i rewatched this the other night

So I had cause to rewatch episode 3 of Critical Role today, and that one has some Dang Good Moments:

  • The world’s most awkward assassination. Vex has her very dramatic and badass “We’ll rescue her, and we’re going to kill your god!” line, and then everyone just sort of looks at each other awkwardly for like five full seconds of silence, and Vax just sort of grins with a “?????” expression and finally slits the duergar’s throat.
  • All the various watches standing guard at night fail to roll well enough to figure out what’s up with the seal of Bahamut carved into the wall over their camp, so it’s just a long procession of, “Huh, that’s pretty.”
  • Scanlan sneaks alone into a war camp and gets front-row seats to the brain-sucking extravaganza.
  • Vox Machina actually comes up with what might be their best and most successful plan yet: use Hallucinatory Terrain to slightly extend a chasm overlooking a 1000-foot drop and lure the enemies into charging forward. It still involves Grog calling it a “rim job”, Vax flicking double-birds, Vax nearly losing the flying carpet permanently, Vax nearly dying, and a lot of confused yelling, but hey, that’s about par for the course.
  • The Wrath of Vex, Prequel Edition: “You lost our flying carpet, you unconscious bastard!”
  • Vex and Keyleth rebelling and stealing the carpet to go check out a cave.
  • Vex and Keyleth managing to make friends (allies) with a mind flayer. Keyleth gives him a tulip. Scanlan sings him a song based on “Sexual Healing”, which he enjoys thoroughly. Everyone tries to name him Clarence. What is this show.
  • My favorite thing is this room full of professional voice actors doing a full-body sympathetic cringe every time Matt pulls out his throat-destroying Clarota voice.

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After the Folding Ideas video essay on Man of Steel, I found another one called 'Everyone Batman kills in BVS and why it matters'. I personally admire the video for trying to add context to Batman's kills but I was wondering what you think about his points and your stance on Batman killing in Batman v Superman or any other Batman media.

I’m really sorry this sat in my inbox for so long, I have not been up to the BvS debate lately. I did a rewatch earlier this week, though, and spent last night listening to the soundtrack, so my cup is refilled.

I am bothered by the argument that either no one is killed by Batman (keeping in mind that murder is a different category than manslaughter. He commits a lot of manslaughter, but just one murder we know about, in my opinion) or that Batman killing doesn’t matter because it seems like a betrayal of this film in certain ways. What he says about intention in this video is absolutely in line with my thinking, but I think that we’re still dealing with criticism that fails to understand the intent.

The way I see it, the way I see both Snyder films in this franchise- we are not supposed to be cool with any of the killing that happens in these films, on or off screen. Period. 

We can see that in Superman’s reaction to being forced to execute Zod, we can see that in the way that the crowd on the ground, their fear, and their panic are given time and respect and prevalence. This isn’t disaster porn, we’re not meant to enjoy the sight of bodies being lifted by gravitational forces and then slammed back into the ground. Frankly, people who read it that way frighten me.

The biggest mistake that gets made while watching Batman v Superman in reference to Batman is that certain audience members are treating him like an aspirational figure. If he is an aspirational figure, then naturally the narrative supports everything he does, and therefore the narrative is pro-killing. But the evidence is stacked against us seeing Batman that way. Maybe a large number of people see Batman that way because they are predisposed to his rightness, or because they are not accustomed to having their moral compasses tested in this genre, but there are stacks and stacks of evidence here that Batman is pretty much… not Batman. Context suggests he hasn’t been that guy for two years or more, possibly since he lost Jason.

We need to wash the infallible Batman out of our cultural myth because I think it’s a large part of the toxic masculinity and capitalist superiority that should have no place in comic book media if we really want them to continue to represent progress as they were originally meant to. I think BvS could start to do that work, if we’d let it. 

Batman does kill in this movie. He also spits on the Wayne legacy, he tarnishes the Batman I love, he disappoints Alfred over and over again, he proposes a premeditated, intimate murder in the name of his parents, he wastes hours and hours of time and energy he would usually put into protecting the city playing crime games with Lex Luthor fighting over a rock, and he compares criminals to weeds. 

