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Japanese vocab with Yuzuru - Day 19

Okay now onto baby Yuzu when he was still a young promising star in Sendai :3

1. 天才(てんさい|ten-sai): genius

Recycling this gif from Day 16 where the other guy tells him he is “表情の天才” (genius at expression) because I love that pun so much (real reason: too lazy XD)

The other day in a chat, after rewatching Worlds 2012, my friend said “How can he be that good at 17?” and the first word that came up in my mind was “Tensai!!!!” :))) But that’s not all there is :3

2. 努力(どりょく|do-ryo-ku): effort, hard work

Similar to 成長 (sei-chou) in Day 5, this noun can be used with できる(de-ki-ru) to form a verb, meaning ‘can work hard’.

In Future of Tohoku (at 20:53), Nanami-sensei regarded him as 努力できる天才(a genius who can work hard). Let me just quote her answer cause it’s just too precious:

“Of course everyone wants to escape when they’re exhausted right? But he doesn’t show a hint of that. I think he always train with all his might with the limited time he has. I think he’s definitely a genius, but that’s not all. He works twice as hard as others. He wouldn’t have achieve so much without all his efforts. He is a genius who can work hard. He works hard in order to maximize his natural talent. The way he works hard is to me what truly makes him a genius”


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word count: 2,315 (Totally meant for this to be a drabble…)

Warnings: FLOOF

Summary: You’ve been raised in isolation your whole life. You know nothing of the outside world and the people that inhabit it. Bucky tags along with the Avengers for a mission that was supposed to be simple and it did not include you. Will you let the darkness of isolation push him away? A/N: I was rewatching Jurassic World the other day and this came into my mind.

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Isolation and darkness go hand in hand. They both bring out the worst in every person but only one can drive someone completely and utterly mad.

You were born in darkness and raised in isolation. Artificial light was your friend and the only real light in your life, both figuratively and literally. A nurse constantly took care of you and you grew to regard her as your mother, even when you had a feeling that she really wasn’t.

The cell was your home and you were given some luxuries that you imagined would be present in an actual house. There was a bathroom attached through a door to the right of the door with a shower and a vanity.

Besides the bathroom, there wasn’t much. There weren’t any windows that showed you the outside world. But it didn’t stop you from dreaming about it. You imagined that there were many colors out there, in vivid arrangements that wowed the senses.

You lost yourself in the feelings of books and the world they created. You hoped that even from those fantasy worlds, there would be some truth in the real world. You didn’t imagine a bad world, but one that was positive and beautiful in every way.

How wrong you were.


Steve Rogers was a good man and a needed leader for the Avengers. But he could be a bit annoying. Bucky found his insistence into his personal life tedious and exhausting. All he wanted was one day without Steve trying to poke into his mind.

He was getting better, thanks to T'Challa and whatever had done for him in Wakanda. He found himself in unpayable debt to him. But his mind was something else. Nightmares plagued him regularly but he found himself surrounded by things and people that would help him. In a nutshell, he was okay and he would continue to be okay.

Tony hadn’t trusted him immediately and he did understand why. Not only had he killed his parents, but he was an assassin that was highly dangerous with a high kill count. Bucky didn’t completely trust himself either but after time and many opportunities for Tony to trust him, he had warmed up to him, sort of. Tony still wouldn’t forgive him but Bucky knew that this was better than nothing.

With a tip from a scouting mission, the Avengers were led to an abandoned warehouse, a suspected abandoned warehouse. That suspect was shattered when Sam told them about heat signatures that were lighting up the building and he was getting an odd reading from the basement.

Bucky heads down there by himself and carefully maneuvers his way through the halls, taking out guards as they cross his path. He gets to the end of the hall and sees that there is a keypad. His alarms start to go off because they did not account for this.

“What do you see Barnes?” Tony asks through the coms.

“There’s a keypad that must lead to the source of the odd reading that Sam was talking about.”

He hears a whirring behind him and on instinct, he turns and aims his gun at the source of the sound. He does relax when he sees that it was Tony’s suit that was making the noise.

“Relax, Frosty. Let’s see about that keypad.”

Bucky moves away from the pad and watched as Tony places some sort of device on the keys and it brings up the code. Tony punches it in.

