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this is what happens if you get trapped between baekhyun and chanyeol

ML Headcanons...

I’m still sick, so I just sleep and dream up headcannons…

  • MariChat scenario where Chat comes to visit after Mari has ONCE AGAIN stolen Adrien’s phone
  • Enchanted AU where the roles are thus: 
    • Adrien = Giselle (cause OMG he is such a flippin’ princess and I wanna see him sing a bunch of vermin to help him clean XD)
      • (although at the same time I see the appeal of Mari playing this role too, because cutting curtains into super cute outfits omfg)
    • Nino = Prince Edward (because fight me, that’s why)
    • Plagg = Pip (for obvious sass reasons)
    • Nathaniel = Nathaniel (LOLZ)
    • Chloe = Narissa (Don’t get me wrong, I believe in her redemption, but she would make the PERFECT Narissa so deal with it)
    • Marinette = Robert (because I see her being practical and rocking that “WTF Why are yousinging in the middle of the park?!” attitude)
    • Alya = Nancy (Because, again, FIGHT ME… also, that scene at the end where she throws away her phone… you don’t understand how much I NEED that)
    • Tikki = Morgan (because OMG CUTE!!! Plus, who else is gonna convince Mari to take a deranged man in a poofy gown standing on a billboard in the rain back to their apartment?!)
  • Ladrien or the OT4 engaged in a prank war (like, can you imagine omfg XD)
  • Chat/Adrien being harassed by a squirrel for no explainable reason (like, the little critter is just always there throwing nuts on him and tearing holes in his bag, etc)
  • Alya screaming incessantly the first week after she gets her miraculous everytime she sees any of the OT4 (they are all very worried)
    • Like, literally, Mari arrives to class late and Alya just screams wordlessly, scaring everyone
    • Alya goes over to Nino’s to hang out with him and Adrien and just shrieking like a banshee when she walks into the room
    • She never offers an explanation and pretends nothing has happened each time
    • Inside she is dying
  • Nino after he gets the turtle miraculous being easily unbalanced when pushed
    • Like, Chloe knocks into him and he falls on his back on the ground
    • And, for the life of him, no matter what he does he CAN. NOT. GET. UP.
    • Adrien is so confused as to why Nino is flailing around like an overturned roach
  • Marinette going to take Adrien some schoolwork he missed while he was out sick, except once she gets inside she gets lost and sees Gabriel turn into Hawkmoth
    • Cue freaking out and Ladybug kidnapping Adrien
  • MariChat truth or dare game, Mari dares him to do a pole dance using his baton
    • He does it
    • He is exceedingly good at it
    • Mari stuffs his belt with monopoly money
    • Life is good.

…as you can see, I have been on a lot of medication.

I may do some of these… but first I must get better… and find a job…

I am a tired turtle…


Kihyun singing “Amen” to Wonho while holding his hands :’)

cheeky boy ouma how do you sit like that


Zodiac Colorology

A proper post! Finally!! 
Based off of this ask these are the colors I associate with each zodiac sign. I made color wheels for each. If you are curious you can also look at the colors I associate with each full moon since the zodiac has a role to play with that too. 

I think my color choices are obvious but if you are curious you can always ask me about them! 

bisexualbacon96  asked:

Can I ask you something? What has Kathlynn Wynne done to garner a lower-approval rating? Is it her or her party?

I don’t live in Ontario but what I’ve heard is she’s very unpopular because of rising electricity prices, several scandals related to the energy sector and healthcare cuts.

Sexism/homophobia may play a role too, but I can’t say for certain.

Ontario followers, feel free to answer.

The Experiment

“Hello everyone, if you’d please take your seats…”  The professor waited for the room of about forty college aged Alphas, Betas, and Omegas to stop their chatter and pay attention to her.  “Yes.  Thank you all for coming to tonight’s informational meeting.  I’m Dr. Mills and I hope you all will be interested enough in tonight’s proposed experiment to participate.  And, yes, you will all be paid fifty dollars for participating, so now you can actually pay attention to what the experiment is rather than wondering about money.”

