i rewatched lots of scenes and i just

I just rewatched the episode, and next to a lot I made up my mind about, I just realized something. I mean I can be wrong, but just consider it:

The last scene in which the Walrus explodes and the Walrus Crew gets shot in the water is deeply connected with the flashback of Silver telling Madi about his feelings for Flint.

He speaks to Madi that after all Flint has been through he has earned his friendship and respect. We always see them looking with horror at what is happening down below. And it ends with Silver saying, “As long as that is true I cannot imagine what is possible.”

I had the feeling Silver realizes that all of this has happened because it wasn’t ture anymore, their shared friendship. He realized he/they had violated this friendship and trust and the outcome is dead and destruction. And maybe Silver realizes he had played a part in it, too. He always accused Flint that it was his fault, but never considered his own betrayal in it. Until this point, when he remembers what he has told Madi and that he had once said he would grant Flint his friendship as long as Flint grants him his.

Flint has granted him his friendship and trust. He has told Silver about his plans… about his concerns. But Silver did not. He hadn’t told Flint about taking the cache with him on the Walrus. And that was the point everything went down… and Silver realizes it and realizes what it has done.

I can’t wait how they solve this in the next episode… or if they solve it at all.


I’ve spent a lot of time rewatching the end of Episode 9 and I Noticed something!! When you watch the gifs of Victor and Yuri from the last few minute of the episodes, you notice how victors shoulders move: 

It looks almost as if he’s putting something on a hand, like a bracelet or ring, eyes slightly downcast, shoulders shifting as if he is slipping something onto another person. Now, as we all know, this is the scene where Victor asks Yuri what he’s going to get him for Christmas, to which Yuri responds, “something round and golden,” possibly implying a ring or a medal. WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT POINT! In the OV we hear Victor say ‘Oh wow,” but clearly that is not what he is saying here. His mouth does not form the O shape, not even by any stretch of imagination. He is most likely addressing Yuri in someway, which leads me further to believe that Victor is the one giving Yuri a ring. 

This brings me to Yuri. 

First off, notice the way he’s dressed. Hair down, glasses, looking like he’s in a state of vulnerability instead of being as confident as he is on the ice. He looks almost as he did when we first met his character in the beginning of the series. The point I’m trying to make is this is not the Yuri that would propose to Victor, this is the Yuri and is so shocked that he doesn’t know how to react. We see a similar reaction the first time that he sees Victor in the Onsen for the first time, one of pure shock. ALSO!!! Notice how he looks slightly down at his hands, gulps, and then looks back up to Victor, almost as if to say ‘are you sure?’ because we know Yuri struggles with anxiety, and he needs to make sure that Victor actually means it. 

side note, christmas is the most romantic holiday in japan so a proposal would make sense   


“When I saw you, I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.”

No wait but let me talk about the almost kiss

At first I was a little disappointed with it - I had pictured a lot more lips & saliva than actually was.

But then I started to rewatch the gifs from the scene and GUYS. Please look at how close Hugh Dancy comes to actually starting to kiss Mads. IT’S RIDICULOUS.

He bobs his head forward and comes SO CLOSE

and then comes EVEN CLOSER OMFG

and I don’t want to take sides here but Mads really just stays neutral and probably thinking, “well, it seems like I’m gonna kiss today” and makes an almost imperceptible movement forward, but then Hugh gets all shy and thinks again and looks down.

AND WAIT IT’S NOT OVER YET, because Hugh stays like, head down, breathing hard and grabbing Mads’ arm, and then, idk, his right hand SNAKES upward? till Mads’ shoulder, and FUCK ME, look at how fucking close those two are again because Hugh moved his face towards Mads’ again

and then he puts his head on his shoulder, and Mads makes that *orgasm!* face

and NO, STILL NOT OVER, then there’s the FUCKING WAIST GRAB (and jesus, look at how Mads buries his nose on Hugh’s neck)

which may or may not have been actively, purposefully, one-sidedly staged by, GUESS WHO, HUGH DANCY.

And all that was written on the script was “lunge forward”, YOU VILLAINS.