“Please be a secret door. Please be a secret door. Yay!”

The door opens and reveals an elevator. Tony turns to Bucky.

“Age before beauty.”

Bucky rolls his eyes and steps into the elevator with Tony with his suit back on. Bucky presses the other button that doesn’t represent the floor they are currently on. It descends, making a small humming noise that rings throughout the compartment.

The doors open and both men are immediately on alert. With a raised gun and raised blasters, they start down the hall and carefully examine the place where they have found themselves. Bucky stops at the only door that’s not opened.

There’s no name on the door or of any indication that someone is in there. He takes a risk and lightly taps on the door. He hears a muffled curse from Tony at the sudden noise but they are both surprised at the smallest of noises.


“I think someone’s in there.” Bucky states over the coms.


You’re surprised by the smallest of taps on your door. You furrow your brow for a moment. The guards or your nurse doesn’t usually tap on the door in greeting.

“Hello?” You ask.

You hear a muffled sound coming from behind the door and as it continues and increases in volume, you start to get anxious. Your heart beats rapidly against your chest and your breath starts to come out in quick and harsh pants.

The voices suddenly stop from behind the door and you assume that they’ve left. But you’re proven wrong when the door comes flying in with sparks coning off the hinges.

You scream and huddle away into the corner, trying to isolate yourself away room them. You curl up in a ball and try to make yourself as small as possible. It doesn’t work as people start to file into the room that you call your home and you feel a sudden sense of anxiety at their presence.

You don’t know who these people are or what they want. All you known is that they’re all in a varying array of colors and it makes your senses dance across your mind as you try to process all the things that are coming into your tiny bubble.

They all look at you now and you find yourself trying to disappear into your small shape that you try to create. A red haired woman cautiously approaches you and she speaks something in a language you don’t understand to everyone else. They all file out of the room but the woman stays.

She slowly kneels down in front of you at a respectable distance and looks at you. You look at her in return, studying her.

“Hello.” She speaks.

“Hello.” You return at her.

“What’s your name?”

That is when you furrow your brow at her, confused by her words. You don’t know what she’s saying from the odd language she speaks. All you know of her language is hello.

“Как вас зовут?” (What’s your name?)

That you understand.

“Они назвали меня ангелом. Но я не знаю своего имени.” (They called me an angel. But I do not know my name.)

“Ангел, меня зовут Наташа. Я пришел забрать тебя отсюда.” (Angel, my name is Natasha. I came to take you from here.)

You nod at her and she extends her hand to you. You slowly take it and her hands are a bit bigger than your own but they both have the same purpose. She helps you up from the corner and she gasps at what she sees.

“У вас есть … крылья.” (Do you have…wings?)

You unfurl your wings from behind your back and they don’t seem to glow under the artificial light. They expand the room and the feathers reach one end of the room to the other.

But she smiles at you, unafraid of what she sees. You’re surprised at her reaction and slowly make them rest against your back once more. You follow her out but stop in the hallway once you see everyone else in the hall looking at you.

Natasha notices the way your body language changes and shields you away from them.

Whatever she tells them, they go to the door that slides out and you’re left surprised at when they disappear from sight. You look at Natasha and she gently leads you on.


You almost have a panic attack when the odd device starts to move in the air but Natasha isn’t the one to console you. There’s someone else who speaks Russian and you find him incredibly attractive.

He gently soothes you and with your permission, he holds you close until you find yourself drifting off to sleep. When you awake, the man still holds you and the machine still flies through the air.

“Вы знаете английский?” (Do you know English?)

You shake your head at him but then nod.

“Hello.” You speak the only word you know.

“Hello. Это единственное слово, которое вы знаете?” (Is this the only word you know?)

You nod at him and you feel him gently touch your feathers. You jump and he lets you go. You scurry off his lap and go into the seat next to him. You’re not very happy when people touch your feathers because you find yourself being very sensitive with your feathers.

“Прости. Я не хотел тебя беспокоить.” (Sorry. I did not mean to disturb you.)

You look at him and very slowly, you unfurl the wing closest to him so he could touch them.

“Пожалуйста, будьте нежны.” (Please, be gentle.)

