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i’ve been writing this story for years now. two people with absolutely no odds of meeting finally meet. and they fall so in love, it’s like inventing an entirely new language. they never lie to one another. they don’t know how. when the entire world turns against each other, families, friends, and neighbors, they are the only two who stay on the same side. when love goes extinct, they’re put into a museum. the purest of love preserved. they never fall out of love. they spend eternity behind a glass at an exhibit watching people study them. watching people with wrinkles and dimples and sideburns and glasses and blemishes and empty hearts. watching people wonder what love used to feel like.

Ten Years (Part 8)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,475 (minus the flashback) (yes I need to stop)

Warnings: language, sarcasm, fluff, mentions of past cheating, drinking, potentially anxious situations, confrontation, crying (every chapter has the same warnings because I’m melodramatic)

A/N: Tags are closed. I rewrote this whole damn thing again, and I’m an angsty bag of trash today, so it’s completely reflected here. I kept asking myself out loud, “Why are you like this?”

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 -

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Fluff PROMPT: Mulder and pregnant Scully have a bath together after a long day. I love your writing!!! ❤️❤️

Dear perfect, lovely anon. Your fluff prompt kept me sane today when I drove through Ireland (insanely beautiful country, but roads not suitable for my currently slightly damaged car). So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. I hope you like this cause I didn’t read the ‘after a long day’ and this happened. Oops.

For some reason Mulder is five minutes early. Of course he knows why he is early if he thinks about it (he tries not to think about it, but how can he not). The reason he is early, no matter the minutes, is that his apartment feels lonely, empty even. The only place he feels like himself, where he feels like he still belongs, is at Scully’s place. Luckily, either because of her pregnancy or simply because she really does like him, too, Scully is fine with him coming over every day. Every single day. Just the other day Mulder thought she’d mumbled a ‘stay the night’ when he tucked her in. But she’d hardly been awake and no matter how long he stared at her sleeping form, she didn’t repeat it. So he left. He leaves every night only to return again the next day. Like a stray puppy. Except for that one day when he had a doctor’s appointment and she insisted that she come with him and they spent the morning together anyway. So if he thinks about it (he really shouldn’t), it’s not a surprise he’s early.

These days Mulder has more than enough time to lose himself in thoughts while he waits for Scully to open the door. At 8 months pregnant, she no longer walks, she waddles. Though that is something he keeps to himself. Whenever someone stares at her strange walk he shoots them a dirty look. It’s the least he can do, he figures, having missed so much already. Not that they ever talk about it. If they talk about the baby it’s just that: the baby. Scully turns pink whenever she calls it her baby and neither of them has dared to call it their child yet. It’s been 8 months and it seems too sudden. At least Mulder can claim to have been dead for a great part of the pregnancy. That’s another thought he keeps to himself, though. Whether they talk about it or not, he’s here for her and the baby. The baby. His, hers or maybe even theirs.

Mulder contemplates using his key. It’s been minutes (or at least it feels like minutes) and Scully still hasn’t opened the door. If she gets angry, he thinks, he can always argue that something could have been wrong. If he’s honest, though, he doesn’t want to use the key. Unless Scully tells him to. Even when they were dating, or whatever they had been doing before he was abducted, he hardly ever used the key to her apartment.

“Hi.” Scully opens the door before he can finish his thought and Mulder is so taken aback by her attire that he forgets words altogether. Not that he’s never seen her in her underwear before (hey, he’s even seen her without it), but that was Before.

“Mulder? Can you come in? I’d rather not have my neighbors see me like this.” He walks in behind her and closes the door. Her hair is up in a messy bun and the tank top she’s wearing is sticking to her back.

“Is everything all right, Scully? How are you feeling?” She turns to him and he is certain he’s never seen her like this; her face is flushed as if she’s run a marathon and her eyes look exhausted. He hasn’t told her, because again, he isn’t sure he’s allowed, but this pregnancy looks good on her. Today, though, it really, really doesn’t.

“It’s so hot, Mulder. I can't… I don’t know what to do. My mother took me to the market this morning and I guess it was too much.”

“Oh.” It’s not a clever remark but he’s miffed no one told him about the market. He could have gone with them,

“Did we want to do anything today? I can’t remember. It’s too warm to think, Mulder.” She sits down on the couch where a fan is oscillating into her direction. She moans softly and Mulder bites his tongue as his cock twitches inside his jeans. Definitely not the time.

“No, we uhm, didn’t have any plans.”

“That’s good.” She sighs closing her eyes. Mulder wonders if he should do something, say something or maybe even just sit down. Looking at her pink face, he gets an idea. A brilliant idea.

“I know what we can do, though.” Scully opens one eye, waiting for him to elaborate.

“Do I have to move? Because I think I’d rather not.”

“You do have to move, but you’re going to love it.” Scully opens the second eye and gives him The Eyebrow.


“That’s not-”, Mulder swallows and his face takes on the same color as hers, though for completely different reasons, “Scully, I wouldn’t – I mean. That’s not what I had in mind,” it’s only half a lie after all, “how about a nice bath?”

“I’m not allowed to take hot baths.”

“I know that,” she glances at him; them not talking about things includes him not telling her that he’s read the pregnancy books. All of them, “I was thinking a nice, cool bath so you can relax and you know, cool down a bit.”

“That does sound nice. I just…”

“Just what?”

“I might need some help getting in the tub.” She refuses to look at him so Mulder kneels in front of her, one hand on her knee, the other under her chin. There are tears shimmering in her eyes, as there are so often these days, and he is prepared to wipe them away should any of them fall.

“That’s not a problem, Scully. Not at all.”

