i respect their wishes for privacy

I’m so thankful for the Bastille fandom! Like you guys are so incredible???? I’ve been in the fandom since December 2015 and not a single time have I encountered something disturbing. You guys love the boys so purely, you give them sooo much gifts, you respect their privacy, you buy their stuff, you create beautiful art. I love you all and I really wish you see the boys many many times this year.

Family massacred in Portland

A community is in a state of shock after four children were found murdered, one left for dead, in their Portland home on May 9th. “I don’t understand,” says a neighbor who wishes to remain nameless. “They were all such nice kids. Things like this just don’t happen here.” The oldest brother has been reported as missing from the crime scene - Malachai, aged 22.

Police are reporting this massacre as “unfathomable” and “gruesome,” with murders ranging from death by hanging, to stabbing, and even drowning. Crime scene investigators were seen exiting the home in a state of shock. “Rest assured, we will find out who did this,” says Commissioner Gordon. “As a father, I will not stop until we catch this monster.” Gordon then pleaded for the community to respect the privacy of the massacre’s lone survivor.

Still, neighbors have come out in droves to pay their respects to what they refer to as “the nicest family on the block.” The well-manicured lawn may have been roped off, but the curb is covered in candles, teddy bears, flowers, and other offerings. The crime scene has been transformed with an out-pouring of support, fueled by an enormous sense of loss. A stirring testament to how well-liked this family was by their community.

The family was no stranger to grief, as two years ago they suffered a crippling loss in the passing of their mother. Since…

I really want to read the whole article. I’m pissed they didn’t let us read it.

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So Tae was at a Big Bang concert and....

I really wish people would stop doing this to Taehyung when he’s out and about (or any other idols tbh). BTS hardly gets any free time for themselves, so whenever they do, we should respect their privacy so that they’re able to fully enjoy whatever it is they’re doing. Look at him, he looks so uncomfortable. 

(some) camren shippers: *treats lauren like shit* *disrespects her privacy* *jumps to conclusions* *ignores her wishes* *ignores her discomfort* *forces ship on her* *hates on ex girlfriend* *sends hate* *doesnt let her do anything without making it about a ship*

lauren: *says how awful it makes her feel and why*

shippers: oh my god! i honestly feel like she was so harsh and rude. like she could have been nicer about it. i honestly felt so attacked because someone called me out for my bullshit!!! like ????

some of yall can fuck off stay away from laur until you learn to respect her. when your willing to stop forcing this on her come back. the amount of people making this about THEM or CONTINUING to push camren is appalling. get your heads out your ass.

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re: that kids should have private spaces from their parents post. 100% agree. I also wish it was true between siblings (ie: parents should teach their kids to respect each other's privacy). when I was a kid, my younger sister broke into my diary constantly, and erased entire pages (I wrote it in pencil cuz erasable pens weren't a thing at the time, and I wanted to be able to fix spelling mistakes), and added her own notes to mock me. Parents thought that was cute. I stopped writing in it.

A lot of parents don’t seem to understand that, like come on, kids are just young people, they wouldn’t like it if someone was doing that to them, and they shouldn’t be teaching their kids that it’s okay and even funny for their boundaries to be pushed like that.

Rude is still rude. But I do take back using the word crazy.

This is exactly why I had my anon box closed for a while in 2014-15.

I don’t like getting into nasty convos with people.

I do respect all of my anons, wish I could know who you are but I respect if you want this sort of privacy.

All I do kindly ask is to please be kind and if you do genuinely have an issue with me, I am sure we can work it out in a less heated manner.

『Ninja Law』


First off, NO art on this blog is mine. Art credit goes to their respectful owners. & if by any chance that you see your art that you wish to be taken down, please do tell me and I will take it down ASAP. Specific icons on this blogs also go to their respective owners, given permission to use & cropped to my liking. 

Also, the scriptist’s face claim is Hinata Shouyou from the anime/ Manga Haikyuu!!!

Selectivity & Privacy

For the most part, I am mutuals only. There is a chance that I will be selective with who I rp with, but don’t feel discouraged to shoot me a message or toss a meme at me. If you do, then there’s a chance that I will answer back immediately. I’m not completely private but semi private, I like to have my dash safe friendly and a warm welcoming place. I don’t bite I promise.

About OCs, I love them. I have multiple OCs of my own but I do have some criteria that I follow when looking at them: 1 They have to have a bio. 2. A proper rules page. And 3. A verse page. I understand if your blog isn’t done and still in the process of being finish, I will wait a few days before checking back in etc.

