i ripped harrys shirt

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Just sitting around thinking about how much Louis hates his mortal enemy harry. Like that time they flew together and Louis literally fought harry during the flight and harry arrived with his shirt torn to pieces. Epic. 😂

Oh god, I know, that was the worst. I wonder what Harry did to Louis that made him rip Harry’s shirt like that…..it must have been something really serious. I’m just grateful they survived the flight together somehow. :\

  • Harry: "I hate you!" *kiss*
  • Louis: "I loathe you!" *kiss*
  • Harry: "You are despicable!" *rips Louis' shirt*
  • Louis: "You are horrid!" *pulls off Harry's pants*
  • Harry: "Marry me you bastard!" *fiercely puts ring on finger*
  • Louis: "Move in with me you prick!" *buys house for Harry and him*

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WOW ANON THIS WAS SUCH AN IMPORTANT DAY it was in April 2013 and basically he wore this shirt


with a tANK TOP UNDERNEATHTANK TOP!!!! AND!!!! MESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!look at those sweaty curls IS HE REALthat dude like same

so here are some of my suggestions for future outfits:

There's something about that Red shirt

This one is for Paige. I decided to do a bit naughty one! Sugar I hope you’ll like this one! I enjoyed writing this, it was quite fun! Xxx


Paige’s POV

I was carrying new red fabric shirts from the backroom to their own reck. I walked to the reck and started to put them to it. 
“Okayh…small- medium- large -xlarge” i was thinkin’ outloud when I heard the bell ringing. Someone just entered to the store. When the frontdoor opened, I heard girls screaming and some traffic voices too. I didn’t pay it too much attention, I just continued placing the shirts to their reck. 
“Welcome to (some expensive store/the one where rich people do their shopping), I’m Paige, can I help you with something?” I said loudly, I still didn’t watch who came in. I just tagged the shirts. 
“Yes, please” I heard a strong sexy english accent.
‘Oh my’ I thought myself. 
“Well how can I help- Oh my!” I gasped when I turned around. Harry freakin Styles was standing right in front of me, in all his glory. Wow he’s tall and look at those shoulders, and those muscular arms, and ..well those brown boots.
I gulped. 
“Hello love, I’m Harry” he smiled.
“Uhm sorry about that.” I coughed.
“How can I help you?” I asked, trying to stay calm. 
“I am looking for a new shirt, do you know any good ones?” Harry said with a raspy voice and coughed.
‘Oh my god I’m so hot right now’
“Yes actually, these just arrived today and personally. I like them.”
I said showing the new red fabric shirts.
“Do you think red suits me?” Harry asked, little unsure.
“Well there’s one way to find out! Fitting rooms are over there” I said, pointing direction to the fitting rooms.
“Would you like to tell your opinnion about it?” He asked politely.
“Sure, I’d love that.” I smiled. He grinned at me and I handed him the shirt.
“I gave you L and XL. I’m not quite sure what’s your size but I suppose it’s one of those” I explained.
“These will do fine!” Harry said excitedly and walked to fitting room. After he closed the curtain, I lean against the wall and sighed deeply.
‘Okay Paige, don’t embarrase yourself now.’ I told myself. 
I walked to the fitting room area and sit on the chair.
The curtain flew open and very hot looking Harry stepped out. That shirt really highlights his tall big figure. My jaw dropped on the floor. Red shirt and tanned skin..
“Well? What do you think?” Harry asked, turning around.
“Uh…uhm. You look hot. I mean handsome!” I blushed. Way to go Paige.  ”Haha thank you!” Harry laughed.
“I like it myself” He smiled proudly. His cute dimples showing. 
“Can I ask you a question?” I asked.
“Sure, go ahead”
“Why do you keep half of the buttons open?” I giggled.
“I like it when people see my tattoos” Harry grinned.
“Oh I see, hold on-” I said, standing up and walked right next to Harry.
“-let me just…” I said, closing the buttons. My hand accidentally touched Harry’s bear chest. Damn it was hot!
Suddently I felt him pushing his chest little forward, I giggled and mumbled 
“Show off” 
“What?” Harry chuckled, when he chuckle, his chest bounced little, making me go crazy.
“Nice pecs by the way” I giggled.
“I-I mean..”
Suddently I felt Harry’s large hands on my arms and he pushed me hard against the wall.
“You like this don’t you?” Harry asked, his tone was now low and hot breathing gave me shivers. He lifted me up like I was a feather, he leaned forward and crashed his lips against mine. I wrapped my legs around his torso and my hands started to go through his messy curles. 
Harry pushed his bigger body against my smaller one, he supported my with his left hand and with his right hand, he opened my bra. Harry put me down and we started to unbutton eachothers shirts, well I unbuttoned Harry’s and Harry just ripped mine of like it was a paper. 
His big hot muscular body gave me a hot feeling inside and only a second after that, I felt Harry’s huge hands squeezing my boobs. I groaned loudly.
My nipples went hard and Harry bit them lighty. The feeling was unbelieveble.
I had enough, I pushed Harry’s hands away and fell for my knees. His bulge was fucking huge! I’m suprise that his jeans didn’t fail. I started to rub it outside and Harry groaned like there’s no tomorrow.
I decided to tease him a bit and opened the buttons of his jeans slowly as possible.
Harry groaned as the joint of his boxers started to break because the size of his erection. I heard the noise of the ripping fabric. I knew that any second from now his boxers will fail him. I used all my strenght to pull the half unbuttoned jeans down and only second after that, the boxers ripped and Harry’s massice hard cock slammed on my face.
“Ohhh.!.” I screamed
I gasped as I looked his erection with widened eyes. That must be at least over 11 inch long. I breathed heavily and felt extremely hot as I watched it pointing right to my direction. I slowly places my pointer finger on top of it. I grabbed it with both of my hands and forced it to my mouth. Harry yelled when I almost pushed his all lenght down to my throat. It tasted the most amazing.
“Oh my god that feels amazing…” Harry groaned. I needed to breathe so I pulled back and let his wet cock to bounce a bit.
“SUCK IT” Harry ordered loudly and pushed it into my mouthed with a huge force. He started to thrust in and out and in and out, He supported my head with both of his large hands and the only thing I did, was hold my hair and somehow tried to breathe. 
My vision started to get blurry when I couldn’t breathe. I pulled back and catch my breathing.
“Well someones wet to me” Harry chuckled, wiping a sweat away from his forehead.
I giggled and breathed heavily. I stand up and noticed that my crotch part of my jeans was wet.
Harry noticed it too and placed his large hands under my crotch and lifted me up with a one hand, I took quickly support of his shoulders and when My head was as same height as his, he crashed his lips against mine and forced his tongue in. I felt his cock rubbing against my crotch, though I had my jeans on, I could feel that Harry actually thursted his lenght in a bit. He was still holding me with his right hand and with his left hand, he opened the buttons of my jeans. Harry put me down and pulled my jeans down and immediatly ripped my thongs off and pushed his two long fingers inside of my pussy. The fingers inside of me, felt so fucking good. Harry thursted them in and out with a lot of force and started to rub my clit from inside. I was on my limit and reached my climax. 
I screamed when my orgasm came, the liquits flew all over Harry’s fingers. Harry chuckled.
“That’s my girl, let me clean that for you” he grinned and started to lick my pussy. His hot tongue inside of me felt absolutely amazing. 
He rised up, grabbed my legs, lifted my up and spread them widely and placed his fucking huge cock right outside of my pussy and slowly pushed it in. It hurted like hell because of his huge size. Harry groaned and I screamed like hell. After few times of carefully pushing it in and out, he got enough and forcefully thursted into me, it hurted like hell but at the same time it was the most amazing feeling in my life.
He thrusted in and out and in out quickly, sweat streaming on his forhead and chest, I supported myself holding his back and I think i scratched it. A lot.
Harry hold me tightly and his moves started to get a lot faster than before.
“H-harry p-please s-slow down, you a-are gonne rip my pussy apart” i cried outloud, the pain was too much, I pushed my fingers to his back and tried to breathe. 
“Paige hold on..I-i’m so close” Harry groaned and after few painfull thrust he quickly pulled his cock out and reached his climax and cummed right over my face. There was so much cum on my face, and Harrys hard cock was resting on my lips as I licked all cum off it. 
Harry fell right next to me and I leaned on him, he put his muscular arm around me and I placed my head against his chest, I could feel his fast heartbeating. I smiled to myslef. I just had the most amazing sex with Harry Styles.
“P-paige” Harry stuttered
“That was-” Harry started
“The most amazing” I continued.
“Sex ever” Harry finished and his grip around me tightend.
“Indeed. You’re fucking huge !”
I almost screamed!
“Oh I know..” Harry chuckled.
“How about a round two?” He winked.
“I think my pussy would explode..” I giggled.
“You were so fucking tight, that feeling felt so amazing. I’m sorry if I hurted you”. Harry said, leaning his head on top of mine.
“Totally worth it” I sighed and giggled.
“So are you going to buy that shirt” i asked.
“Yeah, can I have this one?” Harry said, pointin the shirt right next to my sweaty body.
“Sure, my treat” I winked at him. Harry chuckled and kissed my cheek.

