for them.

“You’re going down, Clifford,”  she says pulling on her mask.

“Bring it on, Stratford,” he grins.

They spend a good few hours attacking each other before falling down into a pile of hay stationed in the middle of the paintball arena. Without either party really comprehending what was happening the two of them ended up kissing.

Michael drives her home after that and sits with her on the front porch as she brushes her fingers through her hair, trying to get out some of the dried paint.

“So what did you actually do to get me out of detention,? I missed it,” Michae lquestions.

“Uh, you know I dazzled him with my wit,” she lies.

After a short conversation that dies Michael decides to come out straight with it, “Go to prom with me”

“Is that a request or a demand?” she proceeds.

“Why not?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t see you as a prom kind of guy, what’s in it for you?” she furrows her brow.

Suddenly very tense Michael has to refrain from yelling, “Do I need a motive to want to be with you?”

[Y/N/1] looks at her feet, “I guess not”

While all of the has been going on Luke has been hatching his own prom plans that involve breaking into the locker of a certain Shakespeare lover by the name of Mandella’s locker and leaving a note and a prom dress. Mandella is a Shakespeare fanatic, so much so that she has a crazy delusion that the man she will end up with will be the reincarnation of Shakespeare himself. So naturally she gets excited when she finds a Shakespearean dress and a note that reads;

I will meet you at the prom my love ~ William

Everything is going off without a hitch so on the night of the prom [Y/N/1] gets dressed up fancy and goes to leave.

“Bye, dad, I’m off to prom,” she calls as she heads out the front door.

“Nice one,” her father laughs before realizing that she actually is leaving for prom.

Not even 5 minutes later [Y/N/2] is jogging down stairs in her own prom dress.

“And where do you think you’re going?” her father springs up.

“To prom,” she says cautiously.

“Oh no you’re not,” he defends.

“Come on, daddy, it’s not like its dangerous”

“Yes it is, do you know what happens at proms?” he points a finger at her.

“Yes, we’ll dance, we’ll kiss, we’ll come home,” she sighs.

“Kissing? Kissing isn’t what keeps me up to my elbows in placenta,” he exclaims. “And I know exactly why you want to go, you want to get with that Ashton fellow,” just then there’s a knock on the door, “That’ll be him now, right?”

“Actually no,” [Y/N/2] says.

And when Dr. Stratford opens the door there is Calum stood on the other side.

Both sisters are allowed to go to prom as does Luke who dresses in his most Shakespearean attire and finds Mandella easily. 

“I have a surprise for you,” Michael says to [Y/N/1].

“What?” she gives him a confused look.

He nods towards the stage jut as the 1975’s Matt Healy walks out, “I called in a favour”

Needless to say this act earns him a kiss.

A problem none of the 3 matchmakers had thought of was, what would happen when Ashton shows up to take [Y/N/2] to prom and finds she’s gone with Calum? That question is answered when he shows up with her best friend and begins an immediate search for Michael.

“What the fuck, bro? I didn’t pay you to take out the sister so she could turn up with Calum,” Ashton gives Michael a sharp shove.

But currently the only thing that Michael is worried about is [Y/N/1].

“He payed you?” she yells.

She storms out only leaving Michael to chase after her.

“The shit hath hit-eth the fan…. eth,” Luke whispers to Calum as he dances past him.

At this point alum decides to stand up not just for himself but both the Stratford sisters and so he walks up to Ashton and says, “Hey I’ve got a bone to pick with you”

Without giving him a chance to say any more Ashton punches Calum square in the nose causing him to fall to the floor which is when [Y/N/2] steps up.

She slaps him in the face, “That’s for trying to ruin my night,” she punches him in the gut, “That’s for making my date bleed,” and she knees him in the crotch, “And that… was for me”

For everyone things go back to normal after that, well for everyone but Michael and [Y/N/1], they’re not talking but in English they’re assigned to write poetry.

“So who wants to read what they’ve come up with?” the teacher questions.

“I will,” [Y/N/1] says reluctantly.

“Oh god hear we go,” the teacher sighs, speaking the thoughts of most of the class.

She stands and reads;

I hate the way you talk to me,
and the way you cut your hair.
I hate the way you drive my car,
I hate it when you stare.
I hate your big dumb combat boots
and the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick,
it even makes me rhyme.
I hate the way you’re always right,
I hate it when you lie.
I hate it when you make me laugh,
even worse when you make me cry.
I hate it when you’re not around,
and the fact that you didn’t call.
But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you,
not even close…
not even a little bit…
not even at all.

[Y/N/1] has to leave the classroom as she breaks down into tears and Michael, feeling suddenly terrible has to chase after her.

He catches her at her car and watches as she opens the door to see a guitar, the best there is and is dumbfounded.

“How did you…?” she turns to Michael, wiping away tears.

“I had some spare cash lying around. This douche of a guy payed me to take out this really awesome girl but I screwed up, I fell for her,” he says.

She smiles and looks at her feet, bashful.

“Besides, it’s not every day you find a girl who’s willing to flash someone to get you out of detention,” he smirks.

She literally face palms and groans but is reassured when she feels Michael’s hand at her waist and pulls her in for a kiss.

“You know, you can’t keep buying me guitars whenever you mess up,” she pulls away from his kiss.

“Yeah I know, but you know there’s always drums and bass and maybe even one day a tambourine”


A/N: That was a little complicated to write so I’m sorry if it’s very shitty

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He makes you self conscious pt.2

Requested: Yes by so many of you!

Description: part two of he makes you fell self conscious.

Idk why, but most of these are gifs from The Vampire Diaries.

Part 1

Ash:  The last time you and your “best friend”, Ashton, had spoken was 3 days ago, when he basically called you fat. His words hurt, a lot. They were basically tearing you apart. You didn’t eat in front of any one anymore, or at all for that matter. You hadn’t left the house since, afraid of what people would think of you body. You hadn’t even talked to your own parents in what felt like forever. And Ashton, hadn’t even attempted to apologize, until today.
“(y/n)” he called your name from the other side of your locked bedroom door.You groaned, not feeling like dealing with him. “What do you want?” you rather harshly said. “I-I want to talk things out,” he said. “There’s nothing to talk about,” you spat. There was no doubt in your mind he was sorry, but you wouldn’t give in that easily. “(y/n), come on,” he whined impatiently, knocking on the door a few times. “No, go away,” you enforced. “(y/n), if you won’t let me in, I’m just going to apologize from the other side of the door,” he told you, in an attempt to get you to let him in. “Then, you’ll just have to apologize through the door,” you remarked. You heard him sigh, and then he started apologizing. “I’m really sorry for the shit that I said. None of it is true at all. You are literally perfection, and the other girls are probably jealous. I know it might be a little too late, but I’m really sorry and I hope you can forgive me. Please, can I come in?” he apologized, sincerity laced in his voice. “Why’d you say it?” you asked. “I didn’t want it to come out this way,” he mumbled, tracing a hand through his curls. “Didn’t want what to come out this way?” you questioned. “Fine, I’m just gonna say it. (y/n) I like you, a lot. I want to be more than friends so bad, it hurts. I just thought that if I was mean to you, maybe I’d stop feeling the way I do. It’s hard to comfort you and hug you all the time, and give you advice on Calum, with out being able to smash my lips to yours and tell you it’ll all be alright,” he explained himself. It was dead silence between the two of you. “You don’t have to feel the same,” he whispered. Just then, your bedroom door flung open in front of his face, and you smashed your lips to his. “But maybe, I do feel the same,”

Cal: It had been 4 Fridays without seeing each other, since Calum had told you how horrible you were at making out. It was kind of a stupid reason to be upset, but it made you insecure. Could you really have been that bad? Tonight was a Friday. The Friday before the Australian leg of the tour kicked off. Calum had explained to you months before, that tonight would’ve been the best “Going-away” hook up ever. But clearly, that was not happening.
You cell phone started to ring, from inside your pocket. You, being forgetful, answered the phone without checking who was calling. “Hello,” you answered cheerfully. “(y/n), hey,” he nervously answered. “Oh, hi Cal, Did you need something?” you asked. “Yeah, actually, I just wanted to know why you don’t come around anymore? I miss you, baby, so much,” he asked, adding a flirty comment at the end. “I’ve been busy,” you casually answered. “Come on, we both know that’s a lie,” he told you. “No, I have uni and work, so I just can’t fit in casual sex with you anymore. Sorry,” you sarcastically said. “Woah, what’s your problem?” he asked, sounding generally confused. “Nothing, Calum. Absolutely nothing,” you spat. “Stop being like this, and just tell me what I did wrong. Was it when I said you weren’t good at making out?” he asked. You were silent, not wanting to answer because it was such a stupid reason to be upset. “(y/n), I was only kidding! I’m sorry, I didn’t know you would take it this harshly,” he apologized to you. “It’s okay, I forgive you,” you answered. “Good, baby girl, I miss you,” he said seductively. “I told you I forgave you, but that doesn’t mean we can be a thing again,” you sternly said. “What do you mean? You said we were all good,” he questioned you. “Yeah, we’re fine. This isn’t what I want anymore. I’m done,” you replied. “What? We were having so much fun,” he raised his voice with you. “No, you were having fun, and I was trying not to fall in love with you. It didn’t work because I still have feelings for you. I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to be casual anymore. If you aren’t committed to me, than this is over,” you shouted. “(y/n), I told you I can’t do feelings,” he yelled. “Than I can’t do hook ups,” you spat and hung up the phone.

