i rewatched the pilot and wow


  • Klance moments???? Like???? hhhhhAHH
    • “Hey man” 
    • Lance supporting leader Keith :^) 
    • that moment in episode 3 when everyone’s lions got technical problems and they were separated. And how Lance and Keith found each other and had this good, soft talk about Keith’s leadership and the situation… 
    • when Lance came into Keith’s room to talk about his role on the team, and it was so soft, and i cried, and they supported each other,, and then they smiled at each other and like, oh man…. 
    • Lance’s “I got you, buddy!” to Keith when they were fighting Auxia (that blue general) 
    • they just.. supported each other, it was so good
    • they’re becoming friends and I’m emotional
    • there were no fat jokes, I think?? I don’t remember any 
    • he was so smart???? ?? HE WAS PRETTY MUCH EVEN SMARTER THAN HE WAS IN SEASON 1, AND JUST.. i’m tearing up, I’m so proud 
    • although I must admit, he cannot catch a dARN break
    • we saw long-haired Shiro
    • he has this fresh new look™ 
    • also he’s proud of Keith
    • there’s something weird about him tho 👀👀👀 some suspitious stuff, i’d say 👀 like….. is this our Shiro?
    • but nah, shhhhh, he’s safe and good, let me be happy for now
    • (this is not our Shiro, fuck)
  • THE GALRA GENERALS hoLY SHIT i’m in love
    • I’m not even sure which one’s my fave…… they’re all so good
    • EZOR’S SO CUTE and just, damn
  • ok so Lotor’s actually pretty interesting?? like damn, what’s he plannin
    • also he’s pretty observant?? like, he noticed that paladins had some problems with piloting Lions etc. etc. darn
    • Listen, the whole flashback episode was so good?? fuckin darn it 
    • I 👏 LOVE 👏 THE 👏 ORIGINAL 👏 PALADINS 👏 (Blue is so similar to Lance i’m vnjvbhfd)
    • Zarkon seemed like actually a good guy! (that is.. until ya know) 
    • listen I…… so many fucking good stuff happened, I can’t even comprehend it 
    • Zarkon got scared of a cat nvjvhbvdjn
    • BABY  A L L U R A 
    • Haggar…….. like.. holy shit
  • They fucking went to alternate reality (man, that episode was fucked up but like, good?? oh my god) 
    • Alteans and the plot twist boiii
    • Empress Allura 
  • SVEN and SLAV vnjvvfhbjnvk 
    • Sven’s fucking accent
    • I did not see that whole thing coming but I’m pleased 
  • Lance is a blessing, wow???
    • he was so nice to Allura when she couldn’t pilot the Blue Lion yet
    • he supported leader Keith 
    • how he just always puts the team in the first place, oh wow
  • Just?? Allura’s bayard?????? is a whip?? and she’s so good with it
  • I LITERALLY JUST… LOVED THIS SEASON. IT WAS GOOD, AND GREAT, AND AHHH (will gotta rewatch it and do some cool calculation to rate it buuut yah)

anonymous asked:

Random but I'm still peeved about the Alex/Kara argument in 2.02. Especially the part where Alex claims to have given up a career in medicine to protect Kara. I mean, I'm not sure if that's bad writing or Alex IC blatantly ignoring reality because Alex was not gonna graduate due to academic probation plus she was in jail for at least public intoxication if not a DUI (I can't remember if she got arrested before putting the keys in the ignition or not). 1/

She wasn’t exactly ‘days away’ from graduating med school or anything. Now Alex may have taken the job with J'onn to protect Kara but I’m pretty sure J'onn made the offer to throw a lifeline to a drowning Alex not to protect Kara. But the whole protect-Kara angle really doesn’t hold water since Alex didn’t give Kara even an ounce of potentially life-saving information that she learned at the DEO. Nothing about Kryptonite or secret anti-alien agencies who could blackbag her. 2/

It feels more like Alex enjoyed the leverage of knowledge even while Kara expressed dissatisfaction with her own life. (Did she like lying to her sister? Probably not. Was there a selfish satisfaction to knowing more the Kara, to being part of something bigger? Yeah, I think there was a bit.) 3/

But outside of the influences of redK Kara would never pick apart an argument like that IC but IDK it seems like a very significant character flaw that fandom tends to ignore which is disappointing because the selfishness plays so well off Alex’s deepseated guilt and sense of duty. Alex!Discourse usually focuses on her relationship with Eliza or making her a martyr for her sister which does as much disservice to the nuance of her character as it does to write Kara only as a space puppy. 4/4

This ask made me so happy.

