i rlly rlly love this video

a bop

dating Chanyeol would include~

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  • he’s probably the person who convinces you that true love really exists 
  • actual softest bean
  • was rlly shy at first but warmed up to you
  • asked you to come over to the studio one day and that became your date
  • pretty cool to see the legend himself at work imo 
  • but realised that he kinda rlly rlly liked you when you were over one day and fell asleep on his shoulder
  • believes to this day you’re the cutest thing ever
  • asked you to be his girlfriend with a video of him holding up cards 
  • alongside a freshly composed song to go with it 😩😩😩😩😩
  • (dont ask why I used the adverb freshly?????)
  • will you be mine ft. chanyeol who can’t stop smiling bc you said yes
  • never quiet; a blessing or a curse
  • ‘chan pls it’s past four am can you sleep’
  • ‘babe the snow leopards are taking to each other how can I sleep’
  • probably the type to hang around the kitchen when you cooking
  • enjoys watching you do things and seeing how concentrated you get
  • also enjoys distracting you and making you pay attention to him
  • also keeps his arms around you and rests his head on your shoulder
  • 'can I try some?’
  • 'that’s raw chanyeol, you’ll get food poisoning’
  • 'I am not bound by mundane rules’
  • will not under any circumstances let you leave the bed you are sharing bc youre warm
  • big spoon 1000%, unless he’s sad and needs to be held
  • when he does eventually let you go he follows you around and whines about having to leave bed
  • 'babe, I have an idea. let’s hibernate’
  • will assist you in anyway he can if you can’t actually ski but will take you to the highest mountain on your first go
  • The type to fall if you fall so you don’t feel as embarrassed
  • Also kisses you in the snow bc omo cute~
  • weird dates with no theme, no set time and place 
  • one night you’ll be watching a movie in bed or watching Japanese Food on YouTube 
  • the next you’ll be watching stormzy and drake live because why not,,
  • and on the last day of the week you take a three am trip to the store and buy ramen and milk
  • (milk to keep the tol boy strong)
  • skypes you whilst on tour but also adds another member to the conversation to make them feel awkward
  • 'so like I was thinking about the leeks you put in that stew right—’
  • '—why am I in this chat Chanyeol?’
  • 'sh jongdae I must ask about the leeks’
  • offers to teach you guitar but forgets halfway through and makes out with you instead
  • something tells me he’s like number 4 in best kissers in the world
  • a touch clingy, will ask you if you like him still but only in his sleep
  • but likes to hold your hand a lot in public 
  • definitely won’t let you go if there’s fans around or like a big group of people or even one person
  • doesn’t like being away from you for too long
  • 'Just because I have your snapchat and instagram and Twitter and [other sns] doesn’t mean I can’t miss you!’
  • probably pretty vanilla if anything, not overly into weird stuff 
  • will try something but make it clear if he doesn’t like it
  • could have a submissive side if you wanted, or dominant he don’t mind 
  • just likes to please you and is very happy to show you just how much he loves you
  • BY HUGging you so tight at the airport and picking you up to kiss you when he sees you of course!!!
  • and also by pushing your hips down and telling you not to cum
  • or letting you tie him down and telling him not to cum 🤔🤔🤔
  • 'did you think min yoongi is the only rapper that can send you to Hong Kong?’
  • probably into sexting though and occasional snapchats to remind him what he’s coming home to!!
  • down to make a tumblr with you for some of the pics you’ve got of the two of you
  • because he thinks you’re both pretty hot and can survive the tumblr sex fandom
  • but still an actual sweetheart that would give you the world if you asked for it
  • slightly whipped but not really
  • will argue back sometimes esp if it’s something he believes in
  • therefore if there is a fight it will be pretty big and you won’t talk for days
  • and you keep giving each other dirty looks from across the room until one of you finally gives on
  • (usually chanyeol, he misses you)
  • and you wake up one morning to a neighbour knocking on your door to inform you that Chanyeol is in fact sleeping on your doorstep
  • Confesses to you in such an awkward moment but it’s also perfect too
  • like you’re in the middle of a crowd of people and he hugs you from behind and tells you that he loves you really quietly 
  • and squeezes you when he feels you freeze, repeating it again until he’s sure you heard him
  • probably the best boyfriend youll ever get tbh
  • 'i didn’t believe baek when he said soulmates exist but now I do’
  • 'why’s that chan?’
  • 'cause i met you’

Since everyone was making a compilation of their fave vines I thought I might as well make my own c:

…….im emotional…I love sehun so much..I know hes not going to see this but I just want him to know that he actually made me such much happier…. I used to be really depressed and I still kinda am but he makes it so much easier I usually just distract myself with watching his fancams or other videos of him like just thinking about him..its so weird I sometimes just think about how hes real and out there and how (even if its like a 00,01% chance) it would be possible for me to see him one day and just..idk…he gives me so much hope and energy and I just want him to know that he made my life so much better.. I hope that hes going to celebrate with the members and his family and vivi and just have a nice day eat some cake relax just be happy…ily sehun 

I can talk to a lot of people about superficial things, but you’re the person I think of when I want to talk about something interesting or important to me.

And I think that says a lot about us.
And about how much I want you to be in my life.


—  Love advices and schtuff #6 // lily rose.

The tipsy talk video with phil and hazel is so underrated tbh like phil was so talkative and witty and funny and i loved it when he said death was a scary prospect to him

anonymous asked:

can i ask what brush size do you use for the doodles in your answers?~ they look p cool! and... you think, maybe sometime.. if you can, do a video showing your process? im always p happy when my fav artist post how they draw! ;-; i rlly rlly love your art style!! <3 (sorry for the bad english ;u;)

Sometimes I use 3px too.  (Your english is perfect darling Anoon! and Thank you so so much! truly grateful for all the support.) Oh! Sure thing :) I used to have a record programme on my old laptop but after switching to this new one I haven’t had the chance to install the programme yet gahhh. I am getting there haha XD. In the meantime, if you are interested. I have some process [here] and most recently [here]

Thank you again for writing me, hope you are having a wonderful weekend♥

reasons why the fairly local music video is the best  ever:

  • the aesthetic??? hell yes
  • smiley tyler
  • josh in that bandana
  • tyler in eyeliner     fuck it up my boy
  • blurryface    in the red lighting
  • colour contrasts !!!! yes !!
  • everything????????

*gets emotional at how well put together the entire video was*

*gets emotional at how beautiful the songs sound*

*gets emotional at how great the acting was*

*gets emotional at all the lil otp moments*

*gets emotional bc of the excitement of this entire comeback*

*gets emotional bc I love these boys so much*

*gets emotional bc of bangtan’s entire existence*

*is forever emotional bc of bangtan*