The group chuckled and Dean flicked his eyes up from his cell phone for a moment, but then returned to his game.  He didn’t care what they wanted him to do: pee in a cup, give blood, take weird experimental medications—he just wanted to get paid.  He would have signed up blind if he could have, but Charlie (a classmate in his Fluid Thermodynamics class and one of the students assisting with the project), who had told him about it said he had to attend the informational session.  Attend, not pay attention.  He’d confirmed there wouldn’t be a quiz at the end.

“Now, this experiment is about trying to identify if certain genetic markers affect what pheromones we find attractive and which ones we don’t.”

“Trying to crack the True Mates code?” someone called out.

The audience chuckled and the professor smiled.

“Now, we all know true mates are a fairy tale and sentimental movie fodder, but you have to admit that there are some scents you find attractive, some you have little reaction to, and some that can be repellant.  It’s kind of like there are people you scent and don’t mind hooking up with, but you can’t picture mating.  Right?”

“That’s just because all Alphas are commitment-phobes,” a voice said provocatively.

There was a mixture of laughing and grumbling.

“Hey,” someone replied.  “Betas are the coldest bitches I’ve ever interacted with.”

Argumentative conversation broke out in the room.  The professor waved her hands in the air.

“Settle down, settle down.  Behavioral science is run by Dr. Hanscum.  I’m sure she’ll be conducting an experiment in the spring and you all can go argue about which gender and sex combination are the biggest assholes with her.”

Everyone laughed and Dean cracked a smile.

“But tonight, we’re talking about attraction people.  What attracts you and what doesn’t.  What makes you picture a house and kids and what doesn’t.”  Dr. Mills smirked.  “What turns you on and what doesn’t.”

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A Happy Family RP Drawing

End me, I’m getting too into this rp on YouTube, but I can’t stop for the life of me, I love the storylines me and the other user are coming up with! Anywaaaay, yeah, I like Cuphead now, sue me. And the kids were added into the role-play and just freaking end me now I love it too much! Sorry @lunamoonartist I can’t help it XD Oh! And also, the kids are named Cuppy and Maggy, the girl is Maggy and the boy Cup is holding is Cuppy. I love the names, kill me

Nice: Me

CupHead Design: @thebbros-studios-on-and-off-set

Kids Designs: My RP Partner 

Speed paint: Coming Soon!

Broadway Casting I Need To See (feat. mostly newsies)

Ben Fankhauser in “Waitress.” He’s obviously not old enough to play Cal, and I don’t think he’d be a good Earl, but holy shit, his Dr. Pomatter would be so good and his Ogie would be adorable. Like, vocally he’s more of a Pomatter but I’m kind of dying imagining him singing “I Love You Like A Table.”

A revival of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” starring Brandon Uranowitz, only because I need to hear him sing the line “I look handsome, I look smart/I am a walking work of art” mainly because he is.

A revival of “Little Shop” with Stephen Michael Langton as Seymour, because he wants to do it.

If Ben Platt and Will Roland ever have to leave “Dear Evan Hansen,” I would love to see Nick Barasch replace Ben because holy crap, what a voice, and I would love to see Zachary Sayle replace Will because I need Swearing Crutchie in my life.

Jeff Heimbrock apparently booked “Book of Mormon” on Broadway as per Melissa Steadman Hart’s tweet, but I want to see him as King George in “Hamilton.”

A revival of “13: The Musical” with Anthony Rosenthal, because why the hell not.

I don’t know where Jacob Kemp and Mike Ryan would go, but I need them on Broadway or off-Broadway. I could POSSIBLY see Mike as Rod in “Avenue Q,” but I don’t know if he has puppet experience. There are a lot of roles that I think Jacob would be good at, but he’s too young to play them outside a setting where everyone is too young to play those roles. I don’t know if that makes sense. Like, it would be like me playing Ruth in a Broadway revival of “Pirates of Penzance.” I played that role in eighth grade, but it was with a bunch of middle schoolers and they weren’t casting middle-aged women. I had Ruth’s vocal range and a big motherly-looking bosom, so I got the part, but I’m just in the beginning of my thirties, so I wouldn’t be considered for that role on Broadway because Ruth is supposed to be forty-something-but-look-older and I look 24. Jacob is almost 29, but his last two big roles were a 16 year old (Davey) and a 22 year old (Randy in “Why Him”). I’m sure he’d be a PHENOMENAL Bobby in a “Company” revival (and he apparently did play Bobby at Stagedoor), but Bobby is 35 and a director would probably go with someone who has actually BEEN 35. I actually think he would have been a DELIGHTFUL Mendel in “Falsettos” but he’s too young and far too tall, and Brandon was JUST. SO. GOOD.

