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HELLO ! I hope you good luck for this new blog. What kind of boyfriend would Ten be ?

  • greaseball alert!!! greaseball alert!!!
  • im jus sayin, ten + romance = more grease than a mcdonalds grill
  • ten fell in love like people fell down unexpected rollercoaster drops: it was hard and fast, and seemingly out of nowhere
  • you guys had been friends for a while, routinely going cafe hopping and then one day it just changed???
  • like he was so surprised; all that happened was that some icing from your cake had gotten on the corner of your lip and all of a sudden he was like:
  • they’re… so…. cute!1!! what!?!?!?!?
  • literally the only thing he could focus on was the rly cute confused expression on your face and the way you kept licking your lips 
  • (lets just say it took a hell of a lot of self-restraint for him to not kiss you right then and there)
  • it didn’t take him long to ask you out after that lOL 
  • he was so nonchalant about it too; 
  • you guys were just chilling on his couch, mAy or MAy not be cuddling, when all of a sudden he looked at you with this expression
  • and tbh you were so confused like??? ten??? water u doin??
  • but then you saw the look in his eyes and you could swear it was like he saw the entire galaxy and stars just within your eyes
  • ndgkaekfjn iT wAS jUSt ;; soooo cUTE
  • anyways…. 
  • most of your dates consisted of really fun and adventurous things! he really loved taking you out to new restaurants or food joints or taking you to theme parks
  • but on those days where he just gets home from practice and is tired all he really loves is holding you in his arms
  • and when he does, you guys are almost always face to face, his nose barely skimming yours and his lips just hovering. his eyes are always closed and you always get a look of his lashes and its just??? chittaphon could you get any more perfect?
  • when he catches you staring, you just can’t help but blush because he always gets this really sweet smile on his face and its just.. the sun seems to shine brighter, all your worries go away, and it becomes glaringly obvious that the most precious thing in the world is right there in front of you
  • sometimes when he’s bored at music stations he’ll send you pics / snapchats of whats going on like how the stylists did his hair or funny pics of the members sleeping bcs they never compare to how cute you are when you sleep
  • whenever you’re around it seems like he just can’t control himself lOL
  • like whether its reaching for something high up, he’s there right away, or even if you guys are walking down the street his hands are automatically interlaced with yours swinging lightly
  • and like everyone around you is just:
  • “acTUaLLY gOAls”
  • and like sometimes when you guys are just lying down together, he likes to think about the future…
  • and you’re just like uMMM wHaT dO yOU MEan FutURE>??
  • and he always just dreams about bringing you home one day and showing him all the things he’s grown to love and misses and how he wishes he could take you there
  • and the entire thing is kinda overwhelming but when he says his next words you’re just dazed
  • “my parents would be proud of me for finding someone so great”
  • !!!!!!!
  • (spoiler alert: his parents are proud)
  • he’s honestly so happy to date someone so wonderful, like whenever someone asks about how you are it’s almost impossible to get him to shut up about you
  • the boy is seriously not afraid of bragging about how great his s/o is
  • lets just say that boyfriend ten would be a rlllllyyyy great boyfriend :-)

heeyyaa guys, admin kay here! hope you like this ;; sorry it was so long, i coulda gone longer but idk if you guys wanted me to TTOTT (maybe ill make a longer vers if i have the time?) our requests are open soo feel free to drop by! also to the anon who requested the jaehyun scenario; i’m working on it so dw  :-) my internet was just down for a while so i got jack shit done… nonetheless enjoy guys!!!