i respect people who respect food

i wish people would stop seeing animated movies at the result of big name studios and see them rather as the result of the hard work of hundreds of artists who dedicated their time and effort into creating something for us to enjoy

the people who were silent about this election or who tweeted vague comments about not judging people for their vote because they voted for the conservatives - if you voted for the tories (a government that wants to take away human rights, gut the nhs, have nurses using food banks, have a rape clause for benefits, kill disabled people by removing their benefits, continue neoliberal austerity, bring back fox hunting, and rob dementia patients of their home) then yes i will judge you. i don’t have respect for people who are in positions of privilege and are okay with watching others suffer from the comfort of that privilege. i don’t respect people who will gladly criticise someone like donald trump but have no interest in helping those suffering in the uk because having a progressive labour government might mean if you’re wealthy you pay a bit more tax.

the saddest thing is that SM are sleeping on f(x).

on nesta and elain

 okay so like both of the older achreon sisters had a lot of character growth in acowar, and i can respect that given all that they went through they had a lot to overcome but…

on some level i still don’t like them?

like yes they did a lot of good and i respect the people that they’ve become, but they were the same people who stood around and belittled their sister and didn’t care that she was the reason they were alive? the same ones who did nothing when their baby sister starved until she went out and got them food?

i don’t know if it’s just because i have three little siblings who are my world, but regardless, as an older sibling i don’t understand how anyone could sit by and do that to their younger sister, how they could treat them so horribly and without remorse because it suited them, however wonderful their redemption arc?

and we can argue that elain was always sweet, and that nesta was cruel because of jealousy, but neither of those things makes their pre-acomaf/war actions okay?

(this goes for their father as well, but like even more so bc like you were the parent and having children is a choice that you make and a promise that you make to them to take care of them and you didn’t do that to the point that they would’ve died without feyre’s action, fuck you??)

Some y'all need to grow the fuck up.

Black and White - RPG Starters

“That was sloppy.”

“Turn and face me! You’re under arrest.”

“Now, see, that’s the thing. In my day, they taught us not to swear.”

“Would it kill you to smile like you mean it?”

“I didn’t come here to talk.”

“Hitting me from behind? Isn’t that against the rules?”

“I gave you fair warning.”

“Christo, could you be any more by the book.”

“Unhand me.”

“Hey, I’m here to make your life easier.”

“He attacked me. I defended myself.”

“So a nightmare’s just a nightmare, and let it go?”

“This is my city. If you don’t like it, I suggest you get the hell out.”

“I gotta say, it’s a real pleasure to finally meet you.”

“I don’t want people to be afraid of me.”

“Hold on to my voice.”

“Nobody trained me. I’m a one-man show.”

“No booby traps. I’m disappointed, darlin’.”

“Enjoy the moment. Because now the hard part is going to begin.”

“You kissed your mother with that mouth.”

“Bad form to hit your partner.”

“Behind you!”

“You’re bleeding, […]. You’re bleeding …”

“[…]´s gone, and you have to accept it and move on.”

“A nine, definitely. I’d give you a ten, but the blood really detracts from your style.”

“That’s enough. Stop fighting me.”

“One hour. If you’re not there, I’m going to assume you’re dead.”

“You shouldn’t be awake. Your energy is better spent on completing your healing.”

“I’m here to ask for your help.”

“You want rules, […] ? Simple. First rule: Survive. Second rule: Don’t be your own enemy. Everything else is just practice, until your body knows what to do even as your mind is still processing the situation.”

“You sit right back down, there’s a good girl. You’re on bed rest, dear. And that means you’re not walking anywhere, for a full week.”

“Don’t worry. If […] trie to get up, I’ll lace […] food with sedatives.”

“So it’s time for the woman in you to get the attention she deserves.”

“I love a woman who gives me order.”

“I need you at full strength.”

“Makes me almost sorry.”

“Don’t fight, […].”
“I want you to know I don’t enjoy this. I respect you. Not many people get my respect. This is just business.”

“Uh-uh, darlin’. I saw that move before.”

