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Hello, lovelies! Astrology readings range from $3 - $10 from now on. Please help support my toddler and I by reblogging or purchasing a reading from me. Available 24/7, you will receive your reading in approximately 1-3 days, but I will keep you updated. I have 5 years experience with astrology and all readings are very in depth!

For all astrology readings, I will need your birth date, time of birth, and location of birth (city, state, country).


(brookketten@gmail.com or paypal.me/BrookKetten)

Personality Reading: $3
*I will go over your sun, moon, mercury, and rising sign which reveal your personality, your emotional expression, how you speak, communicate, and think, and what your public persona is like. Very in depth.

Full Birth Chart Reading: $5
*I will go over all your planetary positions, your 12 houses, and your Lilith and Chiron. This reading is VERY in depth and reveals your personality, emotional expression, how you speak and think, what you’re like in love, how you receive good luck, your bad karma, your relationship with friends and family, your upbringing, your childhood, your darkside, your deepest pain/wounds, and so much more. Most people request this reading.

Planetary Aspects Reading: $5
*I will go over ALL your planetary aspects which reveal more about yourself and what you need to work on and improve about yourself. 

Asteroids Reading: $5
*I will go over your Lilith, Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, Part of Fortune, Juno, Vesta, and North / South Nodes. This will reveal your powers, your darkside, your deepest wounds, how you’ll find happiness and success, your soulmate description, your past life, and so much more!

Past Life Reading: $5
*New reading. I will go over your Jupiter, Saturn, North Node, South Node, Fortune, Lilith, 8th house, and Chiron to give a proper description of the karma instilled in your life, both good and bad, as well as who you were in a past life and how it affects you in your present life. This reading will help you to understand how to channel good karma  and help you to understand how you are limited or restricted in this life.

Synastry / Compatibility Chart Reading: $10
*Originally $15. This reading is for revealing the compatibility between two individuals. This reading will go over both positive and negative aspects of the relationship and what the couple may need to work on. This reading does not foretell if the relationship will last, that is up to the couple.

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Sorry I forgot to specify 🙈 I meant jealousy such as fear of being replaced by someone else, sorry again 🙈🙈

No problem! I think:

-Aries/Taurus/Leo/Scorpio Venus
-Cancer/Libra Rising
-Taurus/Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces Moon
-Taurus/Cancer/Libra Mars
-Venus-Pluto hard aspects
-Sun in Libra/Scorpio/Aquarius
-Venus-Mars hard aspects
-Venus afflicted
-Lilith-Venus hard aspects
-Venus in the 7th/8th/12th house
-Moon in the 8th House

Think of the signs in your birth chart as voices...

Your rising sign is the voice you speak with, the voice others will always recognize you by.

Your sun sign is the voice deep inside you, regulating you, repeating certain key phrases over and over.

Your moon sign is the voice you laugh with, the voice you tell secrets with, and the voice that tells you it’s time to cry.

Your mercury sign is the voice in your head, the one that reads for you when you’re alone, and shapes your ideas into sentences.

Your venus sign is the voice that warms you, the softer one you use around that special person.

Your mars sign is the voice that excites you, the one that gets too loud sometimes, and the one saying those things you wish you could take back.

Your jupiter sign is the voice that tells you to do better, be better, grow. The one that inspires you and humbles you.

Your saturn sign is the voice that tells you to just go do it. The one that tells you when to keep your head down and when to have fun.

Your uranus sign is the voice you speak with when adressing someone higher than you, and the voice that urges you to find your purpose, so that you may one day change the world with it.

Your neptune sign is the voice that sings you to sleep, the one you trust to tell you how your dreams went, and the one that whispers that there is so much more to the universe than we know.

Your pluto sign is the voice that only asks questions that cannot be answered. The one that, ultimately, decides what you believe.

Your midheaven is the voice you use at a job interview, and even online. It’s the voice illuminating your skills and knowledge.