The moan Scully lets out once she slips into the tub sounds like ecstasy and Mulder needs to remind himself to keep a clear head. His little head refuses to listen, but Mulder concentrates on the happiness on Scully’s face as he kneels down next to the bathtub. The water is lukewarm (and remind Mulder of pee, but he’s not going to tell her) and covers half of her belly.

“That’s nice. That was a good idea you had, Mulder.” Her eyes close but she cups his cheek in her hand for a short moment and he leans into her touch. The whole bathroom smells like her cocoa butter bubble bath.

“You smell so good.” He can’t control his voice, or his thoughts. Neither can he control his actions; he kisses her naked shoulder before he gently bites into it. Scully gasps and stares at him open-mouthed.

“You taste good, too.” Mulder smiles at her, genuinely happy for once.

“Mulder, can I ask something else?” Here it comes, he thinks, as the water softly splashes against the porcelain. Scully turns to him and he forces himself to look into her eyes.

“Of course.”

“Get in here.”

“What?” He can’t help but laugh.

“Get in here.” Scully repeats and grabs at his t-shirt.

“Scully, the tub is not…”

“You think I’m too big, don’t you?”

“No! You look perfect, Scully.”

“You mean fat.” She is pouting and her nails dig into his shirt.

“No, I don’t mean that at all. You look so beautiful, Scully. You’re carrying our, I mean my, I mean your – the baby and you’ve never looked more beautiful.”

“The first one, Mulder.”

“Hm?” He looks at her and somehow he is defenseless now and she manages to get the t-shirt bunched around his throat so that the only reasonable thing he can do it to take it off all the way.

“Our baby,” she tells him, slightly scratching his now bare chest and this time it’s time it’s him who moans, “I’m carrying our baby.” He nods, swallows hard. “Now get in here.” Scully demands and hasn’t he been waiting for clear, explicit orders? Here he goes. Mulder takes off the rest of his clothes quickly, Scully watching him curiously, and finally he’s naked.

“Where do I…” he wonders out loud and Scully scoots forward so he can fit behind her.

“This is even better.” She sighs when he’s settled in the tub and she can lean against him. She feels warm against his chest, almost hot, and he wonders if them sharing heat isn’t counterproductive. He’s not going to complain, though. Mulder is uncertain where to put his hands and one of them brushes her breast. Scully hisses.


“They’re just sensitive.” She takes his hands and puts them on her stomach where the baby kicks.


“I think the baby agrees with your bath idea.” She chuckles, gently stroking her belly, her fingers brushing Mulder’s hand.

“Smart baby.”

“Wonder where he gets that from.”

“He? We- You’re having a boy?” Mulder thinks he doesn’t care either way, but so far she hasn’t mentioned the gender of the baby and suddenly he can’t wait to find out. They should really start communicating, he thinks.

“We, Mulder,” Scully reminds him, putting her hand over his, “are having a baby.”

“Yes… we are. But you’re not telling me?”

“I’m not telling you.” He buries his nose in her neck and she giggles when he starts nuzzling her.  

“You want to be surprised, Mulder. I know you do.” He doesn’t answer her knowing she’s right. Instead he leaves tiny kisses all over her neck; he lingers a moment longer where the chip is hidden inside and then moves on. She’s moaning again, but he can’t stop. Maybe, he thinks, if he keeps doing this, she’ll ask him to do more than kiss her soon. And maybe, if he’s really lucky, she’ll even ask him to stay again.

in the face of all that’s known

ch. 1 out of 10; pg-13 to R; MSR UST; angst/case-file; set immediately after Amor Fati; After years of being gaslit by the universe at large, Scully seeks to overcome an overwhelming despondency (and Mulder’s attempts to crawl into her brain) by solving the mystery of the Town That Didn’t Know Anything. Without Mulder.

chapter list

Author’s notes: Jesus, this took me a long time. I wrote and rewrote and rewrote it again. Writing as Scully does not come very natural to me (I find Mulder a lot easier), but I have high hopes for this and want to write a story that both fleshes out characters we know and love while telling a bizarre and slightly scary little story. Constructive critique would be very helpful. Beta readers, too. Readers in general would be great. I hope you enjoy it.


ch. 1

His head felt heavy in her lap. Dead weight, a crate of oranges, ten large textbooks neatly stacked from her thighs to the tip of her nose. Heavy, damp and feverish as she stroked his hair, mindful of the bandages that capped it.

The tape recorder on the coffee blinked spider-like in the dark and waited patiently in apology for the restlessness of its owner. It listened because she didn’t want to, not really. But in dreamy monologue he referred to it, a cold, black thing, as you, I couldn’t find you, then you were there, can you get me a glass of water. And then we. He said we a lot.

She turned it off when the pain meds kicked in and he began lolling about, lifting his fingers in the air to count them and fail, rolling his face into her belly and burrowing in like a sleepy lapdog.

“I spent a good amount of my life trying to get in other people’s heads,” he moaned into her shirt, talking to air. “But you find out there’s not a lot worth listening to.”

“You’re not still hearing them,” she wondered uneasily. He bumped his head insistently against the fingers that stopped moving in his hair and she resumed petting him.

“I am a little,” he admitted. “Bits and pieces filter in. The headaches are gone. I hear maybe a few voices at a time, and only when they’re right next to me.” His chuffed laughter into her bellybutton tickled and made her squirm. “It’s why I don’t let you take me to my PT appointments. You should’ve seen how disappointed Brendon was that it would be me stretched out over that medicine ball.”

Her fingers had stopped again but now he was too tired to pout. The solid heat of him in her lap, the humid air of his sweltering apartment: how worthless it all was in calming her cold as lake water insides. It filled her suddenly like a downed ship. “It’ll stop soon,” she said, not bothering to mask the harshness of her voice. Why even bother? “Dr. Farrah said your brain activity is steadily decreasing to a normal rate. You’ll be cleared for desk duty at the start of next week.”