Like, maybe Jacob would be a good Link in a “Hairspray” revival, but I have a feeling they’d say he was too ethnic-looking. Personally, I think he’d be amazing.

Ooh, maybe Jacob and Ben in a revival of “Blood Brothers.”


We’ve been talking about equal pay for women since they had the right to vote, for God’s sake, and why hasn’t that changed? Why don’t people of color get the recognition they deserve? I grew up in a society here in Los Angeles, you know, and at times, couldn’t understand why I wasn’t playing the roles that were afforded to everybody else. Was I too ethnic or not ethnic enough? I think it speaks highly that a show like Mr. Robot has allowed a guy like me to be a male lead, or considered for one, which I don’t think would have happened five years ago.


This video (posted 4/28/15) is a must watch, straight from the horse’s mouth. When even prominent trans media figures like these^^  (Mark Angelo Cummings, an FTM transitioned at 38, and Lynna Arielle, an MTF transitioned at 42) start strongly criticizing the use of puberty blockers for kids and the transgender trend raging with adolescents, maybe we might actually see some changes going forward.  

Allies to be found in unexpected places. They sound like smokers who volunteer  their time to caution others not to acquire the habit.

They pull no punches: they discuss Lupron lawsuits, the possibility that hormone treatments will aggravate issues like cutting/self harm, and the folly of dosing kids with hormones when their frontal lobes aren’t developed. They criticize the doctors who are too quick to diagnose gender dysphoria when many other mental health issues are prominent. They take on what they call the “cross dresser” community and trans activists who are pushing the current media narrative. They acknowledge the homophobia (internalized, as well as of professionals and parents) that feeds into transition of kids–a point of view that is pretty much heresy in trans activist circles. They even take on the biggest taboo of all: Suicidal threats by kids if they don’t get hormones and surgery. They contrast the initial glow of transition with the reality of years on hormones when the excitement fades.

I’ve transcribed and condensed just a few excerpts from this 37-minute plea for sanity, below. There is a lot more and I recommend watching the whole thing. Disclaimer: I don’t agree with everything they say in the video, but I don’t have to. They seem to be sincerely interested in protecting gender nonconforming kids, and that’s my bailiwick.

Mark: In normal human development, normal and abnormal child psychology–which I study in my profession–every little boy or girl will explore with their gender roles….This thing is being blown out of proportion. Before there were hormones, before there were surgeries, we all lived. Didn’t commit suicide, didn’t hate life…

Lynna: The thing is, if you hate yourself, that isn’t a gender identity issue.

Mark: That’s a person issue….Look at what Michael Jackson did to himself. There is a psychological component to this “I don’t like myself” thing…

[A young MTF I talked to] didn’t want to be seen as a “gay boy.” And I think that plays a major role… A lot of these parents are like, “oh,  I don’t want my kid to be gay.” …Yeah, there’s this condition called “being transgender,” that fits the bill better.

There’s an agenda behind all this, and people don’t realize. Pharmaceuticals are involved, the politicians are involved, new sets of doctors that are actually working for or are part of the WPATH or that are trying to monopolize–like this Dr. Spack–”Mr. Quack.” He says, oh, if the child [is a cutter] and you give them the blocker and the cutting stops, that’s the tell-tale sign that says they’re trans. Do you know how many mental disorders are related to cutting? Bipolar, schizophrenia… it’s a list a mile long and has absolutely nothing to do with gender dysphoria.

Lynna: Endocrinologists are [one of the lower paid MDs]. So when they get this new crop of clientele that makes them lots of money…These puberty blockers are like $700 a month. And there’s some kind of device they install that is like $1500…

Mark: Notice how they’ve taken away the gatekeeper…There is a political agenda behind this…

Lynna: …All my MTF friends know to use these key terms now before they go to ask for the hormones. Like, “[I’ve felt like this since I] was 5 years old,” or “I used to wear my mom’s clothing” …

Mark: “And I wanna  hurt myself, because if I don’t get what I want, I’ll kill myself.” Suicide. Mention that, and radar goes up…

..For parents of trans kids, please do your research. Do not submit your kids to these dangerous drugs, when 80% of these kids revert back! It’s a stage, it’s a phase…. Being transgender is not about hormones or cutting off your breasts. Being transgender is a spiritual condition, and there’s nothing wrong with expressing both your male and female side.