Those two seriously I don’t know how Bryan managed it for three whole years.

okay, out of all the scenes i would love to talk about. this is the one i really have something to say in.

when i first watched this, i got an uneasy feeling. victor looking at his ring, i know many people don’t want to say it, but it almost looked like he was regretting a bit.
and i’m not saying he was, because in all honesty, victor has and will never regret anything involving yuri.
as i’ve rewatched this scene, before yurio even came up, i’ve kinda seen something.

victor has never been in love. he doesn’t know the feeling. he doesn’t even know exactly what it is. he just knows it something and having him saying that yuri has shown this unknown feeling to him says a lot. i feel like he’s kinda scared because it’s new to him and the feeling is strange. i was honestly scared when i first realized i loved my girlfriend because you don’t know what love really is when it comes to being in a relationship like this.
love is different between family, friends, children, and bf/gf/fiancé/husband/wife.
victor is experiencing this type of love for the first time and i feel that this scene is actually fear in a way.

he doesn’t want to mess this up. there isn’t anyone who will ever love victor the way yuri does and victor knows it. the last thing he wants to do is hurt his precious yuri.

that’s my take on this scene, i know everyone has their own opinions (trust me i read everything everyone says).

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So what do you think of aku's new voice actor?

….Is this you, Greg Baldwin? Because I saw this interview and uh

Holy fucking shit.

ANYWAY!!! I really like his performance so far.

First episode’s “WHO IS THIS” was so perfect I cried. 

Second episode, I was laughing hysterically and squealing at the cute. Rewatching the opening scene a few times gave me a chance to break it down in my head.
A lot of people say the accent sounds vaguely slavic, but I think the background music is a HUUUUUGE contributing factor there, because it’s this goofy accordion.
In the original series, Aku’s E-note synth would just drone in the background if he wasn’t fighting or chasing something, and when placed under the silly and casual things Aku says, the contrast makes everything funnier in such an awkward Aku-like way. It was also easier to hear Aku’s voice with that simple ambience.
However, I understand WHY the music is there and why it is what it is: to illustrate what this “new Aku” is like.

He is losing his fucking mind–and it’s not like he was ever sane before.

In a way it’s mildly unsettling to see him acting like such a dork baby, and pushing his funnier tendencies to their extreme…because eventually, Aku’s mood will improve, he will suddenly become more terrifying than ever before, and his brutality will be pushed to the same extreme.

Anyway back to the question at hand: Baldwin’s doing a good job. He says he landed the roles in the first place from mimicking Mako in Pacific Overtures, and that’s what he uses to warm up, so to speak, and I can hear the little inflections picked up from that, lol. The differences in Aku’s tone and reverb suit the state the character is currently in, and we’re only up to the second episode. From the anecdote mentioned in the above interview, it sounds like we’re in for some serious business in future episodes. I’m sure I’ll probably expand on my comments the more we see of Aku, especially since Genndy is the voice director. 

Also from the interview:



so i feel like a lot of people missed this because i know i definitely did, and not to burst anyone’s bubble, but the part where clarke elbows the grounder in the face so bellamy can shoot him isn’t non-verbal communication like i’ve seen a lot of people saying and how i used to assume. 

If you get to 1:00 and listen closely, you can hear bellamy shouting “GIVE ME A CLEAN SHOT” to clarke while the camera is focused on her.

this 100% doesn’t undermine their epicness as a team though. clarke still had no idea how bellamy planned on shooting that grounder, all she knew is that he was going to try. and once she saw how he was going to do that, she had to act in literally less than ten seconds to think of a way to get the grounder off of her, not to mention putting her life in bellamy’s hands and trusting that he would shoot the grounder while missing her.

in a way, it makes me love the scene even more. even though i loved the it without realizing that he told her he was gonna try and shoot the grounder, it did seem a tad unrealistic that clarke would be able to respond to something so quickly without some sort of a heads up. 

and this is the part i love. she knew as soon as he turned the rover in front of the truck that she had maybe two viable options. 

the first: to try and swerve out of the way of the rover. bellamy might have been able to shoot him through the passenger side window. and while it would been considerably more difficult to do so, it would be a whole lot safer for clarke. it had more of a guarantee of her own self-preservation because if she had swerved to the left of the rover, the grounder would have been the only person in the shot. but it would have had less than a guarantee of working for bellamy. 