The first Bruce Wayne scene in his movie establishes that yes, two years ago, he was absolutely Batman. He was everything we love and respect about him, and the second Bruce Wayne scene literally features him as a horrifying specter who scares victims more than he does criminals. 

The juxtaposition of those scene is not remotely accidental, it is a storytelling technique. It tells us this is where we started, and this is where we’ve ended up. It’s difficult to me that anyone would be ignorant of the contrast if they’re paying attention, because plenty of characters tell us about this. Alfred tells us, these are new rules, he calls Bruce cruel, he faces down with him about the Superman decision- he doesn’t even say the obvious- hey if you try to fight Superman, you will die, he says, plainly, he is not our enemy. Are we supposed to not trust Alfred now, of all people? Alfred??

Batman most certainly kills people in this film, and has killed people in past films, and many other superhero movies are stuffed full of the kind of fatalities you find counted out in that video, and I actually agree with the title of the video, because it does matter. It just doesn’t really matter for the reason everyone seems to think it does.

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hey, I haven't been watching mark for long so I don't know much about the alter egos other than Dark, and I am a bit confused and curious, exapecially about warfstache, so you know what videos are good to watch that have warfstache in? thanks I love your blog

Hello! Yeah here are the videos with Wilford that would be good to watch.

This was his first appearance The Fall of Slender Man

I’m gonna try and put them in order from earliest to most recent

Warfstache Plays: Slender

The Warfstache Affair

The Ned Affair

Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Interview

Warfstache Interviews Markiplier


Bonus videos!

The Bloopers of Slender Man

Warfstache Interviews Markiplier BLOOPERS

Markiplier Animated | WARFSTACHE (one of my fav animations)

And I think that’s all of them! Well at least all the ones I can remember off the top of my head. And geez there are way more videos that I thought there were lol I’m so so excited to see more with Wilford! I hope you enjoy these videos! I’m definitely going to rewatch them! If you have any other questions please let me know~

theory for tomorrows ep!

stop reading if you don’t want a little dash of spoilers - nothing big!

so i’m just throwing this out there! definitely add on if you’d like :) 

i think that instead of azgeda and trikru fighting for spots in the bunker.. what’s really going to happen is each clan is going to pick a warrior to fight for them and whichever warrior is still standing at the end - their clan becomes the one who can have the bunker. because that would be high stakes tbh.

i feel like im writing an essay lolol, but a photo to support my claim is this one: 

some clan members are putting their hands in, almost to take a vote of what happens. i mean, for someone like indra who hates roan/azgeda as much as she does - she literally has her hand on his - so it’s gotta be for a good reason lol

the next photo that i think is important in this scene is clarke and abby - where clarke is in full grounder clothes. it’s important because i have 0 fucking idea as to why she’s wearing those clothes again - so we’ll wait and see bc i s2g if the idea starts with “comand…” and rhymes with salamander - I WILL LOOSE IT!!!!

ok ANYWAY - so for skaikru i think they’re going to choose octavia as their warrior and that’s why octavia is a big part of 4x09 (well, everyone has said that so far) 

i re-watched the original s4 trailer and there’s a scene of octavia walking around, full war paint and sword in tow - we haven’t seen this scene yet in any ep. thus far. but! what i found SO interesting is OCTAVIA IS WEARING A DOG TAG ON HER CHAIN AND IT HAS THE SKAIKRU CLAN SYMBOL ON IT!!! (i only just realized this and im telling you - 1 warrior from each clan to fight is exactly what’s going to happen) like since when does octavia believe skaikru is her home? 

dog tags are used in war to identify the solider if they’re dead and too badly mutilated to make out the faces (like if a family member had to identify them) so their names, address and i believe birthday were engraved on the dog tags for identification. in the trailer i found several other “warriors” (so they look) wearing the dog tags that have clan symbols on them!


the man in the back has one on too, but i obviously can’t make out the symbol!

after finding another scene with the man above in it, from the trailer - here’s his dog tag -

boudalankru, or rock line:

 and finally roan is fighting for azgeda 

his scenes in the trailer all have so much movement, that the best picture i could get for his dog tag is this one :(

while rewatching the 4B trailer - i noticed roan is holding his hand out and says “may the best warrior win” and i think he’s speaking to octavia. it’s nighttime so i’m thinking that all the other warriors are dead now and it’s just octavia against roan

and yes, i do think someone is going to die :( 

back to octavia though rn - i think that the night before the battle she’s finally going to talk to bellamy - and perhaps apologize FINALLY

this scene: 

she’s sitting in front of a fire, talking with bellamy. i just have this feeling…

i read somewhere (either jroth said it or another crew member) that the siblings had a big tie in with this ep! 

if anyone wants to add to the post - be my guest!!