I just finished my S2 talk time project a few days ago and then went back and rewatched the pilot, and let me tell you it is very easy to forget just how much progress Alex and Kara have made, because wow is it jarring to see them at the start of S1 where Alex is so much worse at emotional vulnerability and amped up on passive-aggressive snark.

I really loved that scene in 2x02, which I have written about before, because it highlights all of those flaws without taking away from the fact that Alex still makes a valid point that Kara needed to hear.

Nobody is perfectly consistent in how they express themselves. Ever. People are chaotic and messy and complicated, and they find ways to rationalize bad choices to themselves. They find ways to rationalize good choices, too. They forget about the emotions that motivated a decision over time, or their relationships change and suddenly a memory is recolored into something that isn’t quite reality anymore. A person’s internal logic or truth is not always *the* truth. But none of that means they are “out of character” the second there is a mismatch. 

It just means they’re human.

And you hit the nail on the head: Alex was not telling the objective truth in 2x02, but she might well have been telling a truth she believed. Alex has spent years inventing excuses to justify her life choices and coming up with lies to tell her sister and her mother to keep them off her back. At some point the truth and the fiction are going to start blurring in her mind, at least a little. That’s just how our brains work.

Plus, we’re talking about a woman who was so confident she could beat a polygraph that she didn’t even break a sweat about having no time to prepare. The mental self-trickery that requires is insane. Alex Danvers is good at lying to others, but she’s even better at lying to herself.

So, when it comes to Kara and the complicated relationship they have as siblings? Alex can absolutely be petty, and mean, and resentful. That doesn’t mean she loves Kara any less. It doesn’t negate all the things she does that are generous or compassionate or selfless.

What it does is make her a well-rounded character. Just like how Kara is more well-rounded  for being impulsive and self-centered and stubborn in addition to all of her good qualities.

To return to your point about that period in Alex’s life where she was struggling and J’onn pulled her out: yes, she was absolutely giving Kara a revised interpretation of events. Alex’s memories from 1x17 were not actually things she spoke out loud during that interrogation. (At least, I am 99% confident she was not sharing all of her personal failings in explicit detail, especially since long-winded rambling is not part of a polygraph.) So Kara, as far as we know, still remains in the dark about the exact depth of her sister’s issues. And Alex clearly doesn’t ever want her to find out, because that would be damaging on a wayyyyy worse level than her occasionally being an asshole when they fight.

But, within that scene from 2x02, do we know for sure that Alex is lying? We can’t see into her head, after all. Maybe she genuinely believes she would’ve clawed her way out of her funk eventually and gone into medicine if J’onn hadn’t intervened. Maybe she legitimately wanted to be a doctor even though she was a depressed, self-loathing mess and on the verge of failing out. Maybe she only said yes to the DEO because she was afraid Henshaw would blackmail her or her family, or get Kara carted off to some creepy government lab if she turned him down.

All of that, however, does not negate your point, which is that once she got to the DEO, that choice became about her. Not her family, not her sister. Just her.

For possibly the first time in her adult life.

That had to be powerfully liberating. And I agree, it probably gave Alex some immense satisfaction to know that while she might not have Kara’s superpowers, she could still be out there in the world kicking alien ass anyway. We also know she felt good about the fact that her coworkers and her boss recognized her efforts and her talents, and that she was happy to find a space where that was even possible. Those were not things she’d ever had before. And yeah, she guarded them rather selfishly.