He pulled his head back and stared at her. Topsoil brown in the pulsing light of the fish tank, they bored into her, a psychic lobotomy, and she felt him inside her playing clumsy archeologist.

His voice went louder than it had in weeks, intrusive and unaware like the rest of him, his gangly limbs and too big nose and tendencies to never shut up. “Not yet. I’m not ready yet.”

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Not Bothering To Notice

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Request: 18 and 52 with Bellamy Blake? from this prompt list

Why are you looking at me like that?”

“You have no right to say that!”

A/N: This imagine sucks, im sorry. theres a message at the end. This is my sory excuse to write angst btw

Why are you looking at me like that?” You asked Bellamy, confused. Right now, he was looking at you with a tinge of disgust on his face. You couldn’t understand why as you were just doing your job, sorting out the different types of berries into their respected baskets.

“Because you disgust me,” He said with venom laced in his words. His response took you off guard.


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[translation] Rin and Sousuke and Kisumi’s letter PART 3

“Movie High☆Speed! -Free! Starting Days-” Drama CD: “Iwatobi Junior High School Swimming Club Activity Log”: [AUDIO]

Rin: That Sousuke… I hope he feels better…

Sousuke: I read your letter. Rin, you rewrote it over and over again, didn’t you? The paper is so crumpled it was really hard to read! Well, I guess I’m not in the position to complain, since I have such bad handwriting too.

Rin: Oh thank god! Sousuke…he sounds all right…

Sousuke: Hey, Rin. Did something happen? I mean, you always say things that astonish me, and you just randomly told me to cheer up, and that I shouldn’t swim across the ocean, and that I can’t die… are you okay? Ahh… I think I can guess what’s up though. Rin, something happened, didn’t it?

Rin: No…? That’d be you, right?

Sousuke: You’re living in an unfamiliar country. You’re probably facing some problems, but… yeah! Rin! At times like these, just eat! Eat fried pork cutlet! Eat and then sleep! Then you’ll feel much better, and you can go forward again.

Rin: Fried port cutlet!? I’m not you…

Sousuke: But anyway… why are you saying things in such a roundabout way? I know you’re a hopeless romantic, but that letter it’s not like you at all. You’re always the kind of be totally direct and say whatever that’s on your mind, so what’s with that? If something’s wrong, just tell it to me clearly, like you always do! I’ll be listening. Also…“my sunshine”? You probably shouldn’t say this to anyone else… it’s okay since it’s me, but that’s kinda…embarrassing. Bye then!

Rin: Ugh!? What do you mean “embarrassing”!? I only did it because I was worried about you!!


Yuta'a name defined his destiny

Okay okay okay…
Nakamoto Yuta, the first Japanese idol in SM. Everything about him is Japanese. His background, his language and his name.
We know Yuta’s name in Japanese writing is 悠太, which is kanji. But let me simplify it to hiragana, ゆうた.
Ignore the ‘yu’ (ゆ) but focus on he 'uta’ (うた).
Uta in Japanese translates to English as 'song’.
The ‘uta’ in Yuta’s name literally means song. His name literally defines his passion to sing and perform.

Another coincidence, I figured this out while I was in Japan.


“Imagine: Audrey notices you getting a bit cozy with another girl at a party and her jealousy makes you quite amused.” 

Inspired by Shampain by Marina and the Diamonds

warnings: none :) just kissing lmao [ps: i rewrote the entire fucking thing again and it was so long before. this is proof i love audrey with all my soul♥]

[I do not own the gif above!]


The party wasn’t that great, whatever you were drinking was absolutely disgusting and you’re friends hadn’t arrived. 

The blonde girl in front of you had the longest legs you had ever seen. Honestly, it had to be a crime to have legs that long. She also had a habit of twisting the ends of her curls in a playful, sultry way.

She had been entertaining you with funny stories about her trip to Cuba for the last twenty minutes. She was quite hilarious and didn’t seem to have a negative thought in her head. Her name was Wanda? No. Wendy. Needless to say, you had been drinking for a little while and weren’t completely in your right mind. 

It also wasn’t everyday that girls like Wendy bothered talking to you. In fact, not many girls in general. You weren’t even generally interested in her, she wasn’t your type one bit. 

“So you are friends with the six, right? I’ve seen you around school hanging out with them. Everyone is sort of… intimidated by you guys. It’s so weird to just talk to you and realize you’re a regular person.” Wendy tucked a blonde lock of hair behind her ear and smiled nervously at the ground. 

Her words surprised you, making you raise your brow with a small smile. It made sense but you hadn’t really thought about it before. When you first came to the school, everyone was in such a mess about the recent murders and wouldn’t even look at the Lakewood six without whispering among their friends. You were the only one brave enough to talk to them and treat them like human beings, leading you to quickly becoming close to them. You were far closer with Audrey than the rest of them, but they were all important to you. 

“They are just normal people, you know. So am I, or at least I hope.”

“What about Audrey? What is she like?” The question was sort of odd but you figured that she was just generally curious about the six and you were the best person to ask. 

You had a billion answers to her question. Audrey was… everything? No, that sounded stupid. Audrey was your best friend. She was the girl that held your hair back when you drank too much. The girl that took videos of you when you weren’t looking and kept them on a special file on her computer. The girl that hogged the blankets when you slept over at her house, but still managed to wrap her arms around you and keep you warm. 

Audrey looked like the devil to a normal person, that much you understood. But around you, she was completely different. 

“Audrey is misunderstood, if you ask me. She looks scary half the time but I’ve never met anyone more similar to a cat in my life. I swear all that girl knows how to do is lie around on top of me and badger me for attention. She likes to play the scary-cool card, but I promise that she’s really sweet.”