the second: to do what she actually did, which was keep heading straight towards bellamy. and this means so much!!! this option was much less safe for her to follow through with but it gave bellamy a better chance at shooting the grounder. and i don’t care how good of a shot bellamy is and lbr he’s an absolute dead shot, sorry s1 raven, shooting a moving target that is right next to the last person on earth you would want to shoot is HARD. Hell, shooting a stationary target is hard, and i can speak from experience (i just feel like i have to note: this was in a very safe and controlled environment where everyone was extremely meticulous about everything to make sure there were no accidents and that everyone was safe). so when he’s got high stakes, extreme emotions, moving targets, and limited time, there was always the chance that bellamy could have accidentally shot clarke. Clarke knew this but instead of saving her own skin, she decided to trust bellamy wholly in order to give him a better chance at doing what he needed to do to keep her safe. and it worked!!!!   

honestly there are times where i have been floored by how much trust they put in each other. and something like this will definitely have a lasting impact on that trust in the best way possible.

EDIT: tagging @forgivenessishardforus and @abazethe100 to see what your thoughts are on this (because lbr everyone loves your meta)

“they said she died of the flu, pero quién sabe

“pero quién sabe”

I just wanted to make a post highlighting this line from lydia’s story in ep 9 because it’s so important and so relatable to what a lot of us have been through. I know there’s a lot of latinxs in our community that live with this uncertainty. We live not knowing what happened to the people we had to leave behind. This line hit me hard and it made me think about all the stories that other latinx have shared with me. It made me think of my parents. It made me think and I can’t say more because it’s really hard to talk about this kind of thing. I just wanted to point it out because I know others might have felt what I felt when I heard lydia say it. That’s all. 

So I’m rewatching Supergirl, and I can’t stop thinking about the scene with Alex and her mom at the end of Livewire.

How Alex just immediately gets choked up when she asks Eliza “So why has it never been enough?” when Eliza says that she always helps others before she helps herself.

How Alex starts crying when Eliza tells her that she’s her Supergirl.

How many times do you think Alex has beat herself up over her mother treating her with so much tough love? Especially during her teenage years, how much do you think she would lie awake at night, repeating every word, beating herself up since she apparently never was good enough, while Kara was the little angel of the family?

And how Alex devoted her entire life to protect Kara, because that’s what her mom always wanted her to do, and that she still would get only negativity from her mother?

How much it hurt her, to always be the second best, to never feel like she was ever enough. To feel like she was the problem, and that she would never be able to compete with an alien from another planet.

And when Eliza says “Take care of yourself” and Alex looks down at the ground and smiles, before brokenly replying. How much do you think she longed to hear that? That her own mother would actually tell her that, instead of just leaving the conversation with “Take care of your sister”?

I think about this a lot, especially now with Alex developing feelings for Maggie. Because sure, her relationship with mother is better and much more lovingly, but Maggie has a girlfriend. So once again, Alex is second best, and she’s probably feeling a lot of things that she thought she had moved past.

I just need Alex to get loved and be put first like she deserves. She has been though enough already. Just let Alex Danvers be happy.

okay so I’m rewatching the last few scenes and

I know that all of the Rowdy 3 felt that something was wrong but Martin was the first (and is holding Dirk’s squeaky toy? irrelevant but weird) and the last thing he says to Vogel and Amanda is “go on, get!” which, upsetting and heroic

honestly Bart’s doesn’t look like she’s about to take out a tank with a single rock, it looks like she’s coming to terms with the fact that actually having a friend to protect makes her vulnerable with the worst possible timing

and Dirk reading “We’ll Never Let You Go” on the brochure and being like okay universe :) :) :) can’t wait to see how you fuck me over this time :) :) :)

They Can’t Get Us Anymore

Hey guys! I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Here’s a new one. Happy Friday! 

I’ve been meaning to get this one out of my system for a while now. Rewatching TWS and CW really gets me going because this Bucky stuff really hits me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. We just love him so much and these scenes and his story are so heart wrenching. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS. As always, if anybody wants to talk about anything I’m always here and my messages are open :)

Some things: 

Italics are a flashback from the mission that day.

