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Push Rewind

summary: 2009!phan where they have skype sex and their first time together, and phil is just a caring guy that wants dan to have fun and feel safe

genre: fluff, smut

warnings: blowjobs, skype sex, anal sex, good boyfriend!lester asking for consent every so often

word count: 3332 (yeS)

read on ao3!!!

a/n: i wrote this like two years ago, but i was rly proud of it at the time and i never got around to posting it until now!! it’s been polished and some parts have been rewritten, but otherwise it should be good to go! i hope you guys enjoy it :) tomorrow or the day after i should have the start of a cool chaptered fic posted, so stay tuned for that. okay love you, i hope you like it <3

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[This is a long ass post so get ready to literally just hear me gush about meeting Jeremy Shada]

(the ginger boi in the photo is me, he made me laugh so I’m looking off camera)

Okay so here are all the details about me meeting Jeremy at MCM on Sunday for no reason other than I’m so fkin happy that it happened????

Before I met him I met KJ Apa from Riverdale, but tbh as great as many people say he is I’m way more bothered about Jeremy because I’m Voltron trash, Lance trash, Klance trash etc, so it was a huge thing for me! I mean i was in full Lance cosplay ffs :’) I also met my now-friend @mreblip in the que (I’ll untag you if you want but you’re awesome)

A few minutes before I got to actually meet and chat with Jeremy he was with this kid and he drew Finn for them and it was so adorable afl;jkfal

And when I finally got to meet him he was the????? nicest?????? person?????? Literally like, I know most celebrities would try and be cheerful when meeting fans but it all felt so genuine

I don’t remember much of what I said at first other than him saying “Nice cosplay!” and me saying that I was a massive fan of his and the show and he went “Aw thank you” and then I also mentioned that I liked Adventure Time and Student Body President (he looked really happy about the last one b/c I don’t think its as popular, and then he asked me where I watched it etc)

Then when I finally properly came out of my fanboy coma I asked about Keith and Lance scenes in Season 3 (if you’ve already read my other post then you know lmao) and he said there’d be a lot in the first half of Season 3 as they try and deal with Shiro being gone. And honestly the way he answered it was gr8 because he said it with so much respect etc? Its practically like I’d teleported into an SDCC panel and he was so respectful, sincere etc

Then he asked who my favourite character was and I said Lance, and he went “mine too, I love Lance because he’s got the funniest lines”. As he said this he wrote “Shut your quiznak” next to Lance in my Voltron graphic novel (And it feeds me that it was a klance line a;kk;lfk;lakf;l) then wrote his name and ““Lance” aka Ben”, then I asked for a hug and I walked off with a massive fkin grin

About 4 hours later I showed up for the photoshoot with Jeremy (I’d taken off the wig because MCM is fkin hot) and about ten off us got to stand inside the photo booth at a certain time which was 20 minutes after we were meant to, and literally as i got in he ran through the tarp on the other side :’)

When it was time to get the photo he recognised me from earlier (and I internally screamed) and he complimented my real hair colour (ginger) and my cosplay again, then he made me laugh by going “What a guy” right after he complimented the cosplay, and the photo guy decided that was the best idea to take the photo and not take any reshoots (Even though someone further through the cue had 3 reshoots???) so I’m looking off camera and grinning like an idiot :’) But tbh even if I’m not happy with how the photo turned out on my end, its still a rly happy fkin memory so I’ve lived with it

As I left he went in for a hug (aflajfl) then before I went back out of the photobooth I saw this amazing Lance cosplayer give him the rifle they made and he held it for the shot (which looked amazing because he legit looked like Lance, its on instagram on Jeremy’s tagged photos if you wanna see it)

His band Make Out Monday played at 3:30 aswell but I couldn’t find where they were playing ://// But still, I got to see him a whole bunch the other times so it wasn’t too bad