Wendy muttered something under her breath that sounded like damn, and the two of you took a sip from your cheap, plastic cups at the same time. You were mostly still drinking to keep your mouth shut, realizing that your words were a little too… Suggestive. 

“So the guys at school are totally right. We’ve been placing bets for a month now and I guess this means I’ve lost.” 

You looked up at her with a startled expression and barely managed to swallow the alcohol, doing your best not to choke. Wendy looked both vaguely disappointed and impressed but you on the other hand were very, very confused. 

“Excuse me?”

“You and Audrey. You know, you’re together and all? It’s not that the intense staring and hardcore flirting went over my head, but I always thought it seemed like a little too much. Like you guys were just messing with us. The others were positive you two had a thing though. I owe them thirty bucks.”

People were placing bets on you and Audrey? The idea that people cared about your romantic lives was preposterous enough but about you and Audrey? What did she mean by hardcore flirting and the staring thing? Audrey and you were close friends, sure, but how did it even look like you were anything more?

You had never even considered it…

“No, you’re mistaken, honestly Audrey and I–”

“What are you guys talking about?”

Her voice came from directly behind you and you froze in your spot. She sounded genuinely upset but seemed to be attempting to hide it. You turned around and came face to face with her, trying to mask your surprised expression. 

Audrey’s hair was left natural, her dark bangs causally swept to the side. Though, you instantly noticed that she was wearing more make up than usual. She had started wearing make up recently but usually kept it minimal. That night however, she was wearing pale eyeshadow and highlighter? The look was flawless on Audrey but it wasn’t something you expected from her. 

“About you,” Wendy piped up. Audrey raised an eyebrow and gave you a hard look before she shifted to your side and rested her arm on your shoulder, leaning against you. Someone was feeling friendly that night.

“And you are?”

“Wendy! I’m a year under you guys. Pleasure to finally meet you. The guys at school are going to be impressed that I finally met the infamous Audrey and Y/N.”

Audrey didn’t look impressed. While the brooding, scary look worked very well with her dark features, you were beginning to get concerned for Wendy. 

Though despite that, Audrey was being a complete idiot. You clamped your mouth and tried not to smile at how hard she was obviously trying to look intimidating. 

“Great, now that you’ve been all cozy with her and you’ve met me, you can leave,” Audrey stated bluntly, her body inching slightly closer to your side. You glanced down at her arm that was still resting on your shoulder, beginning to get confused. “Are you done here?”

What was making her so upset? Audrey was cold sometimes, but she wasn’t straight up rude. Not unless she was hurt or struggling with something that she was keeping to herself. There was nothing for her to be hurt over and you couldn’t guess what she could have been struggling with. Was it your fault?

You were slightly worried that you had done something to bother her, but you were still trying not to laugh. All you could picture in your head was the other night when you and Audrey had snuck out to your elementary school. She had hung upside down on the monkey bars, her shirt caught on the underwire of her bra, showing off her toned stomach. You had laughed for ten minutes while she tried to keep her shirt up and get down at the same time. You had wrapped your arms around her middle and lifted her down, trying not to drop her head against the ground. 

What had changed in only a few nights? 

“I was just trying to have a conversation with, Y/N.” Wendy was clearly uncomfortable and avoiding Audrey’s gaze, turning to look at you. “I thought you said she was sweet or whatever. I’m second guessing that.” She stalked off  and disappeared into the kitchen so quickly that you didn’t have a single moment to comprehend her words. 

Audrey looked incredibly taken aback, pulling away from you and giving you a questioning look. You were speechless, trying to collect your thoughts and decide what was the best way to handle the situation. On one hand, you figured Wendy would get over it in a matter of minutes, but on the other hand, you hated the fact that she had insulted Audrey. Whether or not she sort of deserved it. 

“What the hell is wrong with you?” It was the only question you could manage without choking on your words. You suddenly felt almost too sober. Where had you left your cup again?

“With me? I wasn’t the one flirting with a junior and gossiping about my best friend!” 

You scoffed and shook your head incredulously. “Audrey, we weren’t flirting. We were just talking. As far as she knows, the two of us are so in love that we look like we’re faking it!” 

Your words hit Audrey like a brick to the face and she just stood there, looking dumbfounded and lost. You wished that you could have taken back the words and exchanged them for something a little less awkward but what was done was done. 

“Why does she think that?”

Apparently, all we do is stare at each other and flirt constantly.”

You ignored the fact that you were literally in the middle of staring contest with her and tried to focus on something else. Her hair, the soft curve of her cheeks or the gosh damn highlighter than made her face glow like she was an angel. 

Do not,” Audrey argued almost weakly, sounding more defensive than she already had. 

“Why are you trying to convince me?” 

She closed her mouth and looked in-between distressed and exhausted. Her lips curved downwards in a helpless pout and you acknowledged the fact that you had never seen Audrey look so distressed before. She was usually better at hiding her emotions, even around you. 

“What have I done to hurt you?” You were a moment from giving up, not knowing what else to do. Audrey would either explain or you’d have to give her time to figure things out. You were praying she would just be honest and let you know what was going on in her head. 

“I came here wearing make up and wearing your favourite jacket after thinking about you all day and then I saw you talking to some leggy blonde the minute I walked in. I’m sorry I’m such an idiot, I just don’t know how to think around you anymore.”

Your face went slack and your mind went back to the other night; lifting her down from the children’s equipment, your fingers splayed against her smooth stomach. You could still smell her vanilla body spray as if her skin was still so close. Her words created a flash of vivid feelings and you stood with a blank expression, trying to process them. 

“Blondes aren’t even my type,” you blurted out without thinking properly. 

Audrey still looked vaguely miserable but she laughed, somehow managing to still pout in the process. “Then who is?”

