i rlly didnt like the other one

kent parson can sing

i dont mean like hes ok at it either. no. this boy can SING

  • he mostly just sings in the shower and shit
    • hes always loved gettin down to pop music but hes never been into music so to speak
    • like hes never rlly played an instrument or any of that 
    • he definitely doesnt know how to read sheet music no sirree
    • he cant harmonize easily or sight sing or anything technical mainly just cause hes never really tried
    • but hell he has PIPES and his voice is smooth as butter
    • but no one knows this except for kit purrson and jack ‘soft singing comforted teenage me when my anxiety flared up’ zimmermann
  • one day the aces PR are making videos and they decide to stage a sing-off
    • they get 3 of the aces including kent ofc bc whats aces promotional material without certified heartthrob and team captain kent v parson
    • each of them is told to pick 3 songs and theyll do one at a time for 3 rounds and their teammates will judge
    • the aces being in vegas they have a shit ton of money so they really deck it out, they bring in tech people to set up fancy lights and screens and shit and make the t-mobile arena’s center ice look like a hockey-themed the voice
    • each of them is given time to plan out their numbers with the tech guys so it looks snazzy af even though for all the PR people know they probably all three sound like dying horses
  • up first is chickens fish guy
    • homeboy comes in with this cutesy folk song from russia
    • he can’t sing that great but it’s p cute and the bright bubbly lights and visuals help
  • now taking center ice is jeff “swoops” troy 
    • swoops being a fool for basketball goes with some high school musical “we’re all in this together” and hey he actually has a nice voice. all in all it’s a good performance
  • and finally kent ‘most extra motherfucker this side of I-15″ parson is set to perform
    • this bitch comes out guns blazing with “i will always love you” by whitney houston
    • he fucking KILLS it and the visuals and everything… 
    • his stage presence is naturally on point 
    • every single person in t-mobile arena at that moment stopped in their tracks to take in this fucking amazing performance
    • finally when kent makes it to the end of the song everyones jaws are on the floor and hes like “how was that did i do ok”
  • chickens fish guy straight up walks out with his hands up. swoops concedes defeat and PR asks kent to do his other 2 songs
    • hes like oh um ok i didnt realize i was that good but sure if u rlly want
    • next he does a really fiery “i would like” by zara larsson and hes getting rlly into it with his dancing and everyone is mesmerized
      • (that song is definitely on his sex playlist but the aces and staff dont need to know that)
    • finally he comes in with the beyoncé everyone knew was coming but instead of one of her really well-known singles he does “start over” from 4 and it’s actually really big and powerful on the vocals and it has a lot of wild runs and kent hits ALL OF THEM and the jaws are on the floor again
  • the PR people put the video out and the public goes w i l d because seriously it’s just unfair?? that he can be so damn good at hockey AND singing

magnus and alec being all happy and comfortable on their way back from their first date, smiling brightly, and laughing about things that aren’t funny, just because they feel so good.
alec laces his fingers through magnus’ and they look at each other for a moment, wide grins on their faces. magnus occasionally squeezes alec’s hand and alec squeezes back.
they get to magnus’ building but they’re still talking and neither of them even mentions it, they just go inside for another drink.
it’s one drink and 90 minutes later when alec realizes what time it is and that he should’ve been home like two hours ago but he just…it doesn’t really matter when he’s here with magnus, feeling the best he’s felt since… well, ever.
“i should get going…“ alec sighs, but he makes no move to get up from the couch. instead he lets himself sink deeper into the corner and tugs his feet under magnus’ legs even further.
magnus is sitting in the middle of the sofa, elbow on the backrest and legs curled up. "of course.”
alec raises an eyebrow. “d’you want me to?” he asks, but there’s little insecurity in his voice. he knows magnus doesn’t want him to. it’s a weird, new feeling for him, knowing he’s wanted. but it feels… it feels good.
magnus tilts his head and unsubtly lets his gaze drop to alec’s lips. “if it means i’m finally getting my post date kiss…” he teases. he’s trying not to smile, but the glint in his eyes betrays him.
alec chuckles, feeling his cheeks heat up. “acting like you want me to leave is not gonna get you that kiss, you know." 
magnus nods thoughtfully for a few seconds, before finally letting the smile appear on his lips. "good thing i have a plan B then.”
“and what’s that?" 
"well, telling you would ruin the idea, wouldn’t it?”
alec pushes himself a little more upright, just a little closer to magnus. “are you always this cryptic?" 
magnus looks slightly taken aback at that, face softening a little as he stares at alec, eyes full of…something. awe, maybe. "i’m not being cryptic," he recites softly. "i’m being coy.”
alec swallows, only realizing they’d both slowly been leaning closer when he feels magnus’ breath touch his lips. magnus suddenly seems to realize too - alec can hear his breath hitch - but neither of them stops.
alec is the first one to close his eyes, for no other reason than to try to contain his smile and keep breathing with magnus’ lips brushing against his.
it feels like minutes, lips ghosting over lips, breaths mingling.
“plan B succeeded,” magnus whispers.

