i rewatched it last night and this scene

Season 2 rewatch

Last night in my rewatch I got to see this scene again where Moira tells him that she knows about his green secret. 

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And then the scene where she dies. 

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And now I’m emotionally compromised today. It is interesting to rewatch some of these older episodes through the lens of season 5 and the completion of Oliver’s flashback journey. 

Like the part where Sara wants to kill Mirakuru Roy but Oliver is so adamant that there is hope even if he is a monster. Now we now that Oliver thought of himself as a monster, so that clinging to hope for Roy resonates so beautifully.

And then this moment… Oliver was so sad because when Sara returned, he hoped he could redeem her and in turn redeem himself. Poor Oliver had a rough time this episode. 

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I rewatched Winter Soldier last night (because literally what else am I supposed to do the night before I see Civil War)

And it was still great. Obviously. But you know what the best scene is?

None of the awesome action scenes. None of the Stucky fanfic fuel. None of the scenes with Falcon (somehow? Falcon’s so freaking awesome, I can’t believe I just said that he’s not the best part of a thing he’s in).


The best scene is this one:

Remember this? Basically, Cap just told everyone over the intercom about Hydra infiltrating Shield, and how, if you’re not Hydra, trust no one, and fight back if you can. 

In the speech, Cap acknowledges that “If I stand alone” (that is, if no one wants to step up, because, fun fact, guns are really scary), then so be it.

And then Hydra’s resident Mr. McMuscle Man Brock Rumlow up there walks up to this lowly Launch Technician (Cameron Klein is his name, played by Aaron Himelstein) and orders him to launch Project Insight (aka Hydra’s evil plans).

Five minutes ago, Cameron had one job, and it was to press a few keys and launch this thing. Sure, he’d heard about Cap becoming a fugitive, and that was weird (and sounded kinda sketchy), but hey, he works for the good guys, right?

But now the game has changed. Launching this thing is a bad idea. 

Cameron pauses as Rumlow demands him to start it up. And Cameron refuses.

Rumlow pulls out a gun and points it straight at Cameron’s head. And Cameron panics; heck, he’s practically holding back tears already. But he still says no. “Captain’s orders,” he explains.

You know why this is the best scene in the movie? Because Cameron reminds me of someone. Someone that people watching the movie are already pretty familiar with.

Cameron is the guy who may not have the muscle or the skills to be a soldier or a spy, but he wanted to help make the world a better place, so he did what he could. He got a job at Shield, he followed the orders of people he thought he could trust, and when he realized the truth, he stood his ground and did the right thing. He hasn’t gone through any training, he has no powers or skills or suits of armor. He didn’t even know Sharon Carter was armed and would be able to get him out of harm’s way. He thought he was about to die. But he wasn’t going to stand by and let evil triumph.

And that’s despite the fact that Cap had EXPLICITLY given him permission to do so. That’s what he meant by “If I stand alone.” Cap was saying that if there’s a gun pointed to your head, it’s not cowardly to give up. That’s okay. It doesn’t make you a bad person. If a grenade gets tossed your way, you’re allowed to run away.

But Cameron chose to jump on top of the grenade instead.

I’ve heard people say “Steve Rogers is a hero with or without the serum,” and other people say that’s kind of a cheesy thing to say, but if you want proof of that statement, Cameron is it. In a 90-second or so scene, this movie perfectly emulated what it means to be a hero even if you have a desk job. Even if you don’t look like you take steroids. Even if nothing eventful has ever happened to you until one moment when everything in your life changes, YOU CAN STILL BE A HERO.

I don’t care if that sounds cheesy or hokey. This scene is incredible. Cameron Klein is incredible - so incredible, in fact, that he got a cameo in Age of Ultron on Fury’s Helicarrier.

Yeah, someone (I’m guessing Sharon) was so freaking impressed at his bravery that they recommended him to serve on Fury’s staff (and, after Winter Soldier, the amount of people Fury trusted could probably be counted on one hand). And he’s in charge of the evacuation - which was LITERALLY THE REASON Fury shows up at all. Not military backup, not surveillance. Evacuation of civilians. And Fury gave Cameron that responsibility.

Because that  guy up there may be the face of a nerd, or a gofer, or a desk clerk.

But it’s also the face of a person who won’t back down. Even when his world is being turned upside down, even when his life is on the line, this is the face of a man who will always do the right thing.

This is the face of a hero.