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Are you just surprised that the Cas death scene wasn't full of more Destiel? Dean has cradled Castiel's face when he's been merely injured. All those sweet little touches and concern over each other's safety. I'm just so surprised Dean didn't cry.

Last night I was in shock so much that I pretty much just focused it on Cas. But I just rewatched it (i just reblogged a vid) and just look at Dean looking around, looking up to the sky. I don’t think that’s how Dean shows emotion, at least not in this case. He’s in denial, he doesn’t think this is real or thinks this is the end. 

Cas has to come back to him, he always does. 

Here is a small and weird and random story about me and Daredevil, because I don’t have another place to put it and I wanted to write it out. 

I’m not blind. Or a Catholic vigilante lawyer. But when I think about how to describe the gigantic tangled-ball-of-yarn that is my brain and being, I usually think about watching Daredevil for the first time and seeing something weirdly familiar in Matt Murdock. I usually remember wincing in sympathy when he was overwhelmed, when textures and sounds and the whole world was amplified and overwhelming and too much all at once. I remember watching this stupid fictional character hang on by a thread that no one can see because he’s deep-down tired and at his wit’s end but he seems like he’s still functioning okay and being way, way too surprised about that, because it’s hard to explain to people that you can get up in the morning and throw yourself into things until you’re beat and exhausted and still be very much not-okay. (I hesitate to use the term depressed but hey, maybe I will, because maybe it’s pretty accurate.) I don’t see a lot of talking about this, usually: the fact that sometimes it’s not hiding in bed, or being paralyzed by your brain, it’s driving yourself forward and forward and forward without thinking about yourself because the constant moving feels like it should fix something that it’s really just hurting. 

All of that to say: extremely-screwed-up-sensory-wise somewhat high-functioning non-stop definitely-not-okay aimee desperately trying to move a million miles an hour and keep some kind of control over something thought that was pretty tragic and pretty cool and adopted Matt Murdock immediately.

This very same Aimee also watched that person weirdly similar to her take little steps, and keep getting up and doing good anyway, and that was a revolutionary concept, because now it wasn’t just “oh look somebody i can relate to”, it was “oh look, somebody i can relate to who struggles, who fights, but who still keeps to his morals, who still keeps going, who’s allowed to screw up and screw up royally.” I’m not the exact same person as Matt Murdock by any means, even aside from superpowers. The parallels between his issues and mine aren’t exactly the same. But they’re similar enough to have given me something to think about this past year since watching it, when I went to martial arts again and again and again and again and lined up for sparring matches in my fancy gloves again and again and again and had a panic attack every time before I could even get a punch in. The other day, I made it through a whole fight without freaking or losing my mind. I can’t put that entirely on the fictional over-dramatic superhero Daredevil, but I can say that I thought a lot about the also-overwhelmed person who kept going anyway, and it got me through learning how to keep going. 

So yeah, I really love Matt Murdock. 

a collection of my fave skam s1 moments
  • the first ~alone~ scene between eva and jonas !! so precious god bless
  • jonas playing ‘im yours’ for isak even tho “it’s a gay song” 
  • isak walking in on eva and jonas making out, leaving and singing lonely my child
  • isak high at the dinner table 