Following, pretty basic, I will follow blogs that catch my interest. But I won’t be offended if you’re not interested in rping with me. I will unfollow within a course of 3 days or or

Crossovers, I am crossover friendly. I’m willing to rp across the fandoms but If there’s a possibility that I am not familiar with, I will come and cat with you personally to figure out more about your fandom. ( which is: Naruto, Bleach, Overwatch, Haikyuu!!!, Tokyo Ghoul and Legend of Korra, etc.)

Multi-muse, Like OCs I look for bios, rules, and verse pages. I will, however, be a bit pickier about them as well. However, don’t expect me to accept you right away or at all.


Shipping for this blog is NOT a priority but if chemistry is right, then I’ll think about it. I’m here to make friends and enjoy myself so I have the right to say no if I don’t feel like shipping. I ship chemistry above all, nothing more nothing less. I ship chemistry over everything else. FYI mun is a shipping hoe so don’t be afraid to ask for ship ya know.

Smut, smut is also NOT a priority as well. Granted if it happens, it will be with ships and kept under read more and tagged properly. Bother mun and mun are over 18 ( I, the mun, is 20 years old ) and I have no interest with writing smut with anyone under 18. However, is smut happens, it happens. 


I do not have any triggers but I do kindly ask for you to tag the following for me: Drama, negativity ( of any sort), clowns, and anything related to politics. I do not wish to see this on my dash, I do not want to either. Now if you have any triggers, please let me know. I generally tag my triggers as tw//____. ( E.g: tw// Death )

Basic rping rules~

No god-modding/ power play.
Don’t reblog threads that aren’t yours.
Do not reblog head canons that you’re not tagged in.
Please cut your posts, I like to have a clean dash.
When continuing asks, I ask you to continue them in a new post and tag me in it.
I format my threads/ posts with small text and ions if needed, if your having troubles reading it let me know and I’ll adjust them accordingly to our thread.


Sometimes I forget but if I ever forget our thread or something, please let me know. I have more than one active blogs so my activity will more than likely will be spotty… I own two other rp blogs plus a personal so activity with vary among the blog. ( Other blogs: { Haikyuu OC: @qxixotiic }, { Naruto: @exnoiia }, [ Personal is @minatiae ] ).


Regarding hate, I will not tolerate any kind of hate, I have dealt with enough of that with my other OCs. If you dare send it, I will not accept and or answer to you. It will be deleted and presently ignored.

Interactions, do not expect me to interact with you right away, I am shy so it will take me a bit to warm up to your writing style and muse. My activity varies whether or not I’m in the mood or not.

Criticism, I am open to criticism. I ask of you to give me input of how I am or how to better my muse further in the fandom. This is not my first rodeo, but I have my moments of insecurities and curiosities.

Threads, I love having multiple threads at once but I’m capping the amount per muse at 4 threads. It’s easier to track them that way and they are generally rotated daily.

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If you could be kindly enough poke the heart button in the lower right hand corner to symbolize that you read my pages, that’d be great!! :)

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Karam*l (I shuddered as I typed it so had to block a letter out) shippers are the actual WORST

Like, how can anyone think that karahell is healthy and “#relationshipgoals”? Maybe I’m too gay to understand that idk but like Kara deserves better?? Kara and Lena respect each other so much, like their entire relationship is built on trust and mutual respect, never mind they have this crazy chemistry and then we have Kara and Mon-hell, who literally shits on everything Kara says, treats her like a trophy, and pretends to respect her wishes for a bit of privacy just to go to her WORKPLACE and do the exact opposite, yikes. Imagine being that delusional. Can’t relate.

pendulum/fashion/kin call request guidelines

hello all. these are the updates guidelines for pendulum reading, kin fashion, and kin call requests. if by the end of this you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

submission terms:

i have anon turned off for my own safety, as i’m often a target of threats and other hatred. it’s unfortunate and hopefully temporary, but for now, all requests must be sent off anon. however, i respect my followers’ right to privacy—i will post whatever it is you submit anonymously, if you desire. just begin your message with either “PRIVATE” or “P”, and i will know not to give your identity, instead creating a separate post for whatever it is you asked or requested. only i will see your url.

pendulum readings:

- you may used full names or letter innitials (eg. alice or a, bob or b)

- you may ask any yes or no question that you wish (eg. am i alice? am i from pokemon? did i have red hair?)

- no questions that can’t be answered by yes or no (eg. as alice, what was i like? what is my source? what colour was my hair?)

kin calls:

- include your name and/or kintype in the request (eg. “i’m nils and i’m horsekin!” or “i’m bramblestar!”)

