i rock photos


Fluorescence under black light! ῍̻̩✧*˖῍̻̩̻̩✧

Nerdish Info:

Most of the blue is coming from fluorite; I have a lot of that.
The yellow is calcite, and the lowermost four in the last photo are all chalcedony. Love that ghostly glow.
Strangely though, one of those has some weird veining and darker colors coming from it… :O!



@preludeinz a selection of sands, photographed with my phone and a clip on macro lens.

Photo quality is a little off, because I was photographing through the jars and the light was a little weird, but they’re still pretty cool. All shots taken at the same scale.

In the top row we have my most and least matured sands. On the left is the freshest, from Jökulsárlón in Iceland. First generation, eroded straight from the volcanic ranges and transported a short distance downstream by glacier. All the bits are weirdly shaped and jagged.

By contrast we have Sydney basin sand from Long Reef. It’s really old and has been sand at least once before this. Then it got lithified (turned into rock) into the Narrabeen Sandstone during the Triassic, and then exhumed and eroded down to sand again millions of years later. All the grains are really well rounded and almost polished looking.

In the bottom row we have two different sands with very different compositions. On the left is sand from Loch Ard Gorge on the Great Ocean Road. It’s a mix of quartz and shells and limey bits of different shapes and sizes (the technical term is poorly sorted. I know, really.). 

And on the right we have sand from Coolum Beach in Queensland. Very fine, almost entirely clear quartz. This beach was very white, in contrast to the more golden sands around Sydney. The sand is also really fine, partly because I collected it from higher up the beach face where wind does most of the transport.