i rewatch house


arcanehalo  asked:

hi! This isn't really an ask, in a way, though I am curious but it's more of a suggestion. Do you have any pet peeves or criticisms on common movie, book, general writing of medical impossibilities or mishaps that drive a plot? i.e. people usually die of illness A, when in fact illness A is super rare; people having to have surgery for injury B when actually it doesn't need it. :3 Just some of your favorites maybe

I’m making posts about these as I think of them! I’m not sure if this was inspired by it, but my post on BS Medical Tropes is a good place to start!

Though I’ve recently started rewatching House, so we’ll see how angry this makes me. :)

If I come up with a bunch I’ll make a 2 of ? post from the BS Tropes line. Until then, ta ta for now! xoxo, Aunt Scripty