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they were PREPARED with spare bullets!!!!!!!!! yg came, yg saw, but in the end a.c.e conquered!!!!!!!! like donghun rlly didnt have to go in like that ………. first calling him out for being a hypocrite, and Then going on to be like, “oh we have two other members, the leader and the most popular, but they’re on the other survival show” like ,,, god they really did that!!!! IN THEIR FIRST YR OF DEBUT THEY REALLY!! Went for the jugular on one of the Biggest entertainment CEOs!!!!!! They Did That!!! i honestly cant even begin to explain how much i adore them and love them and im so proud of them and i hope junhee and yoochan are watching from wherever they are high fiving their new friends and bragging about how that’s their group!!!!!!!!!!111

this isnt particularly a “ fuck X” anybody but i kinda wanna submit a bit of a psa if youre a customer:
not everywhere does this: but some grocery stores have people whos jobs are literately to bag groceries for you. for example: me.
we dont charge for plastic bags yet , which some people think is rediculous and earth destroying , maybe so , but take into mind that i would be the target of conflict if i use too many bags someone would like and was charged for my work.
for non customers: they dont realize that WE have standards that we must follow

some of mine for bagging ( applies to plastic bags mainly, paper you get a bit more flexibility but you can only put so much in a paper bag without it breaking ) is;

NEVER put meats with non meat items , and ALWAYS wrap different types of meats in a seperate small plastic bag (this includes reusable bags too unless you request no plastic )
dont put non food items with food items , usually we can flex this if its just something like, a box of trashbags or paper plates etc , but you will not catch me bagging borax with your flour , or chorlox with your windex ( DEADLY IF COMBINED)
i wont be putting wine bottles with soft things , even if you get like 10 bottles .
we also will not bag other things with your fresh food ( soups, salads , chicken, sandwiches etc )
we will not make your bags rlly heavy: you might hate that i only put 5-6 soup cans max in one bag, but thats considered heavy and we arnt allowed to risk them breaking on you or assume you can carry heavy bags.
and many more

what happens if we do ? and you didnt ask and its not a reusable bag ? we get in trouble
BIG trouble.
if we do any of those things without u specifically asking , we get in trouble.
so its not that i hate the environment , its just that its hard to care about those things, when youre unemployed and cant feed yourself. might sound selfish but its true

what can i do?:

heres a few things you can do to save trouble if someone else is bagging for you:

- ask to bag your own groceries: we wont say no if you the playing customer ask to do so ,we will go and help other customers that may want assistance and we will let you use as much or as little bags as you want.

- use reusable bags: the rules can be bent alot more , if youre doing 150-200$ orders i find depending on size and how fragile some items are: 4 large reusable tote bags work( because we are also working with how heavy the bags are, just say youd like to fill them up as heavy as needed if you want less ) again thats just an estimate, check online or in store for deals on bags that you can keep with you

- tell us your requests: whether it be “ you dont need to bag X” or “ you dont need to wrap the meats” etc
this is VERY HELPFUL for us , let us know whats on your mind. we rlly do care, we just cant break procedure and rules without permission from customer

thats about it i dont wanna make this too long , overall please: understand baggers and cashiers are just following rules and arnt trying to hate the environment or hate you , just let us know whats on your mind. thank you.