Luke: You woke for the fifth night in a row on Ashton’s uncomfortable pull out sofa. Your back was cramped and your neck hurt, but anything was better than sleeping in the same bed as Luke. The sun show brightly in your eyes as you stretched and let out a yawn. “Morning, (y/n),” Ashton’s groggy morning voice said. “Morning,” you replied, tiredly trudging into the kitchen. You expected breakfast to be set on the table like it usually was, but instead you saw a man with a blonde quiff sitting at the table. “Morning,” Luke smiled. You rolled your eyes and asked Ashton if you could talk in the other room. It became evident to Luke, that you were talking about him. “What the hell is he doing here?” you whisper shouted. “(y/n) I let him in. It’s time to make amends and stop this,” he answered. As much as you hated it, he was right. So, you walked back to Luke all by yourself and sat down across from him.
“I’m sorry,” his voice cracked. “yeah, me too. Sorry for not being as good as Selena or Kendall,” you spat at him. “(y/n), no, I feel awful. I was drunk and I didn’t even know what was going on. Ashton had to remind me of what even happened,” he explained, with some bull shit excuse. “Drunk words are sober thoughts, Luke,” you remarked. “I swear to you, I didn’t mean a word of what I said,” Luke pleaded. “Okay,” you simply said, standing up to walk back to Ashton. “Wait,” Luke called, grabbing your forearm as you were walking past him. “I really only said those things because Calum and Michael were teasing me about being whipped,” he admitted, looking into your cold eyes. “What? When did they say this?” you sternly asked. “When you went to the bathroom. They were teasing me, so I was just trying to prove them wrong. And I got super drunk and said so many things I didn’t mean. I’m sorry,” he told you. You sighed looking into his sad blue eyes. “It’s okay, Luke. I forgive you,” you smiled. “Really?” his face lit up, smiling wider than ever. “Really.”

Mikey: Everyday after Michael had criticized your acne, you’d made sure to wear a full face of make up. Whether you and him were just lounging around the house, going to the store, or picking your child up from school, you’d made sure to cover your skin. It was just to please Michael, so surely he didn’t mind.
Tonight, Michael came into the bathroom as you were getting ready for bed. You finished washing off all of your make up. You pulled the white towel off of your face, to see Michael observing you in the doorway. “Hey, princess,” he smiled, walking over towards you. Immediately, you turned around to avoid him seeing your face. He wouldn’t want to look at it anyway. He hugged you from behind, coming closer and closer to you. “Michael, get away, I don’t have any make up on,” you complained, grabbing your towel and placing it over your face. “Is that what this has been about?” he asked you in a concerned tone. “What do you mean?” you questioned. You thought Michael liked you with the make up on. “All you’ve been doing lately is wear make up. You can’t go a day with out it,” he elaborated. “Michael, you told me to put more effort into things and told me I didn’t have clear skin. What did you expect? Did you think I’d just laugh and forget it?” you shouted, tears brimming your eyes. His face dropped. “No, I mean it’s okay to wear make up out on our dates and occasions, but you don’t need to wear it when we have a lazy day,” he told you, kissing your cheek. “But still, you pointed out I don’t have flawless skin, and I just want to be beautiful,” you said with a tear coming down your cheek. “What did you just say?” he yelled. “I want to be beautiful,” you whispered. “You have to be fucking kidding me if you don’t think your drop dead gorgeous,” he raised his voice. “Look, I can’t be gorgeous with this on my forehead,” you pointed to the pimple. “I barely noticed it,” he shrugged. “Now I’m gonna show you how beautiful you really are. Go to our bed, princess,” he kissed your forehead.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story: Chapter Two (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

Chapter One 

“Jesus, you are a heavy sleeper,” Luke woke me up by repeatedly poking my cheek. I felt his stare burning my skin, and I opened one eye. Slapping his hand away I groaned, “You’re an early riser.” “It’s ten,” Luke checked his wrist for a watch that wasn’t there. “Did I fucking stutter?” I raised an eyebrow at him. “Get up,” he whined, poking me again. I kicked the blankets off my legs, tugging the t-shirt of his farther down my legs. I rifled through my suitcase that I had drug over the night before. Luke left the back of the van open to the rest of our camping area. The other two tents circled in a table that was covered by an awning, and the fourth “wall” of their set up was just a big drapery hanging off a clothes line. He was digging through one of the bins of food, finding some cereal, leaving me to change. I wiggled into some distressed, light wash denim shorts before turning my back and tugging Luke’s t-shirt over my head. “Stop staring, perv,” I teased, feeling his gaze as I pulled a black lace, halter bralette over my boobs. “Sorry, you’re just really pretty,” he smiled at me shyly. I smiled at the ground, brushing out my hair. Standing in front of one of the windows, I used the reflection to braid the front section of my hair. I braided some small braids throughout my hair, tying the ends with clear elastics. Calum stumbled out of the tent, tripping on the edge and collapsing on the ground. “Shiiiiit,” he groaned, clutching his knee. “Hangover that bad?” Luke mused from where he stood, watching his friend rolling on the grass. “Fuck off,” Calum whined. I pulled a sheer, white kimono over my shoulders before joining Luke by the food. “Lucky Charms? How nutritious,” I laughed, pouring myself a bowl. Luke shrugged, sticking a hand out to help Calum up, “Do I look like I care?” I glanced over his lanky body, “Fair enough.” 


 Luke stumbled into me, causing me to trip over my own feet. “Shit, I’m so sorry love,” he slurred, clutching my arm. “You’re so cute,” I tapped his nose, gripping his arm for balance. “God, you’re pretty,” Luke mumbled, pressing a sloppy kiss on my lips. “You’re prettier,” I smiled at him, touching the flower crown he was wearing. “How much did you let them drink?” Ashton mumbled to Michael as they watched us wander around the festival grounds as the lights went down. “I didn’t even notice them drink that much,” Michael said, trying not to laugh. “They’re gonna get lost and wake up hung over in someone else’s tent,” Ashton worried. “They just can’t lose each other, I’m sure they’ll be fine,” Michael brushed it off, enjoying how ridiculous we must’ve looked. “Luke!” Ashton called out to him. “Come on Y/N,” Luke tugged my arm and we stumbled towards Ashton. He was leaning into the passenger seat of their van, digging through the glove compartment. Holding up a pair of silver handcuffs, Ashton gestured for us to come closer. He took Luke’s right hand and my left hand, clipping us each into the handcuffs. We both just stared at him, confused as to what was even happening. “Go have fun kids,” Ashton laughed, dropping the key into his pocket. “I’m thirsty, come with me,” Luke whined, tugging me towards the vendors. “Wait, I have shorter legs than you,” I called after him, racing to keep up. “Why do you even have those in the van?” Michael chuckled, as Ashton closed the door. “That,” Ashton paused, “Is not important.”


I woke up with Luke’s arm across my face, his wrist tightly linked to mine. I lifted his dead arm, trying to move it off of myself so I could breathe. Luke’s free arm, slipped under my waist and pulled me on top of him. Letting our arms lay flat, he played with my fingers. “Morning,” I mumbled against his skin. “Mmm,” he hummed in response. “Why are you wearing a bracelet?” I asked sleepily, fiddling with the cold metal. “I’m not,” Luke’s eyes fluttered open. He held up his wrist, pulling mine with it, “What the hell?” I sat up, one leg on either side of his waist. “How the hell?” I asked, running my fingers through my hair. “Morning guys, rise and shi-oh, you’re up,” Ashton opened the van doors, letting light poor in. “Do you know where the key is to this?” Luke asked, sitting up next to me. “Shit, uh, I think so,” Ashton patted his pockets before dashing back to his tent. Luke groaned, flopping back onto the pillow, pulling me with him. His chest was bare (no idea how we managed to get his shirt off in the drunken state we had been in) with just a bandana around his neck and his black jeans on. Of course those were still on, he could barely take them off sober, much less drunk while handcuffed to another person. I was wearing his shirt and my bralette and underwear, but nothing else. I self consciously pulled the t-shirt down a bit further to cover my butt. “I’m never getting drunk again,” I groaned, leaning back. “I’m offended. It would be an honor to be handcuffed to me,” Luke teased, running his free hand through my hair. “You’re a very funny guy Luke,” I replied sarcastically. “So, we have a slight problem,” Ashton appeared at the back of the van. “If you fucking lost the key,” Luke growled from where he was laying. “It was in my pocket, it must’ve fallen out. It has to be around here somewhere, we’ll find it I’m sure,” Ashton promised, backing away. “You better hope so,” Luke called after him. “Hey,” I spoke up, “at least now you get to spend more time with me.” Luke let out a loud laugh, intertwining our fingers, “Oh boy, the shit we’re going to get ourselves into.”

A/N Chapter three?

college!luke (pt.1)

Luke watched her, he felt like one of those movies where you’d turn and see someone standing there and then when you did a double take they’d be gone. He was that creep. But he couldn’t help himself, he stared overtop of his book, watching every little move she made, flicking her tongue to the corner of her mouth while taking an order. Leaning over the counter to squeeze the brittle hand of a sweet old lady who was apologizing for taking so long to order. This was the 54th day that he had sat in the exact same spot, some days she wouldn’t be there and he would worry that she may never come back. The thing was about him was that he was too scared to speak to her. After college, every day he would come and sit and read his textbooks and write his essays and stare at the beauty that was her. Y/N her nametag read, he felt like a 13 year old girl, constantly thinking of how his last name would sound attached to hers. Luke didn’t have many friends, if he was being honest, he liked it that way. People weren’t exactly always nice to him, so he preferred to keep quiet. He’d seen her around campus, with her headphones plunged into her ears, humming and smiling at her phone, a black backpack with different patches sown onto it thrown across her shoulder. He knew it would be a long night at the lonely cafe outside of campus, because he had a 3000 word essay due the next day which he had barely even started. He tapped furiously and chewed on his bottom lip trying to concentrate. Hours must have flew by without him even noticing, the cafe was empty, just the sound of a running sink and clinking dishes. Luke’s head turned towards the door, the open sign was shut off and it was pitch black outside. He immediately shoved all of this things into his bag and made his way to the door.