He nods at you and slowly reached out with his flesh hand to touch your feathers. He uses a very gentle touch and he never strays too long or touches too hard. You appreciate the way he’s touching you with such softness as if he knows just how fragile you are.

You stay by his side and he soothes you again when the aircraft starts to descend. He leads you out into the tower and you take a while to look at the building.

But the most astonishing thing is the light that comes into your vision. You blink a few times to adjust and you feel the slight prick of something pressing against your head. You close you eyes and hold your head.

Bucky takes you to an open room with a serious of tables and machines. He shows you to a man, whose name is Bruce. He says that Bruce is a doctor and he wants to make sure you’re alright.

You jump at every sound that comes from the machine but Bucky just tells you that the beeps measure your blood pressure and your temperature. You still don’t feel very reassured but you stay still as Bruce takes tests of you.

He’s very careful with your wings as he examines them. He takes very good care of them for you and he gently plucks the ingrown ones when he spots them. You wince when he takes them out but you know that it is for the better.

Satisfied with your health, Bruce sends you off when Bucky and he takes you upstairs from another elevator. He brings you onto an empty floor and you look at the empty room. But you gasp at the view of the city beneath you as you see the colors that pop behind your eyes.

“Это твой, Ангел. Вы можете делать все, что хотите.” (It’s yours, Angel. You can do whatever you want.)

You look at him and hug him. You’re so overcome with different emotions that you don’t know what to do. He does wrap his arms around you. You feel your heart beat a little faster.


A few months pass and you make progress on the front of language. Both Bucky and Natasha help you to learn English and ease you into it. You still don’t like to be around the team all that much but you see that they respect your need for personal space.

You decorate your room with colors with pictures and art. Bucky introduced you into movies and television shows. You weren’t very fond of it at first but once you found a good movie, you started to warm up to the subject.

You don’t venture out of your rook very often as it has everything you want and you and Bucky spend a lot of time in it. He comes over often and you find yourself confused by the way your heart starts to beat a little quicker whenever he’s around.

“Bucky? Why does…my heart do this?” You ask him.

“Why does your heart do what?”

“It…beats fast.”

He sits down beside you on the couch and your heart patters against your chest. You gently move his hand over your chest so he can feel it.

“I don’t understand.” You speak quietly.

You look at the way his eyes light up just slightly as he feels your heartbeat. Your wings lie behind you on the couch as they slightly twitch as he touches you.

“I think you’re in…love.”

“Love? Love is an odd word. What is it?”

“It makes your head spin and your heart beat faster. Do you feel it?”

“Yes. Am I in…love?”

“I suppose so. But only you know.”

You look up at him as he retracts his hand. Bucky’s blue eyes seem to glow under the softest light of the fire that lights up in the mantle. He looks absolutely beautiful and you can’t help but look at his lips.

You’ve never seen a more attractive man before in your life. You’ve never paid much attention to the guards but you’re glad you hadn’t. You’re sure that this love you’re feeling is for Bucky and Bucky alone.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

“I know you are.”

“How?” You ask.

“I’ve been trained to notice these things.”

“Do you…” You trail off, afraid of the answer he can give you.

He looks at you and your heart flutters in your chest. His metal hand slowly goes to rest on your cheek and his thumb caresses the skin. You lean into it and sigh a bit.

“Of course I do. I loved you the moment I saw you. Ты мой ангел.” (You’re my angel.)

You smile at him and feel the tears slide down your cheeks. You’re happy with his words and you’ve never felt more alive. You sit up on your knees and gently kiss him, wrapping your wings around the both of you, creating a safe cocoon.

There will be no more isolation for you now because Bucky has broken down every single wall he can and chased out the darkness that you had been shrouded in. You’re his angel and there’s not a more perfect sound.

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Jack Frost Headcanon

I rewatched my second favorite movie - Rise of the Guardians - the other day and elaborated, rather eagerly, to my friend my headcanon about Jack Frost.

Because I love the ever-loving underworld out of that movie, but what always bugged me was that Jack Frost - who is based on a Norse god - was only created 300 years ago. Uhm. So you’re erasing the god from your universe then? And if so, where DOES the phrase Jack Frost nipping at your nose come from? No, no. Jökul Frosti has to still be A Thing in the Rise of the Guardians universe. Here’s my reasoning how!