Theres literally no point to this post other than me gushing about how I got to meet one of my heroes, but like, yeah. If you can meet Jeremy at a con etc then definately do, because from what I can tell he’s a really nice, really genuine person ^^

Side note- I may/may not be meeting Steven Yeun on the 30th of July!!! (another con in London)


pretty good choices to me :o thanks so much for asking! <3 (palette challenge)

Voltron is prob my most passive interest atm, rly need to watch season 2

Youtuber! Im Youngmin

Check out my Masterlist here 

Youtuber x Brand New Boys: 
Youtuber! Park Woojin II Youtuber! Kim Donghyun II Youtuber! Lee Daehwi 

“Even when I don’t get enough sleep in the morning, I’ll get up earlier and give you a morning call.”

  • A Youtuber who does rap covers and mostly post his own music
  • The first video he ever posted was him doing a cover on his phone
  • The video quality was so bad but the cover itself was really good hence people stayed
  • it also sort of got viral when the original artist actually shared it on twitter
  • He composes his own songs & he actually writes and produces many songs for super popular idol groups
  • He totally composed Wanna One’s Energetic
  • When he reached 100,000 subscribers, he did the alpaca dance
  • It was one the most highly requested things ever since Donghyun gave him that nickname when they did a collab
  • Brand New Boys never let him live it down
  • He wanted to take it down after a week but everyone is like ‘noooo’ and it is literally his most watched video lmao
  • He posts rap covers once a week and there are always bloopers
  • But his bloopers are literally what makes the videos 10 times cuter
  • He will be like super cool rapping and then oops made a mistake and just shyly smile and say sorry to the camera
  • *everyone watching just instantly faints*
  • His P.O Box is also filled with hair products because his hair is always a different colour that his subscribers are worried that he will have rly damaged hair
  • His editing is really simple and clean because he can’t edit to save his life me irl
  • He still gets confused at times over Youtube and there are times when has to call Woojin at like 3 am and ask why is comment section disabled??
  • “ Hyung, go to your setting and there should be a button to turn it on.”
  • “Where is the setting?? It is on the top right? Wait I. FOUND. IT.”
  • Whenever Brand New Boys vlog & they are eating Youngmin’s food
  • They will always say how it’s the best thing they have ever eaten
  • He started doing a 'Cooking with Youngmin’ Series on his channel because Brand New Boys keeps him asking for food recipes
  • He makes cooking seem easy and his recipes are super simple & easy to follow
  • In Brand New Boys’ Youtube Channel, he is the unofficial dad of the group
  • Despite being the dad, he has the least power LOL
  • Like the other boys will just poke his cheeks and go “Hyung is so cute heh” and he will just chuckle
  • Has this stare where it makes everyone go soft
  • He will sort of smile and shake his head when he sees something cute
  • There are tons of memes of him just lovingly staring at Woojin and the caption will be like
  • “Get a man like that will look at you like how Youngmin looks at Woojin.”
  • The person who cleans up everyone mess whenever they filmed a challenge
  • Brand New Boys usually films their covers or challenge at his place as he has a gigantic recording studio in his studio apartment
  • He is honestly the sweetest and kindest soul - he replies to everyone LIKE EVERYONE
  • Regardless of it being a hate comment, he is always super polite and modest
  • It has been said that 90% of his antis (IDK HOW?) have turned into his fans once he replied to them
  • You were a Youtuber who does instrumental cover (like Sungha Jung)
  • You could play almost any music instruments from guitar to the flute on your channel
  • You had a pretty decent popularity on Youtube but you still get amazed when people recognized you on the street
  • You look super serious when you post your covers
  • but you were really bubbly and talkative when it comes to uploading your monthly music playlist and it appealed to a lot of people
  • It was by coincidence when you stumbled onto Youngmin’s channel and found his music
  • You were actually looking for things to cook and saw his cooking video
  • The first time you watched it, you were wtf is this dude an idol you had no idea of
  • One video turned out to be 6 more videos and your ingredients in the kitchen was soon left forgotten
  • You only knew him on the surface but you were already in love with his smile and flaming red hair
  • You decided to check out his channel if he had other content and when you saw his rap cover and music
  • He was sooo talented and his music was totally your style
  • You quickly took out your guitar and notebook and did an arrangement to his latest song
  • Once you were satisfied with how it turned out, you started recoding and posted it subsequently
