i rly like this pics


id like to think theyre buds…….

(dont think its a thing but pls dont tag as ship ty)


i mean can you blame him????


Key example of the group teasing Shiro bc of his leap year age


Don’t stop walking…★

jimin: i won’t give yoongi a gift lmao as iF

also jimin: yoOngi hYunG wakE up aLreaDy i nEed to gIve yOu youR giFt (*´-`)

i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh

And the danger was always there. But he didn't care. Or maybe he didn't know.

happy rain mob icon!! finally the umbrella gets some rain. its been waiting to do its job for a while now and its super happy about this

(thank you @sonicxreigen for requesting!!! you gave me a chance to cleanse myself from the angst. please have this offer o savior mine)

heres the request post it is moderately aesthetically pleasing 


dnp + piet mondriaan icons

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