(Y/N)-Your name


******WARNINGS****** Violence, enemy death, lots of angst, ends in comfort, this is dark so please be careful when deciding to read.

Summary: On a mission you do things that will change your life forever, only Bucky can comfort you.

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As a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, you were trained to remain calm in all situations because if you didn’t you would make rash decisions. Mistakes. You would put others in danger. And yourself. You always did what you were trained to do. But not today.

“Just strap in, okay? Drink this. We’ll be back in 20 minutes and then we’ll go down to the lab and stitch that up, okay?” Steve handed you a water bottle and clicked the strap of the seat for you.

You nodded.

“Alright.” His tone sounded defeated. Worried.

He walked over to the pilot’s seat in the jet, strapped in and prepared for take off. Once in the air, he messaged Bucky.

“Got it. Be back in 20. (Y/N)’s not so good. Meet us down in the lab.”

Your mind was a blank as you sat in the seat and waited.

Most of you were sent on the mission. It was a get in-get out situation that turned into a get in-take over-get what you need-get out situation.

Once the team was in the basement of the facility Natasha hacked into its main security system and closed the doors. No one could get in and no one could get out until S.H.I.E.L.D. had what they needed.

Clint, Sam, and Natasha took the east wing, you and Steve took the west. Your orders were clear and you were focused.

Until you stepped into that room.

You and Steve made your way down the hallway, he searched the rooms on the right, you the ones on the left. None of them had what you were looking for.

You stepped into the last room on the left, gun raised, muscles tensed, eyes like lasers.

Once you deemed the room clear, you turned on the light switch. You knew this room. You had seen it before. Your eyes searched for what was familiar, why this room meant something to you. You had never been here before.

Your search stopped when your eyes landed on that chair.

Your heart seemed to stop completely and then all at once, its beating sped to an unbelievable pace, your rushing blood roared in your ears. Adrenaline ran through your body, your gun shook in your hands, your knees wobbled.

Anger that you had never felt in your life ran through your veins. It rose in your chest, taking hold of your muscles and squeezing. You wanted nothing more than to kill everyone and everything responsible.

“Yeah, this is where we kept your friend.”

Steve clicked on the auto pilot and turned around in his seat to see you holding the still closed water bottle in your hands. You were staring at the ground, pieces of hair that escaped your ponytail hanging in your eyes.

His phone sounded. A message from Buck.

“Is she hurt”

Steve typed his reply. “Yes. Not too serious. She will need you when she figures out what she did.”

You spun around to see three HYDRA agents blocking your exit. The one who spoke had a wicked and disgusting grin on his face.

Steve found you just in time. You had been fighting off all three men at once. You had managed to get their guns away from them, but of course they had other weapons.

In perfect sync, the two of you took the three agents down, but not before receiving a long, deep gash that spanned from your shoulder to your chest.  

“We need their information.” He told you as you tied the agents’ hands behind their backs.

You patiently waited for Steve to finish his interrogation with one of the agents.

The grinning man was in front of you on his knees. While Steve’s focus was elsewhere, he whispered to you, “You’ll never put him back together.”

Quicker than a bullet you slammed the butt of your gun across the grinning man’s face and watched him fall to the side. You yanked him upright by his hair. “Tell me where it is!” the voice you heard screaming didn’t sound like yours.

“(Y/N).” Steve looked at you with wide and unbelieving eyes.

Your dark eyes slid back down to the grinning man and you watched the red blood drip down his face.

Then you heard Sam in your ear. “We know where it is. Steve we need you in the east wing, third room on the right.”

“Stay here” Steve said with a look that said don’t do anything until I get back.

“Little dollface got left with us.” One of the other men spoke up.

“Maybe we should tell her all about how her little boyfriend begged for death when we put his brain in a blender.”

With a strong hand on your lower back, Steve led you out of the jet and into the lab. He sat you on the table and laid out some supplies while you absent mindedly unzipped your leather suit and pulled it off your shoulders and let it sit around your stomach.