“I don’t think I’ve honestly ever considered it, Audrey. I’ve been so caught up in just loving your presence, loving our relationship and loving you. I never considered that maybe what we are isn’t what I thought it was. Friends don’t wear highlighter for each other or get so easily jealous over blondes.” 

“I’m sorry,” she whispered hoarsely, making you wonder if she was trying not to cry or if she was angry. 

She didn’t look very angry, but she did look very torn apart and maybe a tad guilty. You hated that, seeing her so upset and knowing that you were a part of it. Sure, you hadn’t intentionally hurt her, but you could do something about it. 

“Why are you apologizing? I should be the one saying sorry for not realizing that we were never going to be good at being friends.” You clenched your fists and struggled to find the right words to explain yourself. You couldn’t mess up again. “Audrey, I think maybe we’re better at being in love with each other and calling it stupid things like friendship.” 

The way her eyes brightened was the most beautiful thing you had witnessed in a very long time. You couldn’t say what about Audrey was your favourite part, but her expressive eyes were certainly magnificent. 

“What if we stopped with the labels then?” 

You took a tentative step towards her and pushed her bangs from her eyes. You then linked your wrists around her neck and nodded with a small smile. “I think I could work with that,” you mumbled before pressing your lips against hers. 

She kissed you so gently with the softest lips, yet with an undertone of eagerness. Everything about the kiss was mind numbing and felt like the first breath of spring air. How long had you been secretly waiting for that kiss? How long had she been waiting? 

You weren’t quite sure but you certainly didn’t regret it. A kiss like that was worth the wait.  

meeting tattoartist!ashton and finding out he didn’t have single tattoo on his body and you knew asking on the first night had been a mistake when he immediately put up more defences than he already had but for some reason that intrigued you to pursue him and even after months of chasing him and almost a full year of being with him he still put up walls every time that question came up in conversation and you knew every detail about him and he of you expect for that one little question, and it was so little to you but it was such a big mystery at the same time and you had to start getting crafty because even though it was a touchy subject you just had to know why he never inked his own skin so one day you decide to get a tattoo of your own and it stings little when he decides to let one of the other boys at the shop do it instead of him but you know you can’t push it any further for fear of him finding out your motive and on the day of - you’re lying in the chair, nervous and looking into those hazel eyes as he mumbles reassuring words into your ear while holding the opposite hand of the arm getting tatted and when its all over and you’re leaving the shop he pauses before kissing your forehead and telling you he’ll meet you at home later so he can finish up some unfinished business and you think nothing of it until its almost one in the morning and he’s still not home and not answering his calls and he finally stumbles through the door at quarter to two, a little drunk, but sober enough to make a big change in his life as he gets closer to you he holds up his arm with a little tattoo of a sloppy heart and as you get a closer look at it you realize that little heart has your initials etched into and its quite possibly the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen and as you look up again into those hazel eyes, with confusion in yours, he whispers “i never got a tattoo before because i never had anything important enough to me to ink my skin with permanently, until now.”


23.12.15 // Almost Christmas!! Here are some biology notes from igcse days in an attempt to motivate myself to make some for a levels!! Argh. The last pic shows the total revision notes i made for biology igcse. Not really as condensed but I’m not that kind of person tbh - it’s the process of writing out the notes (1 page limit roughly for each mini topic) that helps me remember things - when it came to revising again, I just rewrote on a bit of scrap paper my notes :DD. Find a learning / revision style that works for you okay? Try out different things and ofc, PAST PAPERS!!! they are so useful! All the best <3 don’t mind my handwriting changes it’s all about what pen i use <3

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Any of you guys know the new link to "I'd do it over again and again and again and again... "???? I know the author rewrote it? And it was on ao3? I found an old link in my reading list and it wasn't working.

In the End, I’d Do It All Again (and Again, and Again) - Dan and Phil are in a car accident and Dan is killed with Phil left in a coma, Phil is offered a choice- live through thousands of alternate universes fighting for his and Dan’s one in a million chance at life, or walk away unharmed.

- Gabriela


A/N: The story of this here ficlet is long and turbulent. To begin with, I needed a break from academic writing. First, I came up with a cracky thing which I wound up being discontented with. So I wrote out a deliciously angsty interlude. Then I hoped to incorporate it to the said cracky fic. Didn’t work. I deleted the said fic. Couldn’t get the angsty idea out of my head, though. Restless, I dug a bit through @timepetalsprompts. Found an old, old theme –– Do you think I could try again? Got excited. Tweaked and changed and rewrote a lot. And here is the final product.
Summary: The Doctor and Rose think their entire life was a projection as they struggle to communicate in a foreign dimension which imposes other identities on them and meddles with the memories. Angst ensues. And fluff, in the end.
Rating: T
Pairing: Ten x Rose 
Side note: This is not RPF. 


“Kiss me,” he ground out, his voice a mixture of pleading and demanding, urgent. “Kiss me, remind me that I still exist. Remind me that in some other life you have loved me, even if you don’t now. Please … Billie.”

Rose inhaled sharply and took a step back, fruitlessly trying to escape his intent gaze.

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The Superlative Chemistry 17

Okay, this is just a quick update. I wanted this at the end of the last chapter. But then he felt wrong there. Then I was going to scrap it. Then the taping happened (go read Jloves super cute story about it) So I rewrote it some and decided to post anyways. Again I can not thank cutelittlelumpofwool82 enough for all she does.

You’re right, we better get going.“ She says popping up and he grabs her hand to keep her with him.

"Stay, stay with me tonight, okay?” He begs. “We can deal with the consequences later, please don’t leave yet.”

“Okay.” She agrees and she sits back down beside him and he touches the tiara still perched on her head.

“Queen Amy.” He whispers gently in her ear kissing her softly.