So what if little boys are “feminine”? Doesn’t mean they need to be girls, or little girls who are “masculine” need to be boys. You know, this is the power of suggestion that has been pushed upon us as a weak community because of our wanting to belong and be accepted, and we need to wake up from this.

Do I regret doing this? [transition] …Would I have done things differently if I’d known another path? Yes. Because you lose a lot as a trans person. You’re taking away years from your life. You’re exposing yourself to all sorts of dangers. You lose jobs, you lose family, you lose friends. You lose it ALL. All for what? A delusion…

Lynna: What happens later, as you age? What will be the end, for us?

Mark: A lot of people don’t think about this, because when they’re in the glitz and the glamour, and they’re getting the boobies, and getting the muscles, if you’re a guy. We're all tunnel vision, which is an obsessive compulsive behavior that most transgender people face. But when you get to be 70 years old … and you have to go to a nursing home? How many nursing homes are equipped to deal with trans people? Zero. And I’ve worked in nursing homes, I’m an occupational therapist…Even a regular older person.. gets treated like crap [by nursing assistants]. These are “normal” people. Can you imagine [a religious nursing aid seeing a transgender person]? “Oh, God, no, this is an abomination!” We don’t think about these things, we only think about the [good things] we do when we’re young… But what about when these medications really start kicking in and taking a toll? All the hormones that are synthetic and horrific for your health….heart attacks, strokes, more neurological impairment. What are you gonna do then?

Lynna: …and to think they want to give [hormones] to kids. It’s like barbaric.

Mark: It’s child abuse. And people are like, “well my child wants to commit suicide.” Look, children are very malleable. You don't allow them to be exposed to social media which is constantly pushing, pushing, and probing… I didn’t transition until I was 38 years old. I didn’t even know about being transgender… I was a female body builder and I took steroids. And somebody said, “Are you FTM?” and I was like, what is that? Is that like a new machine or..Again it’s the power of suggestion. ..in 6 months, boom, I had my top surgery and my hysterectomy. I went to the gender specialist, and they’re like, “oh yeah, here you go!” [mimes prescription being written]

Lynna: And if you hadn’t been told anything, you would have been…

Mark: …a lesbian, yep. Still body building, but …

Mark: Crucify us if you want. But reality is reality. And what I’m seeing here is something very dangerous. We’re dealing with kids and these quack doctors, hurting these children. Someone’s gotta speak their mind.

Lynna: We can’t be silent about this issue. When innocent children are affected, and a population group is being sterilized, we have to say something.

Mark: I won’t mention names, but a trans child I know, who is now a little teenager, has been on the blockers. Reports are, more behavioral problems, depression…The limelight, the fame, the fortune. These parents who have Munchausen syndrome…there’s red flags all over the place.

Lynna: Gender is a hot topic right now. Our community is being thrown into the limelight, with the whole Bruce Jenner interview and all that… It’s not just a gender identity issue; we’re dealing with a neurological issue. I found out that I have Asperger’s just recently…Understanding is key… If you can avoid taking this path–

Mark: Please do.

Lynna: Because it’s a very rocky road. And not many people get to travel safely on this road.

Mark: And a lot of people don’t end up very well on this road. They end up dead, or with all sorts of other issues….a lot of trans people end up alone.

Lynna: The majority. It doesn’t even matter how beautiful they are.

Mark: [referring to the anger trans people have expressed to him because of his views] Temper tantrums galore. That’s part of the neurological impairment most of us [trans people] have. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not gonna care….Truth hurts. What is it somebody said? When you’re making a difference, people get offended.

Mark: …[These kids] take the blockers, they have these side effects, then they’re infertile, they can’t have kids…

Lynna: Now they’re 25 or 30 years old.

Mark: …with mental problems, because that’s what happens: You didn’t develop fully because puberty is a normal thing to go through, people.

Lynna: It’s important to go through puberty without blocking it.

Mark: The body goes, “what’s going on, what’s happening?”

Lynna: What am I being blocked for?

