i rmember

i remember this one time when i was in middle school i was really sick and my mom told me to drink some vodka and go to sleep and i’d feel better when i woke up. i went into the kitchen and poured a huge full glass of straight vodka, drank it all, went to bed, and woke up hours later throwing up into the toilet lmaooo

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krul and mikaela (x)


so in the near future when we’re all fucking sex bots,

wouldn’t it make more sense for them to make one robot that everyone finds universally appealing?

then you dont have to diversify your product line, you just have one sex bot for everybody!

had a dream about a tall guy who was new in town and kept really weirdly, cheerfully saying like Offensive Lite TM shit and when i called him out on it, his response was to send me a zine attaching all of my old internet handles to my current id and providing excerpts and panels of hand drawn comics i had made when i was 13 (they were badly drawn and in pencil and i only rmember one being about a magical girl? ive never actually drawn these in real life or ever)

the dream ended with me trying to find him so i could punch his teeth in and put the zine in the resulting hole