“King Sheldon.” She whispers back kissing him softly again. Then they are lost in the night. The party swirls on behind them. Yet in that moment it is only them.

Then the skies open up a torrential downpour begins. Within seconds they are soaked and running as fast as they can for the for the cabin. A large crack of lighting lights up sky followed by a large crack of thunder. Then the loud ear piercing crack of a large tree falling down. They turn around stunned to discover the tree blocking the driveway. There would’ve been no going home tonight anyways. Her mother knew where she was all would take was a call to explain the predicament and her other could drive up tomorrow and see the evidence for herself, Amy laughs as they race across lawn and inside the cabin. Sometimes fate was a funny thing.

“Looks like I would be staying here anyways?” Amy whispers to Sheldon as she follows him inside the cabin. Missy and her friends are still hanging out in the living room. Amy is surprised by how few people are really inside. From the noise they were making it sounded like one hundred people, when really their only only ten including them.

“What happened to y'all?” Missy exclaims seeing them looking like drowned cats. “Ya’ll must have forgotten you take off the clothes when you skinny dip.” Missy laughs at her joke but Sheldon is not amused.

“We were outside, it is raining.” Sheldon says pointing out the window. “You were all being so loud you probably did not even hear the thunder. However you might want to make arrangements a strike of lightning took out a tree. It appears we are blocked in for the time being.”

“It’s alright we were all staying the night anyways.” Missy tells him and Amy looks around all the other guests are girls who are all in their pajamas. Amy wishes she had some pj’s right about now. She is shivering in her soaking wet dress.

“It’s the we didn’t have a date slumber party.” One of the girls says laughing.

“Yeah no boys allowed.” Another girls says giggling.

“I thought their were boys earlier?” Amy asks , she was sure she saw a few when they first arrived.

“We kicked them out.” Missy says laughing and all the other girls join in. Amy shrugs now that she thinks of it she did see some cars leaving earlier. “Anyways ya’ll can have the master bedroom. We’re all going to sleep out here together.”

“So kind of you to offer.” Sheldon says rolling his eyes. “As if that was not going to happen anyways.” He tells her turning on his heel and stomping down the hall…

“Do you guys come up here often.”

“In the summers ,yes.” He tells her leading her into a bedroom. “ My brother and sister would spend all their time playing in the lake. I however spent my time in here, the only room with a TV.” Amy looks around the room.

“It’s very…rustic.” Amy comments. It is a bedroom with a large four poster bed and a fireplace. The decor is very rugged with wood paneled walls and a deer head hanging on the wall. Sheldon sees her looking at it and apologizes.

“This was my Pop Pop’s hunting cabin, he built it himself. Being an avid huntsman dead animals were his favorite thing to decorate with.” He tells her and Amy smiles at him. The hint of his Texas twang is very pronounced in that sentence. She knows most of the time he tries to hide it and use non regional diction. Yet every now and then it pops out.

“I love your southern accent.” She tells him wrapping her arms around him.

“I don’t have a southern accent.” He pouts tali g off his crown and putting it kn the table.

“Just a little one.” She says holding out her fingers to indicate a small amount. “My pop pop’s cabin.” She said trying to imitate the way he said it giggling.

“That doesn’t sound like me.” He protests looks are her light blue eyes turning dark and she can’t tell if it is because she has made him angry, or if it is something else. He lifts the tiara off her head keeping contact with her eyes the whole time ss he sets it next to his crown. Amy feels paralyzed by his steady gaze and the smile goes off her face and she changes the subject.

“I should call my mother, is there a phone?” She asks and wordlessly he walks over and grabs a cordless phone and hands it to her. Amy fumbles with the numbers with her shaky hands. The phone is picked up on the first ring.

“Amy! Is that you? I have been worried sick.”

“Mother, there was a bad storm.”

“I know I am watching the wind whip right now. Honestly Amy it would probably be best if you just stayed there tonight.” Her mother sighs. “Sheldon’s mother is still there right?”

“Umm yeah, of course.” Amy lies, she doesn’t remember telling her mother that his mother was there but whatever works. Amy looks up at Sheldon and sees that he is undressing.

“When I told you that you could go to the silly cabin, you promised you would not break curfew. But I don’t want you to be killed trying to make it. So just stay there and be safe.”

“Alright mother, I will call you in the morning.” Amy says hanging up.

Then she watches Sheldon as he peels off the rest of his clothes. The wet dress shirt clings to his body almost transparent. Her tummy does odd little flips as she watches him take it off and stand in his soaking wet white undershirt. Amy thinks that should probably get out of her wet clothes too. But she doesn’t have anything else to put on.

“My mother told me just to stay here tonight.” Amy gulps watching as he undoes his pants and pulls them off. Just standing in his underwear.

“Well, that works in our favor.” He says smiling at her. The light is back in his eyes and she smiles back.“You should probably get out of your wet clothes too. You could get sick if you stay like that.”

“I don’t have anything to change into.” She says dumbly and he looks at her oddly. It occurs to her then that this not the first time they will have been soaking wet and naked together. Tis times feel different though. The first time it almost felt like two kids playing doctor, Exploring each others bodies without serious intent.

“This time I know i’m ready, I wonders if he is too.” Amy thinks biting her lip and looking over at her boyfriend, His back his turned to her and she studies the muscles on his back fascinated.

“I can find you something.” He says going over to a closet and sliding the door open, He rummages through and hands her a flannel buttondown shirt. He takes one out a shirt for himself too.

“Thanks.” She says taking the shirt and setting it down. Amy fumbles with the back of her dress trying to unzip it.

“Here let me help you.” He says stepping over to her. He reaches around behind her and unhooks the clasp, then pulls the zipper down. The feeling of the material falling away and his hand running down her spine send shivers throughout her body.