“You’re supposed to be on bed rest.”

“I’ll do what I have to do.”

“Yeah, I know. But you should see the other guy.”

“I’m trapped here, just like you are.”

“[…], can you hear me?”

“Modesty’s my best quality.”

“Ladies, glad to see you two getting along so famously. Aren’t you glad I brought you together?”

“I’m just doing my job, sweetheart.”

“You used me, is what’s the worst.”

“Not nearly as stupid as pissing me off. You seemed pretty keen on the idea.”

“Lesson learned, eh, darlin´? That goes for both of you. You want to survive, you have to stop trusting. Heh, trust me on that.”

“I swear, when I get out of here, I’m going to make you regret using me. I swear it.”

“I did my job, […]. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“I’m happy to carry you like the damsel in distress that you are. Or you can walk under your own wobbly power. Up to you.”

“Move it, […]. And if you think about getting ornery, I’ll prod you like cattle.”

“Damn it, leave […] out of this. Let […] go!”

“Worse than roaches when it comes to killing you.”

“Today’s the big day, […]. And you’re going to help me.”

“Do this for me.”

“Take her. She won’t fight you. She’s lost to the Shadow.”

“Eavesdropping is rude, […]”

“You’re planning on wiping out the entire world, huh? That’ll really limit my opportunities.”

“You’re tougher than that. And I’m counting on you to keep fighting.”

“You’re a weak little girl.”

“Blah, blah, blah. You people could talk through the end of the world.”

“I love a woman who’s demanding.”

“Hear me, […]. This isn’t what you want to do.”

“I’m your friend. Let me help you.”

“I can’t live this way. I’m a time bomb, just like […] said. It’s better this way.”

“You stay away from me.”

“F*ck off, […]. [We don’t] need your help.”

“You’ve been a lousy friend.”

“I don’t know about you, but I could use a cocktail.”

I'm mad at the American school system right now so let me rant

When I was in Kindergarten, I would make “rainbow bridges” out of crayons and every time my teacher would destroy them because I was supposed to be writing numbers and letters over and over when I already knew how to (she was supposed to advance my lessons but she said that “too many kids were already in the advanced portion of the class).

In first grade, my teacher would yell at me when I had to leave school when I was incredibly sick all that year

Second grade, my teacher was actually really nice but my class was conjoined with a fifth grade class so I was struggling not getting the attention and help I needed. I would’ve failed the class if my teacher hadn’t curved my grade because of the situation

Since second grade was so bad, third grade was also a struggle but I didn’t have the luck of having a good teacher. Third grade my teacher was really racist and I’m Hispanic so I got in trouble and was sent out of the class a lot for really little things. It got to the point where I would be in her class for roll only and then move to a neighboring classroom to learn

Fourth grade I got bullied by my classmates and my teacher didn’t care enough to stop it

Fifth grade I had an F in English because I got a C on my project, which drastically lowered my grade from a shaky B+ to an F… That shouldn’t have happened…

Sixth grade I had a math teacher that no one liked or respected and we treated her so poorly she quit. She wasn’t a bad teacher, but she would preach about meaningless education and she would yell at us for getting an average grade on tests. Still, that’s not something you run a teacher out for…

In seventh grade, cockroaches were found in the cafeteria and lunch food. Nothing was done about this

Eighth grade I had a math teacher who was really sweet and nice but people would disrespect him and try to make him angry. He would write them up, give them detention, call in the principle, do ANYTHING to make them respect him but they never did (in fact, I think about 85% of the school’s fights took place in his classroom)

I also had an American history in eighth grade who was obsessed with Andrew Jackson. She tried to justify the Trail of Tears and almost voted for Trump because she said he’s a “modern-age Andrew Jackson”

In Ninth grade, I had a teacher who cared TOO much and if someone didn’t have a question she would make us all stay late after class to work since we “understood the material so well after our lesson that we wouldn’t mind doing more work”