  • The next morning, while going through the comments
  • The top comment caught your eye
  • It was left by Youngmin himself, saying that he really enjoyed your cover and that it was probably better than his original instrumental
  • you low key had a fangirl moment
  • You noticed how it was getting spammed by a lot of people who subscribed to you two
  • You decided to message him privately
  • You told him that you were a huge fan of his songs and you hoped to work with him next time
  • He replied almost immediately, almost giving you a freaking heart attack
  • He told you that he was actually working on a new song right now and he thought it would be cool if you could add in your playing as he felt is was pretty incomplete
  • For a moment, you actually thought he was joking because what type of good opportunity is this ??
  • Both of you actually planned on just doing it online until you found out he literally lived 2 subway stations away
  • So you were heading to his place a week later after the conversation and you were a nervous wreck
  • It wasn’t even a date but you basically spent the entire night choosing the right outfit
  • Just as you were about to ring the doorbell, the door already swung open
  • If you thought he was cute on your screen, he was 100 times cuter irl
  • “Wow, you are cuter in person.”
  • When you noticed his blush, you clamp your mouth shut when you realized you just broadcasted your thoughts out loud
  • what a good first impression
  • you sighed internally but you heard him chuckled
  • He beckoned you to come in as he commented
  • “But I find you cuter.”
  • You weren’t even sure how the recording went cause his comment just kept ringing in your ears
  • He insisted that he had to walk you home since it was getting late
  • But your stomach grumbled the exact moment you guys stepped out
  • So that was you two ended up eating cup ramen at the convenience shop
  • You and Youngmin exchanged conversation - how you started youtube, how is your experience etc
  • Everything seemed to be pretty friendly until Youngmin reached out to wiped out the stain left on your lips
  • As cheesy it was, you swore your heart stopped beating
  • He pulled back his hand immediately but there was this unspeakable tension
  • You broke the silence asking if he wanted to try out the Japanese Resturant that just opened at your place
  • That conversation lead to an extremely fun date the next day as you guys went to a sushi buffet and tried to pronounce all the weird sushi names
  • It soon became a routine to have your meals with him - especially when he was cooking at home
  • Yonngmin will ask you to come over as he didn’t want to have leftovers
  • He just doesn’t want to admit that he wants to spend more time with you lol
  • That one collab became extremely popular on Youtube and you two were invited to perform for a lot of events
  • It was through one of those events that he asked you to be his girlfriend
  • He changed the lyrics of the song he was supposed to perform to something about he really like you and wanted you to be his
  • Ever since you started dating Youngmin, you will appear in so many Brand New Boys that people will think you are the new member or something lmao
  • He likes to hold your hand a lot as he thinks your hands are extremely precious as you use it to play all your instruments
  • Youngmin will just unconsciously massaged it when you two are just watching a movie and it’s literally the best feeling ever
  • He gets you flowers a lot and instead of big gifts, he shows his appreciation for you by getting small trinkets
  • He did get you an alpaca stuff toy that he won when you guys went to the amusement park
  • He gets so soft when he visits you and find you hugging it
  • He will then just hug you and that’s how cuddle dates began
  • The first video you two will film will be the boyfriend tag and e gets everything right
  • You have a lot of his hoodies and sweaters in your closet as you steal it from him whenever he visits you
  • You really like his scent and since he is tall, it goes way below your thighs
  • He wanted to be angry at you but the moment he saw you wearing hiss sweater without anything else, he literally went breathless
  • Long walks in the parks while eating frozen yoghurt or a cold treat
  • You guys talk about anything and everything
  • Communication is key for you two so there are barely any fights
  • He cooks for you A LOT
  • You will always be his taste tester when he tries out a new recipe
  • You don’t even know why because everything he makes tastes super delicious
  • More like because your reaction to good food is the cutest thing he has ever seen
  • He even has a video on it that he took along with his collection of you playing various music instruments
  • Both off you complement each other so perfectly in videos
  • Like you will play the guitar and he will start rapping and it literally sounds like a masterpiece