Now, Marvel’s Damage Control is an upcoming TV show about the normal folks. The ones without powers who always seem to be in the background but may have a lot more depth than they let on.

And I’m gonna try not to be too upset if I don’t see this guy’s name in the cast list, but man I’m hoping I do, because Cameron Klein is a hero.

Kate watched Rick with his daughter and mother for a moment longer before walking over to them. No longer able to only witness their moment, but needing to be near them as well. Near Rick mostly, too much time spent without him these past months, and the short moment they had after she took down Mason Wood, before they realised they had to call for backup, secure Mason and help Espo and Ryan, had not been enough. And then they went straight to the precinct and she had to be the Captain for a bit longer.

But now she needed her family.

Martha looked up when she heard her footsteps approaching them, drew back from her son’s embrace and turned towards her with a thankful smile, before pulling her into her arms. Kate closed her eyes and lowered her head to the older woman’s shoulder, breathing in the scent of her that had become so familiar over these past years, the scent of home, that stayed even after she had moved and into her own place to give them more space.

“It’s over now?” Martha whispered and Kate nodded into her shoulder, before lifting her head to look her in the eyes.

“Yes it is,” she confirmed right before getting swooped into an embrace by her stepdaughter.

“Thank you,” Alexis said, “for keeping my dad safe.”

“I - anytime,” Kate answered slightly confused. She hadn’t really managed to keep him safe today. No, he had been the one keeping her safe, arriving just at the right moment, to prevent a tragedy.

“But next time, try doing it without the whole being separated part.”

Oh right, Rick had told them everything about LokSat, and they hadn’t had a chance to talk since then.

“I hope there won’t be a next time, but I will try to remember,” she answered, drawing a small laugh from Alexis.

Eventually they had all left the precinct. Martha and Alexis deciding to take Hayley out for breakfast as a thank you for keeping them company in the P.I. Office. And managing to keep them calm.

Castle and Beckett had declined the offer of joining them, both too tired to do much more than going home and getting some sleep. Enjoying the comfort of their home with only each other as company.

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sooooo what I’m about to say next probably counts as SU Critical, but I’ve been thinking about it too much to not say these two things:

1. Y’all complaining about “fillers” need to take a seat and watch some earlier episodes again. This show is not nor has it ever been a plot-centric show: it is a character-centric show. Now you are aloud to dislike episodes - that’s okay! But some of y’all who don’t know much about stories or plots or writing need to shhhhhhhhh.

2. Though I have noticed a change in art. Now this is not anything negative to more recent episodes, because I know that art is hard! And I appreciate every person who has made an episode of Steven Universe.

I’ve just noticed when I rewatch old episodes, more time was put into having the art tell the story, too.

Just, for example, I watched Indirect Kiss last night. We got some detailed drawings that worked for comedy as well as story. For instance:


But It also used art to slow down the story and really connect with the characters:

Remember when Steven talked about his complicated feelings for his mother? Or when, after the water came, he imagined the stature reaching down to him?

Do you remember how quiet this scene was? How the wind blew their clothes? How Steven’s hand pulled at his jeans? 

That’s what I feel like the newer episodes are missing - the extra touch that uses art to further the emotions of a scene.

But I’ve gotten the impression that those who have noticed the same things I have are thinking the reason for this is laziness - which I believe to be greatly incorrect, and, honestly, a horrible assumption. I know I’m not an artist - but I am a writer - and I can assure you, those who create art take it seriously.

So then, what is it? My guess should be a little concerning. Remember how it takes almost a year to make one Steven Universe episode? You can see that in episodes like Indirect Kiss, can’t you?

I think, ahem, production is being forced to produce episodes quicker or funding is less or different than it once was.

I guess I have no proof other than deduction. And I don’t really know what to do this info. But I thought I’d say it, maybe get a conversation going.

I still love this show, and I will forever love this show and support it. But supporting it also means pointing out what has made the show great - its art. 

Just a little more...

I ever tell y'all that one of my fave things to do is rewatch 7x12, like it’s embarrassing how many times I’ve watched it…but last night when I was watching, it kinda hit me that when Michonne says to Rick in the van, that we don’t have to find them all now, and Rick replies that he knows, but still just a little more…that is him letting her know right then and there, that he’s not that concerned about them guns, this trip is more about him spending time alone with her than finding guns…and well…that just gets me…every.time. 