I am iffy, however, on criticizing Alex for not telling Kara about Kryptonite and such, because it’s one of the very first things she and J’onn explain to Kara in the pilot ep. (I’m also iffy because Clark knew Kryptonite existed for way longer than Alex did, and he never told her about it either!) And I don’t think Kara would’ve needed a warning about “secret anti-alien agencies,” at least not prior to her decision to start superheroing. Given that strange men showed up at their house when she was a kid and her foster dad changed jobs almost immediately thereafter and her family was constantly afraid she’d be taken away, I have a feeling Kara was already aware of that risk, at least on some level. You’ll note that she never questions the motivation behind Alex’s “never do something like that again” in 1x01, even though Alex is extremely harsh and hurts Kara’s feelings.

tl;dr: Alex, like the rest of us, has her flaws. She has a nasty tendency toward repressing or hiding negativity at her own expense, in part because she’s afraid to disappoint her loved ones, but also because her sense of empathy runs deep and she doesn’t like seeing others suffer. She can be passive-aggressive. She loses her temper in immature, ugly ways.

None of this means she’s a bad person. She’s usually a very good person! But it also doesn’t mean that we get to handwave the ugliness away as “shitty writing” just because it presents a challenge as far as understanding her character.


struggling with the meta on this one, but … something just dawned on me.

allura readily asks the red lion (her father’s lion) for help immediately, the minute she sits inside of it. but it doesn’t awaken. my theory is that the red lion knows allura isn’t ready yet to fly it (i mean it’s the ‘most difficult’ to master and she’s only ever piloted the castle ship before this). but allura has a hard time asking for help from the blue lion. and i’m thinking this is just like the way allura readily goes to her father for help and guidance in the pilot episode, because she loves and trusts him, but has a much harder time opening up to the other paladins, and even to coran.


Steph Rewatches Suits - Mike and Harvey Moments, 1.01 Pilot (1 of ?)

Back To Basics: Arrow 5x01 Review (Legacy)

We’re back! 

Truth be told… I was a little nervous about this premiere. I think some reporters overdid it on the teases. They made it sound so ominous. I thought Felicity was giving birth to the Detective’s kid right in the middle of the loft or something. Nope. Nowhere near nightmare level. 

Overall, solid episode.  Good start to the season. It didn’t wow me, but I liked it. There were some problematic parts, which you can bet we’ll be addressing, but Arrow held up their end of the bargain. They promised back to basics and they delivered. We even got to rewatch pilot scenes and rehash Season 1 dialogue! I know Arrow is not known for its subtlety, but I wasn’t expecting them to be that literal.

Let’s dig in…

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Okay, I’m going to rewatch 1x01 of Supergirl, which I haven’t done since I watched this show over the summer, and write some reactions as I go: 

-Winn: “I’m telling you, they’re out there. Aliens!” Kara: “Winn, there’s no such thing as aliens.” uhhhhhhh????? didn’t Superman reveal himself like 12 years before this?? Proving that there are aliens??? 

-OMG! I forgot Kara had a date in the first episode!! I don’t remember how this went… bad I’m guessing? 

-James you asshole! he is totally fucking with Kara in the first episode and stressing this poor puppy out! He knew exactly who she was coming to National City. James: “Anyone ever tell you that you look a little like him right here?”*pointing to her eyes* 

-ALLLEEEEXXXXX!!!! <3 <3 <3 bby!! and after all this “hair discourse” in relation to your coming out, I can’t not look at her hair and see how she is trying to be “perfect”

-”and thanks to your alien DNA you can’t get pimples” OMG poor Melissa! God, I would break out in mass hoards pimples just from the stress that my character is canonically pimple-less. 

- LOL!!!!! omg I totally missed that Kara picked the pink shirt and Alex was like nope… “Good choice. When in doubt, go with blue, it is your color.” And like her supersuit is blue :)) 

-REVISITING THE DATING THING!!!! Kara deserves so much better than this asshole. God, he went to the waitress and said to put her number on the check what a fucking scumbag. 