yall ,,, i think im just nonbinary idk ive never rlly felt like a trans guy, ive never really felt connected to either gender at all and honestly trying to pass all the time is really tiring and only makes my dysphoria worse if that makes sense?? like i wanna be seen as neither but thats not rlly a thing in our society so i settle for trying to pass as male but even then i dont feel like i belong with males, cis or trans, and idk i guess im most comfy just being marshall and not having to deal with gender roles or expectations

but im already out as a trans guy to EVERYONE irl and i cant just go back on that bc everyone will be like grr ur a transtrender grr ur in a phase grr ur gender isnt valid rawr theres only 2 genders


and i know lots of ftm guys look up to me n shit but like,,, im nothing like u guys. i call myself a boy bc its easiest but like ?? im rlly not either one and i dont connect to either one

the only thing abt me is that i relate to the way gay guys love each other so thats what makes me feel inclined to call myself a boy u feel me??

idk guys asdfjfjfgh i never rlly addressed this here bc i was confused abt everything and like im one of those ppl who changes their labels 800 million times so i just stopped using labels for a while

and honestly the only reason i started identifying as a trans guy was bc i was dating a trans guy who didnt believe in nonbinary genders and i was basically forced to come out as ftm when i wasnt ready to come out and didnt feel comfortable identifying that way sooo rip

but i realized the reason i dont fit into the trans community and i dont like being called trans is because id rather be called nonbinary LOL so

on the topic of pronouns, i like they/them but no one uses them for me irl so i dont really know how i feel about them i guess. ive gone by he/him for a long time now and im used to it and it doesnt feel wrong or anything so i guess ill keep going by both but if some of u could use they/them for me more often thatd be cool bc i have no one i know in person who uses them for me ;0;

idk i might change my mind again later idkidkidk im still thinking abt things but

i guess this is me Officially™ comin out 2 u guys as nonbinary ?? woop

“you guys secretly love each other.”

summary: you wake up to minhyun and jaehwan cuddling and you’re hella confused.

person: hwang minhyun ft kim jaehwan aka saranghae team lmfao

firstly i had no idea wtf a sleep au is,, so im sorry if this didnt meet expectations someone pls tell me what a sleep au is lmfao so i kinda just made this hella different than requested but oh whale….. someonE TELLMEPLES