And he’s macking hard in that scene right? giving her a little head tilt, got his leg cocked up on the dash, sexy smiling…she didn’t stand a chance. If he hadn’t fallen from that ferris wheel they might have missed the Negan finale battle, coz Rick would have been sexing her ass  in the back of that van for one more day + another + another + another…rick’s thirsty ass was on a little more + infinity….

Rick is like that dude who hits you with “Just the tip…” then “Just a little more…”

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So I rewatched Rogue One last night (again) and I realised something that made that last scene between Chirrut and Baze give me even more Feelings than usual. That scene is incredibly moving as it is, Baze’s grief and Chirrut’s acceptance, and Baze attempting to comfort Chirrut as he dies, but I was watching it, I realised it’s something more than that even: throughout the movie, it’s clear that while Chirrut is devoted to the Force, Baze is devoted to Chirrut and him alone.

Baze’s faith has dissipated, worn down one assumes by the rise of evil in the form of the Empire and the gradual destruction of his home place. This obviously bothers Chirrut, particularly evident when they’re imprisoned on Jedha and Baze mocks him (albeit gently) for praying, and Chirrut responds that ‘Baze Malbus was once the most devoted guardian of us all!’ Baze scoffs, but you can definitely see that he knows how much his crisis of faith hurts Chirrut, and while that’s the most obvious example, it’s a vein which runs through all of their interactions during the movie (’The Force protected me.’ ‘I protected you!’, etc).

Which brings me back to Chirrut’s death scene; Baze saying ‘The Force is with me and I am one with the Force’ is obviously trying to comfort him, but it’s also a gift, the only thing he has left to give Chirrut: an admission that he still believes and has faith, and I think it’s that which allows Chirrut to die with a smile on his face, completely at peace and at one with the Force.

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JJP angsty film student AU

•mhm Kay so Jinyoung is a theater/ acting major
•Jaebum is a film major
•their arts school requires that one actor and one filmmaker pair up for their final graduation requirement of making a short film
•the school randomly pairs people up
•thus Jaebum and Jinyoung are paired up
•but Jinyoung is sweet and bubbly and sarcastic
•Jaebum is stiff and soft and quiet
•they fight about everything
•What will their topic be? How do they film it? Who do they include?
•they get nothing done for weeks because they can’t stand to be in the same room
•then Jinyoung finds out that Jaebum loves artsy noir films from the 1990’s (or any other oddly specific movie genre)
•he brings it up at their next meeting (they have to track progress, so they meet for 15 minutes every Thursday to see if they still can’t agree and then say they’ve been working)
•they discover that they have the same opinions on said movie genre
•Jinyoung almost busts a lung while spewing off all his theories and thoughts and ideas
•and Jaebum nods in agreement
•so they plan to watch their favorite oddly specific movie together
•it’s the only thing they discuss for days
•rinse. wash. repeat. the cycle of movies doesn’t end
•then Jaebum suggests they should attempt to make one themselves, despite it not being from the 90’s
•and Jinyoung totally agrees
•but they can’t agree on a topic
•Jinyoung thinks maybe they should remake something
•Jaebum wants something new
•they start to argue again
•then a professor who has overheard what’s going on sits them in a room and gives them a character analysis sheet
•the professor instructs them to answer it about themselves without lying
•when they’re done, the profesor take the papers and draws a Venn diagram on the board
•"You two need to find a common ground.“ The profesor says, then starts filling in the chart
•there’s three things in the middle overlap:
1. 90’s artsy noir films
2. Wanting to graduate
3. They’re gay
•"Looks like you’ve found your topic.” the profesor states, then leaves
•Jinyoung and Jaebum just sit there, staring at the board
•"Sooooo, are we going to-?“ Jinyoung asks
•"No.” Jaebum gets up and leaves, the door slamming behind him.
•It feels like all the air has been punched out of Jinyoung
•they were finally getting along and it was great and he was so happy to find someone with his same passion
•so he rambles to his roommate Mark about it
•Lucky for Jinyoung, Mark is best friends with Jaebum’s roommate, Jackson
•and Jackson tells Jinyoung that Jaebum is so far in the closet that he’s stuck in Narnia because of a certain childhood incident that he doesn’t know the details of
•so deciding to even poke the topic with a 10 foot pole is not okay for Jaebum
•Jinyoung feels awful and decides he’ll discuss it with Jaebum at their Thursday meet up
•Jaebum doesn’t show up
•he actually doesn’t show up for an entire month
•then when he does, he explains he has a plot
•a full three hours and two small arguments later, Jinyoung and Jaebum have a well baked plot
•they plan to film next week
•a month into crafting their artsy masterpiece and they’re looking at filters
•Jinyoung leans over Jaebum to point out an alternative filter
•Jaebum turns his head and damn near kisses Jinyoung
•they both freeze and Jinyoung returns to his original position
•further into the filming, Jaebum adjusts Jinyoung’s tie and they meet eyes then both look away
•these little moments keep happening and inside jokes keep forming (*squeaky voice* no it’s sepia three, Jaebum!) and they’re bonding over their differences
•then they get to a certain kiss scene
•Jaebum refuses to have anyone else helping that day
•he’s so freaking nervous
•Jinyoung laughs it off, “It’s just acting, Jaebum.”
•they manage do it after a few messes up takes and Jaebum is shook because all of his feelings cave in on each other
•they never really mention it and Jinyoung doesn’t come in for editing
•on the final two weeks before the due date, Jinyoung and Jaebum are spending every moment together trying to get it as beautifully edited as possible
•like Jackson is essentially Mark’s roommate now
•the last night in and Jaebum and Jinyoung watch the complete film
•they keep quoting it by heart
•Then Jinyoung looks over, just before the kiss scene, and says, “This isn’t just acting.”
•he pulls Jaebum in an gives him
another earth-shattering, heart-pounding kiss
•the makeout session continues until the end
•Jaebum breaks it up by saying, “Well I guess we’ll have to rewatch the end.”
•Jinyoung smiles back at him and says, “No, I like this one better.”