The American education system is screwed. Nothing is working because you’re teaching in a wrong way. We’ve been saying that standardized testing doesn’t work for years now and nothing has been done to change it. Instead of making kids learn only what is needed for the week’s standardized test or shaming kids for understanding the material, actually teach in a way that kids will not resent school and not forget the knowledge you teach them after one week

did you know there was this one time i almost gave up on shipping reylo?

it was around the time rogue one was in cinemas and i hardcore shipped rebelcaptain. i guess i thought liking reylo hindered me from interacting with other people who also liked rebelcaptain because they hated reylo. 

so, like a normal human being who was tired of receiving hate in their shipping community and thought that it was already getting really toxic, i took a hiatus from shipping reylo. shipping rebelcaptain, for me, finally felt like i was accepted in the star wars fandom. everyone also likes my ship, oh my god! finally, something we can all agree on! 

but i was wrong. see, there was a mutual of mine who started hating rebelcaptain because it was too obvious and i quote, “too hetero”. anyway, i sort of got intrigued, so i started going through their blog. the hate was intense. they (and other bloggers) seemed to bash jyn for not being enough for cassian (e.g. jyn was too problematic, cassian deserves someone like bodhi, yada yada yada).

somehow, it was then that i realized you never really can please everyone. we all have different opinions. some are even totally far from our own. why did i want to unlike a ship that made me happy (albeit, problematic) in order to please other people and make them like me? i don’t know. 

i ship reylo because it’s something—something even i can’t explain. given, it might be the chemistry between the actors, but i also love the depth behind it. i love how, for me and other shippers, it mirrors beauty and the beast—a story i’ve loved ever since i was young. 

i like fictional complicated relationships. i’m curious as to how they would overcome their current problems and find a way to be with each other in the end. 

i’ll be honest, i actually did think reylo was abusive before. i mean, he “mind-raped” her and threw her against a tree forgodsake. 

however, after reading the novelization and actually watching tfa over and over, i came to the conclusion that it wasn’t. first of all, they are not in a relationship. they are in different sides of a war; of course, they’re supposed to hate each other. it’s not an abusive relationship. 

second, antis point out that kylo’s this and kylo’s that, but they never really see what rey was capable of doing—protecting herself. you say he mind-raped her, well, she did that to him too. you say he threw her against a tree, well, she sliced his face and shoulder with a lightsaber. you say he hurt her friends and her newly-found father figure, well: 

  1. finn was already in kylo’s bad side. let’s not forget (or maybe people hadn’t really paid attention to this scene), kylo let finn go in jakku. kylo felt something awakening in FN-2187, but he decided to let that go and carry on. he could’ve reported it to phasma, but he didn’t. it was a big mistake for him, considering that if he had reported it, poe dameron may not have escaped with finn in the first place. that’s honestly why i think kylo hates finn—it’s because all of the mistakes that happened afterwards rooted from his compassion. 
  2. poe dameron hadn’t yet interacted with rey, therefore, i don’t consider them as friends. but okay, let’s still roll with it. of course kylo had to hurt poe—he had the map. also, they’re enemies at war. you have to do everything to win a war, including hurting and/or killing another person. 
  3. it was implied that killing han solo was snoke’s final test for kylo. of course some people thought that oh he’s irredeemable because he did what luke couldn’t do. well, maybe they’re right. but, instead of making him stronger, it made him weaker. it was the complete opposite of what snoke had promised him. it was a test he ultimately failed because instead of being pulled to the dark side, it pulled him even more to the light. 

let’s face it, reylo may never be canon. either they really are related, rey hates him too much to ever forgive him for the things he’d done, kylo may fully embrace the dark side throughout the two remaining films, or maybe something else. i don’t ship it because oh right damn yeah this is going to be canon yada yada yada. i ship it because, well, i goddamn like it. i like their dynamic. so what? 

i understand that a lot of people already like finn and rey together. i get that. i get that you like safe and unproblematic relationships. heck, i used to ship it (it was the fans that turned me off tbh). also, i already have that in real life. this is fiction we’re talking about. hello, it’s not like i want my boyfriend to suddenly be all murderous and villainy. i don’t support abuse, i am not racist, i am not a nazi. seriously, people who think that way are so shallow-minded.