“You didn’t have to rush out of here you know! I’m here for another hour, you looked so focused..I um..didn’t want to interrupt you.” Her silky sweet voice echoed in the empty room.

“O-oh um, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-I-” Luke stuttered and she smiled, drying off a mug in her hands. 

“It’s okay. I like the company, it gets lonely when it’s just me in here.” She admitted and brushed a lock of hair out of her rosy cheeks. “You’re in here everyday.” She stated and Luke looked down at his feet in embarrassment. 

“I like it in here, it’s warm, the people are friendly, it’s quiet. Home isn’t very quiet. I live with 3 dumb ass frat boys.” He chuckled and scratched the back of his neck. 

“Understandable. So,” She walked over to him and sat at the chair across from where he normally sat. “What’s your name?” She gestured towards the chair and he stumbled over his own legs and collapsed in the seat, making her giggle. 


“Luke..wait..are you in my art history class?” She perked up and Luke’s heart raced because he figured that he was invisible to a beautiful girl like her. 

“Y-yeah, I sit a couple rows in front of you.”

“You’re friends with Mikey right? We grew up together.” 

“I wouldn’t say friends, he’s one of my roommates.” He laughed awkwardly. 

“If he’s giving you a hard time I won’t hold back punching him, I’ve done it before.” She grinned and he watched as the excitement in her face turned into concern. “Seriously…he can be an asshole if you need-”

“It’s fine, he’s actually pretty nice to me. He makes me breakfast sometimes.” Luke said and she started laughing. 

“It’s weird, I’ve been to Michael’s house a million times, but I’ve never seen you.”

“I’m usually here. Or in my room I guess..that’s probably why.”

“Well, I’ll let you um, get back to it then.” She stood up and grabbed the mug off of the table and walked back into the kitchen. Luke sat there a bit stunned, because this was the first conversation he’d ever had with her, and it just made him even more infatuated.  

“I’m actually gonna head out!” He shouted and she poked her head out of the door.

“Oh, okay! Well, see you tomorrow?”

“Of course.” He blushed and she nodded. He pulled his coat tight to his body as he stepped out into the cool October air. He clutched his bag and walked quickly down the dark streets. 

“Oi!” A loud shout from behind him made him automatically freeze in place at first, but then he picked up his pace. “I’m talking to you Hemmings!” 

“Shit shit shit shit” He muttered to himself and before he could start running he was shoved hard from behind, making him almost fall on his face. 

“The fuck do you think you’re doing talking to my girl! I see the way you look at her you sick fuck!” Greg was the known head jock at college, football quarterback and complete fucking asshole. Luke could not and would not believe that Y/N would be seen anywhere near that shithead. 

“I didn’t know you were with her man, I swear.” Luke put his hands up in surrender, the guy behind Greg, another member of the football team grabbed Luke’s arm and another grabbed the other one, tossing his bag into the gutter, splashing into a puddle. This is when Luke was really happy that he already emailed his 3000 word essay to himself. Well, he was happy until Greg full on punched him square in the stomach, making him choke on the saliva in his throat and tears well in his eyes. Greg punched him in the gut again, but harder this time. Luke thought he would die. 

“Aw, is baby gonna cry? Can’t take a few hits like a man?” Luke prepared for another hit but before he could, blood from Greg’s mouth flew at him and landed on shirt. He saw her, standing there with an accomplished look on her face and blood on her knuckles. Greg tumbled to the ground and the other guys immediately let go of Luke to go help him. Luke hunched over to catch his breath. 

“What the FUCK!” Greg shouted at her and she shrugged. 

“What? Can’t take a few hits..like a man?” She winked at Luke and kicked Greg in the balls hard with the toe of her boot. “Last time I checked, I wasn’t your girl, and I’ll never be. So leave Luke the fuck alone, he hasn’t done anything wrong. If i see you or any of your minions lay a hand on him again, I’ll tell Mikey and Cal.” Luke’s lips turned up into a smile as he remembered that Michael and Calum were bad boys first and frat boys second, he remembered seeing Calum pull a knife on a kid who he saw hit a girl at a party. 

“Fine, have fun with the fuckin nerd. Call me when you want to fuck a real man.” Greg squeaked out, causing her to roll her eyes. She marched straight over to Luke and put her arm him to help him stand properly. 

“C’mon.” She whispered and picked up his bag from the street, slinging it over her shoulder. 

“Thank you.” Luke said quietly. “That was..embarrassing..”

“3 guys jumped you. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I’ll bring you home.” She walked him over to a car that was parked on the side of the road and helped him in the passengers seat. They drove in silence, just the sound of the radio playing softly and the sound of Luke’s ragged breathing. “We’ll get Ash to look at you when we get there. Did you know he was in pre-med?” 

“N-no actually, he never mentioned it.” 

“Well he is. He thinks that telling people will ruin his reputation.” She chuckled. “Those guys are like my brothers, and if I tell them to look after you, they will, okay?” Luke nodded. She turned into the driveway and shut off the car. Getting out and helping him to the door. “Mike! Cal? Ash! Anyone here?” Suddenly loud thumping from upstairs turned into loud thumping right in front of them on the stairs, the 3 boys all running down with huge smiles on their faces. 

“Y/N!! What are you-” Michael started saying.

“Holy shit Luke man! What happened?” Calum furrowed his eyebrows.

“Greg and his fucking idiot minions jumped him. Ash please take a look at him, make sure he has no broken ribs.” The anxiety in her voice made Luke feel a bit queasy. 

“Of course, Mike help me.” Ashton and Michael helped Luke over to the couch and layed him down. “Mate take your shirt off for me.” Luke’s cheeks burned red as he looked over at her. “It’s not like she hasn’t seen a guy shirtless before, come on, let’s go.” Ashton urged and Luke pulled his shirt off, he peered over at her and Michael was leaning into her whispering something, he could see an evident blush on her cheeks and Michael started giggling. “Shit,” Ashton cursed and ran his fingers over the sore spot on Luke’s abdomen, making him groan in pain.

“Ash!” She panicked and he chuckled. 

“I’m not hurting dreamboat here, relax. He’ll be fine, no broken bones as far as I can tell. Just going to be hella sore.” 

“Better play nurse then, mm maybe you should by a sexy nurse costume-” Calum teased and she punched him on the shoulder. 

“I’m sure Lukey here would love that.” Michael raised his eyebrows and Luke cleared his throat, glaring at him. 

“Would you leave him alone? He just got beat up.” 

“Whatever, glad you’re fine dreamboat. Now go kiss it better Y/N.” 

“Michael!” She whimpered and nudged him. “Be useful and go get him some ice, and a cup of tea.” Michael gestured for the other guys to follow him and Luke started to get nervous of being alone with her, so exposed. She kneeled down beside the couch and ran her fingers lightly over the bruises forming. “I’m so sorry that this happened because of me..I should have been there earlier I-”

“It’s okay..really..I shouldn’t have been..it’s fine..” 

“I heard what he said to you..about the way that you look at me. I see it. I don’t think you’re sick. I think you’re beautiful.” She breathed out, inches away from his lips. Her eyes flickering from his lips, to his chest. 

“Are we..interrupting something?” Calum laughed and leaned again the doorway. It was like she snapped out of a daze because Calum’s voice made her lose her balance and fall over on the ground. She started hysterically laughing and Luke felt like throwing up from the pure beauty that radiated off of her. He had never met someone that made him feel this way, and he hoped that maybe, she feel the same way. Even if that was a long shot.

OKAY this was kind of random but I needed to write, also let me know if you guys want a part 2???


I texted Luke,

Video chat in 30. 

His immediate response made me shake my head and blush.

Clothing optional?

 It was nice to know that he still kept his sense of humor whilst being 4,0000 miles away from me. Or maybe he wasn’t joking… . 

I leaned against my pillows, pulling the laptop closer on my lap. I logged on to the video chat server. Butterflies danced inside me as I dialed Luke. His image popped up, and I sucked in a breath.

“Ah, there’s my princess.”

He sat at the desk in his bedroom with no shirt on, wavy wet strands of blonde hair around his angled face, five o’clock shadow lining his jaw, blue eyes heating me through the screen. Wow. Just … wow. I kind of wished I’d taken time to reapply my lip gloss or something.

“Hey,”I said in a small a small voice, because even through the screen he reduced me to gooey girliness. I eyed his chest and the top of his firm stomach.

“You’re not really naked, are you?”

He waggled his eyebrows.

“Shall I stand?”

My eyes widened.

“Seriously? You’re not naked.”

“I just got out of the shower, luv.”

He wore an unapologetic grin. No way. He was just messing with me.

“You should try it,” he said. “It’s safe fun.”

When he winked, my chest, neck, and face heated. I glanced toward my closed door, and Luke laughed.

“You’re considering it, aren’t you?”

“No,” I said, trying not to smile.

“I just don’t want My mom to overhear your naughty mouth.”

