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ye i heard Suga was dating someone and when i saw the "proves" oh that, the guy was smiling and it wasn't his gummy smile lol i was truly excited hearing that even though Suga is my ub. but maybe there's another rumor about another member?

I never heard bout that one lmao 😂😂 tbh i dont read rumors bc i rlly dont care
But like 2 hours ago my friend told me that there was a rumor but they dont know which member lol, tbh i rlly dont care if one of them date someone i will be very happy!

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i agree tho i dont watch or care too much about b/azz but m/uselk is OKAY if not a bit overrated

no no it’s alright  !  i understand tbh i do think he’s overrated too but i’d prefer a nice guy to be overrated over a rlly awful one like b/rad

ayyyy!! gosh, I got so many sweet comments & compliments on my Taako last time I posted that I just couldn’t resist giving all u guys More Taako. this time, in color! watercolor, that is!

it’s kinda hard to tell, but his bracelet & shirt charm are actual chunky glitter, which I felt was a very fitting touch for everybody’s favorite fashionable wizard.


wrestling moodboards –  bayley

“Long before she was a Raw Superstar, Bayley was a 10-year-old superfan in San Jose, Calif., watching her favorites like Lita and Eddie Guerrero on TV. So she decided then that she wanted to inspire fans the same way the Superstars of the ’90s and early ’00s did for her.”


more white locks featuring cl0uds wow spectacular

these r not mine btw just edits!! i’ll make original ones soon (including color swatches !!) it’s just that my exams start in like. a week’s time soo yea lol. at any rate i’ll be working on requests (…those that are interesting/doable at least) once my exams end in 2 weeks time so LOOK FORWARD!!! cos i am. hope everyone is doing well ~ positivity is good for ur health!!!!! u can do it ✨ make the most of ur little life

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TLC Shipweeks- Week One Day Two- Satellite

u know when an artist is like “lol my style is so inconsistent here”? well my style is really inconsistent here lmso. i don’t rlly like this

Text for Accessibility:

Paparazzi: Excuse me, Crescent?!

P: What was it like being imprisoned on the satellite for over 7 years?

(background reads “Sybil”)

Carswell: Sorry, are we getting paid for this interview?

Cress: oh thank stars

Consider- Cress and Thorne going on their route/passing out the cure/whatever and Cress gets cornered by paparazzi :)  I wish i had more time bc i wanted to do smthn brotp-ish with Jacin or Wolf for this theme too but meh. maybe tomorrow as a sort of bonus

wait okay actual bonus-

this was my original idea but consider it the sequel to up above, once they get away from the crowd and back on the Rampion. if ur rlly nice and buy my strawberry milk i’ll go back and finish it :3c

The Signs and what they may look like/act

*Disclaimer!, these are just based off of my friends but i have seen other people with the same zodiac have similar features*

Aries - Slim, fit, straight hair, normal height, hella outgoing and will fight a b*tch if they bother loved ones

Taurus- Short, chubby-ish, usually has short-mid length hair, loud or quiet no in between 

Gemini- Tall, handsome nose, rlly flowy hair tbh, reserved within her/his bubble, actually very sweet but will drop you like a hot fry if you piss them off

Cancer- very smol or mid height, looks like mother nature 24/7, has or already has cried over something cute, doe face

Leo- Tall or mid height, cat smile, almond eyes, most likely has long af hair and hates it but doesnt really want to cut it bc their too lazy

Virgo- A graceful mess internally, will forking fight you if you touch or move something in their room, usually tall and well kept but can also be short and chubby, makeup on fleak or not… no between.

Libra- Tall, dorky, vERY CLUMSY, will have a conversation with you three days straight telling you that you’re more important then them, you cant win.. ever, extremely sweet but internally suffering inside, needs a hug. libras need love.  

Scorpio - Mid height, short hair tbh, has punched a tree before, likes soft things secretly,  has a strong passion for being loud and proud, is not a sex freak just a little kinky like everyone else in this world. 

