i rlly didnt like the other one

something silly that made me happy

so in one of my classes we have a group project and we trailed of the topic and ended up talking about relationships and stuff and one of the ppl in my group asked me “Dont u want a boyfriend or a girlfriend?” Like, she didnt assume my sexuality and that made me happy

what made me even happier is that one of the other kids (someone i used to know as a kid) told them that i wasnt into men nor women, AND IM NOT EVEN OUT TO HER AS ACE?? 

anyway i have a few tolerable classmates 

tbh im not really sure to go with the other clans. Flowerclan and Snowclan came first and were rlly easy for me to figure out.

My biggest thing i want with my clans is the different little cultural things. Like flowers having meanings and hot spring bonding.

 Thats something i always wanted more of in warriors. Sure they all had different diets, hunting styles, battle strategies and physiques; but they didnt really have anything that made one clan unique over the other. The closest was that riverclan collected shells from the shore for decorations, which is really only mentioned in passing in guidebooks and never once to my knowledge is brought up in the main series.

Does anyone have any ideas? The other clans were creekclan and needleclan (pine needles) but tbh im open to other suggestions since they were made on the spot and i didnt have anything concrete made up for them