i rmember

Welcome to the deep end, kid

does anyone else hold on to their fever dreams or visions because i remember being 11 and having a rlly bad fever but there was no hospital in the village we were in so my parents drove me to a small clinic in the desert and whilst i was in this single room in bed (whilst my parents were made to wait outside in the car for 4 hours) I was having vivid hallucinations of Launchpad Mcduck

honestly im. ok ive taken nyquil bc i have a cold. so i might be a lil incoherent. and also dozy. but listen. i was making this post with a point and i no longer rmember what it was. im worried abt the movie downplaying both victor and yuuri and undercutting their characters and also yuuri’s skills. i’ve been thru enough canons. i trust nothing. trust no one. also im emotional bc theyre in love. good night