Jack Frost proves to be a mischievous prankster. So let’s assume he was also like that as a god. Jökul Frosti, the mischievous prankster, would thus have gotten along well with Loki. The two of them cooking up elaborate pranks.

One day, one prank goes wrong and Odin is so not pleased with Jökul. A punishment is due.

Jökul Frosti is stripped of his memories and powers and reborn as a mortal  - Jackson Overland - to live one life-time as a human and maybe learn from his mistakes.


Only things go wrong. He dies a violent death and that messes things up. While his godly powers and appearance - the white hair and pale skin and blue eyes - return… his memories don’t.

Máni, the Norse god of the moon, has mercy on the lost boy and at the very least gives him his name - Jack Frost. After all we call the “Man in the Moon” Many too, which since day one always made me think of the Norse god.

Additionally, Jack can fly. Why would the snow-bringer be able to fly? Because of the wind. He says so himself “Take me home, wind”. Why would the wind obey Jack? Oh, simple. Because Kári, god of the wind, is the father of Jökul Frosti. And while all other gods agreed to sit this out and see if Jack will ever regain his memories on his own, Kári does not abandon his own son.

The teeth Toothiana stored however are Jack’s mortal teeth - and thus only hold his mortal memories.

It just always bugged me that a) the god Jökul Frosti seems to just not be a thing, b) Jack’s appearance changed so utterly and completely, c) we never meet another seasonal spirit and d) it also doesn’t make much sense that the Man in the Moon went “Oh, in 300 years I will need you as a Guardian of fun… so… now I give you… uh… snow powers? I guess?”. And does that imply that EVERY person who ever died to save someone else was then turned into a spirit? But then Jack should not have been alone for the past 300 years because there should be a shit-ton of other spirits!

So yeah, Jackson Overland was Jökul Frosti’s punishment.

(I’m aware that there’s a book that probably attempts to explain that in context of the book-series, but honestly I prefer to see those two a little more separated and I don’t see much logic in Nightlight being Jack Frost? What the hell? Him being Jökul Frosti makes… more sense? To me at least. Not to mention, the smooth tie-in possibility with Jack as a Norse god. Considering How to Train Your Dragon is about, ya know, Vikings. Who worshiped the Norse gods. Like Jökul Frosti. And I do love a reasonable crossover.)

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You found the finale of avatar disappointing, I was wondering if you'd elaborate further? I really enjoy the finale and while I still notice its flaws I find that I was ultimately satisfied with the conclusions for the characters and the scene at Irohs Tea shop I think was a perfect final scene for the gaang, (though I still find the kataang at the end disingenuous) Love this blog! its great to see Avatar dissected so thoroughly even after all these years!

Let me clarify that I was not at all disappointed at the time of my first viewing, being overwhelmed by the spectacle and all of the emotions around the series coming to an end. I still really enjoy the finale; however, Aαng’s character arc doesn’t stand up as well to rewatching as the others’ do.

Aαng had four major lessons to learn in order to become the Avatar:

1.     You can’t run away from your problems. Aαng has trouble with running away in episodes like “The Storm” and “The Desert”, the byproduct of being an airbender. He had to grow and develop, for example in “Siege of the North” and “Day of Black Sun”, to stand his ground and be there for his friends when he is needed. But in the finale, when his friends are pointing out that he has to kill the Firelord, he throws a tantrum and storms off. Later, when he is actually battling Ozai, he ends up hiding inside a ball of Earth just like he was when he was frozen in a ball of ice after running away from home. It’s baffling that this parallel was intentional, considering the lack of character growth it suggests.

2.     In order to master the bending disciplines, you must master their mindsets. Aαng constantly repeats and preaches about the wisdom of the monks, and tries to keep their culture intact. However, we see over and over again in the show that Aαng is not just an airbender; in order to be the Avatar, he has to value all the Four Nations as one. But in the finale, just look at how he takes the advice of Avatars past! Rather than listen respectfully before making his decision, he discards one piece of advice after another, not trying to find what is best for the world, but only looking for something that will validate him and his particular beliefs until Yangchen chides him for it. He even says of his elemental opposite, “I knew I shouldn’t have asked Kyoshi!”, and concludes, “Maybe an airbender will know where I’m coming from!” This is not indicative of an Avatar who treats the wisdom of all four nations with equal weight.

