i reused a gif

☆ yurrikatsuki → krshima ☆

hello! this is emery, formerly yurrikatsuki. i recently remade my blog and i’m looking to bring more content to my dash, connect with previous mutuals, and make new mutuals and friends! so, if you are a mostly or all anime blog that has a tagging system, please reblog this and put in the tags what applies to you and what fandoms you post. i’m looking for:

  • seasonal anime
  • sports anime (haikyuu!!, yuri!!! on ice, kuroko no basket, free!, etc.)
  • boku no hero academia
  • mob psycho 100
  • tokyo ghoul
  • noragami
  • shingeki no kyojin
  • neon genesis evangelion
  • zankyou no terror
  • bungou stray dogs
  • shigatsu wa kimi no uso
  • hirunaka no ryuusei
  • one punch man
  • psycho-pass
  • ansatsu kyoushitsu
  • kuroshitsuji
  • death parade
  • boku dake ga inai machi
  • barakamon
  • films (studio ghibli, makoto shinkai, kyoani, etc.)

bonus if you:

  • create content (gifs, graphics, etc.)
  • are willing to be mutuals/friends!

i would very much appreciate it if mutuals could reblog to help spread the word! thank you and have a wonderful day! ♡

realized i haven’t made any gif things in a while 

So I thought I would do something fun to celebrate reaching 1k followers!

if you want to check what characters/ships are available

Rules (not really but):

  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this
  • Send me an ask stating the character or ship you would like to be (preferably send two in case one is taken) and state the quote you would like (otherwise I will decide)

I have this headcanon that Spock’s ears wiggle when he’s super focused and doesn’t notice it happens. And obviously one day Jim/Bones will somehow manage to capture the moment in a holo. 
I want to do endless animations but damn, the frame count is not doing wonders for my platform! (Also I reused my steam animation because I messed up the new improved one one .. sigh)

And I’m still replying to your suggestions, I’m just slow!


skam month: favorite season: season one: eva

ok, so i just love season one so much because it is when the girl squad formed, and i feel like i can relate to eva a lot. like, not necessarily on the boyfriend front, but i’ve felt that loneliness of feeling like you don’t really have many (or any) friends. it was the beginning of everything which always makes the first seasons of shows great but skam really came out strong from the first season, so ya, first season. also i’m low-key in love with eva so ya. 

soooo, i kinda went a bit overboard when figuring out and selecting the clip for gifs and there are like wayyyyy too many so i’m gonna do different color schemes of season one! hopefully i won’t reuse any of these, but I kinda tried to select them so i wouldn’t reuse them later (which makes this not the most exciting gif set, and i know it doesn’t really encompass season one as a whole, just eva, so sorry, but i hope you guys like my season one color schemes!)