i resist that last tag

Harry: [standing there minding his own business, peaceful, in the Zone™]

Seeiso: [being a good friend, walks up and whistles to get Harry’s attention and gestures for him to walk out the door first]

Harry: [unbothered, looks Seeiso up and down and gives the sassiest neck twirl/eye roll combo in royal history as he proceeds to leave]

What Happened with Bill and Ford 30 Years Ago
  • Ford: Yes. Yes, this is a fertile land, and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land, and we will call it... "This Land."
  • Bill: I think we should call it "your grave"!
  • Ford: Ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
  • Bill: Har har har! Mine is an evil laugh! Now die!
  • Ford: Oh, no, God! Oh, dear God in heaven!

i had some jokey description that was like “Sinville: population, Me” but that was implying that gay watchdogs was some kind of sin. they’re not. they’re perhaps the purest form of love in this god forsaken universe and i am just enamored with everything these tiny little eyeball peeps have to offer