i rly like the colors ok


Did you arrest him because of what I said? Only in part. But it helped? Yeah.

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Hi! I have a headcanon request- how would Sincerely Three interact with their soulmates in the AU where whatever one person writes on themselves would show up on the other's skin? Thanks so much! <3

omg this is cute and u said soulmate au and im automatically in love

gonna put this under a readmore

also im assuming u mean x reader but if u want like, actual ship Sincerely Three (because i love them a lot tbh), just ask again and be like ‘tris ur dumb’

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~ giffu tutorial ☆.。.:*

hello i have received many asks about gifs and how i make them and how i color things so i finally decided to go for it and make this. clicky down below if you wanna see the underwhelming magic that goes into my mediocre gifs

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someone requested “rule63″ warriors but tbh u can interpret their genders any way u like ^__^ 

my personal hc for these versions is that odd is dmab transgirl, yumi is genderfluid, and ulrich is agender.

also i thought a lot abt their outfits and styles so this took rly long to do despite it being rly messy ><; aelita probs just dresses in whatever’s in the boy section at the store that looks pinkish/red bc they lov those colors. i feel like yumi in canon does not follow gender norms when it comes to fashion and is rly trendy so this version probs dress in feminine clothing, mirroring the tomboy taste the original yumi has. jeremie probably dresses in whatever is comfy but w/ a touch of femm, while odd dresses in rly girly cute clothes. ulrich in canon is rly popular with the girls, so i feel like this version would dress practical but still fem enough to catch the attention of many boys (and gals) in her school, OH and ulrich and odd have friendship bracelets lmfao OK IM DONE TALKING 

don’t need apologies; know that you are worthy
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there i go with my bs

Still practicing color and light! I’ve always been a sucker for Modern AUs so have some Fashion!Bellarke or whatever you’d call this.

(After the white washing controversy around Bellamy, I felt it was only fitting to give him a filipino tribal tattoo)

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Hey, can i what color do you use for shading? and how do you pick colors in general?

OK I GET THESE QUESTIONS PRETTY OFTEN so im gonna try and explain it a bit!!! (i wanna say that this “explanation” is probably very badly worded and confusing since 1) english is not my first language and 2) im rly awful at explaining things i do that are based on my own feelings)

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This is my ok ko oc :0

Here are some Facts:
-full name is Clio Hughes
-he’s a witch who specializes in protective/healing magic
-comes from a long line of famous and talented witches and although he’s talented, he is the least talented of his family and is thus a disappointment to his parents :(
-he’s just ,,a rly big cry baby
-just about everything can make him cry, and if his help is rejected there’s a 60% chance he’ll go into a major depressive episode
-despite all that he’s generally happy, he just cries a lot shdjdkd

hey im tired of realism are yall ok w my trying out styles