There was a tense silence in the room as he wiped the blood off your skin. Steve was trying to think of what to say and just how to say it when he saw Bucky stand in front of the glass door. Steve had told him to wait until you were patched up to come in.

Steve had stitched up the team many times. Deep cuts were a regular occurrence with everyone else, but never with you. You were an agile fighter and level headed. You were never violent unless you had to be, and even then he hardly ever saw you use your gun. You were a great teammate, an even better fighter, you just always could get what you needed without seriously injuring anyone.

In your years on the team, this was the first time you had ever killed people. And judging by the way you stared at the unopened water bottle still in your hands, what you did hadn’t registered yet. And he knew when it did, it would hit you harder than a truck.

Steve covered the stitches with a bandage and gathered the dirty supplies.

“I’ll be right back.” He said with a hand on your shoulder.

He walked out of the lab and left Bucky standing by the door. Bucky willed his feet to move forward but just couldn’t make himself go in. He wasn’t sure what he could say.

He thought of the pain and guilt he feels from what he’d done as the Winter Soldier. He would never wish those feelings of despair on anyone, especially you. He killed people because he was forced to. He just couldn’t imagine you doing it by choice. He knew you to be so kind and gentle.

Steve’s absence left the air in the lab empty and still. And for the first time you thought about what you did.

“He used to beg us to kill him. What a blubbering idiot. Little baby Barnes would cry every time he killed someone, ‘member guys?”

“What a COWARD.”

“He’s a murderer. It’s only a matter of time until he kills you too.”

And something in you snapped. Like a rubber band being pulled too hard, something broke. Maybe it was your conscience.

You didn’t do it quickly. They didn’t deserve it. It was slow and agonizing. One by one you kicked and punched, watching droplets of blood fly and listening to their grunts turn into whines and screams.

When one passed out you moved onto the other.

All the while, Bucky’s screams echoed in your mind.

You came across the video of his torture at HYDRA before he became a part of the team. You just couldn’t understand how someone could come back from that. How someone could be anything but a ball of hatred, but he’s not. He became your dearest friend on the team.

Finally, one by one, you snapped their necks. Only when they were all dead did Bucky’s screams stop in your head.

As the third lifeless body hit the floor you picked up one of their weapons and aimed at the chair. When that gun ran out of ammo, you picked up another. They wouldn’t be able to do this to anyone else. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

As the ravaged chair fell to the floor in pieces, you felt Steve’s strong hands on you, pushing you out of the facility and into the jet.

Alone in the lab you finally noticed the blood. All over your hands and suit and face reminding you what you did.

The silence in the room allowed the screams in your mind to grow. Coward, coward, COWARD, COWARD, COWARD. Snap, Snap, Snap.

Your sobs leaned you forward too far on the table. Your feet missed the floor and your knees broke under you.

The second you fell you felt warm, strong arms and legs wrap around your body, making you feel small and safe for the first time that day. A familiar smell washed over you and even with your eyes screwed shut you knew who was there.

“Bucky” you sobbed out.

“I’m here, (N/N).”

“I hate them.”

“I know, (N/N), I know.”

He held you between his legs and pulled you close to his chest. His fingers ran through your hair and up and down your spine. He sushed your cries, always talking to you so you knew he was there.

You held his waist as tight as you physically could, the sobs wracking your body sent into his chest. You just wanted his body to absorb yours, to be a part of him so neither of you ever had to be alone again.

After your cries subsided Bucky felt your tense muscles relax. He continued to speak to you and run his hands over your body. Your face that had been glued to his chest finally surfaced for a short moment of eye contact.

Your face was red and wet with streams of tears, but it was your eyes that spoke to him. He saw that you would never be the same. You’ve seen things and done things that you couldn’t imagine in your worst nightmares. And you’ll never forget it. He understood that.

But your eyes also told him that you were still his (N/N). Your irises were the same beautiful color and behind the tears, they still glistened. You would be okay.

After the quick moment, you leaned into the crook of his neck and he felt fresh tears run over his skin.

“We’re okay, (N/N), they can’t get us anymore.”



