i rlly just

  • Jonah: (ranting about a movie) Look at what we're dealing with, man! You've got to draw the line somewhere! You've got to draw the line in the sand, dude; you gotta make a statement! You gotta look inside yourself and say, "What am I willing to put up with today?" NOT👏THIS👏
stupid rambling/dumb poetry

nights like these
i miss the touch of your skin
never felt it before but
i picture skin so soft i wanna drown in the silky feel of it
your scent embraces me
ive never sensed it but i know it when its you
wanna get lost in the sight of your eyes
open those doors
let me in
i wanna make you forget the pain
you can use the blade and shove it through my chest
make my heart bleed
youre scared but thats okay
cause i like the pain
i miss you
i want you back
like if youre an ex
but instead ill indulge my pain in sex
ill lose my mind
watch me unwind
the thought of you is the poison in my mind
but we all choose our poison right?
you just happen to eat away at me faster than i thought
i wanna be dead
wanna forget this feeling of dread
dont look me in the eyes
i dont wanna hear your lies
watch my heart bleed
im bleeding out
just let me out
i cant stand this anymore
i dont wanna hold this feeling that i belong with you anymore
im not yours anymore
i never was
only in my head
did i let you in my bed
but in reality this place is empty
just like the place you belong in my head
so nights like these
i miss the touch of your skin
but im not yours anymore
and youre not mine

what “don’t hate on ships” means : don’t harass people who ship unpopular/not well known/ect. ships + send them anon hate for simply shipping two (or more) characters

what “don’t hate on ships” doesn’t mean : pretending as if pedophilic/abusive/ect. are 100% okay and acceptable + that people shouldn’t call you out for shipping something problematic and harmful

me expressing my love and support for harry and his music when no one asked:

beyonce: sings a pro-black anthem in front of a bunch of white people who think blm is a terrorist group clad in black panther garb with an all lady group

yall: uhmmm [tugs at collar] idk the black panther thing was a bit much :// i dont get it

gaga: sings born this way in a city thats p diverse compared to the rest of texas and the rest of america that elected a lesbian mayor

yall: SO PROGRESSIVE i cant believe she did it,,,,she ended homeophobi take that Conservatives