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I know many have been saying that both Shiro and Keith has been to the shack before but am I the only one who think they have nvr been there? Cause I rmembered Keith saying that after he was booted from the garrison, he was drawn out to the place. Which made me think he has nvr been there before this. But at the same time, maybe the reason he was drawn to that shack is bcause it could have been a place where he actually spent time with his dad but couldn't remember somehow?

Oh well anon, I think there are a lot of things that kind of imply this. But in terms of confirmation, I think there’s one line that makes it clear this was Keith’s house. When Keith arrives back at the shack in BOM, his dad says “You’re home, son.” That line only makes sense if Keith is actually going home–and if that home was once his dad’s as well. Keith’s dad waiting for him to come back and acting like it’s where he belongs–that just doesn’t make sense if they never lived there together.

Also, being “drawn out” to someplace doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve never been there, you know? The Blue Lion is drawn back to the castle ship, and Lance says, “I think…I think it’s going home.” Very fitting when you compare it to Keith being pulled back to the desert (especially considering that’s where Blue was). 

As for Shiro, it’s a little more vague. But I think the fact that he never asks where he is (at the shack) or seems surprised to be there, as well as the fact that he acts like the conspiracy board is the only thing out of place–I think those are some signs. Shiro also gets his change of clothes at the shack, which could imply he left them there. There’s also thematic parallels with Keith welcoming Shiro back and Keith’s dad welcoming him back, implying they both found a home there. But ya, that part’s more up to interpretation. 


I’m super psyched by this mark and want to thank you all before it’s too late. It’s hard to imagine I only started in January last year, with serious postings from June on.

You all deserve my personal gratitude, here’s a list of some I rmember supporting this addiction from early on. I started to notice the same people liked (and sometimes reblogged) my stuff, no matter how silly it was. For some reason some of you can not be tagged (I really don’t understand this website, after 3 years) also I did the list order kind of randomly looking at my current and very old notes.


























































I love you guys with all my heart and consider you my friends I’ve never met. If you’re not on here dont worry like I do now lol