i rewatched this the other night

a collection of my fave skam s1 moments
  • the first ~alone~ scene between eva and jonas !! so precious god bless
  • jonas playing ‘im yours’ for isak even tho “it’s a gay song” 
  • isak walking in on eva and jonas making out, leaving and singing lonely my child
  • isak high at the dinner table 

  • eva pushing jonas out of bed when her mum got home
  • the girls laughing at chris’ phone call to ‘the beer man’ so pure and beautiful
  • sana flipping off and throwing a drink at ingrid and her gang<333
  • noora ripping william to absolutely SHREDS in the school yard truly Mesmerising
  • “what are you talking about” “my integrity” “you dont have any next subject”
  • isak comforting eva after He broke up her and jonas 
  • the iconic use of the iconic mmm whatcha say sing but not the iconic m whatcha say line
  • noora singing justin bieber to eva in the gayest scene of our time
  • “its a suppression tactic, i saw it on suits once”
  • iben throwing a girl power christmas party after dumping chris honestly a woman after my own heart
  • sana carrying vilde to evas after she passed out
  • vilde throwing up on sana😭
  • “i think i killed williams baby tonight” 
  • eva completely fucking obliterating that pancake ily 
  • “blackouts are gods way of telling u mot to worry about anything vilde” 
  • “you still want me on your bus?” “what are you talking about youre our bus boss” AMD THAT LITTLE SMILE THATS SO GAY 
  • “youre not answering my messages” “no power. for two weeks straight” 
  • “WE will not be having a baby” (chris) i love the girl squad So Much 
  • as someone who has always had a strange relationship w food/eating vilde and noora’s chat after the doctors appointment and their relationship in general just means So Much to me 
  • eva not realising the boys were high as heck on the cabin trip ily bby g pls never change 
  • evas smile💕 (this got so gay psml) 
  • “if [take me to church] came on, id kiss you” “and did it” “no they just played this kygo shit” 
  • eva telling jonas how she felt when he said all that shit to her 
  •  jonas wiping evas tears away w his thumb im fucking Gone 
  • ingrid saying merry christmas to eva!!!! 
  • noora and eva finding the gay porn on isaks phone isak u fuckin rookie

Man, I can’t stop watching this comparison between the intro cutscenes of the original Crash 1 and N-Sane-ified Crash 1. The differences between the two are like night and day, and the latter manages to be faithful to the source material while taking a few creative liberties of its own. I think 1:18-1:37 of the video illustrates this wonderfully.

Here we have the original scene of Crash escaping the castle while Cortex runs after him. If you rewatch this scene, you’ll notice that it’s pretty quiet for what’s supposed to be such a pivotal scene before the game. The music - while distressed - feels left in the background while the other audio overpowers it. Cortex’s computer only flashes the word “REJECT” on the monitor and the console below (where the black bar is) as an alarm beeps. We don’t even get to see Crash escape, all we’re shown is  Cortex chasing him from the left side of the screen to the right, despite that Crash is running towards the left when he escapes from the castle window. 

(Also, Cortex’s voice just doesn’t fit him. At all.)

Here, the intensity is cranked up to 11 and it’s clear how much higher the stakes have been raised in this scene. The orchestrated music is stronger. Sparks from the machine are flying from offscreen into the frame. The monitor glitches out entirely before showing Crash going completely bonkers. Cortex’s voice is far more melodramatic when he exclaims, “FAILURE AGAIN!” We get to see Crash jump down from the machine, look back with a grin on his face and make a break for the exit (and towards the left of the screen no less!). The new animation of Cortex looking up from the machine at Crash, pouncing at him, and giving chase as he yells “CAPTURE HIM!” is a great touch. The bit where we see Crash run through the window from inside the castle is paced better than just showing him jumping through the window halfway. (Also, the stretch and squash employed when he falls also looks nice, and very befitting since the franchise takes inspiration from classic animation like Looney Tunes.)

