i rewatched this ep yesterday and now i miss them even more


For my first post, I wanted to express my extreme thanks to the amazing Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries fandom. I love every single image, gif, insight, fan fic, article, etc., that you have been posting and here’s why:

I am incredibly new to the show and to the fandom, but like many of you, the stories and the characters immediately captivated my entire being in a way I never thought possible. I remember everything so clearly. My father had just had knee surgery and my husband and I were staying with my parents during the recovery process. It was Friday, April 24th, and my mom and dad were watching Netflix. A shrieking pair of women finding a snake in their hotel room drawer caught my attention and I decided to plop down next to my folks to watch the rest of the show. Throughout the episode, I was like, “who’s that? And that? What are these relationships?!?” while my mother patiently explained, “well, that’s Dot. She’s kind of like a female Watson. And that’s Jack. He’s the head inspector and there’s weird tension between him and Miss Fisher.” And after the episode ended, we watched the beginning so I could see what I missed. And there it was. Death on the Vine was my first episode and everything about it enticed me. 

Phryne is everything one could ask for in a lead character: bold, adventurous, fun, witty, intelligent, empowered, sexually liberated, accepting, positive, and free-spirited. She doesn’t care about what her time and society expected her to be and that’s incredibly inspiring. Dot, her companion, represented the aspiring modern woman, still aware of social norms and taking practical and realistic views, but open to change and willing to adapt in order to grow. Hugh, like Dot, is still green, but tries to do his best to accept change while maintaining the best intentions, and his boyish naiveté is incredibly endearing. And Jack, seemingly gruff, but incredibly gentle and silly like his counterpart, is the law upholder, the righter of wrongs, and the honorable protector, though Phryne doesn’t need it. But the fact that he would readily come to her aid is so very attractive. All in all, each character is beautifully giving, thoughtful, empathetic, and so very loyal. And it’s an added bonus that everyone looks great! Those outfits and those cheekbones!!

Now the obsession. After my initial viewing of Death on the Vine, I devoured the last 3 episodes of Season 2 and then began binge watching the whole series starting with Season 1. I didn’t sleep and my lunches and breaks were dedicated to my Netflix iPhone app. I fell so hard for the Phrack (and that Jack also reminds me of my husband in look, sound, and personality made the fall even harder!). I loved Phryne and Jack and just wanted them to be happy, and for lack of a better word, boink. I remember Googling Essie Davis and Nathan Page because I was just so impressed with their ability to make me believe in their unique love that I was convinced that they had to be together in real life! Acting! As I was getting close to the end of Season 2 again, I looked up the episodes list of Miss Fisher’s on Wikipedia and was heartbroken to see that Murder Under the Mistletoe was the last episode! I was so so so depressed. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had no idea where to go or who to talk to besides my mother. I was a wreck. There was barely any recent news on the web! I liked every Facebook page and Instagram account I could find and even started a private Pinterest board to keep pictures of my favorite scenes and watched YouTube fan videos over and over again. And then I discovered Tumblr. 

I had no idea what Tumblr was or how it worked. All I knew was that there were people who wrote about MFMM and made cool GIFs of all the things I wanted to see! And the thoughts and ideas and theories, each one so brilliant and even researched in some cases!! And the fanfic – so perfect during those long long weeks between eps! It was like all of you were in my head! And through Tumblr, I discovered that there was a Series 3, starting May 8 (So just to give you a timeline, I had already watched all of Series 1 and 2 within one week from when I started; had time to be depressed while rewatching Season 1; and then so overjoyed upon discovering that there would be more that I finished Season 2 just in time to start watching Season 3 and then in between Phrydays, I would start the rotation again. Seriously, I haven’t watched ANYTHING else and my Netflix activity is just MFMM over and over again. I know many of you can relate!) and there were so many like-minded Phrack fans out there! I was so thrilled! When I thought I was alone and lost, I would head to Tumblr for a pick-me-up and to reassure myself that having these feels were normal. I started sending my favorite posts to some close friends, and through some constant prodding and compelling Tumblr posts, we now have 5 new viewers! But seriously, if you saw the browser tabs on my phone, I had one tab dedicated to my email, and all the rest of my tabs were dedicated to as many of your wonderful blogs that I could find. It got to a point that I couldn’t open any more tabs and I started contemplating signing up for Tumblr just so I could favorite and follow, but I was scared of actually having the Tumblr. I am in no way an expert on the show, and I felt like there was so much out there already. But again, you all inspired me with your kindness to newbies and just how awesome and friendly you all are! Each of you is a Phryne in your own right by indirectly encouraging this silly, scared Dot! So I did it! I picked up the phone I started a Tumblr! And though zilch has been on my page, thank you for the follow backs and the tags! I’m still trying to learn how to use this thing, what with reblogging, tagging, etc., but I truly want to be a contributing member of this fandom! It’s amazing really, because I nerd out over so so so many things, but this is the first time I have been so incredibly inspired to actually put myself out into a fandom, and again, it really is thanks to all of you! You all have been so passionate and dedicated, even rallying for support for Season 4, live blogging from Rippon Lea, and just sharing in the love! I’m a medium Photoshopper, and am always up to a challenge. Yesterday, I learned how to GIF, which I have never done before. I made two GIFs from my first episode, Death on the Vine, to really highlight this strange but magical journey. My first Tumblr post, my first GIFs, my first active fandom.

My first sip, definitely not my last, and so incredibly special.

Thanks for reading, and as always, thanks for writing!

<3 caro