We caught up with each other, he told me about the new song he wrote, running a hand through his damp hair to move it back from his face. We stared at each other.

“You’re so bloody cute,”

he whispered, his voice all low and yummy. Blood whooshed through my body. A Luke buzz. Oh, he was totally using the bedroom eyes … all heavy lidded and seductive.  He bit his lip piercing and I was ready to be taken right then and there. I don’t even think he was trying. I suddenly felt shy. Even from the other side of the world, this boy was dangerous.

“Behave, Luke.”

My voice sounded more sultry than I intended.

“I didn’t say a word.”

He wet his lips, and I thought of that mouth on my body several days ago. We’d only been apart a week and already it felt way longer.

“Okay, stop,” I said.

He grinned. “Stop what?”

As if he didn’t know. Luke Hemmings was anything but innocent, and well aware of his allure. His phone rang from the nightstand behind him

“Just a sec, baby.”

He spun in his chair, and when he stood I got a flash of toned, bare butted hotness. I let out a yelp before dissolving into a fit of giggles, and covering my eyes. “It’s Ash,” he said. I whisper-yelled,

“You’re really naked!”

“I told you I was… . Hey, what’s up, mate? … Talking with (y/n)… . No news. Maybe tonight… . Yep. Later.”

I heard movement, and Luke said,

“You can look now.”

I peeked through my fingers and saw only his handsome face. Dropping my hands, I tried to look serious.

“You are so bad.”

“You like it.”

He leaned back and kicked up his big feet on the desk.

“You should try it sometime, little y/n. Just with me, of course.”

Without taking his eyes of me, he picked up a pen and began weaving it through his fingers. Only Luke Hemmings would sit naked on the other side of the camera, completely nonchalant. It was rather … distracting. I watched his chest slowly rise and fall in a sigh. He set the pen down.

“I dreamt of you last night. That you were still here with me.”

I rested my cheek on my hand, letting his words settle over me like warm sunlight. I still couldn’t believe he was letting this happen—letting us be together—letting me love him.

“Thank you,”

I said.

“For dreaming of you?”

He chuckled. Talking via camera was weird. Ironically, I felt exposed. Every word and expression seemed magnified.

“Just … for everything.”

“No, gorgeous. Thank you.”

Again we stared in silence. For a millisecond I even forgot he was nude. And then I remembered.

“What?” he asked. “What’s that look for?”

I wished I didn’t embarrass so easily. He rolled his chair to the side and I heard him get up.

“Okay, luv. All better.”

He’d put on some running pants, slung low so I could see the V at his hips. Drool.

“It’s not fair, you know,”

he said, sitting again and leaning in.

“What’s not fair?”

“That’s twice you’ve seen my ass. And zero times I’ve seen yours.”

I shook my head. My face was permanently on fire now.

“Come on,”

he urged.

“Just a quick peek.”

I laughed.


Now he laughed, too. “You know I’m joking, baby.” I shot him a fake glare and he kept chuckling, with those sexy, crinkly eyes. He hadn’t teased me this much in person, but I guess technology provided a safety net that made him more brazen. I could maybe get used to it. I needed to get used to it so I’d stop freaking blushing and wanting to hide. 

"Enough of the small talk. I want you now, princess” He says, voice sounding restrained, or like he’s been running. 

Realization hits you and your cheeks immediately heat up, feelin butterflies erupt in your stomach. 

“I wish you were here with me princess, my right hand isn’t doing any justice, not at all.” Luke pants. “God, you look so good touching yourself”

You pull your pants down before you spread your legs, pulling your panties aside which already has a small wet patch on them. You grab the hems of your shirt and pull it over your head, leaving you in just a bra.

“Imagine that it is my fingers instead, touching you.” He moans. The sounds of Luke pumping himself is clear through the screen, along with his groans that escape his mouth every few seconds. 

You place you fingers onto yourself, feeling a bit weird since it is usually Luke who does this. You take a deep breath and close your eyes, trying to imagine that Luke is there with you and not on the other side of the world sitting alone in a hotel room wanking off to skype sex. 

“You look so pretty, all wet and ready for me, aren’t you?”

You moan in respons as you rub yourself to the image of your boyfriend. 

Fuck.” Luke groans loudly through the phone, after receiving the picture you assume. “Shit, imagine my cock inside of you, pumping in and out instead of your fingers. I miss having you around me like that, I can’t wait until I get home from tour.” Luke says and you can hear how he increases the spead of his thrusts. 

You have two fingers inside of you, while you are rubbing yourself with one. The pleasure that gives you, along with hearing Luke moaning your name is almost already enough to bring you over the edge. “Fuck, Luke..”

“Are you close, baby? I am so fucking close, I’m going to come." 

You have unconciously matched your own thrusts with the sound of Luke pumping himself, and it almost feels like he’s there with you, filling you up.

“‘m so close. Shit Luke, you feel so good.” You moan. 

"Fuck, I’m coming!” He lets out a loud moan followed by your name and a line of profanities as you can hear him jerk himself off even faster. 

You arch your back and can’t help but let out an almost scream of pleasure as you come, feeling your body writhe. 

“Holy shit…” He pants after coming down from his high, hand almost completely still. “What a fucking mess.” He groans before letting out a laugh. “But it was totally worth it.”

“Yeah.” You agree, still a bit dizzy from your orgasm. “Definitely.”

“I wasn’t kidding though, when I said that I miss you. I really do. Not only because of the sexual frustration, but because I miss the feeling of falling asleep with you and waking up with you, and talking with you and being with you." 

"I love you Luke, so much. It’s not long until we can see each other again, until then I guess we’ll just have to settle with random skype sex and late night talks.” You say, laughing at the end.

“Yeah, sounds good.” He laughs. “Can’t wait to feel those pretty lips of yours on me again.”

Pretty Lights

Summary: You and Ashton were childhood friends, and grew up together. Based on Mary’s Song by Taylor Swift.

Notes: fluff, basically. For @thehalcyonclub‘s Taylor Swift-inspired writing night.

Words: 1.3k

She said, “I was seven and you were nine”

I looked at you like the stars that shine

Ever since you and Ashton were children, you’d been inseparable. Your parents always used to say that one day, you’d grow up and fall in love with each other. You and Ashton would either laugh it off, or stick out your tongues in disgust. After all, you were just kids.  

“Look at our little ones,” your dad would joke to your mom, who only smiled. “They’ll grow up to be more than best friends.” It was at this point that you would give Ashton a disgusted look, and he returned it.

Take me back to the house in the backyard trees

Ashton was only nine when his dad left. You found him curled into a tiny ball in the tree house your parents had built for you when he suddenly blurted it out to you. He turned away, but you could tell his composure was crumbling. He’d always been a tough kid.

“Speak of this to anyone else, and I’ll beat you up.” Ashton warned you. You reached out to take his hand, but he flinched and moved away. He was only two years your senior, but he still towered over you, even at age nine. You were a little frightened, but as a little kid, you had a big mouth. You’d told your friend accidentally only a few days later. Somehow Ashton had found out, but he never did execute his threat.

When you’d confronted him about it nervously, Ashton just gave you a coy smile, and said that he would never hit a girl because of your ‘girl cooties’. You frowned at him and told him that he wasn’t brave enough. Ashton scoffed. And that was when you dared him to kiss you. Ashton lunged for your face, laughing when you ran away squealing.

I was sixteen when suddenly I wasn’t that little girl you used to see

It was your seventeenth year when Ashton came over. You had grown too big to fit in the small tree house, but he’d insisted to meet you in there. As you crawled into the tight space, he’d looked at you with those big hazel eyes, and you remembered when you were younger and looked up to him. You’d thought his eyes were the best things in the whole world. Ash’s eyes are like pretty lights. Like stars, you’d told your mom, who hugged you and gave your dad a knowing look.

“You’re so beautiful,” Ashton breathed, and you shivered lightly. Had you always had feelings for him in this way? You reached out to touch his face, which had matured with newfound wisdom and responsibility of taking care of his younger siblings.

“You’re amazing, Ash, like an angel fallen from heaven. Your eyes belong with the stars.” A warm and overjoyed smile spread across your face, and soon Ashton had enveloped you in a hug. You’d never realized how safe you felt in his arms.

Your two families were ecstatic, but you thought you heard your dad mumble to your mom, “I never thought they’d really fall in love.” And your mother had just rolled her eyes and slapped him lightly on the shoulder. And then he’d taken up his fatherly duties by threatening Ashton with death if he’d ever hurt you. Ashton looked over at you, his beautiful eyes crinkling at the corners, and mock-saluted your father. “I would never hurt her, sir.”

Your father had then wrapped Ashton into a huge embrace, as if he was his own son. “I know.”

Take me back to the creek beds we turned up

Your favorite thing in the whole world was having Ashton lay next to you, in the bed of his truck, stargazing. Are any of those stars brighter than my eyes? He teased you, never letting you forget what you had once told your mother as a little girl. You flushed, and told him yes, but in your mind, your heart was overflowing with the love you had for him.

Take me back to the time we had our very first fight

“This is your third all-nighter in a row.” You bent over Ashton, who was studiously reading the course material. He didn’t respond.

“You should come to bed, Ash. Your entrance exam isn’t for another two days.” You wrapped your arms around Ashton’s warm neck, trying to persuade him to rest.

“You don’t understand, I need to get into this school! Maybe if you actually had some plans for your future, you’d understand that I’m not adequately prepared yet!”