Little details like that improved the tone of the cutscene, and if we’re going to be truthful here, the original game has not aged all that well. It is very much a product of its time. That doesn’t take away from the gameplay, of course, but it’s nice to see elements of the original being built upon instead of being given a beat-by-beat remake of what we’ve already seen. It gives me hope of what to expect from the rest of the N-Sane Trilogy when we get closer to its release.

I was talking with @belldreams​ the other night and she’d recently rewatched ANH and brought up the question:  “Why did Obi-Wan let Darth Vader strike him down?” and, boy, do I have thoughts and feelings about that scene!

Even before the context of the prequels, to me it was clear that Obi-Wan knew that he couldn’t beat Darth Vader, there was no point in trying and he wanted to show Luke just what this man was capable of:  Killing, in cold blood, someone who lowered their weapon and wasn’t fighting back.  Was it a manipulative move? Kinda, but it also relied on Darth Vader murdered a defenseless old man who wasn’t fighting back.  Someone who had been mentor and friend would not stop Vader from ruthlessly striking them down. Luke needed to know that.

But I think it was more than that and the prequels gave it so much more depth. Obi-Wan had spent the last 19 years in the desert in exile, that struggle to get up in the morning every day was only accomplished through his affection for Luke and his duty as a Jedi and holding on to the last bit of Anakin he had, it took everything that was left of him after he might as well have died on Mustafar.

Uncle Owen tells Luke that he thinks his father and General Kenobi died about the same time and, in the OT by itself, it’s a misdirection and rumor, it’s meant to throw the viewer (and Luke) off the scent of what really happened, to keep him safe.  But with the new context, it’s such a true line–Obi-Wan Kenobi died on Mustafar, all that was left of him was just a shell, after the loss of the Jedi Order, the loss of his entire culture, and the loss of Anakin.  On a personal level, I don’t know that he walked away from that fight, I think he maybe he did die there with Anakin.

Obi-Wan lets Darth Vader kill him because it’s his time, I’m sure the Force was telling him that it was okay to let go of this plane of existence now, and I think Obi-Wan may have welcomed it.  He was just a shell of a person by that point, most of what was left of him was his care for other people.  This was his next step forward, this is what he was meant for, to buy them time to escape, to show Luke what Darth Vader was capable of, and so that he could be there to spiritually guide Luke through the moments he most needed help in.

But most importantly of all, why did Obi-Wan let Darth Vader kill him?

Because, even if Obi-Wan honestly believed that there was nothing left of Anakin there (and, given his experiences with Sith Lords, I can’t blame him for thinking that, everything he’d been through would have told him exactly that, given Darth Sidious, Darth Maul, and Darth Tyrannus), he still couldn’t kill what was once Anakin Skywalker.


Contemplation of death brought only one slight sting of regret, and more than a bit of puzzlement. Until this very moment, [Obi-Wan] had never realized he’d always expected, for no discernible reason– 

That when he died, Anakin would be with him.“
                                             –Revenge of the Sith, Matthew Stover

Obi-Wan’s path had led him here.  He couldn’t kill what was left of Anakin, no matter how evil and corrupted it was, and it was his time, he was ready to die, with what little of Anakin there was in this galaxy was with him, one last time.

So I’m rewatching Supergirl, and I can’t stop thinking about the scene with Alex and her mom at the end of Livewire.

How Alex just immediately gets choked up when she asks Eliza “So why has it never been enough?” when Eliza says that she always helps others before she helps herself.

How Alex starts crying when Eliza tells her that she’s her Supergirl.

How many times do you think Alex has beat herself up over her mother treating her with so much tough love? Especially during her teenage years, how much do you think she would lie awake at night, repeating every word, beating herself up since she apparently never was good enough, while Kara was the little angel of the family?

And how Alex devoted her entire life to protect Kara, because that’s what her mom always wanted her to do, and that she still would get only negativity from her mother?

How much it hurt her, to always be the second best, to never feel like she was ever enough. To feel like she was the problem, and that she would never be able to compete with an alien from another planet.

And when Eliza says “Take care of yourself” and Alex looks down at the ground and smiles, before brokenly replying. How much do you think she longed to hear that? That her own mother would actually tell her that, instead of just leaving the conversation with “Take care of your sister”?