  • eva pushing jonas out of bed when her mum got home
  • the girls laughing at chris’ phone call to ‘the beer man’ so pure and beautiful
  • sana flipping off and throwing a drink at ingrid and her gang<333
  • noora ripping william to absolutely SHREDS in the school yard truly Mesmerising
  • “what are you talking about” “my integrity” “you dont have any next subject”
  • isak comforting eva after He broke up her and jonas 
  • the iconic use of the iconic mmm whatcha say sing but not the iconic m whatcha say line
  • noora singing justin bieber to eva in the gayest scene of our time
  • “its a suppression tactic, i saw it on suits once”
  • iben throwing a girl power christmas party after dumping chris honestly a woman after my own heart
  • sana carrying vilde to evas after she passed out
  • vilde throwing up on sana😭
  • “i think i killed williams baby tonight” 
  • eva completely fucking obliterating that pancake ily 
  • “blackouts are gods way of telling u mot to worry about anything vilde” 
  • “you still want me on your bus?” “what are you talking about youre our bus boss” AMD THAT LITTLE SMILE THATS SO GAY 
  • “youre not answering my messages” “no power. for two weeks straight” 
  • “WE will not be having a baby” (chris) i love the girl squad So Much 
  • as someone who has always had a strange relationship w food/eating vilde and noora’s chat after the doctors appointment and their relationship in general just means So Much to me 
  • eva not realising the boys were high as heck on the cabin trip ily bby g pls never change 
  • evas smile💕 (this got so gay psml) 
  • “if [take me to church] came on, id kiss you” “and did it” “no they just played this kygo shit” 
  • eva telling jonas how she felt when he said all that shit to her 
  •  jonas wiping evas tears away w his thumb im fucking Gone 
  • ingrid saying merry christmas to eva!!!! 
  • noora and eva finding the gay porn on isaks phone isak u fuckin rookie
Scandal Season 6 Finale, My thoughts

*Clears throat* Hello Family and Friends of the deceased, we are gathered here today to lay rest to our dear Sister and Friend Olivia Carolyn Pope. *All around the church sniffles, weeping and sorrow filled cries could be heard* It saddens me to be up here but let’s remember the good things Sis Olivia did and who she was before she died and let Rowanka live.
(Rowanka is the name Katrinapavela gave Olivia when she goes all Rowan on us and I liked it.)
☝🏽Yes I just had a funeral for Olivia. ☝🏽Yes shit got real last night. ☝🏽Yes I got emotional AF last night, I think I got teary eyed on 3 different scenes. I’m not gonna do a scene by scene of the Finale , I’m gonna speak on the Characters, in no specific order. Honestly this was a good ass season finale and I really liked it 🙃except 1 specific thing happened and it ruined the whole episode for me. Yes that’s sort of a contradiction but I 👏🏽said 👏🏽what 👏🏽I 👏🏽said 👏🏽. This episode literally hurt my feelings and it’s nothing new cuz it’s Scandal they always hurting feelings 😭😭 damn you Shonda! 🤔TBH I would have been ok with ending Scandal with Fitz presidency I honestly don’t wanna see anyone else as president 🙎🏽🖕🏽🙄 but whatever I’ll get over it, still not jumping on Mellie’s bandwagon
Ok let me start before I get dramatic!

Abby and Quinn: They finally made up and I’m glad. Abby literally has no one but Olivia and OPA she wasn’t going anywhere but back home to OPA! Quinn is pregnant and Abby is gonna help her raise her baby , it was real cute when Abby said “Over a cliff.” 🤗 ☝🏽Now let me just say Quinn kinda got on my nerves because this ho thought she was gone run away to live a normal life without telling Charlie she was pregnant! Bitch you have no right to do that, it’s his baby just as much as it’s yours and you dumb if you don’t think this SPY could find yo ass! Let’s not forget Charlie was a top dog at B613! And she thought she couldn’t work at OPA because she was going to be a mom🙄🤷🏽‍♀️ GUHHHH Women all around the world been doing this! Women make boss moves even as Moms I was like who tf wrote this 🙃Women work and still be great Moms we don’t need that bs narrative out there But thankfully she came to her senses!

Huck: Wanted to go with Olivia. 😭😢 I told yal Loyalty is a man named Huck. But she told him she needed him at OPA and that she would be fine.

Mellie: Continued to show that she was a white privileged woman 🙄 ok so when did Mellie say she wanted the White House all her life? Because what I remember was her saying some about being the wife or some shit but anyway it was a lie. They tryna push a new narrative on Mellie and I’m sorry but it’s to late. Mellie ain’t worked for shit and that’s just that! Olivia and Cyrus about to run D.C. and Mellie whose the puppet President now? 🤦🏽‍♀️Yal her first act as president she signed some papers that she did not even read! 😶 and you thought I was gone be on board with this fuckery? 🗣ISSA NO.