You glowered at him, crossing your arms. “Don’t give me that ‘you don’t understand what I’m going through’ shit, Ash! Maybe you’re still trying to figure out how to get into that stupid school, but you should’ve actually studied throughout the course of the year. Maybe I don’t know what I’m going to be in the future, but at least I’ve got my priorities straightened out.” And that was when you went home, leaving the door slammed and causing the small dorm room to quake slightly.

Ashton sighed, rubbing his tired eyes, before placing down his tortoiseshell glasses. He grabbed his keys and drove to your small apartment outside the campus. Ashton knocked at your door, but you had gone to bed angry, and refused to answer. He slept outside resting his head in his arms, until the sun rose, at the dawn of a new day. You’d ultimately forgiven him, your heart softening at the pitiful sight of an Ashton who’d spent the night camped outside your door.

A few years have gone and come around

We were sitting at our favorite spot in town

After you and Ashton had returned to your hometown after college, the first thing you did was eat a hearty meal with your families at the café located in the library, a popular, but quiet, local hotspot. You noticed Ashton was more jittery than usual, barely finishing half of his meal.

“Are you feeling okay, Ashton?” You asked, and Ashton flashed you a small smile. He walked over to your side of the booth, and dropped down to one knee. He gazed deep into your eyes, both of your hearts beating erratically, yet in sync.

“Y/N, you’re the most important person in my life, ever since we were little kids. You’ve been my best friend since forever, and you’ve been there for me through everything.” And he’d popped the question right then and there, amongst the growing crowd of onlookers. And when you’d tearfully said yes, the whole place burst into applause. Your dad wiped a few large tears on the edge of his sweater, and Ashton’s mom exploded with the congratulations.

Take me back to the time when we walked down the aisle

It was the happiest day of your life. You’d chosen a simple, yet elegant dress, and you had your loving father guided you down the aisle. When you reached the end, Ashton whispered in your ear that your eyes were sparkling more than his ever did.

Take me home where we met so many years before

We’ll rock our babies on the very front porch

“Daddy!” An adorable little boy, with Ashton’s beautiful curls, stumbled across the yard, reaching for Ashton. You grinned widely. Tommy was a daddy’s boy through and through. Ashton scooped your child up, tossing him in the air and then catching him again.  Tommy squealed before throwing his chubby arms around his father’s neck. Ashton pressed a light kiss on top of his head before glancing at you on the front porch.

“Why don’t you go play with your grandpa, alright buddy?” Tommy nodded eagerly and ran off.

Ashton smirked as he made his way back to you. “Jealous, mommy?” He laughed as he peppered your face with kisses. You pulled away, giggling.

“I’m so happy, Ash.” You ran your fingers through his soft hair. Ashton softly smiled at you. “Hey, me too.” He sat down next to you, pulling you close to his side. You reveled in the familiar warmth of Ashton’s body. “I’ll love you ‘til the end of time.”

I’ll be eighty-seven, you’ll be eighty nine

I’ll still look at you like the stars that shine


“you should have kids” pt.2: m.c

A/N: read the first part here

It was around 10pm when you saw Jack’s eyes getting droopy, weighted by fatigue. Usually he was in bed by 8, but when bedtime rolled around you just winked and said I won’t tell your dad if you won’t. Jack had exhausted his LEGO time and 3/4′s into the movie he ditched them on the floor and climbed into your lap, his back leaning against your chest as you wrapped your arms around him. He had the popcorn in his lap munching away, and only when you gasped Hey leave some for me! did he turn around and put a popcorn in your mouth. This soon turned into quite the task, with Jack trying to reach his arm back to feed you popcorn from time to time and you trying to actually reach and get it. But sure enough the popcorn ran out, the movie finished, and Jack was now resting quietly in your lap. You glanced at the boy; he was so much like Ashton but he looked like his mother. He had Ashton’s sandy mop of curls on top of his head as well as his smile, but he had his mother’s eyes and nose, and when he would get frustrated his nose would scrunch up just like Y/F/N’s used to. His personality was a good mix of his parents’: Y/F/N’s lightheartedness, Ashton’s determination, Y/F/N’s understanding, and Ashton’s empathy. His thoughtfulness for others was a quality that both his parents had, and they raised him with so much love and care that he was growing to be a wonderful person. Sighing and being careful to not wake Jack up, you held him firmly and got off the ground, carrying him into his room and laying him gently on the bed. You pulled a blanket over him and kissed him on the forehead before leaving his room, keeping the door slightly ajar. You went downstairs to clean up the mess and after that it was just waiting until the boys got home. 

Michael’s P.O.V. 

“You’re not drinking tonight?” Calum asked me, an over-exaggerated shocked expression coming onto his face. 

“Fuck off mate,” I laughed shoving him, “I’m taking it easy tonight, I want to show Y/N that I can be responsible. Besides I have a beer, it’s all good” I said, gesturing to the bottle in my hand. Calum rolled his eyes. “You? Responsible? Yeah sure..” All that got him was a swift punch in the arm, and after pouting and sticking out his tongue he walked away, probably to find Luke, I thought. I felt a presence behind me and I turned around, a sigh of relief when I saw it was just Ashton. “Oh hey man, what’s up?” I asked. “So I hear you want to be responsible?” I groaned and threw my head back, “God, Calum can’t keep his mouth shut!” I looked at Ash and rubbed the back of my neck, “Well yeah, I do….It’s just that I really love her, and I want to ask her to move in with me, and I want to show her I can be a good person to live with. I want to show her she has nothing to worry about.” I blushed at my confession but Ashton just laughed good-naturedly. 

He clasped a hand on my shoulder, “Mate you’re already responsible! More than you give yourself credit for. I mean think about Jack. Think about all the times you offered to take care of him when I wasn’t able to, when you and Y/N took him to the zoo, when you picked him up from school, when you give him guitar lessons. Think about all the things you do for Y/N; pick her up from work, call her every day, get her flowers just because you saw them and thought they were pretty and it reminded you of her, when you leave sticky notes around the house sometimes. You’re already a great guy Michael, you don’t have to doubt yourself so much.” I stood there with my mouth open, a little taken aback by my best friend’s rant. Maybe he was right though? I did try to be the best I could be since I met Y/N, and I did care for her a lot. As I was thinking to myself I took a swig of my beer, when Ashton said “You know what, I think you should have kids.” I choked on my beer and coughed as I tried to speak. “I-I’m sorry, what?” 

“You know what I said, I mean it. You and Y/N are so good with Jack, it’s like parenting comes naturally to the both of you. She’d obviously be a great mum and you’d be a really good dad.” 

“Yeah but that’s because he’s not actually our kid! If we fuck up we can just give him back to you and you can fix it! It’s totally different.” Ashton gave me a look and just raised his hands in defence, “Just think about it” and before you could respond he walked back into the crowd, leaving you at the bar to think about his suggestion. 


“Auntie Y/N?” A soft voice caught your attention, making you turn around from lying on the couch. Jack was standing in his pyjama’s, his small stuffed monkey in his hands, and his face was red and puffy with tears. “Oh honey, come here” you opened your arms where Jack ran into them, more tears falling as you wrapped your arms around him, pulling him into your lap and rubbing his back as he cried on your shoulder. You just rocked him back and forth gently, keeping the circular motions going on his back, waiting for him to settle down enough to talk. Snot and salty tears made your shoulder wet, but you didn’t mind. Soon, Jack tears had been reduced to sniffles and hiccups. “I-I miss, I m-miss my m-my mommy” he hiccupped, his voice muffled by your shirt. It was as if those simple words broke a dam in your heart, and you felt tears pricking in your eyes. It had been about a year since Y/F/N had passed away, and you had always remained positive when you were around Jack, but seeing him this upset reminded you that your best friend really was gone, and you missed her so much. 

“I know baby,” you said softly, your voice thick with emotion, “I miss her too.” A few tears rolled silently down your cheeks. Jack turned to look at you and when he saw you were crying as well, he brought his small hand and tried to wipe away your tears. You chuckled at the sweet gesture and took his hand in yours and kissed it. “You know your mum was my best friend, I loved her very much, just like you loved her. But she’s never really gone Jack, she’ll always be with you, right here” you poked his chest right where his heart was. “I know you miss her, I do too, but she’s watching over us, all of us: you, me, your dad, and all of your crazy uncles. She would want us to be happy and remember all the good things about her.” 

“Like how she smelled like flowers from the garden?” 

“Exactly,” you smiled. “Your dad loves you so much. We all love you. You’re never alone monkey, you always have us.” You smiled and wiped away the stray tears on his cheeks, before peppering kisses all over his face until you could hear his giggles. The room fell quiet for a moment. “Can I stay here with you for a bit?” Jack’s voice wavered, fearing you’d send him back to bed. “Sure monkey, we can hang out here for a bit.” With that he nestled into you, resting his head on your chest and wrapping his small arms around you. You held him close, and let your eyes slowly fall shut. 

You didn’t know how long you’d been asleep for, but you woke up to voices. “He’s not in his room, and Y/N’s not upstairs…do you think something happened to them?” That was Ashton’s voice, worrying as usual. “Relax mate they’re right here on the couch.” Michael. You smiled as you opened your eyes and saw your boyfriend kneeling by the couch, where he placed a soft kiss on your forehead. “Sleeping on the job, that’s not professional” he joked lightly. You chuckled, “Ha ha, very funny. Did you guys have a good night?” you asked softly, as to not wake up Jack. “Yeah we did, it was a good time” he smiled. “Where’s tweedle dee and tweedle dum?” you asked, referring to Calum and Luke. Michael grinned before answering “They took a cab home, those idiots were in pretty bad shape. Hopefully they sleep it off and get their shit together, we have some recording to do tomorrow.” 