I think about this a lot, especially now with Alex developing feelings for Maggie. Because sure, her relationship with mother is better and much more lovingly, but Maggie has a girlfriend. So once again, Alex is second best, and she’s probably feeling a lot of things that she thought she had moved past.

I just need Alex to get loved and be put first like she deserves. She has been though enough already. Just let Alex Danvers be happy.

I rewatched The Empire Strikes Back the other night and noticed a lot of little things I hadn’t before.

♤I’d forgotten that Veers has more screen time than I thought. I literally didn’t recognize him without the helmet.

♢when Yoda suggests that Han and Leia be left to their fates, the Ghost of Obi-wan gives him a rather sharp look. Understandable, considering Padme was his friend and he wouldn’t be quite as willing to sacrifice her daughter just to mold her son into a sith-killing weapon.

♡the Hoth battle had a pretty high body count. How many of their forces did they actually lose, I wonder?

♧When Chewie breaks loose in the carbon freeze chamber, Boba acts like he’s going to shoot him, but Vader forces his gun down (perhaps because it’d be harder to sway Luke if his friends died). I’d noticed that before, but this time I noticed Leia turning and making eye contact (so to speak) with Vader as he’s still holding Fett back.

♤when Luke and Vader first start fighting, Luke gets shoved back and lands on the stairs. Vader is holding his saber in his right hand, but I noticed that with his left hand, for just a moment, he makes this short little aborted gesture, like he was about to reach down and haul Luke to his feet.
I almost wonder whether that was the stunt man almost breaking character for a moment, or whether that was in-character as Vader?

the man in the moon stayed up too late

summary: it didn’t go according to plan, but gon wouldn’t have it any other way. (a morning of firsts)

notes: @canzie-gumm I’m so so sorry this is STUPIDLY LATE so I wrote an extra long ficlet that is not at all influenced by me rewatching the chimera ant arc with a friend and dying slowly from everything going on /sweats. title’s a song from fellowship of the ring because sap knows no boundaries. aged-up killugon, (fluff warning), 1100 words

“What was this all supposed to be?” Killua demands, gesturing widely against the sunny dawn sky.

Gon smiles, relishing how little resistance Killua has to their hands tangled and their bodies leaning against each other. They’ve been out all night, running through quiet streets and climbing in and through closed up amusement parks, getting terrible pizza at 2am from a half awake uni student and fighting over who got the last slice. Now it’s morning, finally, the first donuts of the day still warm as they sit on the roof of Killua’s hotel and watch the sun come up. The dawn streaks Killua’s white hair with molten gold and pale pink, shining and soft and strong.

Gon rests his head against Killua’s shoulder. He’s missed this in their time apart, having Killua close enough to lean on. It shouldn’t be comfortable, not when Killua’s all edges, but it is better than any pillow. “What was what supposed to be?” he asks.

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So the other day I rewatched Phil’s draw my life and he said that he had a close friend of his pass away. Can you imagine how gutting that it, how crushing it is to have your best friend ripped from you.
I mean sure Phil has Dan now but those late nights when Phil’s mind is wandering and he’s tired and emotional. Dan must be there for him to comfort Phil when he cries, as I assume Phil is there for Dan when he’s at a low point (existential crisis)

Lenalee was never my fav exorcist in high school. I actually disliked most of the exorcists, except for Allen (noah clan 5evur). But rewatching the old show, I realize now that the treatment of her specifically compared to Allen, Kanda, and Lavi was really weird. Why was she Komui’s secretary?? None of the other exorcists had weird side jobs, why does the cute girl have to bring coffee to the science department. And why did Kanda and Lavi get a sword and a hammer for weapons, but she got thigh-high boots??? 

Anyway. I started liking her more after the Edo arc, and I think she’s great in Hallow (last night’s episode in particular was real swell I think).


“Wishes are an illusion that only prevent us from dealing with the suffering that comes to us all.”


“Wow, we are one fucked up family.”