Cyrus Rutherford Beene: ☕️🐸Pulled off the finesse of the Century. 🤓Brains of the illuminate. It was Cyrus Motherfuckin Beene! Way back when, I knew it was Cyrus because I kept saying he wanted to be President but I got distracted by Ponytail and Peus and I was like well maybe it’s a new bad person coming but nope! It was Cyrus sneaky ass 😂

Luna 🕷black 🕸widow Vargas: 😎 Head illuminate but still a #2. ☝🏽Oooooweee Homegirl nobody fucks over Olivia and get away with it. Olivia gave her a pill to peaceful go meet her husband in the afterlife 😬 yikes. I tweeted and said Luna Vargas was in with the illuminate, and I said it because she jumped the bandwagon to quick! How you go from saying Mellie didn’t win , your husband did to Yes I’ll be your Vice President 🙅🏽 nope ain fall for it! I knew she was in on I just didn’t know she was actually the head! Yea Cyrus was the brains but Luna was the head! Luna teaching us to kill husbands 😝

How to make an illuminate: So Cyrus gets into Luna head , Luna hires Marie Wallace to kill her husband, Marie Wallace hires Ponytail aka Samantha bka Gertrude and Peus to do the job. From what I gathered nobody knew about Marie Wallace actually being Maya Pope because there is no way she would have let them threaten Olivia at all. When Maya found out what was going on she came to town to rectify shit! I love how unapologetically black Maya is! From that powerful ass monologue to actually being there to save Olivia, Maya proved she is the better Pope parent.😌 She truly loves Olivia and she forgave her for choking her and everything because she knows that she caused Olivia some damage growing up motherless. Maya even told Eli you can’t half ass raise Olivia and think she gone come out whole 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
☝🏽hunny Maya had time and she was right the entire episode she was right! When she got captured so easily I knew Maya was innocent there’s no way she would have been that easy to find!

Maya Pope aka Marie Wallace bka The baddest bitch: Maya’s monologue was the gospel truth and it was foreshadow for Olivia. Maya really did come back in town to save Olivia 🤗 and yal when Maya started singing those old negro spirituals I hollered! I told yal she’s unapologetically black! “So much for black girl magic” “girl bye, I’m ya momma ain no fooling me” some of her lines from last night. I would rewatch the episode so I could give yal what she actually said in her monologue but I’m still a lil sensitive 😢 forgive me. But anyway she talked about how she and other black women and black mothers are the backbone and stepping stole for everybody, how we always saving everybody but whose saving us? About how Black Women do everything only to have it taken away by a white girl with bamboo earrings 😩🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 yaaasssaauhsabalobooshhhh! 🗣Maya you better speak that word, let him use you sis, go AWF, go AWF! 🙌🏽 I told yal, Maya 👏🏽had 👏🏽time 👏🏽 she read Everybody to the filth hunny! (And now that I’m thinking about it what other show is going to do this when Scandal goes off 😔. Read America and throw shit in there faces, we still out here facing issues that need to be addressed through television!) but anyway Maya came to D.C. and shook the table 😎

Eli: Fragile masculinity couldn’t accept that maybe Maya was right, almost killed her 😤 but let me also say this he showed Fitz some respect in this episode. He waited until Fitz was in the room to do anything, he let Fitz make the calls and throw shots and he even went to Fitz and told him that Olivia needs him to balance her out. 😭 yal! Wait a minute 😭 do you know what just happened? Eli…Rowan went to Fitz and told him that his daughter is getting to powerful and she needed Fitz to balance her out 😯 but Eli Isn’t this your dream? For Olivia to be the most powerful in the room? Clearly he sees that he was wrong and he tried to nip it but in reality he set off a chain of events.

Fitz: Was about to give up his life to save Olivia. Fitz signed an order to reinstate b613 so he could save Olivia 😰 yal my stomach dropped and my eyes started to water. B613 is not for Fitz… Eli told him that he would be perfect for running it because Fitz is a good man and he could do better. 🗣fuck that! No! I was literally shaking because we all know and the horrors of b613 I could not imagine my baby Fitzgerald doing this devil work. He deserves peace and happiness, Fitz would have lost his soul. The evil things you have to do and become *sighs* Which brings me to ….