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What I Love About the Signs

ARIES: extremely fun to be around, passionate, very attractive

TAURUS: great at making me feel wanted and loved, also great taste in everything I take their recommendations very seriously

GEMINI: literally just laughs on laughs on laughs constantly

CANCER: huge NERDS that I share a lot of similar interests with

LEO: so easy to talk to about seriously anything, my own personal hype men

VIRGO: always really aesthetically pleasing it’s weird and I love it

LIBRA: always down to go do stuff and try new things with me

SCORPIO: just complements back and forth also memes

SAGITTARIUS: understanding and supportive, always really funny and witty

CAPRICORN: great cuddlers who possess an intellectual depth that I adore

AQUARIUS: super honest and realistic, which is definitely what I need sometimes, also the funniest people I have ever met

PISCES: calm voice of reason, is able to chill me out really easily somehow, my necessary counterpart

Ascendant, Moon, Midheaven

On the outside, I appear…

Aries rising: active, enthusiastic, straightforward

Taurus rising: steady, grounded, sensual

Gemini rising: adaptable, inquisitive, talkative

Cancer rising: cautious, caring, sensitive

Leo rising: confident, energetic, charismatic

Virgo rising: competent, poised, reserved

Libra rising: charming, pleasant, artistic

Scorpio rising: private, observant, magnetic

Sagittarius rising: adventurous, optimistic, restless

Capricorn rising: determined, responsible, serious

Aquarius rising: curious, independent, approachable

Pisces rising: gentle, easygoing, changeable

Deep within, I am…

Aries moon: spontaneous, passionate, strong

Taurus moon: guarded, sentimental, loyal

Gemini moon: intellectual, restless, open-minded

Cancer moon: empathetic, devoted, moody

Leo moon: affectionate, expressive, stubborn

Virgo moon: detail-oriented, practical, shy

Libra moon: fickle, peaceful, objective

Scorpio moon: intense, intuitive, secretive

Sagittarius moon: free-spirited, upbeat, impatient

Capricorn moon: stable, dutiful, self-critical

Aquarius moon: detached, idealistic, eccentric

Pisces moon: compassionate, emotional, impractical

However, I aspire to be or would like to be viewed as…

Aries Midheaven: confident, pioneering, enthusiastic

Taurus Midheaven: sensible, assured, tenacious

Gemini Midheaven: intelligent, creative, adaptable

Cancer Midheaven: dependable, nurturing, kindhearted

Leo Midheaven: bold, generous, commanding

Virgo Midheaven: helpful, organised, reasonable

Libra Midheaven: peaceful, well-mannered, sociable

Scorpio Midheaven: deliberate, mysterious, passionate

Sagittarius Midheaven: knowledgeable, dynamic, versatile

Capricorn Midheaven: controlled, wise, hardworking

Aquarius Midheaven: innovative, flexible, cooperative

Pisces Midheaven: intuitive, understanding, artistic

Your eyes are like....

Please use your MOON and RISING signs ~

Aries: the first morning of the spring, fire reflecting through, warmth that melts the ice away gently but fast

Taurus: the first flowers of the year, dawn of the day, beauty of the world, relaxed and gentle, hot tea after work, silent but meaningful like forest

Gemini: the curious eyes of child, reflecting the colorful mind, like the morning breeze, little fairies dancing in the rain

Cancer: strong but full of understanding the complexity of empathy, the bright summer nights, reflection in the surface of the lake

Leo: work of art, bright like sun but understanding like moon, midsummer day and celebrating, sparklers in the water

Virgo: warm cup of coffee in the morning, small but strong flowers, the morning rain, shine of the diamonds and purity of first snow

Libra: the first star of the night, window reflecting you, understanding of the person, slowly burning candles on a winter night, cozy fall days

Scorpio: the moon and the stars of the night, coldness of the winter and heat of the summer, passion of the tiger and understanding of the deep sea

Sagittarius: the adventures of the summer, the sparkles of the fire, meant for understanding the life, snow angels and snowball fights

Capricorn: ambition that goes over the sky, the moon and the universe, warmth of a hug on a winter day, stability of a maple

Aquarius: understanding humanity and everything beyond, dancing in the summer rain, galaxies of the universe

Pisces: looking through the rose glasses, where the worlds top secrets are kept, white clouds of the sky, snowflakes falling from the sky

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Do you have more info about aspects to the ascendant?

