i rly hope he's ok

Got my head in the clouds

And my feet up off of the ground 

I feel like death is chasing me down

But today I’m, I’m gonna superpower, superpower

@eddsworldweek day 5: song! 

I really love Power Edd, and this song, Superpower by the X Ambassadors! 

fantasy life au wit vek. i 4got he has long hair in-game nd i hadda run 2 work b4 i could fix it, nd also im lazy.

hes a tailor and an angler primarily bc hes too weakass 4 everything else nd is too clumsy 2 b an alchemist. vek in alchemy is asking 4 som1 to be poisoned, or for him to blow up an entire building.

and he isnt evn a good angler. he naps and accidentally loses his rod 2 stronk fish. someone usually has 2 help him pull it out bc hes rly physically weak.

i pour like all his points into dexterity and luck.

anonymous asked:

Why is it that Namoon's words always make me cry oh god. He's such an intelligent person who thinks so thoroughly about things and as someone who does that too, it's comforting and interesting to see what he think and it's just.. I'd give anything to have a deep conversation with this guy, man I love him

yes…even i havent been translating fancafe for that long and sometimes the message isnt the same, theres always two exact things he said that I always remember (both from different posts);

“No matter what position the world defines us in, I want our eyes to match at the same level”


“Things like this….they happen to you after living so long. Stay alive and see them.”

I hope everyone can feel his sincerity, and how much he tries to love the world and everyone in it. 


I am so upset it’s not in cinemas here in Denmark before April next year but that won’t stop me