- I love how the FIRST EPISODE it is showing what person is the most important to Kara —> Alex. It is usually the love interest that is saved by a Super…but no, this show right off the bat is showing what relationship takes precedent on this show and i LOVE THAT!!


-WOW. Alex’s speech and Kara’s “coming out” is TOTALLY paralleling Alex’s coming out and like the beginning of her relationship with Maggie!! And like when Kara said “I don’t want to [take it back]” i can’t help but to think about Alex’s line “Just forget i said anything. Okay, forget it.” Alex was wanting to take back her coming out bc she was so hurt :(

-KARA IS SUCH A SAD HEART BROKEN PUPPY, MY HEART :(((( AND Alex feels heartbroken too because Kara’s heart is hurting :((( And she wishes she could tell Kara more that her life is in danger bc of the Aliens from Fort Rozz wanting to attack her to get revenge on her mother for locking them up. My heart breaks for both of them :(((( 

-Previously: Kara: “All these people they are going to lose their jobs.  What’s gonna happen to them, to their families?”[…] Cat: “You wanna save the Trib? Go find me a hero.” Now: Cat: “This girl is the answer. She is exactly what i need to save the Tribune.” I just realized that Kara coming out as Supergirl saved jobs and then gave herself a new job by saving the Tribune where she now WORKS! And like, it shows that Cat does care about the people that work for her….she didn’t want to fire the people working for her. 

-Waitress: Can you believe it? A female hero. Nice for my daughter to have someone like that to look up to” YESSSSSSSSS Representation matters!!!!!

-ALEX COMING DOWN FROM THE HELICOPTER LIKE A BAMF!!!! IS EVERYTHING!! AND then cradling Kara in her arms saying, “Hey, I’m here. I got you, i got you.” And looking at Kara’s wound. This is the first time she has ever seen Kara physically hurt. This is something she feared would happen. 

- Have I mentioned lately that I love Alex and Kara and their relationship? Well I DO! I love the shot of them holding hands while Kara is listening to the message her mom is giving her. Again….SHOWING that the most important relationship on this show that will ALWAYS take precedence is Alex and Kara. I love it so much! That they are family. Even though they don’t share blood, they are sisters. This type of representation is SO IMPORTANT TOO!

-Alex: “I wasn’t only recruited because of my sister, was I?” Hank: “Yeah, she’s why you got in. YOU are why you get to stay” <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Hank loves his earth daughter, and is so supportive of her and knowing what else happens this season, I can appreciate all these moments so much more!

-THE LAST SCENE!! this again shows how family isn’t just about blood, but it is about bond! This scene is Astra ordering her minions to find and kill Kara, “Are you certain, General? After all, Kara Zor-El is your blood.” It is showing how Kara’s family IS her earth family that is protecting her. Alex would do anything to protect her sister. ALSOOOOOOOO I can’t help but to think this is also a parallel to Lena. Astra is ordering someone to kill Kara, while Lex had someone sent to kill Lena. People that used to love them and were closed to them, are now wanting them dead. Both Kara and Lena want to do good, but are trying to be stopped by members of their supposed “family”. 

WOW! I appreciate this episode SO MUCH MORE now that I know what else happens this season. This show has so much depth and such an incredible story about family, self-discovery, and what makes a hero. 

my thoughts when rewatching the pilot of the 100:
  • i am beyond happy that bellamy ran out of hair gel omg
  • i forgot how many near death experiences there were in the pilot like damn
  • kane being an asshole wow character evolution amirite
  • murphy trying to be cool and fit in and be in a position of power for once in his life i’m crying
  • finn i can’t stop thinking about how i know u got raven back on the ark fuck u man fuck u
  • clarke ur so happy and i am so sad
  • monty just ate a flower a real life flower what a sweetie
  • i forreal thought jasper was dead like dead af idk how he even survived that spear to goddamn chest
  • octavia oh my god youre trying to be the regina george of the group but youre trying way too hard omg
  • remember when bellamy manipulated 100 kids to risk their lives and the lives of all the people on the ark just cuz he didnt wanna get arrested again lol