i rly luv this song

anonymous asked:

mayaaaa pls make a mini playlist of songs that remind you of traveling/give you wanderlust

thats such a cute idea i luv u, some of these songs dont rly have anything to do with traveling, they’re just songs that i’ve listened to on trips so now i connect them all with traveling lol 

  1. cigarette daydreams - cage the elephant
  2. big jet plane - angus and julia stone
  3. oceans - coasts
  4. west coast - coconut records
  5. like you lots - lany
  6. temporary love - the brinks (this is a really important song to me bc i listened to it a lot during my europe trip so it reminds me of paris and being on the metro and wandering around amsterdam in a raincoat)
  7. beach baby - bon iver (this is also rly important to me, it reminds me of when i lounged around a beach house in la jolla)
  8. body gold - oh wonder
  9. where the hell are my friends - lany
  10. plans - oh wonder
  11. little bit - lykke li
  12. montana - youth lagoon
  13. float on - modest mouse
  14. midnight city - m83
  15. all the pretty girls - kaleo