- include who or what you are looking for (eg. “i’m looking for other horsekin to chat with.” “i’m looking for squirrelflight and hollyleaf!”)

- include details specific to your memories or canon (eg. “i lived in the western usa somewhere, i remember being friends with a pinto.” “in my canon, me and squirrelflight never had our own kits and hollyleaf survived the battle.”

- include restrictions on who can apply (eg. “no one over 18, please.” “no doubles!”

- include where you wish to be contacted (eg. “you can find me at the-stars-within-us.” “hmu on skye if you can! my user is bramblestar4.”

kin fashion:

- state whether you would like feminine, masculine, or nb/androgynous style dress.

- please, please, please be specific! about what kind of clothes you / your kintype prefers to wear, styles you like. do you like sweaters? crop tops? ripped jeans? dresses? jewelery? heels? sneakers? be specific about what you like and want.

- for fictionkin, include the source of your kintype so that if need be, i can google a picture of them and get a proper color scheme or clothes style.

I’m all for respecting seventeen’s privacy and allowing them to spend their free time without paparazzi….but man I wish I saw that photo of woozi shirtless before it was deleted off the net….


“I laugh even more when I’m with her.” – Suzumura Kenichi

Sora no Kyoukai Stage Greeting in 2013. The pictures in second row taken around November 2007, around when Sora no Kyoukai first aired (Dec 2007). I wonder if Suzu told Maaya san jokes, when the second picture were taken. His big grin, and Maaya san’s laugh… The other looked practically the same, so it’s most probably only between two of them.

I might make this post, because I read a question on the FB regarding certain popular (very very famous) male seiyuu and his marital status. I expected something harsh, something like “No!! He is MINE! He CAN NOT get married! HE better gay with ____ (another male seiyuu)!” But instead, I read a lot of wonderful, calm things. Beautiful wishes from his fans.

“He deserves Happiness”

“I wish he will get his own family.”

“Married or not, I respect his privacy.”

I feel really touched. Seiyuu, artist, idol, all of them said that without fans, they mean nothing. That their fans are the people who make them keep going. It could be also mean, that when their fans hate them, they practically lose a lot of things. To see people who support us all this time, simply turned their back, it almost unbearable.

Its funny how words can be the reason for another action.

Our beloved seiyuu, married or not, single or divorced, straight, bisexual or homosexual; I wish you all the happiness that you deserve. You make us happy, so its only normal if we also want you to be happy.


(1) 『劇場版「空の境界」未来福音』Sora no Kyoukai Movie Stage Greeting. 28 September 2013.

(2) Sakamoto Maaya Album benefit Interview (released March) – シングルコレクション+ミツバチ (released 14 November 2012).

reading that fan story about niall in Philippines made me realize how once niall tweeted along the lines of ‘i wish you guys could know me’ and to have him remember a fan, someone who respected his privacy and treated him like a normal human being instead of an object, is so essentially him. to form a connection over a conversation that could flit between his travel details and random stories is so endearing to me? to know my fav is out here being the only thing he knows. that is himself. i love niall.

I wish people would stop bothering melanie for “where do babies come from”

She’s stated that its a personal song and it’s not right for this album. It won’t be released and it won’t be leaked. Leave her be. Let her keep the song for herself. If it’s that personal, then we need to respect that. I dont care if its the greatest song in the world, just let her have her privacy.

Love and respect

So it’s been confirmed that Amanda and Martin have separated and even though I am completely devastated by this, I wish them all the happiness in the world. For two people to go their separate ways after years of commitment and 2 children it must be for the best. I just really hope they are both happy and content. I’m so proud of how Martin handled it in the interview with such respect, the respect that we owe them. So I’d like to ask my followers to give them privacy and time to heal, I can imagine it’s hard for them to be seeing each other so often because of the new season of Sherlock so let’s have the decency to respect their privacy. Thank you💘

I just saw this on Jack’s twitter and I feel like something needs to be said.

I know I have reblogged that picture of Jack before without knowing he didn’t want it being passed around, but according to this tweet which was made today, Jack feels uncomfortable when people post his old photos.

As fans of Jack, we need to be courteous to his privacy and boundaries.  This is a boundary that has now been set, if it wasn’t set before.  Don’t go looking for baby Jack pictures.  Don’t root around in past, non Youtube history.

Also, as part of being a good community, do NOT send hate to the person who sent/posted this picture in the first place.  We don’t need any drama to arise from this; I’m only making this post so that everyone knows that Jack has stated he’s not comfortable with this picture going around.

Jack’s privacy and boundaries are important and he has the right to voice when he feels uncomfortable about our behavior.  Please respect his wishes and don’t be invasive.