i rewatched it yesterday so here we go


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College doodles from yesterday because Markiplier TV is the only thing on my mind. I was wearing my Darkiplier top, which is what inspired me to draw The Host wearing the same top, and then I just wanted Warfstache to have some… well… Warfstache pjs.

He’s probably rewatching Markiplier TV like a narcissist


Imagine that.

We would talk about our Royai feels and just go..

and more

and also


and just go





then we’ll rewatch all the Royai moments and..


and more

and all kinds of..


and we’ll probably write fanfiction together..

and read fanfiction together..

and just..


and we’re just always hit..

and when someone bashes Royai..


and in the end of the get together, we all just go..






Except we all live worlds apart. *sobbing*

I was thinking about this since yesterday. :)) It’s probably because I don’t have a lot of people I could spazz to about Royai except for people here on Tumblr. So i’m really really happy that there are people who feel the same way as I do. *sobs* I just ship Royai so hard that sometimes I don’t understand anymore what happened to my life. lkjsdkajsldkjas So thank you to everyone who has sent me messages etc. Very very much appreciated! :) <3

wendy as ice bag confirmed

okay guys. i hope that i’m not just repeating anything anyone else might have said or that everybody else already knows, but whatever. i’m pretty sure some other people have already thought of this since it’s sort of obvious once you rewatch the episode, but i’m gonna go into a bit of detail here. so since my sister and i found out that the next episode would come out in the summer, we started rewatching old episodes so that the wait wouldn’t be as bad. yesterday we were watching the time traveler’s pig.

so as you can see on bill’s wheel, this is not just any ice bag. it is ripped at the top in a way that makes it hard to confuse. that seems to be the standard ice bag in gravity falls, but because of the way it is ripped, it is pretty clearly this one:

the ice bag for wendy’s eye in time traveler’s pig. it is unmistakably the same bag, cause it is ripped in the exact same way as the one on the wheel. and obviously, that ice bag is related to wendy cause she’s the one who needed it. it was for Wendy, so if it was to represent anyone, it would be her. But what is the significance of this ice bag?

Well, first of all, let’s look at the significance of the episode to the show’s plot. This is a time traveling episode, and time travel tends to be so complex that it is usually not used in a show without it affecting the story in some significant way, which makes me think that this wasn’t just a filler episode. also, “blendin’s game” in season 2 is a sort of sequel to this episode, and i don’t think a silly filler episode would get one, specially considering the intense “we must analyze every second” vibe of season 2.

and the whole reason blendin went back in time was because of the anomalies someone had caused. 

as we know, they were caused by dipper and mabel running through time and dropping a bunch of different objects which affected the future, and therefore the story. and while doing so we see…

this guy. which has been the only time we saw him before “not what he seems.” it’s very unlikely that they would even show him if he hadn’t been affected by dipper and mabel freaking changing the past. this might be a stretch, but maybe they even left something or did something that caused him to get into the whole mystery shit. the thing is, while time traveling, dipper and mabel did something, most likely Stanley-related, that changed the storyline in a big way. 

And why did all of that even happen in the first place?

because of this. because of wendy. we knew that she is one of the main characters, but regardless of what role she is going to play in bill’s plan, going with the idea that whatever the twins did in the past might have caused stanley to maybe start investigating the mysteries of gravity falls or something similar, wendy could potentially be what accidentally set the whole story in motion, which makes her pretty fucking important. and all because of an ice bag.