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i just rewatched supercorp scenes from last night's episode and you know how people say you pupils dilate when you see someone attracted or are attracted to someone? i think kara's were big BUT HOLY FUCKIN SHIT LENA'S ARE FUCKIN SAUCERS

shit man

I was rewatching this weeks Supergirl last night, and I realized that Alex could only hear Maggie, not see her when they were talking through the laptop. So I rewatched that scene again but with my eyes closed, and it’s now even more heartbreaking 😢 Floriana is fantastic. @queercapwriting

Some More Things We Need to Talk About in ASiB

(From my latest rewatch— okay, it is literally NO JOKE that this episode is so multilayered that even completely obsessive assholes like myself are STILL noticing things 3 YEARS AFTER FIRST SEEING IT)

(Adlock ahead, come suffer with me or otherwise save yourself the trouble and stop reading):

First of all, BATTERSEA, MAN- this is getting a more in-depth post soon because there’s SO MUCH that just never occurred to me until now about this scene (particularly because 98% of conversations on this site concerning this scene have nothing to do with what’s ACTUALLY happening in the scene and just fantastically miss the best points about it, sighhhhh). So some other, more general tidbits:

* Irene originally says she can’t tell Sherlock she’s alive because “he’ll come after [her]”, which can be interpreted in two different ways: come after her with malicious intent, i.e. turning her in, OR coming after her with benevolent intentions, like trying to help her but ultimately giving her away to her pursuers. I’ve settled for interpreting it as the latter because she later says that she “knew he’d keep her secret”, so I don’t think it makes sense for her to be worried about him harming her then. Yeah, so is it fair to say that this line is more or less Irene saying that she can’t tell him because he’d follow her like a puppy making sure she’s okay? Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it? Idk, but I’m happy with this??

* I’ve gone back and forth a little over the years over how much manipulation Irene is attempting at Battersea vs. how much of what she says to John is truthful. I still think there are elements of both, but it never really hit me until now how absolutely vulnerable she is in this scene— both from what is written in the script and how Lara portrays it.

* Even though I think she’s mostly trying to get John to do what she wants (for a good reason…I mean, her ass is kind of on the line here), it seems like she actually cares a bit what John thinks of her. Again, it’s definitely a means to an end— in this case, having people on her side when she needs them. But it’s just interesting that she reads him her texts to Sherlock at all. She really didn’t have to actually read them all out, but I think she just wanted to drive home that she wasn’t sending him anything threatening. (Many people assume John’s been miffed about the texts before this because they’re flirty/he’s jealous, but he doesn’t even find out the nature of them until now. So that makes it much more likely that the real reason he questions Sherlock about them is because he’s actually just concerned that a dangerous woman has been texting him regularly— and worse, that Sherlock would fall for whatever plan she has cooked up.)

* Irene doesn’t disagree when John classifies the texts as flirting; she admits that she’s been flirting at him (though I don’t think it’s just out of infatuation—means to an end yet again.)

