i rewatched all the games to make this and now i'm emotional again make it stop

“What is power if you can’t protect the ones you love?”

Apart from the “subtext” tension during the tent scene in 6.09, I really do think there is something really interesting in their conversation, about getting to know your enemy, about playing the game.

Sansa’s part : 

You’ve KNOWN him for the space of a single conversation and you sit around making your PLANS on how to DEFEAT a man you don’t KNOW.

I’ve lived with him, I KNOW the way his mind works, I KNOW how he likes to hurt people.

You think he’s going to fall into your trap, he won’t. He is THE ONE WHO LAYS TRAPS.

He PLAYS with people. He is far better at it than you. He’s been doing it all his life.

Jon : What I’ve been doing all my life? Playin’ with broomsticks?

Sansa : You don’t KNOW him […] Listen to me, please, he wants you to make a mistake […] Just don’t do what he wants you to do.

This conversation seems very important to me. Sansa reminds Jon how it works here. She is so right about everything. You have to know your enemy to see how to control HIM/HER. Clearly Jon was emotionnally involved because Ramsay had Rickon and Ramsay played with Rickon to make Jon move exactly like he wanted to. And it worked.

Jon knows how to play with people…Clearly, he is not Ramsay, he is not a psycho, we all know that. He did not enjoy it with the wildlings but he did play and he did pretty well.

I’m 100% sure that Jon listens to Sansa. These are not empty words. At the end of season 7, D does exactly what Jon wants her to do…She doesn’t listen to anyone but Jon. This is not an interpretation, it’s a fact. 

He knows how she likes to be worshipped, he knows how to talk to her (”Jorah-way”), he knows how to look at her, he knows how to speak to her,…Jon is a person who quickly knows who he has in front of him. He knew exactly who D is when they first met.Go and rewatch when he enters the throne room in Dragonstone, look at his face when she speaks.

Now, does D know Jon? Not at all. She doesn’t know anything about him and nothing at all about his family, about the people he really cares about.

Who is emotionnally involved? SHE is. 

D doesn’t know anything about the game. It is true, she doesn’t know how to play. She doesn’t even know when someone is playing her. It is kinda sad. She did not see it with Jorah first, she did not see it in Qarth…

Most of the characters, when they play the game, it is dirty, cruel manipulation. Jon is not like the other characters…He does not play like them. You can see his way of playing the game when he is with the wildlings.

Jon is always in control, except when it comes to his family (and Sansa of course). Do you remember when he wanted to leave the NW for his family? Do you remember his reaction when Benjen disappeared? Do you remember how he just stopped thinking when he saw Rickon? Do you remember how he acted when he beated Ramsay? Do you remember how he reacted each time a man mentioned Sansa in season 7? Family/Sansa…Sansa/Family…

Now, in season 7, he is in control. He knows the power he has over D and he chooses to use it in 7.06 as much as he can but again, in his own way…we can compare it a little to the Sansa-way when she is in KL…The fact that he has power over D and her emotions is very very important. And as Cersei mentioned it already “What is power if you can’t protect the ones you love?”