Ashton turned the corner into the living room and saw Jack wrapped tightly around you, fast asleep. You smiled meekly, “He was missing his mum so we hung out here for a bit” you explained. Ashton nodded with a weary smile; you saw in his eyes that he missed her too, every day. Carefully swinging your legs off the couch, you stood up and passed Jack back to Ashton. The little boy squirmed in confusion, before Ashton whispered softly. “Hey buddy, why don’t we go to bed huh?” Jack nodded sleepily before turning to you. “Bye Aunt Y/N,” he mumbled, “I love you.” “I love you too kiddo, I’ll see you tomorrow,” you said, kissing him on the cheek. Thank you, Ashton mouthed the words to you and you nodded with a smile before he took his son back to bed, not before shooting Michael a pointed look. You couldn’t see but Michael was right behind you, staring at you in adoration at your tenderness towards Jack. Seeing you so happy and comfortable with his friend’s kid made him really consider what Ashton had said at the bar….I think you should have kids. 

“What?” you asked, clearly confused. Michael didn’t realize he’d said that out loud. His face turned crimson as he tried to explain. “Did I say that out loud? I um, I don’t know maybe we could sometime, like in the future….I would like to have kids one day…and you’d be a really great mum, I was just considering it because–” You cut him off by grabbing his face and pulling him towards you, placing a passionate kiss on his lips. His arms instinctively wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer towards him, sighing as you tugged gently on his bottom lip. You pressed one more soft kiss to his lips before pulling away, still holding him. “Honestly I’ve been thinking about it for a long time” you admitted with a small smile, “I just didn’t want to say anything to freak you out.” Michael grinned as he shook his head, “Well maybe not right now,” he said, “but I really would like to have kids with you some day Y/N.” Looking into his eyes you saw nothing but love and tenderness, and you relished the moment as the two of you stood there in each other’s embrace. It wasn’t often that you and Michael had a serious moment, but this was a good serious. You were both assured of your love for each other and you both wanted the same things. Michael captured your lips in his sweetly before holding you close and resting his head on top of yours. “I love you so much Y/N,” he said as you felt the vibrations of his voice through his chest. “Well good,” you mumbled, “because I love you too.” 

A/N: welp, there you go! I hope it was okay, and it’s wicked long  so thanks for reading if you made it to the end! 

Duality Part 1

                                            Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

“It didn’t mean anything,” Luke insisted as you packed your bag.

 "It doesn’t matter Luke. You weren’t even drunk. You can’t blame anything or anyone except yourself,“ You yelled throwing a pair of shoes at him.

 "Can’t we just talk about this?” Luke asked catching one shoe and letting the other one hit his shin.

 "Of course not!“ You yelled. "I’ve come all the way out here and one night you’re supposed to be out with mates and you’re screwing another girl!”

 "Stop packing!“ Luke yelled as he started to unpack your stuff. You pushed Luke away, causing him to stubble back a couple steps and look up at you. His face softened when he saw that you were crying. Luke hated when you cried, he hated it even more when he knew that he made you cry.

 "Jack be nimble. Jack be quick. Jill’s a little whore and her alibis are dirty little tricks,” You said through your tears, trying to keep your voice from cracking. “How could you!”

 Luke opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. You chuckled and shook your head as you threw the rest of your clothes in your suite case. “I guess a children’s book writer isn’t good enough for Luke Hemmings.

 "Of course you are!” Luke yelled following you to the lift. Ignoring Luke’s words you pushed the down button. Luke tried to talk you into staying but when the doors opened you walked in and pushed Luke out.

 "Listen,“ You said in a cold voice. "Mark my words, one day, you will pay. Karma’s gonna come collect your debit.”

 Those last words sent fear through Luke and when the doors closed that was the last time Luke would see you for a long time.

                                                 6 Months Later

 “This will get your mind off of her,” Michael reassured as he grabbed Luke’s shoulder.

 "Set It Off is going to be sick,“ Calum cheered, clearly excited. Luke smiled at their attempts but he was still upset. You hadn’t taken any of his calls and had blocked him from every social media sight. The boys stood up front so they had a perfect view of the stage. A couple fans had come up and asked for autographs during the opening act and the boys happily talked and took photos, but when Set It Off came on everyone left them alone.

 Halfway through the set the band stopped. "Alright so we’re got to do something a little different tonight,” Cody, the lead singer, said into the microphone. “We have a new song for you guys. It’s called Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and it was written by a close friend that we made a couple months ago. So since she wrote this she is actually going to help sing it. We hope you enjoy it. Let’s go, let’s go.”

 The band started playing, Calum and the fans really liking it. Luke was shocked that some of the lyrics seemed familiar to him, the night you left him sudden to popping into his head.

 "Shit,“ he whispered to himself. Suddenly the lights went off sending confusion throughout the crowd. "Who am I kidding,” You said into the microphone, all of the stage lights coming on at once. “Let’s not get overzealous here. You’ve always been a huge piece of shit. If I could kill you I would but it’s frowned upon in all fifty states. Having said that, burn in hell. Yeah.”

 You did a malicious laugh at the end and smiled out at the crowd. Cody walked over to you and wrapped his arm around your neck as the both of you sang. Luke watched as you danced around the stage. It had looked like you had done this for years. You looked the same as the day you left him. Well, except for the hair cut, dyed bangs, nose and cartilage piercings, and punk style of clothing.

 "Dude, this song is about you,“ Michael whispered.

 "No shit,” Luke spat looking at him.

 "(Y/N) looks hot,“ Calum yelled as he danced to the music. The boys weren’t the only ones that were surprised. All of the 5SOS fans had recognized you and were shocked. As you finished the song you turned and spotted like standing in the front row, his jaw dropped.

 After you finished the song you looked back at him and then ran backstage, stumbling your way toward the dressing room. You found it hard to get oxygen to your lungs at how panicked you felt. Reaching the door you leaned against the wood and grabbed the doorknob, stumbling in when the door swung open. You caught yourself from falling and rushed to the counter.

 After a moment you stood up and took your jacket off, tossing it onto the couch. You raised your hands over your head, taking a deep breath. “You got a tattoo,” Luke said at the door.

 “Fucking shit,” You said jumping. “You’re not supposed to be back here.”

 “You got a sleeve,” Luke said studying your arm.

 “Get the fuck out of here,” You said walking up to the door. Before you could grab the door Luke slammed his hand in the center so you couldn’t slam the door in his face.

 “Since when did you start cursing like a sailor?” Luke asked. You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms. “Okay, okay. Enough with the awkward small talk. Can we please talk?”

 “No, because you’re not supposed to be back here,” You said holding your head high.

  “Is that the only reason?” Luke asked. You tried to ignore how hurt he looked. You kept telling yourself that you didn’t care. 

  “No,” You said, being honest.

 “(Y/N),” Cody said walking into the dressing room and stopping. “Is everything alright?”

 “Uh yeah. Luke was just leaving,” You said looking at him. Luke sighed in defeat and walked out of the dressing room, into the back stage area where the rest of his band was talking to Set It Off.

 “How’d it go?” Michael asked.

 “Not well,” Luke sighed looking at the band he hand only dreamed of meeting. “Is she dating Cody Carson?”

 “Why do you care?” Maxx, the drummer, asked. Luke looked at Maxx confused at what he was thinking. “Dude, please, everyone knows that you two used to date.”

 You walked out of the dressing room, jacket in hand, as Cody talked to you. When you saw Luke and the boys you froze in place. After you left Luke you didn’t just ignore Luke but all of them and you knew that they hated you for that. “Hi guys,” You said watching them as you slowly passed the group.

 “We’ll see you at the hotel,” Dan said waving goodbye. You forced a smile and waved before speeding up your pace and disappearing out of the backdoor.

 “Luke,” Ashton whispered. “Are you alright?”

 “Not quite yet,” Luke whispered watching the door you had just exited through and then looking at Michael. 


hope you liked it.

"Even with your Scars and your Flaws" (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

A/N: I received this ask this morning which I was really excited about. ikrathemelon, I hope this is what you wanted!

Beware, this imagine has cutting/self harm so if you do not like imagines with this content, please do not read it.

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Imagine that…

You’ve been invited to spend time with 5 Seconds of Summer on their tour. It was only last year that you had met up with the boys for the first time to interview them for your YouTube channel, and now you were spending more time with them then you could’ve imagined.

Out of the four boys, you were much friendlier with Luke. From the very beginning he was the one who made you laugh, and he even went out of his way to make sure you weren’t nervous about the interview.

Six months had passed since you posted the video online, and things were better for you then they had ever been. You were already on tour with the boys, and the 5SoS Diary series that you’d been hired to film and make on the tour was a success. Their fans tuned in every day to check out what the band had been up to: whether they were on stage performing, or eating their body weight in chocolate and lollies from the mini bar. Not only did they love 5SoS, but they had also taken a liking to you as well.

“Stop touching that!” You yell at Luke from your position on the hotel bed “a fan gave it to me.” He’d taken an interest in the handmade bear on top of your drawers, it wasn’t very big but it was definitely delicate. Luke pulled his arms up into a surrendering position and backed away from your gift.

“Let’s get trashed tonight” he suggested, leaning on the wall next to the bathroom door “and then play tennis in the courts downstairs.”

“I didn’t realise they had tennis courts. Plus, we’re not old enough to get ‘trashed.’ You’ll have to drink OJ and water.” You remind him of the drinking restrictions

Luke lets out a long groan and flops on the bed beside you “why you do dis, America?” he yells “why? I feel like a pregnant lady!”

