i respect people who respect food

It’s funny to me that kermels are like “respect other ships and people who don’t ship your ship” @ supercorps cuz like

We respect the fuck out of pretty much any ship except kermel

Like karolsen? Get some girl he’s a stud. Supercat? Yeah Kara you live out your crush on your boss. Barry/Kara? I see them more as platonic for sure but hey they’d be cute. Kara and Adam? A little weird and forced imo but hey at least he respects her. Kara x food? The ultimate otp. Kara x Winn? They made a point to never have that but hey he wouldn’t treat her like shit

Like literally we respect almost every ship except kermel. The problem isn’t us. It’s your shitty ship


Him painted his nails, that doesn’t mean he is gay, bisexual, pansexual, heterosexual or anything. 

It means he painted his nails. He broke gender roles. 

And gender and sexuality are two different things.

And his tweet about Frank Ocean wasn’t him “coming out” either. It’s a tweet and along with sexuality and gender, the tweet also said “favorite food” I don’t think it was particularly serious.

If you are a fan of Dan, (or Phil, or anyone for that matter) respect their privacy.
Allow them to discover themselves and who they are and what them like, without being pestered with people asking them whether or not they are gay- or worse, while they are trying to find themselves, their “fans” tell them what they are. 

You don’t know what Dan is. Dan knows Dan better than you. You know danisnotonfire. 

If you are a fan of Dan (or anyone), be supportive, but respectful.   

be kind, but not overbearing 

The world has issues. Serious issues. I don’t know how to say this, but I’m gonna try my best:

1) Feminism.
Yes, feminism is a big issue today. A lot of men aren’t very respectful of women. Why? Because they weren’t raised to respect women. All the time on Tumblr I see people ranting about feminism and quite honestly, it gets kind of annoying. The thing is, nothing you do is going to change the minds of those men. You can’t forcefully change a person’s mind and make them see the light. Here’s what you can do, and this is a message to all the kids my age out there, all you teenagers who care:

~Teach your kids to be respectful of the other sex.~

The adults are in charge today, but tomorrow we’ll be the adults, and we should try not to make the same mistakes as them.

2) Racism.
It seems every fucking day I hear of some black person being mistreated or killed over in the US. The white cops who do this are adults. I, a teenager, am appalled by this, and I know a bunch of other teenagers on social media are too. But expressing your outrage on the internet isn’t going to do shit. What you can do, however, is start helping to change things once you’re an adult. Like I said, someday we’ll be in charge. Meanwhile, teach your children that all lives matter. Then, hopefully when they are adults and in charge of the world, they won’t be doing the stupid shit that today’s adults are.

3) Education
Here’s another issue that I think is important. The education system is fucked up. These stupid adults think it’s more important for us to learn about the cells inside a plant and not how taxes work? (Yes, that was a reference to the text post.) It’s ridiculous. Way to go, you self righteous morons. Teach us how plants survive but don’t teach us how to survive. I have no idea how to pay a bill, or how taxes work, or what a mortgage is. Thanks a lot.
And all students learn differently. Just because a student doesn’t do well in a class, doesn’t mean they’re stupid. Maybe they learn differently from everyone else. So here’s another message to my fellow teens:

~You’ll be the adults one day. When you are, fix the education system for your children. Future president/prime minister, I hope you see this. Remember it.~

So my point is, that all the problems in our world can’t be fixed right now, but maybe if we stay dedicated to making the world a better place, most of them can.

My Ultimate Point Is This:

Teenagers, you can’t do much right now, because the idiots are in charge. But one day you will be adults, and when you’re in charge, try your best to teach your children right from wrong. Then, maybe 5 generations down the line, we will have successfully improved the world.

(Also, raise your kids on Harry Potter, so it never dies.)

my goal in life is to own a big house with some decent land(maybe a farm) and take in mentally ill, disabled, abused, and/or lgbtq+ kids/teens/young adults and help them get started on their own. we would own lots of hypoallergenic dogs, have access to mental healthcare/medical care, and would have great big “family” dinners in the tv room with food that was respectful of peoples diet restrictions. pronouns, disorders, and physical limitations would be respected. everyone would do what they can, if they can have even a slight part time job or could only do a few menial chores, that would be wonderful. maybe we would have a workshop and make things to sell online or at shows. i would be everyone’s mom/weird aunt and when i eventually die, everyone will remember me as someone who exemplified “be the person you needed when you were younger.”