Olivia: 😔 I cried, and I didn’t even know I was crying until I felt my eyes burn. I was so distraught, disappointed and hurt. As soon as Fitz left that darkness took over and her light was not there to counter/balance it. And to be honest 🤔 it was Maya fault lowkey. She told Olivia “Go take back your baby(the White House) and Olivia was about to disagree when Maya said “You half me and half yo crazy father can’t nobody win against you” Yal the wheels started turning in her head 😒 next thing we know she giving Mellie dumb ass papers to sign but we all knew what those papers were ughhhhh Not my Olivia. Yal that shook me up! Because the same reasons I didn’t want Fitz to do it I damn sho didn’t want Olivia to do it. It hurt my feelings and I’m still trying to process but yal know me I had to sleep on it and come back to it. I get it. Olivia is on a power trip and she has to get it out her system. And this is it, being command of B613. I should have seen it coming honestly from her saying “You don’t take Olivia Pope, Olivia Pope takes you.” To Maya’s monologue about how black women save everybody. And that’s the exact reason why Olivia did it, to save Fitz(she told Rowan “You’re not gonna have a hold on Fitz.”) and the republic and to have power. She hates feeling powerless and when Luna Vargas damn near took the oval from her well it pushed her 😔 so yea that’s the reason why I didn’t like the finale because Liv became command 😕.
Olivia always thinks it’s her responsibility to save everyone 😤 but it’s fuckin not! 🤦🏽‍♀️*tries to collect myself * Black Women always gotta be captain save -a-hoe! Like ya momma said “whose gonna save you?”
And let me just say Maya told Olivia to get her big head ass out the way when she was tryna shoot Luna but at the time we didn’t know Luna was bad 😂😂☝🏽😩 black Moms always gotta crack a joke no matter what the situation 😝😂😂

My Precious OTP Olitz: We had 4 Olitz scenes 😍😍🤗
1.He was concerned and her wellbeing because it was her mother who was the “terrorist” even in the mist of all that was going on, he took time to ask how she was feeling. This is a man who knows how to care for his woman 🤗 *swoons*
2.Get. Over. Here: Olivia went against his wishes and released her mom, he went to his room and she’s but ass naked ready to give it to him. He starts going off on her and she like no fuck that lets fuck!
Olivia: Get. Over. Here.
Fitz: you are very bossy
Olivia: and you love it
Fitz: *takes off shoes and jumps on bed on top of her.
Lmao Yal Fitz looked like such a white man when he said “you are very bossy” it was so funny I couldn’t do nun but laugh! 🤔 for a 56 soon to be 57 year old man the way he jumped on top of her tho 😝 sheesh Tony let me breathe!
3.You saved me: I told Yal Fitz almost became command but Olivia went to him and was like I was going to ask you to stay with me but not like this. She let him know that B613 would ruin him and she couldn’t stand by and watch him become her father…. so of course he listens, he always listens to her so at this point he’s getting ready to leave but he’s with her. And he lets her know he cancelled the order and he can’t stay because he has to work on his foundation. She plays it cool because well she didn’t wanna show emotions, her back was turned away so he couldn’t see her face but she was literally crying out for this man to stay and be her light and save her from herself. She wanted him to save her! He says goodbye without a hug or a kiss
4.It was an honor Mr. President: literally as he’s walking towards the plane “Mr.President” yal I screamed I was like yes yes girl go 👏🏽 get 👏🏽 your 👏🏽 man 👏🏽 she walked then ran to him and they kissed and I bullshit you not I thought she was getting on that plane and going to Vermont 😭😭 ik ik Ima damn fool!
They kissing and paparazzi taking pictures!
Fitz: the cameras
Olivia: I don’t care
Soft smiles and more kissing.
Olivia: it’s been an honor Mr.President
Fitz: the honor was all mine.
Yep I cried again. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 beautiful simply beautiful. She ran in the light to the arms of the man she has loved for in the dark, out in the open in front of everybody. She knew the world was watching and finally after all this time she didn’t care! She freely and openly showed her affection and it was beautiful. I know I make a big deal out of it when it’s Olivia showing affection because it is a big deal. She’s choosing for herself and being honest with herself in those moments. So yes I clap and scream loudly in Olitz when Olivia does things on her own accord 😘 that’s Bae and she deserves to grasp love with her own hands.