A/N: I’m back after being in bed for the past 2 days as I was sick T.T I will upload fuckboy! baejin (most likely a daewi fic as well) this afternoon but enjoy some Youngmin for now ;) Donghyun & Daehwi au will be different from Woojin & Youngmin as it will the process of them filming a video with y/n unlike them having their meeting through Youtube 

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all!

fuckedupasusual  asked:

(1) I read your rating of seasons and just wanted to say that I was so happy to meet another member of the "no season 7 hate" club :D There are honestly so many things I like about S7: Charlie, Kevin, Dick Roman, Cas remembering to "Turn into earth" by The Yardbirds, the trenchcoat-scene, I actually thought the plot idea was pretty cool and surprisingly up to date (food industry is getting people addicted...), God!Cas being "utterly indifferent to sexual orientation"...

(2)… Being able to say goodbye to Bobby, alcoholic!dean is my weakness, Plucky’s, I liked Lucifer’s part in the season, the finale (where Cas dramatically puts himself infront of Dean to protect him and they both end up in Purgatory which was my jammmm but that’s S8 *cough*)… yeah, so much. I loved Meg in S7 and Crowley (love him every season lol but I liked his character dynamic)…

(3) I feel like it could’ve been a rly dark and depression season but thanks to the Dick Roman/Leviathan storyarc, it feels (to me) like one of the lighter season. I mean, obv. terrible things happen (Bobby dead, Cas gone, Sam insane…) but still. I don’t quite know how to word it. I secretly call it my “crack!“season… a lot of comic relief. I also feel like they used a lot of bright colours/light that season (but that could be false memory). okay, end of my declaration of S7 love :D

(4) and oh yeah, S9 almost made me quit the show and definitely had me begging for the show to get cancelled (because I have already lived through the downfall of The X-Files - or rather still living through it as they won’t stop beating this dead horse. and the most frustrating thing is that I know I could/can never quit because I love both these show and characters too fucking much :D ). Which sucks esp. because I really liked the MoC arc. But thinking about 9x05 makes me wanna snap my neck.


And yeah, I agree that season 7 is weirdly one of the lighter seasons despite being massively depressing and good with the emotional arcs like losing Cas and Bobby, and Sam and Dean’s angst of the year, probably because they didn’t take the big bad seriously, because pretty much the entire audience is at least willing to despise 1%ers for 40 minutes, if not gleefully ready to rip into them at any moment. I was working a job where I was profiling big corporations HR people for my boss at one point and to find them I had to scroll through all these lists of employees and CEOs and they all had this super creepy Leviathan look :P Like some of the guys were pretty much exactly Dick Roman and his fake shark smile. (ALSO that’s just such a GOOD part and it was acted flawlessly. I actually believe he can open his mouth 90 degrees and chomp into you when he smiles :P) 

Also this happens:

Originally posted by elizabethrobertajones

(Possibly the entire reason you think season 7 is so bright is because they poured all the brightness left on the shelf since they took it out in season 1 and 2 and put it into Plucky’s :P)

I’m glad the show wasn’t cancelled with season 9 because some of my favourite moments in the whole show happen after 9x05 but that was definitely the moment for me to take several months away from caring about the show, and only come back doing a rewatch from the start to remind myself why I was invested if I was going to inflict new canon on myself because I couldn’t stop wondering how they were all doing :P And then season 9 magically turned into one of my favourite seasons at the end. Which goes to show you can’t judge a season by its weird dog episode. 