Mark: The side effects are gonna be there. Pharmaceutical companies are gonna lie to you, say, “Oh, it’s ok. Nothing’s gonna happen.” BS!…they’re messing with your reality, they’re feeding into your crap. You know what’s happening? All this “transgender, transgender, transgender…”

Lynna:…you have a 4-year-old who’s transitioning, because Mommy says, “Would you like to be named…this boy name, instead of your girl name?” And then they’re like, “oh, yeah.” …“Do you want to go to school and be a boy?” And then they show them videos of differerent kids who transitioned and they’re like, “Do you wanna be like him?” Oh yes, I do. It’s the power of suggestion.

Mark: And the parents are thinking, wow, we’re gonna get media exposure, we might get a book deal….Look at this with Jazz. The book deal, the mermaid thing, it’s like, whoa…How many parents are like, I want my kid to be that, too…It’s like when the little girls get pushed into modeling… and beauty pageants. It’s no different. Munchausen syndrome. Pretty heavy stuff….If you think your kid is transgender, fine, let them express themselves, but don’t go putting them through dangerous stuff that you can’t take away later.

Lynna: It’s not reversible, as some say… Lupron affects people like 15 years later.

Mark: I’ve been at this since 2003…but what’s happening in this community now is disheartening. The advocates now are using the kids to promote their thing, to justify who they are. And it’s just sad.

Garish Room #28 [2017 ver. member A to Z case of Reita] part 2

- Obtain (recently acquired thing that increased the intensity of sensations)

Reita: This is due to the story, which I recently mentioned, but it’s the fact that I bought the speakers. After I used the previous ones about 8 years, I purchased a new product from Pioneer recently. The stand is attached to the sides of the speakers, and since they do not touch the ground, the sound is quite different. Even the discs, that I used to listen to, were sounded for me with new sensations, the mood was updated and it was fascinating. In these speakers, regardless of if the bass sounded or I did a mixing test on them, they further widened the range, so I could immediately heard sounds that were not played.

- Picture (photo of the times Dainippon itan geisha)

Reita: (Looking at photos from the past) Hmm …What’s that, though a little, but my hair ends sticked out horrible. Still, it’s great to be young; since I repainted the black parts of the hair in the blond by myself, there were traces and it was quite noticeable. (loking at photos  「舐~ zetsu ~」 ) Probably they are not so bad, because we look great. How to say…it’s great that we look so good on them (laughs). These thrills, now I’m no longer able to do this. And I don’t remember at all why I wore white and blue clothes. It seemed like something complicated, to acquire the necessary skills, and because of this we often performed. Approximately then, it was time, when we inserted symbolic drawings, that was so in Ruki’s style, or at that time we also used kanji. The day of filming the video 舐 舐 ~ zetsu ~ 」was very hot. And what was the hottest, the drums, right? Waiting until they corrected makeup of this guy, was very very long, in addition, all suffered greatly because of the heat (laughs).

- Question (things you are skeptical of)

Reita: Our society consists of people who constantly complain [* he is referring to official complaints about the service, as well as the type of fraud ]. And I really don’t like this. Also the reason why I stopped watching TV is, in essence, that the complainants irritate me, but even more I get furious, when, in addition, people around are too involved in this.  I believe that a guy, who is called reckless, is certainly not connected with those who are in a safe place, then “what is this chain of negative” (when bad events occur one after another)  - I often feel something like this.  One part among the complainants has declined quite in number, they seem to have come to common sense. Even if we apply this to our activities,  where, first of all, there is rock and punk, these are not the things that decent people do. “Although you performance to the public, it does not mean anything at all” - I hate such ambience. Jsut because we are people who have crossed the limit “I cann’t do this”, we do have a certain pattern, to which we aspire. Still I think it doesn’t mean that you can always feel close to us and become friends easily.

-  Resistance (not subject to discussion part)

Reita:  In make-up, when I’m in public places, I play the role of Reita. I don’t feel too much need to show my inner world,  and at the time of applying makeup, I also change what is inside me. And since it’s very important, it’s the part of me not to discuss.

- Sexy  (a favorite part of the female body and gestures that excite the feelings of men)

Reita: Favorite part … there is a lot of (laughs).  Navel or so-called «hara chira» (when you accidentally saw someone’s stomach, which was hidden under the  clothes  before that),  It seems to me pretty sexy. So, I’d like women to always go screaming “banzai” (laughs) [*  during shouting “banzai”, usually raise their hands; so Reita heads to the fact that a T-shirt or a jacket will roll up and you’ll see a navel].

