i rly like this colouring :3

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🌻🐝 A body positivity tag game 🐝🌻

1. Post your some selfies where you feel cute af - :~)

2. Something you love about your hair - after having very long hair for years i had it cut two months ago and it was the best decision i ever made. i also like my natural hair colour so kudos to mom for never letting me dye it when i was a kid

3. Something you love about your eyes - brown eyes are the best

4. Something you love about your mouth - i have lips. some people don’t. you know who

5. Something you love about your nose - sometimes it looks cute and smol :-// only sometimes though

6. Something you love about your legs - they take me places and even after a killer jog they’re still strong and keep getting stronger !!

7. Something you love about your butt - it’s a good size considering my build and it’s cute i think

8. Something you love about your tummy - i don’t 

9. Something you love about your chest - cute

10. Something you love about your height - the number is nice i think idk

11. Something you love about your weight - …… it’s an even number ? :-//

12. When do you feel prettiest - when i make an effort and put on makeup and do my hair and dress nicely, or when i’m fresh out of the shower

13. When did you last feel beautiful - just now when i looked in the mirror and saw how nice my winged eyeliner is !!

🌻🐝Tag people you want to feel pretty af🌻 🐝
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so i have a lil question, what's your favorite meiko module from project diva? (mine would be taisho nostalgia cuz those colors look sO GOOD ON HER OML)


that is such a difficult question

but b4 i answer i love love looove taisho nostalgia TOO MAN THE COLOUR PALETTE IS JUST SO PERFECT and it was in my top 3 FOR A LONG TIME but NOW there’s so many and i can’t choose one buT

i rly rly adore bb operator and noel rouge they’re like my top top top ultimate favourites ??? but then i think about fluffy coat and i also love fluffy coat……….. and strawberry witch………………………………………………….. and scarlet…………………. u see my problem……… u see y u cant ask me these things……………………….. and then there’s blue crystal in her almightyness……………. and marine ribbon (extra love for marine ribbon)…………………………….. and dont forget modern girl i love modern girl 

but yeah basically my fave meiko module is all the modules


thanks jay @jellyofthearts ily
rules: tag nine ppl you wanna know better

Relationship status: single
Favorite Colour(s): black (and sometimes red)
Lipstick or Chapstick: lipstick lipstick lipstick
Last Song I Listened To: humble - kendrick lamar (it’s amazing go listen to his whole album)
Last Movie I Watched: uhhhh v for vendetta for like the millionth time
Top 3 Fictional Characters: bruh um bucky barnes, remus lupin, and elizabeth bennett? don’t put me on the spot like this
Top 3 Ships: cap/bucky i think that’s it but also myself and happiness/not failing
Books I’m Currently Reading: IQ84 by haruki murakami!! it’s rly good i highly recommend it

umm okay so tagging (you don’t have to do the thing but you can): @sabresinthetardis @capmcdavo @ronaldreghan @throbbingtooth-acheofthemind and anyone else that wants to do this 

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RULES: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: single and not ready to mingle
FAVOURITE COLOUR: dark blue, any one of em dark blue hues
LIPSTICK OR CHAPSTICK: LIPSTICK. dark nudes, burgundy, the deeper colors
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: hooch - kelis
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: i don’t remember….. upstream color probably
TOP 3 TV SHOWS: person of interest, the get down, and……. damn this is like a five-way tie but i’m just gonna say sense8
TOP 3 CHARACTERS: fuck……. i’m not gonna do “top 3″ i’m gonna do “random 3 that u love” you can’t force me: sameen shaw (person of interest), veronica mars (veronica mars), sana bakkoush (skam)
TOP 3 SHIPS: idk i don’t rly….. rank. but rn i care a lot about shaw x root (person of interest)

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tag game

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Relationship status: literally the most single person ever
Favourite colour: i can’t choose haha but i like pastel colours
Lipstick or chapstick: i rly like dark brown lipstick or any brown shade tbh but i dont wear lipstick regularly lol
Last song you listened to: i am listening to September its very nice
Last movie you watched: Beauty and the Beast!
Top 3 characters: Patroclus, Dante, Tonks
Books you are currently reading: i want to start reading this book George by Alex Gino( i think) and ah usually i find pdfs online for free and convert them for my kindle but i cannot f i n d hEL ME
Top 5 musicals: the only musicals ive watched are by team starkid lol 

@scorpius-hyperions @reguluz @accioharry @poeticpapercut and anyone who wants to do this 

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Hey there! This is for the follower analysis, if you get a chance. :) Sun/Moon: Aquarius/Cancer Favourite colour: Red MBTI: INFP And, not that you asked but, I bias Yoongi! Take care lovely. :D

Aqu/Can wow, ur rly out here huh. you’re probably sensitive and receptive, you’re likely to be pretty soft and emotional, and your mood fluctuates easily. You’re probably extremely likable, like, i feel like people probably come to like you really quickly, you’re just a charming and warm person, and your energy really draws people to you, definitely. you’re a very fun person, despite the fact that cancer tends to be ‘the emotional’ sign and Aquarius tends to be ‘the asshole/cold one’ i think that you’re a good blend of both. it means that you probably blend the best of both and lose the worst.

color personality theory, red as a favorite color confirms that you’re very fun/enjoyable to be around and probably could make friends very easily. You’ve got a very warm and welcoming aura, you’re quick minded as well. Not just intelligence but in general. You’re not likely to be that person who left someone on read for 3 days like I am. you’re reliable.