i just love how two force-sensitives have their destinies intertwined with each other (if this turns out to be familial, i’m literally going to burst). i just love angsty fics that have me staying up all night and crying afterwards. i just love reylo. 

is that so bad? for some people, yes it is. but can they, at least, respect my own opinion? i respect theirs and i get out of their way. it’s the most rational thing to do. you don’t repeatedly buy food you hate just to eat it, barf it out, and tell everyone how much you hate it. seriously man, that’s just plain stupid.

Why is it that a majority of vegans try to guilt others to get them to be like them? 

I hate that so damn much. I’m trying to eat my chicken sandwich at college and some basic fool that I’ve never seen or spoken to glares at me and says, “Oh, you’re pretty brave for eating that poor chicken. I could never do that." 

So, I just said, "You’re pretty brave for interrupting my lunch with your bullshit.” and walked away. 

This is why “Find the Vegan” is around. It’s a joke. It’s funny how you could post anything or say anything, and some random asshole (who keeps giving all vegans/vegetarians a bad name) will come out of nowhere and act like a pretentious jerk. So you made a choice to not eat anything that comes from an animal, good for you. Do you want a cookie? I promise it’s vegan. 

They get so pissed when people don’t respect their food choices, but they can’t respect others on their food choices. 

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So I will also be fasting out of respect for my parents, I’m not a muslim but I don’t mind fasting that much. Please respect these people since it’s actually a really good thing to do and it can become really hard for them ^^ 

((Good luck with the ramadan everyone who is participating <3))

Confessions of a food service employee

Ok, I’ve been meaning to say these thing for a while now, and I finally have time to do so. I am only a hostess at a bar/restaurant, but let me tell you, it’s really fucking hard and tiring to deal with countless rude and obnoxious people almost every day. So let me give you some tips as to how to treat us workers like real people instead of robots and slaves.

•Our restaurant has multiple entrances, but we have one host stand up at the front. If you seat yourself without telling one of the hosts, we don’t know which server has been sat or not. If you didn’t know, that’s perfectly ok, just come up to the front and we will seat you. Don’t be rude to us if we ask you to move tho, we are just following rules.

•Please do not ask to sit at a specific seating section. You are here to eat food, not to sightsee. We also have to be fair to all of our servers and make sure they all have the same chance to make money. If we sit multiple tables with the same server, they will be overwhelmed and your service will not be good. Please let us sit you where we need you.

•If you have bigger parties, you might not be seated right away. We only have a limited number of 8 top tables and one 12 top table. If you cannot be seated immediately, do not ask us to move chairs or tables together. It is a fire hazard and we are not allowed to do so. Just wait patiently.

•Please tip your servers well. Seriously, they don’t make a whole lot hourly and the only real money they make is the tips they receive. They’re all very tired and are forced to put on a smile everyday for very ungrateful and grumpy customers. They’ve been running around all day in a hot restaurant and kitchen to make sure you’re happy, please treat them with respect.

•If there is a wait, we cannot make people leave their seats for you, nor do we control where your name is on the list. Yelling at the hosts will not make you be seated any faster. If anything, it will have you kicked out.

•If it’s a hot day, we understand if you want to come inside to cool down. But you aren’t gonna be the only one with that idea. The more people inside of the restaurant, the hotter it’s gonna be. Please don’t just sit at a table to cool off, you will have to stand in a designated area. Tables are for people who want to order food. And please don’t give us a hard time for it either, again, we are just doing what we’re told.

•Please drink responsibly. I know this one should be obvious, but some people can’t handle their alcohol. People become belligerent and obnoxious, and sometimes even violent. No one wants to deal with a drunk.

•Lastly, and maybe most important, please do not act like you are God’s gift to this earth! Your business is very important to us, but so is everyone else’s. You aren’t the end all, be all when it comes to a restaurant. We have to take care of everybody who walks in, not just you. Please be respectful and patient when you eat out, it just makes life easier.