I like drawing this cute little scrappy boy, and I felt like drawing those rare sweet moments every Rick has with their Morty when he can be a little endearing through the mild annoyance of the regular days.

Guard Rick and Morty are @beta-19‘s and I hope you are having a good week m’dear <3

hey hey!! i made this i think on wednesday night? but i didn’t have much wifi at all until last night and wasnt on the tumbles until an hour or so ago :‘3 but i hope you like this! and i rly hope it submits right…

ommmg this is so pretty!!?! i love it so much, you have a lovely artstyle and i really like how you coloured this ommg!!💚 thank you so so muchh, i’m so happy rn ;u;)/💚💚

✨Get to know me✨

I wasn’t tagged but i rly wanna do one of these coz it helps me know myself better hahaha thank you for posting this @jeonslilmonster 💕 i love you!!! 💓💓 omg… the post crashed and posted my draft…

For starters,

Name: Amanda Chan 🐯

Place I’m from: Singapore (a small sunny island in Asia, 🇸🇬)

Height: 1.65 cm

Year: 1996!!!

Languages: Fluent in English and Chinese, i speak some local dialects and a little little bit of korean i learnt in secondary schl.

here’s a few picture of me in case you can’t picture my asian ass HAHA 💞


-Drink: Milo (it’s a chocolate malt drink that’s made from Australia but asians generally drink it too hehehe)

-Phone call: my mom! 🐨

-Text message: some ad from the telco provider 🤧😂

-Song you listened to: Midnight Train // Sam Smith (i love him so much, check his new album out if you see this!!! 👹)

-Time you cried: 2 hours ago, i teared a little after hearing the fan chants at the AMAs for the boys i swear to god that was touching affff

Have you ever…..

-Dated dated someone twice: yea… our timings kept missing each other’s and i kinda gave up after.

-Kissed someone and regretted it: haha yea this too, was too drunk to realise i was kissing my school mates on their cheeks at some graduation party wtf 🔪🔪🔪

-Been cheated on: no, and i hope i won’t ever

-Lost someone special: yes

-Been depressed: it’s a very strong word to use, but no. i’m often sad or feeling down but not to that extent.

-Gotten drunk and thrown up: once and i regret it to this day LOL i swore to myself to never drink so much ever 🤢

Three favorite colors…..

  • black
  • maroon
  • navy

In the last year have you…..

-Made new friends: YES!!!

-Laughed until you cried: HAHAHA yea all the time and sometimes it’s about almost nothing

-Found out that someone was talking about you: of course hahahaha my sixth sense is pretty strong in this aspect

-Met someone who changed you: not really but i felt my personality change a little after my first job.

-Found out who your friends are: yea, i don’t have much friends. and so i keep those i wanna treasure really close to my heart. 💖💞💕💘

-Kissed someone on your Facebook friends list: nope, i rarely do facebook anymore coz all my older relatives are there and it gets a little burdensome 🤢👹


-Do you have any pets?: i don’t but i already have the names of my dogs and cats ready :(((

-Do you want to change your name?: no, coz i’ve always thought of it as the first gift my parents gave me 💞💞💞

-What did you do for your last birthday?: i threw a small party for myself with my extended family and invited my closest closest friends.

-What time did you wake up?: 7.15 am (coz i have work 🤧🤧🤧)

-What what you were you doing at midnight last night?: fighting someone in my dreams

-Name something you can’t wait for: to get my stupid degree which i haven’t even applied for wtf!!!!! 🔪🔪👹

-When was the last time you saw your mom?: 30 seconds ago 😂

-What are you listening to right now?: the album shuffled it to No Peace // Sam Smith x Yebba 😭😭

-Have you ever talked to someone named Tom?: HAHA yes, he was the storekeeper in the hotel i was working at previously

-Something that gets on your nerves?: children? the noisy brats or the tantrum rats (THEY RHYME) HAHA

-Most visited website: i would say Google 😂

-hair colour: dark blue with grey streaks 💘

-Long or short hair: i have long hair now but i prefer short hair a lot 👩🏻‍💼

-Do you have a crush on someone?: not rly, maybe jimin and jungkook when they attack me with their black hair 🔪🐰🐥

-What do you like about yourself?: my ability to adapt to changes in environment easily (this saved me from the awkward first week of work)

-Blood type: O+!

