i rly love this artist

When your dominant hand is bandaged because you twisted and bruised your thumb but the artist in you is too strong

…. yeah long live the painkillers because I’m pretty sure I’ll regret this ^^;

Please don’t repost ^^;

I must confess-                                                                                                   That I’m the mess                                                                                               That has been left to save you.

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Oh my gosh! I love your art and all! I rly want to chatt with oter artists that i admire but I'm shy ;^; would you get mad if i messageed you on DM ?

Ofc I won’t be mad! But as a fair warning I SUCK at holding conversations 😞 So prepare yourself for my awkwardness


Our mistakes they were bound to be made
But I promise you, I’ll keep you safe. (x)

Commission for fujoshichan69 for the fic Cultured Man [which was a jeanmarco exchange gift for shingekinoboyfriends (also happy birthday to you & Jean!!)]

Marco’s hand slipped underneath the jacket, rain-wet lips met Jean’s in a rush, and it took Jean’s breath away. The kiss was warm, hot even, horribly wet with burning tears from both their eyes that ran down their cheeks and collected on their nosetips. As though on auto-pilot, Jean’s own hands slipped into Marco’s neck, into his curls to press him closer, every piece of air between them a waste, and Jesus, Marco was a good kisser.


Since I haven’t cosplayed in two years and I recently found my blonde wig, I rly wanted to do a closet cosplay of Fay, an OC by kelpls . I really love this artist and she’s always friendly. I rly love Fay too as a character so even though I forgot his earrings and stuff Idk I just wanted to dress up as him bc he’s hella cool.

So yeah idk pls don’t mind crappy phone cam quality and meh cosplay and stuff I was just havin’ some fun. I tried -rolls over-

The lovely artist @fangirlinginleatherboots made this amazing post, and I honestly had so much fun with it! It definitely helped me get out of my art block. Usually I get too stressed if the sketch isnt coming out how I’d like it, I didn’t have to worry about that so it was just really great all around!! So please go give them a follow bc they’re great and have wonderful art!