  • you and minhyun have been friends for about 4 years
  • and it didnt rlly bother you at the fact u guys like to sleep next to each other
  • yeah both of u have crushes but none of u have admitted
  • smh
  • anyways
  • the wanna one members somehow know that uguys flirt like 26/9 (what am i doing help)
  • minhyun invited u over the dorm bc he got so fuckn bored
  • ur like “i JUST SAW YOU TWO DAYS AGO?? smh CLINGY”
  • then minhyun left u on read and he knows ur gonna slap him in the face
  • so the doorbell rings
  • and daehwis like “I GOT IT DID U ORDER FOOD ANYO- oH Y/N!!”
  • daehwi pulls u into a hug and u blush bc wtf hes so cute what even?
  • “what are you doing here y/n??” ong smirks “oHMYGOD UR HERE FOR MINHYUNRIGHT??”
  • you blush and ur like “nah i gotta clean ur dorm smh.. i hope u guys dont mind that i’ll be staying over tonight??”
  • “oF COURSE NOT” daniel smirks
  • “whos there? AISHDDHDH Y/N!”
  • minhyun runs to u and pulls u into a hug and ur lowkey dying bc hes so tall and u know ur gonna fall and die
  • “why dont yall jusT KISS ALREADY OHMYGOD” seongwoo screams
  • “shut up..” minhyun rolls his eyes
  • “ur so clingy what did seonho do to u i LEGIT JUST SAW U TWO DAYSAGO”
  • “why are you talkin about seonho” minhyun pouts “U CAME HEREFOR A REASON”
  • “bc i am the mum of seonho” u roll ur eyes
  • “Y/N-NOONA!” guanlin screams and runs to u 
  • “wHATTHEFUCKDHCHC” ur screaming inside
  • “ok you make me want to live here guanlin”
  • u kinda forget about cleaning the dorm so minhyun does it by himself and then jaehwan suggests about watching a movie
  • “hORRORRR”
  • “no i cant do that” you pout and daniel gives u a high five “i feEL YOU Y/N”
  • “why not romance.. ekekekek” uR WANTING TO SLAP THE HYUNG LINE SO BADLY
  • “ok hyung line.. u rlly want me to smack u dont u” you look at the maknaes “lOOK AT THE MAKNA!!ES!! SO!! WELL!! BE!!HAVED uNLIKE YOU ALL TREATING ME LIKT HIS”
  • “sungwoon UR GOING TO DIE TONIGHTHEHDHC” u scream mentally in your mind bc fuckandeveryone knows now u like the hwang minhyun and UR DYING
  • luckily minhyun is in the kitchen and he probably hasnt heard anything…
  • “hyung…. THIS WASNT THE RIGHT TIME” woojin tuts at sungwoon hyung
  • “this is why i love the maknaes.. my children”
  • ong throws a pfT at you and u smirk
  • timeskip to night
  • you’re getting ready for bed and you are like take the couch and minhyunslike nO just sleep beside me and u panic a little
  • “o..okay”
  • “why are you nervous? we’ve done this a lot”
  • you can hear small screams
  • “oh mygod whos screaming”
  • “jihoon hyung” guanlin giggles
  • “i know but like.. THERE are other people here..”
  • “just…. come closer y/n, its fine”
  • he snuggles next to you and u kinda just become the small spoon lmfao
  • “i love you.. y/n”
  • “i love you too..”
  • u kinda check to see if hes sleeptalking but nO
  • “im sorry i didnt say this sooner,”
  • the rooms dead quiet but u can hear some muttering
  • “the members were pushing me and i-”
  • “OUCH”
  • “iM SORRY CONTINUE I JUST” guanlin falls off his bed
  • bc ur smiling like an idiot
  • man
  • in the morning u wake up and some members are already awake
  • “morning y/n!” they greet u
  • you look to your left where minhyun was
  • “oh my god”
  • minhyun moves a little and opens his eyes
  • “OHMY-”
  • jaehwan falls off the bed
  • “oHMYGOD IM”
  • ur hella confused
  • the end.
  • whats a sleep au someone tell me asap

FDVKNBKJDF IM DYING i found my old wattpad account and it has three fics up ………. yikes …

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What are your favorite Boom episodes?

-the sidekick
its a rlly cute episode and thats when the animation was at its peak for me
-the new year’s one (forgot what its called)
-it takes a hedgehog to lead a village
bc shadow
-alone again unnaturally
i just like the concept of it idk
-part 2 or 3?? of the robots in the sky arc
idk which one but there were a lot of moments of sonic and tails bein buds and i liked that a lot
-vector the detector
they actually handled vector pretty well imo and surprisingly he didnt rlly need the other chaotix there (tho i still want to see espio)

anyway kind of highlights for me. nothing everyone else hasnt already said, but:

rlly surprised & interested in how minkowski’s outburst panned out- she isnt angry at lovelace for self-sacrifice, she’s angry bc lovelace didnt trust her to be able to save them, and, in her eyes, has never considered her in control and never respected her as a commanding officer. we know that minkowski has a history of…self esteem issues is one way to put it i suppose? and to an extent, she’s right- lovelace had been very focused on her own goals and had actively manipulated minkowski, and whether or not she respects her doesnt take away much from the fact that she has undermined her authority. 

eiffel & jacobi’s like “yeah we hate each other but we dont rlly have issues with each other” was funny & refreshing. also there was a reminder here that jacobi’s being compliant but he is not remotely like, siding with them or a part of the team. he’s furious, mourning the loss of maxwell, not making any sort of moral awakening or anything, would kill them all given the chance, and very calmly at that. jst because he’s pissed at kepler doesnt make him less of an antagonist. he’s benevolent for now, but i wouldnt advise letting guard down. 

i only realized when listening to this ep that, of course, hera hadn’t told everyone about pryce’s programming, which is a good reminder when considering her interactions w/ the rest of the crew. maxwell really really screwed her over. maxwell’s arc was so, so well done. 