If anybody else had anything to add, please do so. This is all I can think to say for now. But please, be a decent human being to people in the restaurant industry, it’s a medial and frustrating job and most people working only have this job. They need the money badly and will put up with almost anything to make it. Everyone would just be happier if we gave workers in the food industry the respect they deserve. This has been a PSA. Thank you.

45.Charles Xavier Request

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Hello mon friend! So we posted the links to the other two which hopefully reached you ok but here is number 45, all ready to rumba. Hope you enjoy :) Happy Reading!


You sat in the attic, toe to toe with Charles. Well, not actually toe-to-toe, but figuratively speaking. You were both cross-legged, facing each other, your knees just lightly brushing. You both came up here sometimes when the others got too much or life got too hectic. When people stared at you funny in the supermarket for being a mutant. Whenever the struggles of life got out of hand, you both had this place. You could come up here to talk to each other and not feel alone in a sea of people. You were sat here on this day not because of any incident in particular, just a feeling of sadness that had washed over you. Thinking about it further you thought it must be that you were picking up on Charles’ sadness. Picking up on the feeling that things were wrong. It was just a matter of getting him to open up and tell you what was on his mind. You sat there thinking, both of you silent, which was quite normal for the both of you. The silence wasn’t heavy or awkward. It didn’t suffocate the both of you at all. It was soft, peaceful. Companionable. Almost sweet.

Lips pursed you thought of something.

“Tell me a secret.” You said suddenly. Charles lowered his eyebrows in thought.


“Tell me a secret. Could be anything. Could be what you named your pet as a kid, that you secretly enjoy ballet, what’s weighing on your mind?”

“Well, firstly my enjoyment of ballet is not a secret,” Charles winked, “but secondly, I didn’t have a pet as a kid.”

“You didn’t have a pet as a kid?”

“No, but I did find out I could telepathically communicate with animals quite early on.” You smiled.

“Do cats have interesting thoughts?”

“Oh the most interesting. Mostly comprising of food or wanting to bite people who don’t show them the proper respect. That’s cat’s secret, if you were wondering. Cats bite only those who are not respecting them. Well, that and sometimes at random to show affection or if they’re feeling cheeky or playful.” You laughed.

“You’re making it up as you go along!” You observed, trying to get your breath back.

“That is… undoubtedly true.” He laughed along with you.

“Well, here’s a real secret for you. I had a conversation the other day with a dog; I didn’t even know I could do that! Who would’ve thought what with my powers not relating to anything to do with animals or minds or talking and yet I had a conversation with a dog. Yup. He told me he loves chasing his tail but it always makes him sad because at the end of it all he has to give up because he can’t catch it. I told him he’d be more upset if he did!” Charles was in hysterics. It was probably due to the fact that he’d been sad and now you could both just enjoy mucking around… maybe not due to the idea of a dog being upset should he actually catch his tail but it didn’t matter. The point wasn’t to have a deep and meaningful, it was to make Charles feel better, like he always did for you. Should he wish to tell you what was praying on his mind, then that was fine by you. You would support him, but now, you talked and laughed and joked about the most ridiculous things you could think of. Mice having debates about cheese and then acting out the things you’d “heard” the mice say.

“Ah yes, I heard a mouse say the other day that he liked Camembert best because it’s texture is much creamier than that of Swiss.”

“And I heard that Blue cheese is all the rage with the female mice of today. Very empowering cheese. Sorry, not empowering. Overpowering. The smell is overpowering.”

You laughed and laughed until finally it was time to revisit the real world. You both left the attic, smiling and happy, but before you opened the trap-door-like exit, Charles grabbed your arm and stopped you. He kissed you softly and tenderly.

“That wasn’t the thing on your mind, was it?” You asked as you pulled away.

“No… I was worried if I could lead the team. If I could live up to their expectations. But talking to you… it reminded me that I don’t have to be something else, I can just be me and be confident that I’ll do my best and they’ll accept that.” You leaned in and kissed him again but pulled away again because you were laughing.