‘I would enjoy a cinnamon muffin at our earliest convenience.”

“Setsuna, your devotion to a theme is truly inspiring.”

Rewatching pll for the millionth time and just picked up on something that proves cece lied to Ali in 6x10

In 4x22 “she’s come undone” Spencer has stolen some pages of ezras book and reads an excerpt

‘cece told me she stopped by the dilaurentis house to talk to Alison the night she went missing’

So why would she tell ezra (and one of the other plls in another episode I can’t remember) then lie to Ali about being there?
Im hoping this is something important and not just another mistake by the writers/marlene

IF u guys were wondering, which i know you weren’t but that’s fine and im gonna tell u all anyway, this is the framing that made me cry the other night during a rewatch and why i decided to sorta analyze it more

(this is not an emotional scene, my tears were literally only because of the way this shot is framed)

film ramblings under the cut so that this post isn’t COMPLETELY pointless

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Hannibal Rewatch meets Hannibal Advent: Contorno


‘I see you.’


In the cocoon of night, Chiyoh’s knowing words tighten around him. Forced to confront his greatest fear. A stark choice: kill Hannibal or become him. Condemn himself to eternal aloneness or irrevocable transformation. Yet…

'There are means of influence other than violence.’

A third choice? Another way? He had once the power to change Hannibal - saw it daily in tender glances, indulgent smiles. Until he was caught in a lie and it was cut out of him. Possible to try again? Grasps the thought and tucks it away greedily. Precious treasure. If he gets the chance.


The vultures are circling. Mason. Pazzi. Jack. Eager for the slaughter, personal glory, personal vengeance.

Bedelia is slipping away. Understandable really. Hard to get invested in the role of romantic lead when you know you’re just the understudy.

Paris, Florence and Palermo: a series of events, characters and settings already consigned to memory. But one more to create before the end of this Act. 

One more rendezvous beneath the shadow of La Primavera. But this time, planned and longed for. Time to stop obfuscating. Time to stop stalling. Only one co-star Hannibal is interested in playing opposite. Playing with. 


Hannigram: Apéritif to The Wrath of the Lamb on AO3


Last night I rewatched Age of Ultron, going through it with a fine-toothed comb to get details for the latest chapter of my “Sister in Arms” fic, analyzing every expression, every line delivery for character moments I’d missed.

And this scene hit me extra hard. Because as I made notes about this moment, I wrote how Clint can’t even turn around to see Ultron take her. He’s strapped in his chair facing forward, for all intents and purposes blind. His main job with the team, aside from firing arrows, is to be their eyes in the sky. He keeps an eye on the big picture, warning the others on the ground when a threat is headed their way. And he gets blindsided by Ultron, Nat is taken, possibly dead already for all he knows, and despite being in a spaceship likely loaded with weapons, he’s helpless. He’s lost sight of her, nobody else is watching out for her, and he can’t do a thing to help her. Look how hard he tries to get a view of where she is, to have her six again, but she’s gone and he has to give up, leave her, and finish the mission. He can’t see her, can’t help her, and it’s absolutely gutting for him.

Then this was the next scene we see him in:

Never tell me Tony doesn’t care genuinely for his teammates. Clint’s a nervous wreck here, pacing, radiating worry and frustration. Tony sees this and immediately suggests a job Clint can do, something only Clint could do, to help focus his mind. He pulls Clint out of that sense of helplessness and gives him an active role in rescuing the partner he blames himself for leaving behind. And judging by Tony’s expression in that last screencap, he knows exactly how much Clint is hurting and truly wants to help him, maybe knows exactly how he would feel if it was Pepper who was missing. Nice moment of both leadership and friendship.

Great work by both actors. So much depth of emotion in fairly short scenes.

every time i rewatch a john mulaney comedy special the font at the end that says “other titles you might like” gets bigger like netflix is like PLEASE STOP WATCHING NEW IN TOWN EVERY NIGHT AT APPROXIMATELY 1AM IT’S WEIRD AND THERE’S OTHER COMEDY OUT THERE and im like yeah right netflix see you tomorrow ~1am