“me too, eiffel” welp,  im gonna go lie down in my fucking grave

at the end i feel so much for lovelace, who is dealing with this identity crisis & fear that she isnt in control of herself, & now has to question how directly she’s being manipulated. from her introduction, lovelace’s goal has been to get home, by any means necessary, and here she found herself essentially unwittingly sabotaging her chances when they were all so close. that has to really, really hurt & be very frightening. im rooting for her- but also rlly interested to see how else dear listeners might use or manipulate her. it comes down to the question at the end- what is she to them?

ok so. highkey try not to cry challenge but like. there was an open mic night at music camp this summer and even though i had never performed solo in front of so many people and i dont actually know how to play the piano, i really wanted to perform Goner because its so close to my heart. so i learned the song. and when the night was finally there i was so nervous but it was honestly such an amazing experience!!! i would do it again in a heartbeat. anyways, im pretty sure one of my absolute favorite youtubers @crankthatfrank likes this song, so Frank, if youre seeing this, thanks for helping me smile that day even though i was so nervous. and for all the other days i felt like i couldnt gather the strength to do anything. just… thanks.

ps, if you do actually see this, i hope i didnt make you cry, haha <3

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i think the only person jimin is i wouldnt say shy but reserved around is yoongi, i think thats because he respects/admires him, (like a hyung) so much and wants approval? didnt he bring lyrics to him once and yoongi was like you call these lyrics? with the other hyungs he knows hes charming/has aegyo and uses that to get away with stuff, i think jin said once you cant rlly be mad at him because hes cute lol, i hope im not bothering you too much behaviour is fascinating to analyze

never a bother, i love analyzing behavior too ajfdkl. so this is about to get long lol

yoonmin srsly confounds me sometimes - on one hand there’s an underlying power imbalance, but then they rly feel like equals? diff. from jikook, in which jimin clearly feels older to me most of the time. the general sense i get from yoonmin tho is that they have, unexpectedly, a mutual understanding, despite their differences. and jimin (yoongi too, i believe) usually adjusts to reflect whoever he’s with. take taehyung for ex. - he doesn’t rly compromise his energy no matter who he’s hanging out with, but i’ve noticed jimin often tries to establish gentle rapport w/ the person he’s talking to in one-on-one situations. you inspired me to brush up on my yoonmin so i was just re-watching this log:

the amount of ‘mirroring’ in this, omg… tempting me to make more body lang. analyses AHH. i think what u said about jimin being more reserved around yoongi is so right; i think it’s respect, but also because they have a kind of comforting, relaxing effect on each other? jimin is quieter around yoongi, just like how yoongi is gentler/more honest when he’s around jimin imo (compare w/ energetic yoonseok). the members have said b4 that jimin is the most mellow irl, so maybe the reserved jimin we see w/ yoongi is actually the jimin we don’t see most of the time.

things that keep me up at night tbh

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7, 14, and 23!

7. Ultimate gay anthem?

jenny- studio killers

pretty girl- hayley kiyoko

dancing on my own-robyn

girl- the internet

14. Tell us your favourite wlw-related memory.

ok so another one thats rlly funny is like in the time when I didnt rlly process I liked girls yet I was hanging out w/ some friends at a party and we were drunk and arguing about which kissing techniques worked best (lips overlapping or against each other) bc some of us had tried one or the other. so we practiced on each other and we decided both. there were no boys involved lmao and at the time I was like “its platonic!!! im straight!” and to be fair it was platonic but honestly  like. oh my god

23. Do you prefer hugs or kisses?

to say goodbye/hello I prefer hugs tho sometimes cheek kisses are nice for that too.  if im just like chilling and sitting around idly sometimes a hug around my waist feels really nice. or like lil kisses on the back of my hand like some 1700s bullshit I live for that



im so sad face cause i got a monster high doll and its like damaged and i tried calling mattel yet no answer for 3 days and then i tried emailing them and i still didnt get a reply

been having rlly bad days and i thought a doll would cheer me up now im just crying some more sighs so i have to buy a new one and its just making me cry even more cause they cost like 50 dollars here and i was saving that for something else, like commissioning someone who needed money and paying debts, maybe ill buy the doll later i have other things to pay for

so bluhhh maybe a skelita to make me feel better since i love her