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E/R, Penelope AU!

(An E/R version of The Big Romantic Scene, so possible spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen Penelope WHICH YOU TOTALLY SHOULD.)

“Just knock.”

Combeferre’s voice is as patient as ever, but Enjolras can’t bring himself to do it. What if Montpar–no, Grantaire, his name is Grantaire, and it suits him so much better–what if he isn’t there? What if he doesn’t want to see Enjolras? It’s been months, and this could be a terrible mistake.

“Knock or we’ll do it for you,” says Courfeyrac, gently but with steel behind it.

Enjolras adjusts his mask, the snout that looked too familiar in the mirror when he put it on, and knocks. It takes ten seconds to get an answer, and he almost starts backing away before Grantaire opens the door. When the door does open, though, there’s a moment of silence. Grantaire isn’t wearing a costume like all of them are, just jeans and a black shirt, and he looks tired and wary and he stares at Enjolras when he sees him, ignoring the other two. Enjolras, however, can’t find his voice.

“Shit, sorry, isn’t this where the party is?” Courfeyrac asks, bright and false. “265 Plumet, right?”

“This is 256 Plumet.”

Grantaire makes to shut the door and Enjolras blurts “Your restroom” because no, he doesn’t know if he can say it’s him yet but he can’t let this be the end of things, he has to know if Grantaire left because he thought he couldn’t break the curse. “I need a restroom, if it’s not too inconvenient.”

For a second, he thinks Grantaire will say no, but then he steps aside and gestures them in. “Sure, sorry about the mess, I’m packing.”

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Les Mis SpaceAU :--)

I rewatched Star Trek Into Darkness yesterday so you’re not gonna cut it
Disclaimer: My Star Trek knowledge is very limited

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Patria. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

  • Enjolras is the Captain of the ship and just can’t help but low key interfere when he sees a civilisation oppressed or at war, he just /has/ to, like a moral duty. He’s known by Starfleet as rebellious and often threatened to be suspended for interfering too often.
  • Combeferre is a science officer and first officer, always here to advise Enjolras and keep him from making any rash decisions. He completes and corrects Enjolras. Obligatory blue shirt. Nerds out about EVERYTHING they encounter
  • Courfeyrac is the second officer and helmsman. Lieutenant Courfeyrac, mind you. Constantly has to keep his tendency to flirt in check. Has a lot of empathy and feels for pretty much anyone. When Combeferre advises Enjolras to follow his brain, Courfeyrac advises him to follow his heart.
  • No one is really sure what Grantaire’s doing here? Like… he knows how to do a lot of stuff but he never settles anywhere? Rumours say he’s there because of his geographical and cultural knowledge, but no one really knows. Often seen gambling with the red shirts when the ship isn’t causing any technical trouble
  • Joly is the main medical officer on board. He’s busy more often than not because the crew just can’t stay in place and in one piece. Insists on testing unknown planet’s atmosphere BEFORE setting foot on it because you never know. Put cool fairy lights in the medical wing cause a happy patient is a recovering patient
  • Bossuet is a helmsman. Steers the ship like a champ, especially during emergencies of narrow spaces. Has a tendency to pet unknown animals because they’re cute, with more or less disastrous results. Good Mood officer in chief with Courfeyrac, they keep the crew smiling with they jokes.
  • Jehan is the communication officer, the one who’s in charge of taking and sending communications. They’re fluent in more language than you could think off. Finds beauty in about everything. Sometimes messes up a little by mumbling because they’re nervous so the translations are not always clear
  • Bahorel is the security chief aboard Patria, but he rarely actually NEEDS to keep the order around the ship because it’s pretty balanced. Except sometimes Enjolras and Grantaire who cause a bit of trouble. Hangs out with the engineers a lot. Should technically stop Enjolras from interfering but… let’s be real, it’s Bahorel we’re talking about
  • Feuilly is the chief engineer. He’s worked so damn hard to obtain that position and he sure as hell is going to keep this ship flying. Incredibly fast with his hands. Knows a lot of things about galactic conflicts and geopolitics. Enrolled because he wanted to embrace the whole wide world and make some good around him.

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ELISE. Can we just talk about how freaking talented George Blagden is?? Like wtf he is honestly an incredible actor and it's just so amazing to watch.

Oh boy where do I even BEGIN?!

Let us bear in mind that he has what? 7 minutes of screentime in Les Misérables, more or less? 7 minutes is half of Into The Wood’s prologue, that is a short ass time. And yet there is so much in these 7 minutes. You get cheeky, cynical Grantaire but you also get this :

All the subtext and little glimpses of Grantaire’s attraction towards Enjolras he tried to squeeze in. And all that mix is super important because it gives the character substance, a personality in, once again, a very limited screentime.

And then we have Vikings and buddy I’m not going to elaborate too much on this because I’ll still be here tomorrow night. There’s such a stark contrast between season 1 Athelstan and who he becomes in season 2 and beyond. The body language, the overall demeanour… Not to mention the “religious awakening” or doubt scene when it’s basically him on his own and you can feel the raw emotions and wow.

There’s the singing on top of that because of COURSE Mr Blagden doesn’t just stop at acting naaah. It feels like he puts so much of himself in what he does, whether it is acting or even Diabetes UK I mean the man did cover 300 miles on a bloody bike to bring awareness to charity, that’s what I call dedication right there.

George Paul Blagden, actor, singer, dork & ship captain (◡‿◡✿)