I’ll See You There💋Harry Styles💋Part 5 

Harry’s P.O.V 

 I was leaving marks all around her neck to remind people that she was mine. Y/N’s moan was getting louder and people walking and stared at us, I don’t think she noticed until my lips left her neck and I stared hard to her eyes, “We should go somewhere more private, so I can rip that dress off you and repay you for making my cock hard.” I whispered in her ear and watch her as she slowly close’s her legs, “What’s wrong love, are you wet for me?” I smirked and she lifted her face up and looked at me. 

Y/N’s P.O.V

I was so wet right now, he was driving me crazy, “Harry please, ill do whatever you want,” I pleaded and watched him smirk, “Tell me what you want Y/N and I’ll give it to you,” “You know exactly what I wanted because you want the same thing,” I decided to play but what I want to do more is, I wanted to wipe that smirk off his lips and watch him feel the desire to release, so I grab his cock through his jeans. As soon as I did that he hissed, closed his eyes and bit his lips, “If you wanted my cock that bad Y/N, you could’ve just asked.” He grabbed my arm and lead me to the parking lot. 

Harry’s P.O.V

 I could see the shock on her, when we arrived at my car, guessing she doesn’t know I’m in a boy band with my three best mates, I opened the car door for her, “Thank you, Mr. Styles,“ she winked at me and rubbed her finger up my crotch, “Your doing that on purpose,” “Me? I do no such thing, I would never.” It was a good thing I was staying at a hotel 6 minutes away from here if I wasn’t I would fuck Y/N in the bathroom. Y/N’s P.O.V He got in the car and started driving towards a hotel he was staying at. *4 Minutes Later* The elevator open and we stepped inside, like normal people and not trying to rip each others clothes off the second his room door closes, yup just normal people. As we stepped inside they’re 3 men and 2 older women that looked in their 30s to late 40s, one of them looked at me and smiled and I smiled back to be nice but all I wanted to do was rip open Harry’s shirt open.