“Are you cold?” He asks concerned as she shivers in front of him. His eyes are dark and intent again and she wants nothing more than for him to kiss her again. This kiss on the picnic table seems like it was ages ago.

“No I am shivering because of you.” She thinks but instead she nods her head weakly.

“Here put on this on.” He tells her handing her the shirt again. Amy lets the dress pull around her feet and she thinks she hears him gasp.

She forgot she was not wearing a bra under the dress. Missy told her that wearing one with the dress would look weird. Amy gathers up the dress and hangs it over a chair and then begins to button up the shirt. It is aged and buttery soft and warm against her her cool skin. Sheldon pulls on a t-shirt that seems much too large and baggy on him.

“Perhaps we should get under the covers to warm up?” He asks and Amy agrees he pulls back the covers and she climbs in. He gets in bed beside her and pulls the covers up to his chest.

“We should start a fire.” Amy tells him and he looks at her startled before relaxing and noticing the fireplace. Amy thinks about how romantic it would be sitting cuddling in a cabin listening to the rain with a roaring fire.

“If only I knew how.” He sighs staring at the unlit fireplace ruefully. “I am sorry you are cold.” He tells her looking over at her. “You know what keep you warm? Body heat the human body can produce a lot of heat.”

“Should I come over there?” She asks feeling nervous and he holds out his arm to her and she scoots over and snuggles underneath it. He smells like the rain, and like the lavender sachet that was guarding the closet, and of something else that she can not place but makes her heart flutter. He is so warm and she feels so comfortable she feels her eyes getting heavy. It had been a busy day.

“Amy? Can I ask you something?” He asks.

“Umm-hmmm.” She answers sleepily.

“Do you think we are moving too fast?” He asks and she snaps up to attention sitting up on her elbows to look at him.

“Do you we think we are?” She asks him worried. Maybe they were moving to fast , with the promise rings, and going to the same school. It never felt that way to her, it felt like it was meant to be.

“No, of course not. However I overheard my mother and my Memaw arguing about it. My memaw seems to think we are to serious for two kids just in high school.”

“What does your mother say?” Amy asks.

“That as long as we love each other , and we stick to what we ought to be doing our age shouldn’t matter.” He says looking at her intently again.

“What do you think?” She asks him and he looks like he is mulling it over. Making her heart beat fast nervous for the answer.

“I think that before you I did not believe in love. That when my brother or my sister would say they were in love I would roll my eyes. Annoyed that their baser urges were somehow taking over my life with new dinner guests, and strange people at the house. Then I met you and I understood why they acted the way they did. The I did not understand at all, because while their interests changed week to week. I will never feel the way I do about you… With anyone else… That maybe we are moving faster than normal people our age. Yet that doesn’t mean we are wrong.” He says and she looks up at him and smiles.

“Sheldon Cooper is never wrong.” She tells him and he looks down at her with fire in his eyes. Finally kissing her , softly at first but Amy pulls him in and won’t let him go.

“Be careful, I…” Sheldon says breaking away when Amy wraps her bare leg around his waist.

“Might not be able to control myself.” Amy finishes. “I don’t want you to control yourself.” She tells him shocking herself and him.

“You have been waiting for it to be else will it Be more perfect than this? You just won prom queen, you are at a cabin, in the middle of a rainstorm, forced to be nude, If I wait what will happen? We wait until we are in college. Then we have some sneaky tryst while his roommate or my roommate is gone? Wishing the whole time that we had done it right now? I know that I want him, and I think he wants me.” Amy tells herself as his shocked expression give her doubts.

“You want too,,,?” he asks gulping and she shakes her head yes. Then she kisses him again and he kisses her back. Rolling on his back and pulling her on top of him. She giggles as she straddles him, surprised by how quickly she got her way. “Take this off.” He tells her tugging at her shirt. “It was my pop pop’s.” Amy wrinkles her nose and pulls off the shirt a little grossed out. He lays flat on his back and stares up at her for a moment making her nervous.

“We don’t have too.”

“No I want too.” He says placing his hands in the dip of her waist. Then he runs them up to her ribcage and. She tries not to giggle as he hits her ribs. “ I need to get my condom out of my wallet."he tells her and she rolls off of him.

"Oh right.” She says laying on her back as he leaves the bed and gets something from his pants pocket. Then coming back to bed and lying back beside her nervously.

“What do we do now?” He asks looking over at her and taking her hand.

“I don’t know.” Amy tells him squeezing his hand.

“Maybe this was a bad idea.” Amy worries looking over at his equally nervous face.

“How about this?” He ask looking over to her. “We act like we are not about to embark on a life changing event and proceed from there?”

“That’s why you are a genius.” Amy tells him kissing him deeply grabbing his face with her hands.

“Well you are too.” He says kissing her back, only this time he presses her into the bed.

Amy pulls the t-shirt he is wearing over his head. Laughing as it gets stuck on his ears and he has to pull it the rest of the way off. Then she rubs her hands up and down his back. Stopping at the band of his underwear as he kisses her neck. He stops and pulls them off, leaving hers on, the last barrier between them. He kisses her again leaving her feeling breathless. Amy wiggles out of her underwear and he hands her the condom. When it is on he moves between her legs.

“Are you okay?” They both ask each other at the same time.

“Yes.” He says. “I am just worried I will hurt you.”

“You won’t, it’s okay.” She tells him sounding more confident than she feels. Then she pulls him down for another kiss as he guides himself inside her. It does hurt a little and she grips his back for support as he moves deeper.

“Do you want me to stop?” He asks hearing her sharp intake of breath.

“No it’s okay.” She assures him. Burying her face in his neck kissing him softly. As he moves more the sensation changes and it starts to feel good. Amy let’s out a moan as his hand caress her breasts causing a quake of sensations to ripple over her body.