3.     In order to control the Avatar State, you must clear your chakras. The entirety of Book 2 built up to the moment when Aαng had to let Katara go in order to master the Avatar State. But as we move toward the Book 3 finale, we see Aang more and more attached to Katara—not just loving her, but possessive, jealous, and entitled. Then in “Sozin’s Comet: Avatar Aαng,” Aαng’s chakra gets cleared by a convenient rock with no spiritual input, leaving his control of the Avatar State in the hands of luck, rather than self-discipline.

4.     You must work hard in order to achieve your goals. Aαng was an airbending prodigy growing up; like Azula, he never had to work hard to achieve mastery over his element. So throughout the show, one of his challenges was having to accept that there were things he wasn’t a natural at, such as earthbending. Sometimes, as with firebending, he would have to come back to an element and discard his preconceived notions about it in order to succeed.

But in the finale, Aαng doesn’t have to work hard to master energybending. He doesn’t have to work at all! He swims to the lion turtle in a semiconscious state; he has the ability to energybend handed over effortlessly; he masters the discipline in an instant, with no training, and is successful the very first time he tries it.  This flies in the face of episodes like “The Deserter”, “The Guru”, and “Bitter Work”, all of which stress that patience and perseverance are more rewarding than instant power-ups and superior bending skills.

Sadly, Aαng’s  role in the finale didn’t do justice to all of the struggling and maturing that he had experienced beforehand; neither did it reinforce preexisting messages that the show had taught us. The Kαtααng endgame was just the last in a long line of “achievements” that Aαng, by the show’s own standards, was not entitled to, but gained anyway because he was the hero and had to come out on top.

okay and honestly

abt the allura and keith dynamic, the way i see it rn is that allura had started to really see keith as her friend before the reveal about him being galra and rewatching the blade of marmora arc the other day i picked up on quite a few signs that she was genuinely worried about him while he and shiro were at the blade’s hq but i’ll get into that when i re-watch all of season 2 at some point

anyway but i feel like keith had been starting to admire allura also. because from jump she’s been such a fighter like he is and they butt heads because of it sometimes but he really does listen to what she says, like always, even if he’s always vocal when he disagrees.

like in return of the gladiator allura says that thing about how being a paladin is about more than just fighting evil, it’s about spreading peace and saving other people. and we know that keith comes from a background where he’s only ever had to fend for himself, but then in fall of the castle of lions keith is the one telling pidge not to be selfish, and to think of the other families out there, when before he had been pretty much just as selfish

and okay, like i said a minute ago, they both believe in fate, right. keith really holds on to prophecies and things like that, probably because without them his life is just confusing and devoid of meaning and purpose, like he’s so lost

so when allura tells him and the others that they were meant to be here and that this is their destiny, not only does that show allura to be someone who accepts her fate as it comes (something keith probably and totally admires because shit just keeps going wrong for him) but it also might have made keith feel like he belonged where he was and keith never feels like he belongs, that’s why he’s always so alone and all over the place

so yeah i can’t even word all of this how i want to right now but this realization just hit me in like a wave lol

it just makes a lot of sense that despite them being in ‘war mode’ 98% of the time (with exception of keith being emo or worried about shiro or awkwardly making friends with the others, and allura occasionally wanting to gossip and buy clothes and goof off, cause they’re still kids and whatnot) allura feels like she can relate to keith and he feels the same. i just notice how he listens to what allura says about her world view a lot (and even repeats her words sometimes like when he reminds the team that voltron is the ‘universe’s only hope’) and that’s also probably why allura is so stung by his being related to the oppressive side of this war. like here she probably thought she really had something with keith that could become a friendship but no it’s essentially zarkon all over again

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My casual fan friend whilst rewatching HLV with me: "I think they're gay for each other. John looks super jealous of Janine." "LOOK AT HIS FACE. He does NOT like the ring" Me, internally: "holy crap you're not the only one who thinks that matey. I spend like 6 hours a day reblogging posts about johnlock" Me, externally: "I think that too"



I think a Merlin AU would be really nice where Thomas is a Prince and Alex is a commoner and they meet and immediately hate each other but Alex finds out he and Thomas are “entwined” and they’re destined to be together. Be that as friends, lovers, or enemies is entirely in their hands but at the end of the day they are stuck in each other’s lives until Kingdom Come.

