i rly do and thats bullshit

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tips fr how to not feel like a faker? I wanna like reinvent my style to always look super punk but thats rly all i cn do since I'm not in a home environment where I can stand up for my views. There's also like no local scene as far as I know. so like... how do I stop feeling like a fake punk/like im using the name as an accessory?

I mean, the whole point of this blog is to tell ya that just by being yourself you ARE punk, as long as being you doesn’t include any discrimination or systematic bullshit yadda yadda yadda. There is not WRONG way to be punk, and the bastards who tell you otherwise can go fuck themselves. 

You can always meet other punks online! If what you lack is a group of people like you, online is the place to go. Y’all can share your views and just talk and all that shit. Don’t worry about not being able to stand up for yourself– abusive situations exist in which sometimes speaking up can lead to horrible consequences.

Just remember that by being yourself you are being punk \m/

-mod kip

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hello the TS discourse is making me rly unhappy bc its...... he's not doing anything wrong and ik people are only worked up bc he loves ace/aro ppl, but ts videos have always been a way for me to cope and i don't want to start associating someone so lovely w/ my own trauma bc of horrible discourse. (and ik if i say anything ppl will just day i idolize him and can't be critical but! thats! not! it!) i think these smear campaigns are rly getting to me now.

they are such BULLSHIT founded on NOTHING and its so goddamn revealing of their true nasty ass nature, but it’s so bad and hurtful too. they are doing actual damage.

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Do you like kakairu at all?

mmm its ok! i think its bullshit that its so much more popular than kakagai when it has such little development by comparison. :/ i mostly like in context of them both bein narutos dads i think thats rly cute! but yea its like, fine

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do you think niall said that man bun bullshit to get a rise out of harry do you think harry will call all angry saying 'you didn't complain when you pulled my hair back when we fucked you asshole' :( rip true kings of disappointment!!

i can’t believe harry tweeted exactly that before deleting it two minutes later wow they rly broke up thats so sad

Using my fingers to contour my cheekbones bcs I cant be assed to wear makeup