“What? What is it?” Charles asked confused.

“Sorry… sorry. It’s just…. Empowering cheese.”


Him painted his nails, that doesn’t mean he is gay, bisexual, pansexual, heterosexual or anything. 

It means he painted his nails. He broke gender roles. 

And gender and sexuality are two different things.

And his tweet about Frank Ocean wasn’t him “coming out” either. It’s a tweet and along with sexuality and gender, the tweet also said “favorite food” I don’t think it was particularly serious.

If you are a fan of Dan, (or Phil, or anyone for that matter) respect their privacy.
Allow them to discover themselves and who they are and what them like, without being pestered with people asking them whether or not they are gay- or worse, while they are trying to find themselves, their “fans” tell them what they are. 

You don’t know what Dan is. Dan knows Dan better than you. You know danisnotonfire. 

If you are a fan of Dan (or anyone), be supportive, but respectful.   

be kind, but not overbearing 

my goal in life is to own a big house with some decent land(maybe a farm) and take in mentally ill, disabled, abused, and/or lgbtq+ kids/teens/young adults and help them get started on their own. we would own lots of hypoallergenic dogs, have access to mental healthcare/medical care, and would have great big “family” dinners in the tv room with food that was respectful of peoples diet restrictions. pronouns, disorders, and physical limitations would be respected. everyone would do what they can, if they can have even a slight part time job or could only do a few menial chores, that would be wonderful. maybe we would have a workshop and make things to sell online or at shows. i would be everyone’s mom/weird aunt and when i eventually die, everyone will remember me as someone who exemplified “be the person you needed when you were younger.”

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I was wondering. What do you think of the game's treatment of Rinkah? I know that Rinkah and the Flame Tribe are supposed to be based on Oni, but the way IntSys went about it is pretty gross.

I have Many Thoughts.

I think in part Rinkah gets thrown under the bus due to the lack of attention that the game pays to the tribes. Granted, the games don’t dwell on any place for more than two seconds, but considering the overarching context of the plot(s), it seems a little silly to create all kinds of places with “unique traditions” just to ignore them once you’ve recruited “representation” from them. (IMO Cheve doesn’t count since it isn’t separated from the rest of the in-game world by being referred to as a tribe.)

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Honestly in cooking competitions, I would eliminate the person who was missing the fundamentals of cooking instead of the deconstructed dish or the weird-take-on-something-that-isnt-technically-what-I-was-supposed-to-cook dish.

I respect a persons interruptation of a dish & the people who take risks and push the envelope & I cant respect a chef who under/overcooks shit or cant even salt a steak


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                    “he’s boo seungkwan.@cutiepatoodie

                     "he overwhelms me" @jiiminyoongii

          “This kid makes me so proud of him. Even my mom loves                                                    him.” @sanbaljeogin

-his sense of humor make my day everyday!.

-he’s unapologetically himself; amazing and doesn’t hide his personality.

-He has a lot of charm and knows how to make people happy.

-He has a worldly quality; an absolute sweetheart. Such a genuinely amiable and kind-hearted person!

- hes so humble he makes me want to cry.

-He never forgets where he’s from because I swear Jeju is mentioned everywhere he goes.

-His ability to brighten everyone’s day with his sass and spontaneity.

- seungkwan is honestly so sweet and caring.

-he’s so adorable and cute literally a flower just beautiful.

- he’s able to get along with people really quickly.

-always really polite and respectful towards staff members other groups

-witty af.

-his energy .

- he’s cute 24/7.

- those rare moments when he’s really hot and i wanna roll off of a cliff.

-I love how insecure he can be secretly, but he would never let it stop him from being who he is.

-relatable. When he said diets always start tomorrow, and his recent tweet reply to a fan that was like ‘do you think you can seduce me with food?? ur right’ same. this kid gets it guys.

-hes so filled with love and respect.

-he works his hardest and you can see how much he cares in the effort he puts into everything,

-He never feels anything by halves.