“Amy…please” He moans and she knows he is asking for permission and she shakes her head yes. The look of pure pleasure that washes over his faces causes her own body to let go. Afterwards she lays on his chest. Listening to his frantic heartbeat as he strokes her hair softly. “That was…”

“Amazing.” Amy sighs looking up at him and he smiles.

“I was going to say informative. But amazing works just as well.” He says a little smugly. Amy settles back on his chest listening as his heartbeat slows down again. Between the sound of his heart and the sound of the rain still beating down on the roof she is feeling very sleepy.

“Amy?” He asks.

“Yes?” She asks yawning.

“Do you feel different?” He asks and she thinks a moment.

“No, I don't… Do you?”

“No. I feel happy, tired, and sated but not different. I thought you were supposed to feel changed somehow. It just felt like it was supposed to happen, like our bodies were made to fit.” He says sounding contemplative.

“They were made to fit. We belong together. Like puzzle pieces.” Amy agrees yawning.

“You’re tired, get some sleep.” He says and it is the last thing she hears before she drifts off.

It may be awhile before the next update. My father is in hospice care and does not have much longer in this world. So I may be busy for the next week or so but the story is not done yet.

John Murphy - 38.“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

my best friend requested: 38 with Murphy x Reader where the reader hasn’t eaten in days and she faints into his arms (x)

Warnings: fainting, not eating
John Murphy x Reader
authors note:
I tried to write this so many times, but it never turned out like I wanted. I rewrote it again and this time I’m gonna post it even tho I’m not 100% happy with it. Sorry you guys! I hope you still like it <33

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Earth was much hotter than what you thought it would be. The sun would rise up every morning to it’s rightful throne, shining so bright it was almost blinding. It was ironic really, how the sun could be so important, it was the supplier of all life, without the sun all of the plants would’ve died, just like all of the 100, and yet it felt so hot that if someone would’ve said it was raining fire they all would’ve believed that person. Somehow you knew that the sun was probably laughing at you, with every ray it sent down to scold you it was mocking your very existence. The supplier of life hated you down to it’s very core.

You did find that it was much cooler under the heavy shade that the leaves of the tall trees created. Even the small wind didn’t feel like you were being burnt alive and even though it didn’t take away the sticky feeling, you weren’t complaining. You were in the haunting team,which l meant spending a fair amount of time in the woods, which also meant spending way too much time with Murphy. You knew Murphy from the Ark and it was fair to say the both of you weren’t in the bestest of relations.

“What’s up Y/N”, you heard Murphy’s sarcastic tone calling your name.

He would always try to get under your skin, he made it very clear that he disliked you and that he didn’t want you in the team, or at least that’s what you thought. In reality Murphy was trying to hide what he was feeling towards you. He wasn’t good at handling feelings, so he thought getting you out of the team would just be easier for both of you. He wouldn’t have to deal with feeling confused and on edge everytime he was near you, and you wouldn’t have to deal with him. It sounded like a good plan and so far Murphy had stuck with his guns, he didn’t show any signs of affection towards you. That was until you turned around to look at him.

You had been so busy taking care of stuff around the camp and making sure all the 100 had everything they needed, that you totally had forgotten about yourself. You hadn’t slept for more than 2 hours every night and you couldn’t even remember when was the last time you ate anything.

When Murphy saw you his stomach dropped, you looked like a dead body. Murphy was far too worried to even try to pretend like he didn’t care.

“Y/N, hey, are you alright?”, he said hesitating.

You opened your mouth to say that you were fine and that he should mind his own damn business, but before you could  the ground started to feel like mud under your boots, the whole world was spinning and you felt like you were about to throw up. Everything turned to hazy greens and muted browns, you took a step back and before you even let out a syllable everything had turned black.

You opened up your eyes, nearly blinded by the light that pushed it’s way through your heavy lids. There wasn’t any sound of leaves rustling in the wind or any heavy boots making contact with the ground. You couldn’t smell the rain mixed with the dirt or the green atmosphere. You weren’t at the forest anymore.

“Ah the sleeping beauty has woken up”, the familiar sound of sarcasm filled your ears.

“What happened?”, you asked sitting up on a bed you clearly had been put into.

You rub your tired eyes, the hazy objects finally forming into defined shapes. The dark lump that was right in front of you, started to look more like a person. The dark mass had formed into a leather jacket, then you could make out a face. Soon enough you could make out the person’s blue eyes and the scars, that looked far too familiar.  Murphy was sitting right next to the bed and surprisingly he wasn’t sporting a shit eating grin for once.

You fainted…straight into my arms”, he announced calmly while you sat there dumbfounded.  

You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes”, he continued as the infamous smirk appeared back on his lips.

Oh shut up”, you said and threw a pillow at him trying to hide your smile.

souridealist  asked:

Excuse me - I was reading Cartographer's Craft recently for the first time (I needed beach reading!) and it got me really curious about how Animagus Winter changed as it turned into Nameless, because it seems to have been a fair bit. Is there a post talking about that somewhere, by any chance? because I am very interested.

Oh man, I wish I had documented it as I went.

For those of you who don’t have all the context on this, the fanfic Cartographer’s Craft is here; in it there is an OC named Ellis Graveworthy, a novelist who wrote several books that are key to the story, which you can read about here if you don’t want to read 43 chapters of Harry Potter AU fanfic. One of those books, Animagus Winter, became the skeletal structure of my first original novel, Nameless.

So, Nameless and Animagus Winter. There is some discussion of the process of writing Nameless in the afterword of the book, which you can read for free here. (If you like the book, consider buying a copy!)

But how did Animagus Winter get to be Nameless? Trigger warnings for discussion of depression and suicide behind the cut. Yay, let’s tell a cheery story…

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