* John’s little smirk when they find Irene in Sherlock’s bed:

Uh yeah, what was that about John vehemently despising Irene for this whole episode?? Not at ALL, he’s just like ROUND 3, WHO’S READY FOR SOME 10/10 ENTERTAINMENT FROM THESE TWO ASSHOLES FROM ANOTHER PLANET

* John’s MANDALS

 Look I’m sorry, but this is a list of things no one talks about so I had to.

* EYE FUCKING #2272:

Srsly no one EVER uses that in gifs or anything?? He doesn’t even MOVE. And look at our girl just SMIRKING after that:

GOD, someone please give them a cupboard in a room in a mansion to themselves FFS

* “Why would I want to have dinner if I wasn’t hungry?” I’ve now decided that it’s possible to interpret this as Sherlock asking himself this rather than Irene, especially looking at how completely gone he is in that moment. (Basically, translate it to: why is my body telling me I want to indulge in something intimate now if it’s not something I have impulses for?)

* The younger of the two child actresses from the “people don’t really go to heaven when they die” scene is the same actress that plays Eurus trapped on the plane in TFP…(beat) Yes!…(beat)…I know, right???

* It’s v interesting to compare the way that Sherlock defines and identifies “sentiment” in this episode— as just a subtle involuntary response, by means of a pulse and pupils— vs. the clearer understanding he has of love (any and all kinds, honestly) by the end of Series 4.

* When you remember that our girl Irene was quite literally fighting for her life in Mycroft’s office (Honestly, you could say that her main priority was fighting for her life from Battersea onwards), it makes her loss and Sherlock’s cruelty all the more devastating. Not like I ever really forgot but…(sniff)

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So according to your analysis I think that Zuko and Aang are yin and yang too (same as Roku and Sozin), but what do you think about Zuko and Azula? Are they yin and yang or are both of them yang?

Zuko and Aang, most definitely. You’re right it’s very much like the Roku-Sozin dynamic, though in this case the chill Avatar is the more outgoing and cheerful one while the dramatic Firelord is a broody dweeb. I swear, Zuko is the concentrated essence of dark and angsty drama from both families.

Zuko and Azula are an interesting case. They both have very very yang-type personalities, but when Zuko interacts with Azula he is forced into a reactive, yin-like mode due to her constant offensives. This isn’t natural for who he is, which is why he is so much worse at dealing with her emotional assaults than Mai and Ty Lee are.

Let’s take one example, since I rewatched this episode just last night: The scene in S3E02 “The Headband” where Azula talks to Zuko about his visits to Iroh’s cell (transcript source).

Azula: So…I hear you’ve been to visit your Uncle Fatso in the prison tower.
Zuko: (standing, incensed) That guard told you.
Azula: (smugly) No, you did. Just now.

This is a dramatic personality dealing very poorly with another dramatic, and in this case highly aggressive, personality. The chiller Mai or Ty Lee would have reacted much more smoothly, in part due to their native personalities and in part due to having more practice dealing with Azula’s abuse (which itself would have shaped their personalities).

Asked the same question, Mai would likely have given a blank stare and asked “What makes you say that?” drawing Azula out to see what exactly she had. Ty Lee, depending on how solid Azula’s evidence appears to be and how much of a lie she could get away with, would either have given a bright, empty smile and changed the subject or, if pressed or if Azula really did have the goods (we don’t know from the above dialogue that Azula didn’t know about the visits, by the way, because Azula lies), sobbed about how she feels so sorry for Iroh, that poor crazy old man locked up all alone, she just wanted to check up on him she’s so sorreeeeee, until Azula was forced to stand down.

Then there’s Zuko, who responded in the worst possible way–escalating the situation at his own expense–in large part because it’s not really his nature to step back and take stock. That’s why he fell into, and kept falling into, Azula’s traps. So he looks reactive, yin-like when with Azula, but that’s not his actual personality. It’s Azula constantly forcing him on the defensive to get her feed.

Note: To clarify, none of this is to say Zuko, Mai, and Ty Lee are in any way at fault for Azula’s mistreatment of them, or that they could have stopped the abuse. Mai and Ty Lee are extremely resourceful and skilled at responding to Azula’s treatment of them and minimizing the emotional, social, and physical damage, but none of that actually stopped Azula from abusing them. Similarly, Zuko could have been better at containing the fallout from Azula’s actions but he could not have stopped her treatment of him short of leaving the relationship altogether, which he did eventually–they all did–at great personal cost and risk.

