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“yes but consider ur fav ship”

  • 1 of them cooking dinner but its shit and the other totally taking the piss

MAKOTO: Wait, hang on! Let’s see now… soy sauce, mirin… sake… sugar… and… [turns on the stove] Ack! It’s hot!
HARUKA: No, dummy! You’re too close to the flames!

MAKOTO: Like this? 
HARUKA: Yeah. That’s the only thing you did well. 
MAKOTO: Be quiet. 

HARUKA: Why is it you know that, and yet you don’t know how to use a cutting knife? 
MAKOTO: Oh, be quiet.

MAKOTO: Wow… that part about you is really amazing. I never would have thought up something like that. 
HARUKA: …If you cooked, you would…

  • borrowing each others clothes but they’re both different sizes (1 PRSN IN BAGGY TSHIRTS AND THE OTHR IN RLY TIGHT TROUSERS THAT DONT RLY BUTTON UP)


you found me

AU: After meeting in Storybrooke and being ripped apart by yet another  a curse, Emma and Ariel will do whatever it takes to find their way back to each other.