-Nickname: amchan? channie? 🐥

-Relationship status: i’ve a boyfriend of 3 years hahahahahaha

-Zodiac: ✨ Aquarius ✨

-Pronouns: She/Her

-Favorite T.V shows: i don’t normally watch english tv shows but i watch korean dramas hahahahaha 😍

-tattoos: i have none, but 3 different sketches for 3 tattoos i’ve wanted to do since a very very long time. i need to find the courage to do them :((

-Right or Left handed: right!!!

-Surgery: 🙅🏻 none, i’m super scared of needles wow i rly, nOPE

-Sport: Netball!!!!!!!! 💖💖

-Vacation: travelled to most of the Asian countries, i wanna go much further away!! 🛫

-Pair of shoes: i’m a 38/39!

-Eating: Ben&Jerry’s Cherry Garcia 🍒🍒

-Drinking: nothing!

-I’m about to: sleep….. coz work is tiring i’m so tired.

-Waiting for?: my next rest day which is the weekends so i can go drinking again HAHAHA

-Want?: to be good at what i do, and to say only good things about people and make people happy 🤧💕

-Get married?: probably?? it’s quite a prominent sight since i’m an Asian LOL

-Career?: i’m in the public relations team now so i hope to progress here i guess!! ✨✨

Which is better?

-Hugs or kisses?: HUGS 🙆🏻 💓

-Lips or eyes?: 👀 eyes 👀

-Shorter or taller?: taller!

-Older or younger?: prefably the same age, if not older! :-)

-Nice arms or stomach?: arms, so the person can carry my sorry ass when i’m dead drunk in the future LOL

-Hook up or relationship?: relationship, my weak heart is not strong enough for hook ups 🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻

-Troublemaker or hesitant?: troublemaker 👹

-Kissed a stranger?: hell no HAHAHAHA

-Drink hard liquor?: yea, but they’re too strong for me so i don’t touch them often HAHA

-Lost glasses/contact lenses?: i wear glasses for my astigmatisms 🤓

-Turned someone down?: hahaha yea…. 2 poor souls that i should apologise to 😂🤧

-Sex on the first date?: nOPE

-Broken someone’s heart?: yea, i feel guilty and still blame myself sometimes

-Had a broken heart?: of course 🔪

-Been arrested?: 🙅🏻

-Cried when someone died?: yea

-Fallen for a friend?: yea, very bad choice to.

Do you believe in…..

-Yourself?: sometimes?

-Miracles?: sometimes, depends?

-Love at first sight?: nope

-Santa Claus?: have never

-Kiss on the first date?: nope!

omg this was fun!!!! i don’t have much friends on this site, so maybe this will help me get more friends :’) but i won’t tag anybody, so anyone who wants to do this, you can do this too, so i can get to know you guys as well. 💖💞💓💕💘 thank you for reading and getting to know me!!! i know no one asked for it HAHAHAHA 🤓

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for drawing guts/gut spills or maybe a lil tutorial if you have the time? ur guts are 100% 11/10 A++ material and i would like to learn from u wise one

first of all thank you ! for both the compliment and the request because I was supposed to go shopping today but tfw agoraphobia and this ask gave me something to do besides sitting around feeling sorry for myself

now this isnt so much a tutorial as it is my process (even then I don’t always follow my own rules bc i’m rly forgetful) but yeah

1. messy sketch bc guts are messy and you don’t really need to plan out how they’re going to fall if you don’t want to