INFP is a very warm and intelligent archetype, combined with Aqu/Can it means you’re likely to be very warm and embracing, your emotions are firm and warm and people like reading you even if it’s sometimes a challenge for them. On the other side, you 10000% are likely to hold grudges or at least, be very sensitive and take things hard. loved ones criticizing you is not a good thing, not at all.

you’re great tbh. having a min yoongi bias while having these signs is interesting tbh, tbqh i actually, might have guessed that your bias would be yoongi based on these stats. yoongi seems like a good fit for you. either yoongi or maybe jimin/taehyung. but i’m not a bias guessing expert tbh.

Come into my inbox and tell me your Sun/Moon signs, favorite color, and MBTI type 👀 (on or off anon~)

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hi!! do u have any study tips (esp w mental illness/ neurodivergency in general)?? :0 u seem rly smart n hardworkin! tq!

wahh thank u!! maybe these can help ?

  • start super early. weeks early. minimum 2 weeks
  • write down all u need to do. example: monday - read chapter 1-3, tuesday - practice math. i think setting tasks to do daily is good!
  • dont make it a checklist though. bc if you’re unable to do it you’ll feel guilty and bad
  • instead, make it like, the more tasks u complete, the more u reward urself. with ice cream or something!!
  • if it’s a content-intensive subject, make notes!! make them colour coded and pretty bc that will make u motivated to read them afterwards
  • study for 45 mins. then take a break (10-15mins) then study for 45 mins again
  • stagger the subjects u study like, maybe memorize bio facts first, then practice math. like, mix it up yea so it won’t get monotonous
  • for music, instrumentals are best (no vocals) bc it will be distracting. 
  • sort your mess before u study. if u have a mess while u study then its not a nice environment
  • * check with ur friends on how much they’ve studied. if they’re further behind then u then yay!!! good job. use it as motivation nyehe

the studyspo tag has a lot of help & advice!

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um ummmm, if you're still taking colour challenge requests and these haven't been asked yet ( my internet's rly slow today ;~; ) maybeee, 211 sakuya, 114 shamrock and/or 199 mika? o: i'm excited to see your art w/ the colour challenge!! <3 <3

I was only gonna pick one but since I did draw a ship as well in this challenge, I will pick two. ^^ Hope you like it @birdsandpipers !! I choose Sakuya and Mika~ (lol the “yandere” vampires) 

Well I first started drawing this one, I was like “Oh god how am I gonna make this work???” D: But I think Sakkun came out well. :3

I think its been over a year since I drew Mikaela but this palette is pretty on him. ^^ 

Thanks for the suggestions! (I am sorry Shamrock I didn’t draw you this time… ;__;) I am now officially finished with all the requests whoohoo!! 

(requests are closed but you can find the color palette challenge here!)

26/7 // hi guys I’m back from the dead 👋 haven’t posted in a rly long time bc school has been busy siGhhh but thought I would share some of my fav stationery today 💕 (left to right, in no particular order)

1. uni ball signo dx 0.38

this pen is so so smooth and it’s rly fine so my handwriting comes out v neat! it also doesn’t bleed at all and comes in many colours with refills and is rly great~

2. same but in blue!! I really liked the design on this limited edition one, it’s so cute 😍😍

3. zebra sarasa clip 0.5

hello gUYS I dONT THINK THIS PEN DESERVES ENOUGH RECOGNITION ok like we all know about the zebra mildliners but this!! pen is so smooth and the ink comes out rly well and I like the grip and it’s comfortable to hold it!! comes in many colours and has refills too!!! I have using this pen for years and I seriously love it so much 💜 (also the designs are a bonus look it’s paris and snoopy how cute is that) I have been using sarasa for v long, so it’s def my go to pen!!

4. pilot juice 0.5

ok this pen is rly similar to the sarasa clip but feels a little different?? works v well too, and also comes in many pretty colours 🌈 it comes in a 0.38 version that sarasa doesn’t, but I’m mostly using 0.5 so it’s fine :]

5. pilot 2020 shaker pencil

everyone needs a pencil right?? this pencil has accompanied me for years and I found no faults with it tbh 👌

this is only some of stationery and I hoped I gave y'all some new stationery to buy ;) feel free to drop me an ask if u r curious abt anything!!


No. It’s just four walls and a roof.


‘아주 NICE’ Dance Ver.