I do!

Sun/Ascendent: Lots of physical energy. Self-esteem strongly influences self-expression. Father often played an important role in the development of the self and the self-expression, for better or worse. Independent, tendency to look at oneself instead of others to decide how to express themselves (this can be altered by other placements). 

Moon/Ascendent: Emotions are either actively hidden or naturally and openly expressed. Mother often played an important role in the development of the self and the self-expression, for better or worse. Prone to obvious moodiness. Tendency to shyness. Nostalgic. Emotional state heavily influences how they carry themselves and they may like to change their appearance frequently. 

Mercury/Ascendent: Come across as witty and intelligent. There is an air of juvenility around them. Often skilled with their hands and at crafting. Talkativeness is common and there’s a tendency to express oneself mostly through words, the attentionspan can be small at times. 
Aspects between Mercury & the Ascendent other than the Conjunction are usually of less importance as both are rather passive points when it comes to aspects.

Venus/Ascendent: Is viewed as beautiful and/or attractive, regardless of actual appearance. Very charming and well-mannered. A people person, sometimes with the tendency to be a push-over or people pleaser. Diplomatic and has a fine eye for beauty and aesthetic as well as other people’s talents. May be prone to shallowness at times.

Mars/Ascendent: Fierce and passionate, has an active and confident approach to the world. May at times come off as “too strong” or aggressive. Determined, assertive, and action-oriented. Doer instead of talker personality. Tendency to be competitive and approach people and things as challenges. Prone to be irritable and condescending towards those who are more passive.

Jupiter/Ascendent: Extravagant and noticeable expression. Loud and grande personality, even if not actually loud or tall. Tolerance and expansion are big themes, tend to not care too much about what others think or do. May be prone to a god or superiority complex. Curious personality and eager to see and experience a lot. Possibility to indulge too much in any form of abundance. 

Saturn/Ascendent: Disciplined and controlled. Mature personality. Tendency to be more quiet and take the role of the observer more than that of the actor. Can come across as intimidating and prefers to keep their circle small. Very resilient, tenacious, and reliable. Prone to pessimism that is perceived as realism by the native. Cold demeanor, may feel as if they aren’t allowed to be themselves. 

Uranus/Ascendent: Spontaneous, eccentric personality. Wants to suprise and shock people, may enjoy changing themselves and/or their appearance a lot. Prone to detachment and a feeling of being, or having to be, “above” others. Strong intuition and likeable but may be hard to get to know on an intimate level. Skilled at technological things. Future-oriented. Idealistic views and a strong wish to revolutionize their surroundings. Tendency to escape conflicts and push people away. 

Neptune/Ascendent: Very sensitive and incredible intuition. Has an exceptional imagination and skill of visualization but has a tendency to use these to escape reality by daydreaming excessively. Spaces out a lot and tends to feel “far away”. Intuitively spots dishonesty in others and very empathetic. May be unsure of who they are and can be unstable and easy to manipulate.

Pluto/Ascendent: Extremely ambitious in going after their goals and dreams. Tends to come off as unapproachable and someone who doesn’t show all of themselves. Resilient and tends to go through lots of transformative phases. May be autoaggressive or even masochistic. Strong willpower and urge to grow as an individual. Prone to paranoia.  


So I commissioned the beautiful and talented @archiaart to draw my Man in the Moon OC, Manny, and @underwildwood ‘s Jack together, and I was not disappointed. Look at how amazing and lovely this is. Absolutely beautiful. I’m excited to commission her again.

  • Sun/Chiron: Personality that heals
  • Moon/Chiron: Emotional Connections that heal
  • Mercury/Chiron: Words that heal
  • Venus/Chiron: Love that heals
  • Mars/Chiron: Actions that heal
  • Ascendant/Chiron: Presence that heals