i reserve the right to recast


Hello and thank you so much for being patient! I’ve been holding off on announcing this giveaway because I’ve been waiting for my Instagram follower count to hit 2000 - now you have more chances to win a free faceup from me! I still can’t believe I’ve managed to gain this many followers over the course of my journey as a faceup artist. Thank you all for liking my work and continuing to support me!

This post contains details on how to enter from the Tumblr side. If you would like to gain additional entries, please check out my Instagram post on @_dollgorls!


One full BJD makeover by Darjeeling Aesthetics worth over $100, including the following:

  • Previous faceup removal and thorough cleaning for all parts worked on
  • Full-service faceup - fantasy concepts OK!
  • Eyelash service and piercing attachment
  • Small hand and face tattoos if requested
  • Manicure & pedicure with unlimited add-ons/gems of your choice


♡ Do not delete any of this text
♡ Must be following darjeeling-shop on Tumblr
♡ Reblog as many times as you want! Every reblog counts (likes don’t)
♡ No giveaway blogs, inactive blogs or sideblogs
No recasts/recast owners, please. I will work on ABS, vinyls, and legit resin only
♡ The winner will be randomly chosen from a pool containing both Instagram and Tumblr entries, so in the case that the lucky winner is from Tumblr please have your askbox open!


♡ I reserve the right to withhold the prize and choose a new winner if the original winner

  • is not in ownership of a legit (non-recast) doll for me to work on
  • does not respond within the 48 hour deadline
  • presents me with a concept I feel is not within my ability to paint

♡ Giveaway includes only my customization service. Shipment both ways is on the winner.
♡ This giveaway is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by Tumblr.

The giveaway ends exactly one month from now on October 15th, 2015, at 6PM PST (UTC -7). Winner will be selected from a pool containing both Tumblr & Instagram entries using a random number generator. The winner announcement will be on October 16th on both my Tumblr and Instagram!

♡ Thanks so much for supporting me all this time! I wish the best of luck to all of you! If you have any questions about specifics for the giveaway feel free to message me here ♡

This giveaway is officially over! Please see more recent posts in the “announcement” tag for the winner announcement.

Wow, 400 followers! I honestly didn’t think I’ve ever have this many but I really appreciate all of you guys a lot and am actually really excited about this! Watching my follower count slowly creep up in number, I was a little anxious, to be honest. I see a lot of these and they’re all from really awesome and talented people who possess way more skill than I do… But I have been feeling really encouraged by everyone’s recent reactions to my more current faceups and while I don’t have a shop or take formal commissions(right now?), I figure this was just the most sensible thing I could offer my followers <3 I know not everyone follows me for BJDs, but I think most of you do? haha

Anyway~ Everything has its rules, so let’s just get them out of the way!


+ You must currently be following me!

+ You must be currently in possession of the head you want me to paint! I can’t paint something you don’t have lol and I feel it would be a little unfair of me to hold the spot while we wait on something you’ve either ordered or just bought, to get shipped to you.

+ Shipping TO me will be your responsibility, but I will cover shipping BACK to you in the case of domestic and half of shipping in the case of international. I will ship in the same manner that was shipped to me, unless the box is damaged or deemed unsafe!

+ The head in question MUST BE LEGIT. I will not work on recasted or otherwise counterfeit items, sorry! I know this will be hard to prove in some cases, but I really hope that if you follow me and enter this, that you also share my same feelings on bootlegs or at least respect my stance! Upon receiving the head, I reserve the right to request provenance or pictures of COAs.

+ If you want me to install lashes, please provide them! If you send them with the head, I’ll put them in, otherwise, I’ll be sending it back without.

+ The head must be blank/clean! If you need me to remove a current faceup, I’ll have to ask you cover the cost and time, so please understand! If the doll is coming with a faceup that you really like and would like me to use as reference(I WILL NOT DUPLICATE) then we can work something out, but otherwise, if I have to clean the head, I’ll unfortunately be asking a 15 dollar cleaning fee.

+ By entering you agree to ALL of my terms and what has hopefully been stated clearly throughout this post. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me before entering! :D


+ Reblog this post ONLY ONCE.

+ When you enter, write a little bit about the doll you’d like for me to paint! Is it your first doll? What’s their name? Do you RP them or write them in a story? What’s their style or personality, if they have one? I’ll have no way of knowing if you’re lying, but I’d love to help out someone new or someone with a really interesting story!

+ In the very least, please state what head you want me to work on! Company, sculpt and resin color.


One basic faceup by me! I am comfortable doing almost any style (pastel, natural, smokey eye, etc) and might be up for small challenges like small tattoos or fantasy themes, but this is mostly geared towards more simple/basic faceups. I’d love to have a lot of freedom with this, and please understand that this is NOT a full commission so if you’re looking for something very specific, please don’t enter! My hope is that you’ve seen and liked past work of mine, lol. I will be asking for general look/feel of your doll and their character if they have one, and will want to know things like brow color and “makeup intensity.” The head can be any size or resin color, but understand that I use MSC to seal and it can sometimes ‘ghost’ or lighten the look of darker resins. I am not comfortable installing piercings or doing any sort of temporary scars or mods, sorry!


+ I live in the US, but I am willing to do international if you understand that shipping will be more expensive and that I am in no way responsible for customs fees! I will require insurance and tracking and I am not responsible for any lost or damaged goods once it has left me or before it has reached me!

+ I reserve the right to, at any point, decline a head or faceup request.

+ I have a cat and a dog, so if you have severe allergies, please be warned!

+ What I use: MSC, Winsor Newton brush cleaner, magic erasers, Liquitex paints, Prismacolor, Volks and Schmincke pastels, Faber-Castell pencils, Pearlex and Volks shimmers and in the case that I might install lashes, white water-soluble glue. If you have any legitimate concerns with any specific one of these, please let me know and we might be able to work something out!

+ I can only ship out on Saturdays, please keep this in mind, when it comes time for me to ship back to you!

+ Please allow me 4-5 weeks from the time I confirm I have received your head! I highly doubt it will take me that long, but I like to play it safe~ I have to work around our very rainy weather ;)

+ I will update you as frequently as I can and will also likely want to post pictures here on tumblr or on my instagram. If this is absolutely NOT okay with you, please know I will be bummed, but I will respect your wishes. You must state in the beginning that you do NOT want me to share progress/complete pics of you head publicly.

+ You will be updated upon completion to confirm your shipping information and then again confirmed once I have shipped your head back.

+ Not required, but I would love to see the doll all put together! <3

This G*veaway will be from TODAY FEB 5TH to MARCH 6TH and after that date, I will compile all the entries and pick a winner! Once I announce the winner and contact you, you will have 48 hours to respond or I pick again <3

Also, this whole thing is in no way, shape or form, endorsed or promoted by Tumblr. I have no affliation with Tumblr or its staff. This is just a fun thing for friends, followers and potential fans here on this site and meant to be a thank you to them.

Yay for my first g*veaway~! :D