And that was exactly why you call him Drama Queen all the time. You laugh at his comment and pat his chest “you’ll get over it.”

“Let’s get room service and watch the comedy channel” he smiled, trying to find something else to do instead of drinking orange juice and sparkling water “heaps of ice-cream and chocolate to numb the pain, okay?”

There is nothing else for you to do tonight except for edit yet another 5SoS Diary and get an early night’s sleep: obviously that wasn’t going to happen. “Okay” you agree finally “but you’re buying it… and you have to get into your pj’s too”

He looks down at the clothes he’d been wearing all day and looks back at you with a frown “what’s wrong with this?" 

"Oh sorry, I forgot you’re not punk rock if you don’t wear ripped jeans and a band tee to bed. My mistake.”

Luke rolls his eyes and chuckles “whatever homie, I’ll go and get changed.”

While Luke’s in his own hotel room getting changed, you decide to do the same thing and pull on the oversized t-shirt you wear ever night. But as you’re bending over to find your shorts that are somewhere in your suitcase, you hear Luke laughing from behind you “what?” You turn around, faced by his bare chest and big blue eyes

“Nice underwear, I love the shade of pink and the undertone of blue.” He comments “it brings out the colour in your eyes”

“Shut up” you feel your cheeks grow hot and red “nice man boobs.”

He didn’t have man boobs, that was quite clear. But you were embarrassed by the fact that he’d seen your underwear, and when you were in an awkward situation it was common for you to say something stupid “thanks, I grew them myself.” He winks at you before taking a seat on the bed to order room service.

An hour passes, you’ve been given all of your little goodies that you and Luke had bought and you had already watched two episodes of How I Met Your Mother. It was a good show, but you weren’t into it as much as Luke was. So you rested your head on the pillow and subtly stared at the boy beside you in the bed for a good 15 minutes as you daydreamed.

“Stop staring at my abs” he chuckled, but his eyes were still on the t.v

Once again, you feel yourself blushing “I-I wasn’t” you stammer to defend yourself “my eyes were closed

"I’m not blind, Y/N. I saw you.”

You and Luke were both mutually attracted to each other, it had been discussed once before through text. But even though your feelings for him had developed over the past few weeks that you’d been on tour with him, you had promised to keep your friendship strictly professional while working with the guys.

“Ok” you sit up again “ok, so what if I was staring at you?”

He finally looked at you, ignoring the television all together “we both know you like me. So you should just admit it.”

He wasn’t being serious, he was always saying stuff like that. But maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing to admit to him how you felt “you like me too” you looked down at your slightly shaking hands

Luke didn’t deny it, instead he nodded with a cheeky smile on his face “yeah, maybe.”

“Oh, come on, Luke. Just admit it, I’m the prettiest girl that you’ve ever seen” you poke his side and pout up at him. “I know you think about me every night before you go to sleep, and every morning when you wake up. But you know that you’ll never get me”

Of course, you were only kidding. If only he would admit his feelings, and then he could have you any day. Even though you’d made that promise to yourself. “Do I now?” He smirked “so, I’ll never, ever get you then?”

Before you knew it, Luke had pinned you down on the queen sized bed. Your wrists were encased by his huge, calloused hands and his face was only centimetres away from yours. “Never, ever” you whisper slowly.

Luke leans down and kisses you, his lips are softer then you’d imagined. They move in time with yours as you kiss back to show him the feeling is mutual. When he pulls away, you can’t help but wish he hadn’t “what about now?” He’s still hovering above you, your eyes are glued to his lips

“I think we could figure something out” you reply.

You both talk about the kiss, and about the feelings you both share for one another. The night drifts away quickly, and the next morning you wake up to Luke who has his arm around you in a tight embrace. But you get a shock when you lean across to check the time

“Shit, Luke, Luke, wake up” you nudge him continuously “Luke, it’s 10”

He jolts upright, still extremely tired, and looks at you through his sleepy eyes “are you kidding me right now?”

You shake your head and stumble from the bed, into the bathroom to get washed up. You were supposed to film yet another video for the 5SoS Diary series, and you hadn’t even finished editing the last one. On top of that, Luke had an interview, a photoshoot and a soundcheck to go to, all before 7:00pm.

Obviously the van wasn’t going to leave without Luke, but everyone was upset that you two had kept them waiting. When you finally arrive at the photoshoot location, you take out your tripod, camera and your boom mic to start filming.

The boys stand side by side in the magazine headquarters. You set up your gear and begin to roll. "Hey everyone" Ashton smiles up at the camera “we’re on week three of the 5SoS Diary series and we’re all about to go in for a photoshoot. So we’ll see you in there.”

The day wears on and you’ve got a huge amount of footage to go through, edit, delete and turn into a YouTube video for the 5SoS fans. The photoshoot and interview went well, soundcheck was a breeze, (as per usual) and you had finished up on the filming for their concert. 

Half an hour after you collect your stuff, clean up and take a few photos, you decide to go backstage to hangout with Luke. But only Calum, Ash and Michael were around

“Hey, how did the filming go?” Michael asks, gesturing to your camera bag “get my sick guitar skills?”

Of course I did” you wink back “my attention was solely on you, you’re the next big star of the 5SoS diaries.” Michael laughs at your appalling joke, but thats what you liked about him. Even when you made a shitty attempt at a joke, you always knew Mikey was there to back you up with a laugh. “Where’s, Luke?” You finally ask

“Uh… he left about 15 minutes ago” Calum told you, his eyes still on his phone screen

“Oh, okay.”

Usually the boys went out after shows to either get dinner, or just to hangout at a club. But maybe Luke was tired and had decided to go back to the hotel. You were too reluctant to ask if that is actually were he was, because you didn’t want the boys to know about your little crush on him.

Together, you all get McDonald’s on the way home. When you reach the corridor your rooms are on, everyone goes their separate ways and disappear inside. But you’re still curious as to why energetic, life-of-the-party Luke had left so early.

You approach his door and knock once, but there was no answer. “Luke” you call out for him “Luke, its Y/N.” Maybe’s he’s asleep, you thought. Without suspicion, you go back to your bedroom and close the door behind you. 


Your phone startles you as you’re drifting off to sleep


You sit up, reach over for your phone and see that it’s a message from Y/F/N. What could she possibly want? You open the text and theres a link to some page on the internet

The lead singer and guitarist for the famous Australian band, 5 Seconds of Summer, has been extremely busy while touring with his band mates, but it looks like Luke Hemmings isn’t too busy to spend time with a girl! It wasn’t long ago that Luke was romantically linked to YouTube success, Y/N, but with those rumours aside, it’s safe to say that he’s in a relationship with this nameless beauty that he’s been hanging out with recently. 

Your jaw drops as you read the article. Luke wasn’t asleep in his room, he was off hooking up with some girl he liked. Suddenly you’re feeling faint, cold and disappointed. You thought that Luke truly did like you when he had told you last night, but the next day he’s hooking up with some other girl. 

'How could I be so foolish?’ You think to yourself, sitting on the edge of the bed in tears. Luke meant so much to you, and he hadn’t even thought about you once tonight. You feel yourself going in a downwards spiral. That this past month was just a waste of time! Without putting much thought into your actions, you stumble towards the bathroom and grab the razor from your bag. 

You pull off your clothes and take a seat in the bathtub, hunching over to get a better look at your skin. There was a time in your life that you were depressed, your friends and family were unsupportive of your YouTube career path and you felt like you had nobody. The scars that time had left on your stomach had never faded, and they weren’t going to for a long time. 

But now you were going to reopen the wounds, you wanted to cleanse yourself and get rid of the feelings you had for Luke. You didn’t want to feel anything but the razor slashing open your skin.

15 minutes had passed. Both your bra and underwear were soaked in the blood that dripped from your cuts. You could feel yourself getting heavy and weak, but it didn’t stop you from cutting ever inch of skin on your stomach. People had always wondered why you never wore a bikini, or why you didn’t like to get dressed in front of them. This was why. This was the reason you couldn’t bare your body in public.

Last night Luke had told you that you meant a lot to him, and that you had been very important to him for awhile now. He mentioned that he wanted to ask you out, but needed time to figure out how it was going to work because of schedules and the fans. As last night’s memories come flooding back, you look down at the razor covered by blood and can’t help but wonder what it would be like to cut your wrists. But you’re becoming light headed, the smell of your fresh blood is beginning to sicken you and you’re finding it hard to fight the urge to fall asleep.

“What the fuck… oh my god, Y/N!” You hear a faint voice fill the bathroom “come on, Y/N, open your eyes.” Your eyes flutter open and you come face to face with Luke who is trying desperately to scoop you out of the bathtub “hey, hey, it’s okay.”

His voice soothes you, but you’re still so upset about what he’s done. Without the energy to bat away his hands, you let him lift you up and place you in the shower. “Leave me alone” you tell him groggily, wrapping your arms around your body to hide the wounds “just go.”

He shakes his head, turning the shower on to wash away the blood. He then takes a seat in front of you, fully clothed as the water beats down on his black attire “why are you cutting? I thought you were passed this?” he dabs a white hand towel on your stomach

“You have a girlfriend” you reply “and you lied to me. Everything you told me last night was a lie.

Luke removes the wet hair from your face and places his hand on your cheek “what’re you talking about?” He asks “I don’t have a girlfriend”

“I saw the articles, the girl you were with tonight, I know that’s her. You’ve been lying”

“What?” he frowns down at you as the blood rushes over your skin and down the drain “that girl I was with tonight, was just a fan.”