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I admit I’m Bawson trash and I rewatch a lot of 1x09 for obvious reasons. BUT. I also can’t stop watching the 1x07 ice bath scene. I mean, JESUS THANK YOU PITCH WRITERS for making Mike’s big dick canon. Because there’s no other way to read this scene. Sonny and Oscar grimace and look away. Livan keeps his gaze at eye level. I mean, NO ONE can look at it for too long because it must be embarrassingly big. And Mike jokes about the ice bath being a handicap like everyone in the clubhouse knows about the size of his dick. WOW. JUST WOW.

But then–when Mike gets out of the bath to talk to Oscar, he crosses his arms and he’s shivering and he’s so fucking worried Oscar’s going to trade him and send him packing. (Read: like his mom used to do.) And suddenly he’s like a little boy again.

God, I love Mike Lawson. He might just deserve Ginny Baker in the long run.


OKay YOI is killing me and that cliffhanger is also, I’M HAVING A MENTAL BREAK DOWN SOS

BUt, I saw someone on facebook this:


AND LOTS OF PEOPLE ARGUING WHY VIKTOR DIDN’T HUG HIM OR ANYTHING. aND after rewatching that scene I may have a answer (or just a theory, IDK). 

After that scene, we see a flashback when viktor was still skating, after the grand prix, and he says it:


GUYS IS NOT IT CLEAR THAT VIKTOR JUST DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO REACT ???? I mean, he says it, “WHAT SHOULD I GIVE YURI NOW?”, Because back when he won the Grand Prix and probably others competitions he thought that he could only surpass things by HIMSELF, COME ON HE SAYS IT !! LOOK AT THE FIRST SCREENSHOT !!

He says that he’s feeling new emotions, he’s confused and lost, that’s the “new emotions” he’s talking about. And to me that is proven when says “what should I give Yuri now?”

Yeah, Viktor used to hug Yuri in other competitions but this is GRAND PRIX, even JJ felt the pressure, that was different, a simple “hug” might not have been what Yuri needed in the moment, or it was! That’s the point, Viktor DID NOT KNOW and thought that doing nothing and just standing there was the right choice.

Monsta X’s All In Theory (Complete)

Hey everyone!

I know I posted a theory for All In earlier, but I was overexcited, I’d just watched the music video, and it was quite late at night where I’m at, so that theory left out a lot of details and had a few holes in it. In light of that, I spent my afternoon and night watching and rewatching All In, dissecting the scenes, and forming a new and improved theory.

First off, a lot happens in the music video, obviously, and if I tried to explain my thoughts in chronological order according to the scenes in the music video, things would get confusing quite fast. Therefore, I’ve structured this into six parts. Part one of the theory consists of pieces of background that’re of importance. Part two talks about the significance of the blue flowers in the music video. Part three is follows the storyline of Hyungwon and Minhyuk. Part four follows the storyline of Shownu. Part five talks about Kihyun and the role he plays. Finally, part six ties in other little details of relevance.

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Stray thoughts: Camp Pining Hearts

People have probably said it before but I need to say this: the entire Camp Pining Hearts sequence from ‘Log Date 7 15 2′ scene is pure fucking trolling genius.

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What struck me yesterday was that emmerdale do not understand the robron fandom at all.

The general audience can forget things and move on- paddy and zak both had affairs but the majority still want paddy/rhona and zak/lisa together. Even last year cain was going to sleep with charity straight after breaking up with moira (clearer break up there so not as bad) and everyone seemed to get over that quickly. The general audience may forgive this (though I expect it’ll be harder considering many were only just warming to robert), but for fandoms it’s different.

People in this fandom are hugely invested, we rewatch storylines and scenes (many of which are now tainted), analyse scenes and are extremely emotionally invested. It’s not going to be easy for a lot of people to move past this (many won’t be able to)- and that’s what I think emmerdale don’t get. ‘Robert and Aaron have survived a hell of a lot of challenges over the years and it will continue to be like that. But I think ultimately whatever happens, I feel that they are the love of each others’s lives.’ Iain clearly thinks he can throw anything at robron, and as long as they’re alright 'in the end’ all the fans will be happy- this is clearly how whoever runs emmerdales social media sees things aswell.

