i rob

some little gesture sketches. angus ballantyne arguing in court. i had a little debate with myself over whether or not to give him one of those iconic wigs, but iirc at the time generally speaking it was mainly senior advocates and court officials who wore them so it made more sense for him to plead without one

I just watched Sand Castle, and the real question is where is my movie about Captain Syverson?? Dude walking around in a t shirt and shorts with his sunglasses tucked into the back of his shirt like he isnt in a freaking war zone. his bff is his iraqi translator who he plays cards with and he freaking spray paints his dog green to protect her and calls her baby.  im in love.  where’s my movie.

Oh my God, here he comes. Okay, this is easy, just compliment him. Tell him he has a square head. Wait that’s not a compliment! What shape is a compliment? Triangle? Uh, pyramid? Circle! Circle head! Oh my God, you’re stuck on shapes and Square-Head’s almost here!
—  Thomas at breakfast seeing Jimmy coming down on his first day in service.

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: “how far i’ll go” is a song about yearning, ambition, and the hope for more despite not knowing what lies ahead, and the inner conflict a young girl feels over the duties she has and the need inside her to know her real limits, a song written by lin-manuel miranda, accompanied by a powerful instrumental, sung with three times the vocal power that la la land could never even dream of by a fifteen year old hawaiian girl, and it deserved best original track at the academy awards 2017