-the love he shows makes me feel more loved like no matter what he’d love you, he’d see the good in you.

     "boo seungkwan is perfect if you don’t love seungkwan we can’t be                                friends and I’m not even sorry"

        “what can’t boo seungkwan do???" @honeyboobooseungkwan

all reasons listed are from: @cutiepatoodie @17caratjokespledis @sanbaljeogin @jung-kookin @bathinginvernonsvoice @feministyoonmin @dopekwan @yoon-hong @jejuboos @ttamagucci

I really fucking hate vegans. I would surround myself with nothing but meat eaters before I surrounded myself with vegans, and I’m a vegetarian.

Vegans are some of the most pretentious pieces of shit that has unfortunately inhabited this planet. The goal of veganism is great, but the attitude is fucking horrifying. Stop terrorizing meat eaters, vegetarians and those who are not vegan. Stop insulting people for their choice in diet. Stop being so fucking militant and expect people to become vegans simply ‘because you fucking said so’. You’re turning people away from veganism. You’re turning vegetarians away from veganism because we do not want to be lumped in the same category as vegans with all of those negative stereotypes. 

Also news flash. not everyone can afford to be on a vegan/vegetarian/meat-free diet. The prices of organic and whole foods, along with specially made vegan/vegetarian/natural items is almost DOUBLE of it’s dairy/meat/processed counterparts. 

Another thing is stop making people feel like shit because they are TOO UNHEALTHY for an animal free diet. Bottom line is you have to have pretty good health, or at least decent health in order to be able to become a vegan, or even a vegetarian. I could never be a vegan, because I’m slightly unhealthy as it is and my doctor doesn’t even think I should be vegetarian because of my health. Shut the fuck up with saying that Vegetarians are just lazy. 

I love being a vegetarian. I love the idea of not being a contributor to the cruelty of the meat industry. You can stand alone and make a difference, believe it or not. I would never disrespect anyone for choosing to eat meat. I would never tell people what they can and can’t eat in front of me. I don’t rant to meat eaters because they are allowed to eat whatever they want and I can still be friends with people who eat meat. Everyone who I have even dated has been a meat eater, and I became a vegetarian before I even started dating. As long as you respect me, I can respect you and we can live peacefully.

Vegans though, almost every vegan I have met online and off are just fucking pretentious cunts, and I want nothing to do with them. I want to be proven wrong and to meet one vegan who’s not a cunt. 

Thin privilege does not exist. Get the fuck over yourselves and stop making thinner people feel like shit for being thin. You make the choice not to eat healthy. Its your own fault for not even trying to eat healthier or exercise. Just because someone does doesn’t mean you’re better than them because you’re happy with being overweight. If you like being overweight then fine. But don’t make people feel like shit for wanting to eat right and be healthy. And certainly don’t disregard actual medical advice from your doctor. If you being overweight is effecting your health then it is only common sense to try to start eating more healthy. Being overweight is not normal and society isn’t telling you to be thin just to look “better ” (even though I won’t deny that some media tries to portray that) but to encourage healthy eating that has been proven to lower your risk of heart disease high blood pressure and high cholesterol which are all terrible things to do to your body. Respect your health enough that it doesn’t effect you in the long run. You need to respect your body and eating healthy is a great start. I understand people shame fat people for being fat. I don’t think its right. Although we can’t ignore the fact that most people who are overweight have an eating disorder. Continuing to eat large masses of junk food is damaging the body and is just as damaging as anorexia or bulimia. If you know you are eating way too much and you find it difficult to stop then you have an eating disorder and it should not be something you’re proud of. You need to get help right away. Telling someone who is thin that may also have n eating disorder that they have thin privilege s just ridiculous. Thin people don’t have any more privilege than you do. All you people need to stop ignoring the facts and start taking care of yourselves. If you don’t wish to eat healthily that’s your choice but don’t shame people who choose to do so.

TL:DR Thin privilege is a really stupid made up concept used to shame people for eating healthier than they do. And it can also be damaging to people who suffer from anorexia or bulimia.