Minimizing the damage from abuse when one can’t leave is an important topic for people in abusive relationships and just about every resource on abuse discusses it, so please don’t confuse this for victim-blaming. There are ways to respond to abuse so that the victim and those around them hopefully won’t be hurt as much. That doesn’t mean the abuse is the victim’s fault in any way.

Crutchie, Cursed: Chapter 1

So, here’s the first chapter of an Ella Enchanted AU that I accidentally fell in love with. A couple people seemed interested, so here’s the start of it. Basically, what happened is I started rewatching that movie last night and kept thinking how Newsies characters could fit in here. And then I texted my roommate and she just said, “Go for it, Ostrich.” I went for it. 

Also, as a side note, I have read the book, but back when I was in elementary school or junior high, so I have no memory of it. In other words, this will mostly be based around the movie. Which, also means that there will be some movie quotes in here because some of that dialogue is just too perfect to neglect. Plus, I have changed a couple of the scenes, settings, etc. It will all make sense, trust me. Do tell me how you like it, though! Reblogs and comments will encourage me to finish the next chapter sooner!

It wasn’t as if Crutchie hated his life. No, that wouldn’t be fair to say. There were lots of aspects of his life that he absolutely loved. His godmother, Medda, for one. His best friend, Katherine, of course. The fact that he was passing all his community college classes and had even managed to be recognized in his speech and debate class—although that was probably due to all of Katherine’s help—were definite pluses. Really, everything made his life just fine, all added together.

“Hey, crip! Get down here!”

Except, no, his life was not all that great, despite the smiles he faked. Years ago, Crutchie’s father died and his mother, a rather forgetful, hapless woman, never seemed to truly understand the impact of his death on her son. Sure, she had held him close and promised that everything would be okay. Crutchie wondered if she ever meant the promise, or if it had just been something nice to say to her hurting son. Only a couple months ago, she had remarried to a small, shriveled man by the name of Wiesel. She had explained that he had the money that their family needed, and, as much as Crutchie appreciated the full cupboards and the warm, plentiful meals, he almost wished they could go back to the time when he had gone to bed hungry, but had been happy. When it was just the two of them. Or, rather, when it was the three of them, and Crutchie had never foreseen the dark storms and heavy grief ahead of him.

“Move slower, ya stupid crip, I dare you!”

Wiesel had brought his two sons along with him: Oscar and Morris. While Morris tended to be quiet and brood in the corner of the room, a small black book in hand—Crutchie suspected it to be a collection of Poe’s poems, after he heard Morris mutter something about a sepulchre by the sea—and a quick frown for Crutchie whenever he entered the room, Oscar was more vocal with his dislike towards his new stepbrother. Both stepbrothers looked remarkably similar. They had dark brown hair and sported twin sneers, especially whenever Crutchie was present.

“I’m coming,” Crutchie said, trying to force his suddenly leaden limbs to move faster.

That was the other problem. Upon his birth, a benevolent—though, Crutchie wasn’t sure he quite agreed with that terminology—fairy granted him the gift of obedience. Which meant that Crutchie was stuck obeying every small command uttered around him. It had led to all sorts of unfortunate experiences, including, but not limited to, the time he punched a bully, the time he ate a worm, and the time he couldn’t tell anyone about the mean kids that teased and bullied Katherine for her big books and owlish glasses.

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From the show at The Wilbur in Boston last night (February 22, 2017)

@thethirstisoutthere - please note photos of “supporting cast” members. Chose to focus on Jeff because I fell in love with his dorky corduroy blazer and beard. Though the others were also nice to look at ;)

Thanks again to @damselindistressmya and @snowvitamins for planning this night since November. I had a fucking blast. Meeting @startwreck @xfiles-behind-the-scenes @myassbrokethefall and @thattimetheykissed was just a crazy added bonus.

This crazy site has helped me find so many cool people over the last 14 months. It’s ridiculous. And astounding, to be honest.

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Are you just surprised that the Cas death scene wasn't full of more Destiel? Dean has cradled Castiel's face when he's been merely injured. All those sweet little touches and concern over each other's safety. I'm just so surprised Dean didn't cry.

Last night I was in shock so much that I pretty much just focused it on Cas. But I just rewatched it (i just reblogged a vid) and just look at Dean looking around, looking up to the sky. I don’t think that’s how Dean shows emotion, at least not in this case. He’s in denial, he doesn’t think this is real or thinks this is the end. 

Cas has to come back to him, he always does.