Sagittarius - vERY TALL, hella skinnny for some odd reason,dorky face/sexy face no between,  does not know what inside voice means, screams 24/7, loves their music loud, likes to annoy people when their bored, has a lot of weird interests

Capricorn- fun sized, seen with glasses or sunglasses,cute baby face tbh,  will fight you over a theory they have,  likes anime, probably has a collection of their favorite anime character, loves food  

Aquarius - normal height, a lil chub, hella dorky, actually very quiet, likes to do everything for everyone, will fight you if you reject their help, a little controlling but doesnt mean it though, lovable nerd  

Pisces - short, normal sized, seen with emo hair or just the forking rainbow of colors every week, has eaten a soap before because it look/smelled like food, super duper weird, has many dark interests which surprises a lot of people,

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Can we get some rare pair FraMano for the Christmas shipping meme? Please and thank you~

framano is my shit tbh but why dont ppl take advantage n call it romance like??

- Who starts putting up decorations in October?
France, he’s v festive.

- Who buys the advent calendars?
France, he thinks they’re cute.

- Who places mistletoe all around the house?
France of course.

- Who wraps the presents for other people?
They both do it. It’s a team effort. Romano wraps and France sticks the tags n bows on.

- Who puts the final star/angel on the top of the Christmas tree?
Romano insists on doing it.

- Who’s the one that hates eggnog?
They both don’t really like the taste, but Romano would be the one to start an ‘anti-eggnog’ campaign.

Who’s the one that bakes Christmas cookies for guests?
France is the one who enjoys baking the most out of the two, so probably him.

Who sends out the Christmas cards?
France. He sends some with him and Romano on them to every country and just boasts about his life and his boyfriend in the card. It’s not rlly him saying have a merry Christmas, it’s more like him saying “my Christmas is going to be spectacular, get on my level u scrubs”

Who knows all the words to twelve days of Christmas?
France knows all the words in French if that counts.

Who’s the better snowman builder?
They both build rlly good snowmen, but France puts more effort into making them flawless.

Who starts snowball fights?
Romano does tbh.

Who’s the one that wakes the other on Christmas morning by playing Christmas songs really loudly?
Probably France tbh.

Who has the ugliest Christmas sweater?
Romano does. France would never be caught dead in an ugly Christmas sweater.

Who still writes from Santa on the gifts?
France does. He only does them on the ones addressed to micronations and America.

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when i found out i was gay i was like "theres been a real life lesbian living inside me these are lesbian hands theres a lesbian in this household"

i did the same exact thing anon i was like “do my parents know theres a LESBIAN living in this home….. there’s a LESBIAN sleeping in my bed…… there’s a LESBIAN eating their food, sitting on their couch……. a LESBIAN in my body…… ME…….. I was the lesbians the whole time

I’ve done this bfore but ey who cares lmao
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People who dont know abt Shoot are missing a lot tbh. Like, I've been in fandoms since 1999 but this ship is one of the, or maybe even THE, most emotionally fulfilling one for me. Like u said,we got to know them separately first before they get together so they're powerful characters by themselves. That's actually rlly rare?? Most shows just skip this part which leads to non satisfying result. I can write essays abt how Shoot breaks the typical ship mold tbh, they're so good n I miss them sm ;-;

(–same the same anon as bf) ALSO I LOVE HOW THEY MAKE SHAW A MIDDLE EASTERN DESCENT AS THE BISEXUAL sobs that’s so fucking rare on fucking tv and as a fellow bi middle eastern descent I was nearly sobbing when I found out about her. POI has powerful women in non typical roles and I love it. Shaw and Root is like the topping of an already great cake. this show ended too soon. IM SORRY I ENDED UP GUSHING I HOPE U HAVE A GOOD START TO 2017 kiss kiss

Yes anon, exactly!! What a precious ask tbh. Also wow at how long you’ve been in fandom. That’s impressive :o but yes, I love how even if they never had actually happened I would’ve still loved them. That’s how good they were. Plus like you stated, they were just amazing rep all around. For WOC, for bisexuals, for people with personality disorders, for partially deaf people, etc I mean the list is endless. 

Also you can gush to me whenever. I live for people talking to me about Shoot, I can go all day lol; hope you have an amazing 2017 too love!

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( i’m also open to listening to new music genres / artists ! )

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