i reuploaded this so the picture was bigger


@auto-tuned-children and that other anon: here you go. flight of the bumblebee, complete with breath marks and annotations in neon pink. click on or download the pictures to make them bigger i guess (but give me credit if you reupload this)



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Basically just draw your bias in any way you want and tag as many other blogs as you want

Uh yeah. So I didn’t know if I had to post an actual picture of my bias so there you go lmfao. Boo tumblr for shrinking my drawing to ant-size.

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Akusaimonth: Berserk Mode
Day 6: Sun & Moon

Every day is followed by night, and every night is followed by yet another day. So we are inseparable, connected for all eternity.

Only one picture today (and quite late as well x’D), because this one is bigger then the others (I’m not used to draw on DIN A4 anymore @_@) and more accurate (because I plan on finishing this one, like you know, with actual lines and color; but knowing myself this will take days if not weeks, so, well, still a sketch. I will finish a few of the other sketches as well (until now day 2 and 4 are planned), guess I will reupload them when I’m done :D)

This prompt actually came in quite handy, because I had to draw a “reference” for my The Moon cosplay anyway. (I thinks it’s quite stupid to draw a reference picture after doing the cosplay, but the website I’m uploading my cosplays to is quite strict about refs so … whatever.)