Predictions: 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🙎🏽💆🏽
About season 7 I honestly don’t even know what to expect well let me say half except. Because I do know a few things: Olivia is going to do some developing(Good and Bad), Fitz is going to save her and I do believe OPA will as well. Abby going back to OPA, she had power, it corrupted her and she left it behind. Quinn being pregnant: she is going to have everything Olivia thinks she couldn’t have love-family(baby)-power. Olivia will see firsthand from these examples and on top of that Huck and Fitz gone be on her ass once they find out she lost her mind. Olivia is stubborn it’s not gone happen overnight but they will save her. They gone have to convince her she needs saving first. Mellie and Cyrus gone stab Olivia in the back. Cyrus gone stab Mellie in the back. Olivia- Cyrus- Mellie all in positions of power is not gone be a walk in the park , it’s going to be a power struggle frfr, and a little blood gone get on everybody’s hands! OPA gone thrive and I honestly hope everyone gets a good ending they deserve it. After Fitz save Liv, I want Olitz together and we get at least 2 or 3 happy episodes 😩 it ain’t to much to ask after this roller coaster we been on since 101! But anywhooo lemme leave on a good note:
🗣 Olitz ain’t dead! 😏😌 we just begun.

the man in the moon stayed up too late

summary: it didn’t go according to plan, but gon wouldn’t have it any other way. (a morning of firsts)

notes: @canzie-gumm I’m so so sorry this is STUPIDLY LATE so I wrote an extra long ficlet that is not at all influenced by me rewatching the chimera ant arc with a friend and dying slowly from everything going on /sweats. title’s a song from fellowship of the ring because sap knows no boundaries. aged-up killugon, (fluff warning), 1100 words

“What was this all supposed to be?” Killua demands, gesturing widely against the sunny dawn sky.

Gon smiles, relishing how little resistance Killua has to their hands tangled and their bodies leaning against each other. They’ve been out all night, running through quiet streets and climbing in and through closed up amusement parks, getting terrible pizza at 2am from a half awake uni student and fighting over who got the last slice. Now it’s morning, finally, the first donuts of the day still warm as they sit on the roof of Killua’s hotel and watch the sun come up. The dawn streaks Killua’s white hair with molten gold and pale pink, shining and soft and strong.

Gon rests his head against Killua’s shoulder. He’s missed this in their time apart, having Killua close enough to lean on. It shouldn’t be comfortable, not when Killua’s all edges, but it is better than any pillow. “What was what supposed to be?” he asks.

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Shtpost #2


EXO is currently taking over my life. 

(i hear distant groans of agreement don’t lie i know we all are being dominated by a particular south korean family that sing and dance and do crazy stuff)

I wake up and the first thing I instinctively do is literally open my phone (no lie) and go on Instagram and search up chanbaek crap (hands up if you follow chanbaek_sister or chanbaek_idclub ayyyyy) because I am that fking deprived of EXO and also because international fan sTrugGLEs. 

Oh, i also heard rion (the ‘fan’ of suho who is always making him feel uncomfortable and exos disgsuted bc she did unspeakable things while obsessing over junmyeon) attended the manila concert.. yikes (i dont want this post to be negative so let’s just stop here and wish for. suho’s well-being) and then something else like an anti (i’m not going to spread names) bringing plush penguin toys to the concert and stuffing rocks inside them with the intention of throwing them at exo??? like, you’re just become absolutely petty and rude and dumb and i kind of want to laugh at these ‘fans’ bc they’re so… immature and sad (but hey, to everyone reading this, bts and exo and in fact, all kpop groups, are close-knit friends. they know what it’s like to have to practice for crap all day and they respect each other. i just want everyone to be positive and love because that’s how. we can end these disputes. i hate having to see ‘armys are just petty 13 y/o babies hating on exo’ or ‘exols are so loud and annoying don’t they get tired of screaming’ crap all the time on my feed. it wasn’t like this before. and we were a family once, we can be a family again. it’s not that hard. 



