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Did you see that shooting star tonight?
Were you dazzled by the same constellation?
Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me?
I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right
‘Cause now I’m shining bright, so bright


“Dracula’s Drank”


endless dylan gifs that no one asked for [ 1 / ∞ ]
     ↳ 1 on 1 with coyotes 1st round pick dylan strome

dating Chanyeol would include~

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  • he’s probably the person who convinces you that true love really exists 
  • actual softest bean
  • was rlly shy at first but warmed up to you
  • asked you to come over to the studio one day and that became your date
  • pretty cool to see the legend himself at work imo 
  • but realised that he kinda rlly rlly liked you when you were over one day and fell asleep on his shoulder
  • believes to this day you’re the cutest thing ever
  • asked you to be his girlfriend with a video of him holding up cards 
  • alongside a freshly composed song to go with it 😩😩😩😩😩
  • (dont ask why I used the adverb freshly?????)
  • will you be mine ft. chanyeol who can’t stop smiling bc you said yes
  • never quiet; a blessing or a curse
  • ‘chan pls it’s past four am can you sleep’
  • ‘babe the snow leopards are taking to each other how can I sleep’
  • probably the type to hang around the kitchen when you cooking
  • enjoys watching you do things and seeing how concentrated you get
  • also enjoys distracting you and making you pay attention to him
  • also keeps his arms around you and rests his head on your shoulder
  • 'can I try some?’
  • 'that’s raw chanyeol, you’ll get food poisoning’
  • 'I am not bound by mundane rules’
  • will not under any circumstances let you leave the bed you are sharing bc youre warm
  • big spoon 1000%, unless he’s sad and needs to be held
  • when he does eventually let you go he follows you around and whines about having to leave bed
  • 'babe, I have an idea. let’s hibernate’
  • will assist you in anyway he can if you can’t actually ski but will take you to the highest mountain on your first go
  • The type to fall if you fall so you don’t feel as embarrassed
  • Also kisses you in the snow bc omo cute~
  • weird dates with no theme, no set time and place 
  • one night you’ll be watching a movie in bed or watching Japanese Food on YouTube 
  • the next you’ll be watching stormzy and drake live because why not,,
  • and on the last day of the week you take a three am trip to the store and buy ramen and milk
  • (milk to keep the tol boy strong)
  • skypes you whilst on tour but also adds another member to the conversation to make them feel awkward
  • 'so like I was thinking about the leeks you put in that stew right—’
  • '—why am I in this chat Chanyeol?’
  • 'sh jongdae I must ask about the leeks’
  • offers to teach you guitar but forgets halfway through and makes out with you instead
  • something tells me he’s like number 4 in best kissers in the world
  • a touch clingy, will ask you if you like him still but only in his sleep
  • but likes to hold your hand a lot in public 
  • definitely won’t let you go if there’s fans around or like a big group of people or even one person
  • doesn’t like being away from you for too long
  • 'Just because I have your snapchat and instagram and Twitter and [other sns] doesn’t mean I can’t miss you!’
  • probably pretty vanilla if anything, not overly into weird stuff 
  • will try something but make it clear if he doesn’t like it
  • could have a submissive side if you wanted, or dominant he don’t mind 
  • just likes to please you and is very happy to show you just how much he loves you
  • BY HUGging you so tight at the airport and picking you up to kiss you when he sees you of course!!!
  • and also by pushing your hips down and telling you not to cum
  • or letting you tie him down and telling him not to cum 🤔🤔🤔
  • 'did you think min yoongi is the only rapper that can send you to Hong Kong?’
  • probably into sexting though and occasional snapchats to remind him what he’s coming home to!!
  • down to make a tumblr with you for some of the pics you’ve got of the two of you
  • because he thinks you’re both pretty hot and can survive the tumblr sex fandom
  • but still an actual sweetheart that would give you the world if you asked for it
  • slightly whipped but not really
  • will argue back sometimes esp if it’s something he believes in
  • therefore if there is a fight it will be pretty big and you won’t talk for days
  • and you keep giving each other dirty looks from across the room until one of you finally gives on
  • (usually chanyeol, he misses you)
  • and you wake up one morning to a neighbour knocking on your door to inform you that Chanyeol is in fact sleeping on your doorstep
  • Confesses to you in such an awkward moment but it’s also perfect too
  • like you’re in the middle of a crowd of people and he hugs you from behind and tells you that he loves you really quietly 
  • and squeezes you when he feels you freeze, repeating it again until he’s sure you heard him
  • probably the best boyfriend youll ever get tbh
  • 'i didn’t believe baek when he said soulmates exist but now I do’
  • 'why’s that chan?’
  • 'cause i met you’

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drabbles and dating idols would include masterlist

I can talk to a lot of people about superficial things, but you’re the person I think of when I want to talk about something interesting or important to me.

And I think that says a lot about us.
And about how much I want you to be in my life.


—  Love advices and schtuff #6 // lily rose.