I’ll be graduating from high school this year and I have really mixed feelings about it. A part is me is hella scared to go out into the world and even though my school has issues just like any other school, it’s given me stability, reliability, and a comforting place to come to no matter what’s going on outside of my life. At the same time I’m so excited to leave my city(can’t leave my state yet and can’t go too far I have immigrant parents lmao) and explore more and be my own person. Because the city I leave in is pretty much white suburbia, but thankfully my school is the most diverse in the area, and has a shit ton of diversity which makes me lucky. But anyways I can’t wait to go to college and learn more about myself and become independent. Something that does scare me though is leaving my friends, I really do try to remind myself that leaving my friends behind is a part of life but it still hurts at the same time. However I was watching Glee(yes I know😂) the other day and I was rewatching this episode where Tina said “The glue of high school relationships is high school” and maybe that shouldn’t be taken too seriously but I feel like there is some truth to that. Most of the friends you have in high school are the ones you met in the classes you shared. It’s going to suck leaving them behind and I’ll probably be balling my eyes out at Graduation to be honest. But yeah please wish me luck because I’m terrified of the future😫😂

graphic battle vs. oshsoo | round 6: favorite hairstyle of your bias 

My friend and I noticed something and we thought we’d share.

We were rewatching season 1 the other day and she noticed something. This all happens in episode 7 Barry looses his speed and that ep the Villain was the electricity dude who went on a rampage on Dr.Wells and things. The villain was mad because on the night of the particle accelerator his friends died and he got powers hence why he was upset, Wells proceeds to say his sorry about his friends and the dude says you dont even know their names, Wells then proceeds to name his friends names and in the mix he throws in Ralph Dibney. So if Ralph died how do we have him in season 4… Is that just due to Barry time traveling and some things changing so Ralph was still “destined” to be stretch man so the thinker put him in his plans? Or??? Cause we are more than sure Wells said Ralph Dibney

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Hey! I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but for your Australian followers the entire series of The Nanny is available on the streaming service Stan. You can get a 30 day free trial or it's just $10 a month. It's also the best place to watch other shows like Friends, Will & Grace, Seinfeld, and a lot of other newer shows and films. Considering we get a really limited selection on Netflix here I'd definitely recommend it! This blog has inspired me to rewatch The Nanny - thanks!

I’ve seen people comment this on the WhatFranWore insta!

No wonder I have so many Australian followers lol.

Thanks for sharing ☺️

i rewatched one punch man the other day w/ a friend who hadnt seen it and its still a fun time overall but god mumen rider is the fucking best. HE IS THE BEST!!! the sea king arc is HONESTLY imo the best of the entire series. thats even including the manga and webcomic (which i got up to date on recently). nothing else in opm comes close to matching the emotional intensity of that arc imo, i love it so much and the anime did an absolutely amazing job adapting it into those 2 episodes that cover it.

Two days ago, I was rewatching the “Bricks and Kicks” video and my “friend” noticed me watching it and asked me if it was Ninjago again, she would take my phone to throw it. I said to her that I didn’t care but she never did. The thing is that she doesn’t like me watching a “kids show”

Same thing with my other friend three or four days ago. I told her and my “friend” that I got one of my online friends into Ninjago during the weekend and they were seriously annoyed and starting saying how it’s “just legos” and I seriously was about to cry, and I wanted to ranted how it wasn’t like the other tv shows but they are just dumbasses since one of them has no clue about fandoms and the other is into Supernatural and Doctor Who, which I am not into.

I’m so upset with them because I’ve always let them to talk about their shit to me and I never showed any negativity towards them—even though the stuff they like are the things I hate. However, whenever I talk about my interests they just are annoyed about it.

I seriously want them to understand that kids shows are sometimes not what they always look like, ya know?