Who wouldn’t like these two beautiful beans?

Chanyeol loves Baekhyun so much that Baekhyun loves him back I-

And did anyone else notice that for their special stage Baekhyun and Chanyeol had MATCHING BRACELETS????!!!!?!?! I had to rewatch the stage because of a chanbaek fanvid (yes, that’s how I found most of my moments despite being a 2015-current fan) and I literally had to pause,

sit back,

look again,

lean closer,

and just:

me: bish what?

like, hello?

*asian voice* what, the hell?

okay please please please tell me they went on a little secret “boyfriends-that-do-a-lot-of-romantic-stuff-but-it-isn’t-platonic-or-anything” nights’ out and got each other bracelets like the ones in scarlet heart ryeo shkhsdkufhjh i love how they’re so intimate and lovely with each other *insert guttural noises*

another thing i realized is whenever baekhyun smiles or does something, chanyeol always seems to feel it and just copy his (boyfriend’s) best friend bandmate’s actions i stg they’re sOULMATES~~~

also, i’ve noticed that baekhyun’s movements are always so soft and gentle but if you notice, during concerts he’d always go the extra mile and have the perfect facial expression, hand gestures, everything, so that he’d look smooth af (probs why some call him daddy…(please don’t)) so when he’s standing beside this giant of a dork, aka the endorser of masks, baek always seems to small and cy always needs to protect him (although they probably hit each other and play lol all weekend)

i mean, just look:

you have their ridiculously weird side…

you also have their romantic yet fluffy side


but then you get this “???” aka “error 404?”

pcy…your hands. hands. hands to yourself, please. ( although i’m lowkey wishing that they had more skinship ;-;)

pcy where are your HANDS!! keep the awards pg-13 please!

(but baekhyun smirked so i actually have no idea what they are anymore hahahaha)

yeah so that was my rant because i just realized how. much i. love . exo . and chanyeol and baekhyun and exo in general like SEHUN, the baby that has a lot of respect, XIUMIN, the kind-hearted hyung who loves everyone and just wants to make everyone get comfortable, SUHO, the leader who never gives up and always laughs because he loves his members so much, KAI, the hardworking second maknae with the most contagious laugh ever (personal opinion), CHEN, the lowkey most observant vocal range god that everyone loves, LAY, the one who is selfless, innocent, and willing to try new things, D.O., our precious squishy bean who has the smoothest voice and the chillest attitude. EXO is such an important part of my life that I almost wish that I had never met them (it’s a good thing to think, almost like when the water is so cold it numbs you and you think it feels hot) 

So, kudos to all the exo fans who supported exo and stayed together no matter what happened because it’s only thanks to. you that i can be so blessed like this. love ya~

I keep rewatching the moment when Dean and Carmen come back into the bar the following morning because they are so cute.

I love how they are giggling and leaning towards each other with hands all over the place, because it looks intimate and sweet and according to me it represents well what one night stands are for Dean: he is a tactile guy and he enjoys sex, he loves the intimacy that comes from sex but he doesn’t want or need a committed romantic relationship, so he just enjoys the connection that sex creats with the girls he hooks up with. I mean, just because it’s a one time thing it doesn’t mean that it can’t be sweet and enjoyable, I just love that they didn’t portray it as them using each other to get off, with Dean coldly leaving her (or vice versa) after they were done. 

No, they stayed together, she got changed so maybe they went to her place, and they went back to the diner together, touching and giggling happily because it was fun and they loved it. 

And Sam’s smile is so sweet too, that scene is killing me.


From the show at The Wilbur in Boston last night (February 22, 2017)

@thethirstisoutthere - please note photos of “supporting cast” members. Chose to focus on Jeff because I fell in love with his dorky corduroy blazer and beard. Though the others were also nice to look at ;)

Thanks again to @damselindistressmya and @snowvitamins for planning this night since November. I had a fucking blast. Meeting @startwreck @xfiles-behind-the-scenes @myassbrokethefall and @thattimetheykissed was just a crazy added bonus.

This crazy site has helped me find so many cool people over the last 14 months. It’s ridiculous. And astounding, to be honest.