Since everyone was making a compilation of their fave vines I thought I might as well make my own c:

headcanons for dating ethan

i know this has been done a whole lot but holy shit i needed to do my own-

soooooo here you go!!!

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- cuddles! all! the time

- trying to flirt and be sexy but it doesnt rlly work because both of u end up blushing and it just becomes adorable

- chica laying next to him then going to you

- “you… betrayed me….” “not my fault chica likes me more”

- if ur in his videos its rlly stupid background comments

- “what is up my cranky crew-” “they probably are cranky hearing your voice every vid” “you are so lucky i love you”

- if u two are cleaning there’s a 100% chance ethan has a playlist to listen to and a 110% chance that fireflies is played more than once

- inviting the rest of teamiplier over n playing friendship-ruining games like uno and monopoly

- random texts????

- one time ethan texted u like “chica’s playing with me!!!” and two minutes later he was like “shE BIT ME ABORT ABORT”

- aggressively planning for star wars marathons and preparing for it like its the apocalypse bc neither of u are leaving the couch until its over

- shopping together and screaming because TARGET CARRIES LAVA LAMPS

- seeing dogs on the street, taking pics, then sending them to the other

- trying to get up in the morning to get ready but u cant bc ethan’s still holding onto u and why would u even want to leave

- road trips with disney songs that evoke waaaayyy too much emotion


i’m just here laying in bed thinking about that cat yk ask i got earlier…

anonymous asked:

hi i hope you're still doing these? im a 24 male i rlly like sports like tennis and basketball!! my favorite color is purple~ and people have described me as being slender with long legs, so basically im tall haha! i love hanging out with my friends, always joking around with them. driving is smth im good at too, so if you ever need someone to drive you around im ur guy. i also rlly like video games but i usually play stuff like mario kart and animal crossing haha

OH HEY SAME FAV COLOR!! but honestly ive been looking at this ask for 5 mins bc ur like ??? the IDEAL ????

(p1) part 2 comp of girl group anti’s always really like to reiterate how gg members & soloists somehow all have “the same high pitched, annoying, untalented, screechy voices” so I made this to prove that girl idols can, in fact, sing and rap

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if you could ship any of your mutuals with members of exo who would you ship with who?

ahhh yes this question sdhfksfh so i ship the boys w not just one of my mutuals bc i have so many mutuals tbh so yeah i’ll try my best 

jongin: me honestly i don’t talk to any jongin stans (even tho i follow like 3057490673) so this is kinda difficult but if i had to choose one i’d choose @bearhugged! we’ve been mutuals for a while and she’s soooooo adorable! she loves jongin very much & it’s cute :(((( other pick(s): @jonginnation@dazzlingkai & @jonginence

baekhyun: @bbhsthighs i kno she’s both a baekhyun stan & a yixing stan but…………idk i’ve always shipped nicole w bbh more???? i can’t help it!! they just seem like they’d rlly click and they both would look rlly cute together :((( other pick(s): @bbhsavocado & @1bread

sehun: @suavesehun!!!! no doubt about it this girl would actually Die for sehun like wow…..also they’d be sooooo cute together!!! she’s both soft but also nasty for him and shes so kind like wow he’d rlly fall for alyssa :( other pick(s): @thicksehun 

jongdae: @chensguns!! i dunno that many jongdae stans but…….tbh???? this would be Such a power couple like they’d look soooo good together and she rlly loves her tiny husband its so cute :( other pick(s): @9209-21 

kyungsoo: look……i follow a Lot of kyungsoo stans…….i mean a lot and perhaps too many bc y’all are fuckin Wild but….i have to pick @silkstan…..this girl……..she Only believes in love if its w kyungsoo and honestly its so cute how soft she gets for him and i love seeing her freak out and write the craziest shit about him in her tags like shdjfkjsdfd i really think they’d look nice together too like,,,, yes… other pick(s): @chansoosluv, @ksooup, @saintksoo, & @roses4ksoo

minseok: i don’t follow that many minseok stans either and i need to fix tht but i ship my bff and @callmeminseok w him bc like……….her tags on minseok posts are honestly rlly funny and cute like bro she rlly loves him shdfkjsfd

yixing: @yiffxing!!! gabby is literally yixing’s puppy princess like noah fence but they’d look Amazing together like ohhhh my god her love for yixing is so pure and cute and i just love seeing her gush about him on my dash it’s the cutest sjdfksf other pick(s): @1yixing & @ilovezyxsomuch

junmyeon: @peachysuho !!!!!! just watch her video abt her goin thru that book w his cheeks lookin like glazed donuts……….and you’ll Know why i chose her sdjfhkjsfd other pick(s): @lawlliets

chanyeol: @fyeahchanyeol i haven’t talked to this person much, but we’re mutuals and their posts abt pcy are so sdhfjkjsfs great i love them lmao i don’t follow that many pcy stans but this person is the first person that comes to mind when i think abt pcy blogs so sdhjkdsf