-  Treasure (treasures that you really appreciate)

Reita: The car. I sold the red mustang, that I used on the set for a magazine, 2-3 years ago, and now I drive another car, but I really like it.  Even if it becomes useless, I want to buy another one similar model of the car.  Also recently on Twitter I asked everyone to send me a photo of their cars, because I also was interested to see the cars of other people, do they have any stickers, or maybe they were a little remodeled, or how they have chosen an interior finish.  Since I also grew up in the countryside, I drove the car from the age of 18, so having a car was something  certain.  When you go by car, it’s like a secret room, in which no one can enter, and I also really like it.

- Under ( kohai, which you accept)

Reita: Basically, I don’t admit them because of their meager skills (laughs). Speaking of kohais, are they not rivals to us? A long time ago, since I showed some enmity directed at the guys, who performed together with us at concerts as rivals, I didn’t like the fact that I had to admit them openly. Therefore, even now I still don’t support the relationship with kohais.

-  Violence (episodes when you were very angry)

Reita:  Hahaha! When was I angry? It happened only once, but … because the other members are not such to be angry (laughs). It was about 5 years ago, during the tour, I scolded loudly, I think that neither before nor after I didn’t do this, only at that time. I think, in that situation, probably, it would be wrong not to get mad at a new employee, bass technician. Since I always make mistakes, I don’t blame people when they also make them,  but due to some mistakes, my head was just full of various worries, later, too, mistakes continued to follow one after another. This went on and made me angry. And since I couldn’t change this feeling, it wasn’t very good. I think that one mistake isn’t a mistake at all. A real mistake is to continue to make the same mistake repeatedly.  So the next day I talked with him as always with a smile… No, if I were angry, it would be something very serious (laughs).  

-  Warning (what do you pay attention to in your daily life)

Reita: For a long time, I always received instructions from my Mom like “I think you should have your own opinion on any issue” and the words “listen well to what people say” penetrated into my soul. Therefore, even though I say “but I think in this way”, but I don’t impose my opinion over this. Now I have this way of dealing with others “it’s clear, there are such people”. I wonder if it’s good or bad. And, maybe there is also the fact  in me that I don’t have inflated expectations about people. I think that’s probably why I’m not angry with them.  I have no thoughts like “I want to do something, or I want to tell them something”, so, maybe that’s why I’m not angry. Only me can understand what is me, and probably there is no need to try to make you understand me, if it’s against your will.

-  X-factor (what would you like to try to do in the future that you never did before)

Reita: It’s about acting, there is one documentary video from the tour, where once long ago Hide-san became angry in the locker room and hurled a mirror, that split into parts. So I would like to do something like this (laughs).  I do not often get a chance to break things in my daily life.

-  Yesterday  (what did you do yesterday, from the moment when you woke up before you went to bed)

Reita:  In the morning I woke up at 8 o'clock, since the day before was the last episode of  "SMAP × SMAP" [* TV show, organized by SMAP. The last episode was shown on December 26 and after 28 years the group ceased its activity]. I wrote a tweet “good morning”, combining it in meaning with this theme. In fact, we had to go with Ruki to photoshooting for the album of the best ballads, but it began to rain, all were canceled, and we hastily left there.Therefore, after cleaning up my room, I went to the gym. After training the muscles, I ran and then made stretching. It seems to me that if you start the morning with body training, much will be done in the right way.  Well, since the stories about muscle training will be badly received by the public, let’s stop on this (laughs).

-  Zero (what you would like to get rid of)

Reita:  Still, I really would like to forget that during the performance I fell, I really want to forget it.  Even on tour 「DOGMA」 I once very effectively fell, seems it was in Yamagata.  It also was included in the documentary, but since now we live in a society that constantly uses social networks, it would be known fact for everyone in any case, right? So, after the performance, I told about it by myself.  There is nothing left but to make this the topic of a popular discussion (laughs). 

translated from japanese to russian by shimizu_ran.vk for the_gazette_quotes.vk

translated from russian to english by me

as always thx for reading and sorry for mistakes ^^