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In that deleted scene of Daryl and Carol when Carol said you couldn't hit me so you beat up a kid is that who you are now? And then Daryl said he ain't a kid and then said I'd do a lot worse than hit you if you gave me a chance, what exactly did he mean and why was he so angry at Carol? I thought he had feelings for her earlier but watching that made me question myself

I just rewatched that scene, and they were actually referring to that guy who attacked Rick, Hershel, and Glenn before they saved him when he empaled his leg in the fence. The group had been holding him prisoner in the barn and Daryl had beaten him up while interrogating him. Shane wanted to kill him, but Rick didn’t, and it was a huge conflict between the group.

Carol: Couldn’t hit me so you beat up a kid, is that who you are now?

Daryl: He aint no kid. He’d do a lot worse than hit you if you gave him a chance.

This is referring to Daryl’s “little chat” he had with the guy at the very beginning of that episode (Carol had seen Daryl’s bloody hands when he’d come back from interrogating the kid in the barn, and asked him what he’d done to him. Daryl responded “we had a little chat.”) 

The kid had told Daryl about his gang, how ruthless and sick they were, and recounted one specific time when they came across a father and his 2 daughters. They attacked them, beat the father, raped the 2 girls and made their dad watch, and then just left them there afterwards. 

That’s the kid they were talking about, thats who Daryl said would do a lot worse than “hitting you” if Carol had given him the chance.

Daryl would never lay a hand on Carol, and Carol knew that, she knew that he was so much better than everyone gave Daryl credit for. She hated watching him try to prove to himself & the group that he was just as good as Rick or Shane, that he deserved love and respect, that he shouldn’t be considered a loner or an outsider. In her eyes, he’d already more than proved himself by searching so hard for Sophia, going out every single day to look for her, and almost dying in the process. And she really hated that he doubted himself, she hated that he was continuing to shut people out by staying far away from where the rest of the group was set up, acting hotheaded and rude to anyone who tried to reach out to him.  

I think Daryl knew how much Carol appreciated and cared about him and he just had no idea how to react to her kindness. After all, she was pretty much the only one at that point who actually considered Daryl to be not only a very important part of the group, but a really good man as well. He wasn’t used to being cared for or loved by anyone, so I think that’s why he was so harsh to her. He just didn’t know how else to act. But deep down (or not so deep, actually) he cared a lot for her too, and really wanted to be that man who Carol believed he was. He didn’t want to fail her or himself.      

TW Episode 1.12 “I got Better”

Yes, naturally Code Breaker would have a bunch of posts. It has a lot of things packed into it. Anyway. OMG. The Stiles/Peter scenes in Episode 12 were the best.

They just work so well off of each other.  However this scene ALWAYS confused me because it was Derek who killed Peter’s nurse. Stiles even saw the blood flowing from her head when she was knocked down by Derek’s elbow. So I don’t know why the heck he was surprised to see the nurse dead and didn’t remember what happened. He was there. He saw what happened. Just one of the many fuckeries with continuity the TW writers put us through.:)

Then again, this scene was choice and I wanted to be Stiles so bad.

Again, let’s put the sex in the subtext shall we?

PETER: (To himself) Bae’s being difficult. Never mind. I’ll just drag him with me anyway.

STILES: I can’t actually escape you. Sarcasm is my only defense. You don’t need to grip me so hard.

PETER: Yes. I do.

STILES: What’s in the trunk?

PETER: Do you want a lie or the truth?

STILES: Lie to me. I’m sixteen. I do not need years off my life.

PETER: In this trunk is a fluffy white stuffed kitten which I’m giving to you as a token of my affection.

STILES: … Really? Cause, I mean, that’s so sudden. And yeah you’re old enough to be my dad but you’re sex on legs too. So I wouldn’t entirely mind it if you were into me. But you just almost killed the girl I’ve been in love with since grade school. What was her name again?

PETER: No, not really, you idiot.

STILES: That’s your nurse!

PETER: I got better. By the way, I only kill the responsible people. This one’s not on me.

STILES: Does this mean you’re not going to kill me?
PETER: The things I’m going to do to you are a lot more fun than death.

Sorry, not sorry.