2. lines. (I simplify large intestines a lot because I’m lazy as hell and theyre actually pretty small here whoops) important: intestines are wet and the lil ones are packed pretty close. you might want to think about how long they’ve been out of the body to decide whether you want them sticking to each other or not

3. flat colours. guts are like. weird pale reddish pink? but that’s kinda boring and I like to make them darker and redder than they actually are for art purposes sometimes

4. shading. I know nothing about shading but try to make it soft? if that makes sense? guts are squishy you don’t want any hard edges. also make sure to identify your light source and take into account shadows cast on one bit of intestine to another

5. highlights and touch ups. like I said before guts are wet so do not be afraid to make them shiny! I like to colour my lines because I put them on rly thick so they can be kinda overwhelming (preserve opacity + paint over). I also fixed up and thinned out the lines here too, they get thinner the brighter they are.

and here you can see me not following my own advice:

i’m no expert on this but look at a lot of refs and rl stuff if you’re not too squeamish?? and let them fall naturally, use a lot of curves and avoid sharp angles! my lines might be a bit wacky because I use a mouse instead of a tablet so I have to go and manually thin out/thicken them instead of using pen pressure so that might not be a problem for some people but yeah. here you go, a guts tutorial thing.

one last note: pls link me to your gore art I would really like to see it! especially if this helped in any way!

fringeboyes  asked:

3 & 16!

3: (truth) What are your three favorite things about your appearance? (dare) List all nine of your tumblr crushes, and describe each blog/blogger in one word.

truth (bc i cant think of nine blogs off the top of my head) i like my hair, i have a cute nose, and my eye colour is bomb af

16: (truth) What is your dream job? (dare) Post the four most recent pictures in your camera roll.

truth (bc idk how to post pictures on an ask lmao) i want to be a lawyer rly bad!!

tag game

@unusuallyzealousburgette tagged me, much love xx
Rules: Tag 9 people you’d like to get to know better  

Relationship status: non-existent

Favourite colour: lilac or crimson

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick, but i do like matte liquid lipsticks

Last song I listened to: Heartbeat Slowing Down by The All-American Rejects

Last movie I watched: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Top 3 TV shows: Andi Mack (CYRUS MY SMOL GAY SON), Riverdale (FIGHT ME) and idk a third one i guess i rly liked 13 Reasons Why

Top three bands: One Direction (again, FIGHT ME), idk any other bands i like sorry

Books I’m currently reading: does drarry fan fiction count? haha i haven’t had much time to read lately cause exams and stress whoops

*adding* Top 3 ships: Drarry (obviously), Jyrus and Solangelo

Tagging: @anyone who wants to do this honestly go for it i love you all don’t make me pick 9

tagged by @thiccxing and @ninis-chicken-soo luv u guys ! ♥

Goal: Tag 9 people to get to know them better

Relationship status: taken

Favourite colours: orange, red, black

Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick !

Last song: jun - when i call 

Last movie: thor ragnarok

Top 3 shows at the moment: osomatsu-san (anime), andante (drama), aaand that’s all i keep up with lmao

Top 3 ships at the moment: krisho :(, xiuchen, chanhun (altho i haven’t rly been shipping like i used to…)

i tag: @loey-daddy @mirkwood131 @dreamytaehyungx


‘아주 NICE’ Dance Ver.


No. It’s just four walls and a roof.

miss-sad-marshmallow  asked:

Uhh okay 1) if you could dye your hair, which colour would you dye it? 2) if you could change one little detail (like the colour of grass) of the world, what would you change? And 3) what is your best trait? (These aren't rly questions about you but they might distract You? I hope you feel better soon!!)

1. probably a darker shade of brown tbh because I’m boring but out of like unnatural colours maybe a dark blue ?? 2. this is v specific but the colour of sand by lakes (around here at least) so it’s less mucky looking. 3. physically? my eyes, personality wise? my determination !!

send me 3 things you want to know about me !!