“N-no” you stutter

“Yes” he tries to smile “she’s just a fan who I keep bumping into, I promise. You’re the only girl who is important to me, Y/N, I thought you knew that?”

“You deserve somebody beautiful like her, so it doesn’t matter.”

He pulls you into his chest and kisses your forehead softly “you’re beautiful, you’re talented and I like you for being who you are. I think you’re amazing, everything that you do!” He continues to wash the cuts while you cry silently

Although you feel like an idiot for what you’d done, you still felt like you didn’t deserve somebody like Luke. He was caring, loving and affectionate, he made you laugh when you were down and he was always honest. “Even with my scars and my flaws?”

“Even with your scars and your flaws” he confirms, putting his wet hand underneath your chin. Luke pulls you into a kiss, his hands find there way to your back and his legs wrap themselves around your body "you’re beautiful no matter what, and you’ll always be special to me" he said before kissing you again.

Beautiful To Me - Olly Murs

  Looking in the mirror you put your hair up tight, sighing when you saw the flabby part under your armpits and the whiteheads forming at the top of your forehead. You grabbed your bangs and pulled them in your face so you part of your face was hidden. “Babe,” Michael said walking into the washroom, stopping in his tracks when he saw you. “What’s wrong?”

 "Nothing,“ You said turning around. "My hair wasn’t working with me so I decided to put it up instead. Are you ready to go?”

 "I just came to get you,“ Michael said forcing a smile. "The dress you picked out is the perfect fit for you.”

 "Thank you. Luke and Ashton actually helped pick it out,“ You said smiling at him as you passed.

 "Really?” Michael asked following you. Michael grabbed your hand, squeezing just a bit, as you both walked out to the car.

“Finally, you two were taking forever,” Ashton said as he was hanging out of the window. You and Michael got in the back and listened to Ashton and Calum talk about their trouble getting to your place. You turned to Michael and then turned away, quickly turning back to him when you saw he was trying to take a picture of you.

 "Michael, stop it,“ You said covering his phone.

 "What? I just wanted to talk a picture of the most beautiful girl,” Michael said smiling as he went to kiss your cheek. You froze when his lips pressed your cheek and turned away, an awkward silence filling the back seat.

 "Are you two ready to drink?“ Calum asked turning around and looking at Michael. Your phone buzzed and you looked down at your screen, your face softening when you saw that it was a Twitter notification. Michael raised an eyebrow and turned to Luke.

 "Yeah Cal, we’re ready,” Michael said nodding as he leaned back in his seat. The rest of the ride to the concert you were silent, hugging yourself as you laid your forehead up against the window.

 "Let’s go,“ Ashton said parking the car and getting out. Everyone filed out and started toward the concert hall. Michael walked up next to you and wrapped his arm around you, pulling you closer to him. As you walked to the entrance you could feel everyone’s eyes glue to you as the four of you walked toward the back.

 "Don’t worry about them,” Michael whispered to you. With a small smile you wrapped your arm around Michael, keeping as close to him as possible. “Are you alright?” Michael whispered as Calum talked to the security guard.

 "Yeah. Why do you ask?“ You whispered.

 "Your armor is up,” Michael pointed out. You looked up at him and opened your mouth to say something but Luke interrupted before you could.

 "There you four are,“ He said smiling as he walked up to you. "C'mon. I got some good seats on the balcony.”

 "They’re the balcony Luke. They’re all good,“ Michael said grabbing your hand and pulling you with the others.

 "I’m actually going to go get a drink,” You said pulling away from Michael.

 "I’ll come with you,“ Michael said stopping and turning around.

 "No, you stay here with the others. I’ll be right back,” You said before walking toward the downstairs where the bar was.

 "Is everything alright?“ Calum asked raising an eyebrow. "She was awfully quite in the car and that’s not like her.”

 "It’s that stuff to do with Twitter,“ Michael sighed as he watched you look at everything that was around your area. When you saw a girl that looked better than what you thought you looked like you quickly tried to change your appearance. A couple people approached you but you had a polite conversation with them before dismissing yourself. "I try and I try again to bring some light to the dark, and I know everyday is a battle and that it tears her apart, but I don’t know why she feels this way. It tears me apart.”

 "I thought you told her not to look at what the fans tweet at her?“ Ashton asked walking up from the bar that was on the second floor. "I mean, we have our own bar. Why did she go down there?”

 "She’s been fighting all the demons so she’ll never be free. She’s been hiding in the shadows so it’s hard to see,“ Michael said as you walked back up to the second floor. Michael knew that you were looking at everyone and wishing you could be more like them, but he didn’t want that. He wanted you just the way you were.

 "Hey,” Michael greeted you with a smile. “You didn’t get anything to drink.”

 "Michael, there’s a bar up here. I’m not an idiot,“ You said smiling.

 "I can see three,” Luke mumbled as he leaned against the railing. Calum lightly swatted the back of Luke’s head making him jump. You walked back over to Michael, letting him wrap his arm around you and kiss your temple.

 "The show is about to start,“ Michael whispered just as the lights dimmed as the opening band walked on. Throughout the singing Michael kept you close to his body making you feel normal. Making you feel beautiful.

 You heard Michael laughing and turned to see what he was laughing at. Luke and Calum were arguing over something that you had no part in. ‘I’ll tell you later’ Michael mouthed. You nodded and smiling, winning a quick kiss from him. Halfway through the show your phone started to buzz like crazy, almost turning into a constant buzz.

 Pulling your phone out Michael jumped and looked down at your screen seeing everything people were tweeting to you. "I thought we agreed you weren’t going to read those things,” Michael whispered grabbing your phone and putting the device in his back pocket.

 Too discouraged to argue you turned back to the opening band and moved forward, leaning against the railing. When the first band walked off stage Michael backed away and grabbed your hand, pulling you toward the exit. “Michael, where are we going?” You asked.

 "To talk,“ He said pushing the door open.

 "Michael, I don’t want to talk about this,” You said, already knowing.

 "Why not?“ Michael asked turning around and looking you up and down. "Do you not think I notice? The I don’t notice how you change little things about yourself when you see another girl that’s a bit skinnier or has her hair done perfectly?”

 "I never thought you noticed,“ You admitted.

 "Well I do and it kills me. I pick up the pieces when they fall to your feet. You never get it right but when you don’t it feels like rain on a perfect night,” Michael said smiling.  As Michael spoke tears started to form in your eyes. He walked up to you and grabbed your hand, giving it a squeeze. “You light up the sky just like a star and I don’t care what people say.”

 "Do you know how it feels?“ You asked pushing your bangs in your face. "How it feels to have thousands of girls all making fun of you because I’ve put on a little more weight or my nose ring is irritated so that fucking bump appears, or I have a pimple? It’s the worst feeling in the world. It makes me feel so inadequate. Like I’m not suppose to be with you but you’re just with me because we’ve been going for months now.”

 "I love when we watch films and eat ice cream late at night. I love that we have snack wars and that we don’t care what we eat,“ Michael said pulling you to him. "I love that you eat to the point where your stomach is so full it pokes out a little bit you still rock one of those tight dresses. I love that you don’t care what you look like at four in the morning when we’re on tour and need to get on the road. I love those sweatpants and my extra large sweatshirt on you.

 No one else is you. No one else gets me and the weird shit I like to do. No one disappears with me for twenty minutes and returns with a pizza. No one loves pizza as much as me, except for you. Love, don’t change the way you are because of how other people look. When light breaks through your hair people stop to stare and I’d go anywhere with you and I don’t understand why you can’t see that. I’m crazy about you and I can’t live without you and you don’t see it but you’re beautiful to me.”

 "Fuck,“ You laughed wiping away some tears that escaped. "I hate you,” You laughed pushing him away.

“You can push me hard but I’m not going to let go,” Michael laughed wrapping his arms around you. Balling Michael’s shirt in your fists you smile when he kissed the top of your head. “Promise me one thing, you won’t wear any of the dresses you don’t want to.”

 "What? I want to wear this dress,“ You said looking at the dress that didn’t cling to your body and covered your thighs. Michael raised an eyebrow and you laughed. "Alright fine. I’ll wear that one dress I met you in next time we go out,” You laughed.

 "I do love that dress, and I love this dress, but I think they both look best on our bedroom floor,“ Michael said making you laugh. You started to push him away but he squeezed your hand so he didn’t go far.

 "Just in time,” Calum said as you both walked back.

 "We got you guys a couple beers,“ Luke said before taking a sip of his.

 "Keep them coming boys,” You said grabbing one and taking a sip. Michael smiled and shook his head before taking a sip of his beer. As the second opening band came out you pulled Michael to you and laughed.  

 "I love you,“ Michael laughed.

 "Me too,” You said smiling before taking another sip of beer. Michael rolled his eyes and grabbed your beer as he crashed his lips to your. Ashton, Luke, and Calum looked at each other and raised their eyebrows before talking a sip of their poison of the night. “I was just kidding. I love you too,” You said pulling away from Michael.

 "Me too,“ Michael said smiling. You both looked out at the fans that were looking at the five of you, your cheeks turning bright red.

 "That’s going to be everywhere,” Ashton said.

 "I sure hope so. That was awesome,“ You laughed looking back at the band. Michael looked at the boys and they gave him a thumbs up making him laugh. You took another sip of beer and gave Michael a thumbs up. This is what Michael loved about you. Everything about you was perfection to him.


hope you liked it.