i require this dress

Remember when 5sos wrote lists of what they needed in their dressing rooms at shows and Michael wrote lube on his and then realized that was too saucy so he changed it to Luke? remember when Luke was a thing that Michael said he required in his dressing room remember that bc I do and it haunts me 

Roughskin - A Protective Glamour Spell

“Before I consent to your wish, I shall require three things - a dress as golden as the sun, another as silvery as the moon, and a third as glittering as the stars; and besides this, I shall require a mantle made of a thousand skins of rough fur sewn together, and every animal in the kingdom must give a piece of his skin toward it.”

[…] In the night, when every one slept, she rose and took from her jewel-case a gold ring, a gold spinning-wheel, and a golden hook. The three dresses of the sun, moon, and stars she folded in so small a parcel that they were placed in a walnut shell; then she put on the fur mantle, stained her face and hands black with walnut-juice, and committing herself to the care of Heaven, she left her home.

- The Princess in Disguise


Intent: To protect and disguise oneself from those who mean to harm you.


  • Empty walnut shell, in halves
  • A piece of your own hair or a nail clipping
  • Small patchwork cloth bag
  • Glue & rubber band
  • Herbs: Dogbane, Hyssop, Basil, Heather, Juniper Berries, Poppy Seeds

Ideal Timing: Full Moon, for protection, but can be performed anytime.

Obtain an empty walnut shell. You can use the shells off of the whole bagged walnuts that most grocery stores carry in the produce section. Try to crack the walnut so that the shell comes away in two halves. This makes reassembling it for the charm much easier.

Mix the following herbs together in small pinches:

  • Dogbane - for disguise
  • Hyssop - for warding off harm
  • Basil - for general protection
  • Heather Blossom - for warding off assault
  • Juniper Berries - for secret-keeping
  • Poppy Seeds - for invisibility

Carefully stuff the herb mixture into the two empty halves of the walnut. Use little dots of glue to help the herbs stay in place. At the very last, add a strand of your hair or a nail clipping. Line the edges of the shell with glue and carefully fit them back together. Wrap them with the rubber band to keep everything in place until the glue dries.

Once the charm is dry, place it in a patchwork cloth bag. You can purchase one or make it yourself. It only has to be large enough to hold the walnut.

Hold the bag between your palms and say:

I garb myself in many skins
To keep harm out and safety in
I place the truth within this shell
Now guard my life and guard it well

You can either carry the bag with you whenever you feel you need protection, or you can hide the bag in a wooden box if one is available.

anonymous asked:

How do u usually dress to class ?

hi there! 

well, thankfully i don’t have any labs this quarter that require dress code so i’m honestly pretty free to wear whatever i want. with that being said, i usually try to wear something that’s practical yet cute and comfy. 

i’ll just list out some things i’ll combine and wear lately (some of them are seasonal though): 

  • black leggings (a MUST but i only wear them with things that cover my butt/crotch because i’m not the type to wear them as “pants”) 
  • oversized button ups (i usually wear them with leggings for extra comfort) 
  • worn out/loose tees
  • oversized cardigans
  • black skinny jeans 
  • white keds
  • black chelsea boots (i have these in several different styles) 
  • my checkered vans slip ons 
  • black knit beanie
  • green parka 
  • denim over throws 
  • large flannels 
  • guy’s tees (i’ve been getting ones with graphics lately which is weird bc i’m not much of a graphic tee person. so i’ve been getting tees from brands like OBEY and HUF) 
  • wide black scarf 
  • oversized black hooded bomber 
  • white tube socks (i’ll usually wear these with my jeans cuffed up so the whites of the socks will show haha)

hahaha i just wear a lot of basics lol. i also just wear a lot of oversized things with leggings, some sort of sweater/overthrow (i LOVE outwear!), sneakers/booties, and i run out the door lol. i never wear dresses or skirts to class just because i don’t feel comfortable dressing like that to lecture. idk how helpful this list was but if you have any specific questions then let me know~! hope this helped! 

I am pleased to report that the Board of Deaducation has accepted my proposal and the Fundraiser is ON!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who per-volunteered to help decorate or set up and special thanks to @airheadedaquarian who came with me for moral support while I spoke to the board!

Formal Dress is required! Here’s the color pallet of the decor for those of you who like to color coordinate (that part is optional) 

The theme is winter wonderland! - can ya tell?

Remember this is a school event, there will be chaperones! flyers will be sent home to parents to volunteer if they feel so inclined.

If you were one of the people whose family owned a business to donate food, decorations or any other goods please send me a message of your family’s business so I can send out thank you cards as well as put their names on signs at the event! and I will do my best to get a headcount to them in a timely manner to know how many monsters are coming!

Please send any questions, comments, or concerns to me and I will do my best to accommodate you!

@exubiytsa: it makes me happy that you pointed this out bc I haven’t seen the show and I feel like I should watch it

it’s cheesy and just… easy to watch tbh also if you want feminist undertones youve come to the right place cat gra.nt is my mom

Eleven Things About Me

Rules: tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself and tag 11 people. Tag backs are allowed but if you do get tagged again you must not repeat any of the facts you mentioned in the previous round. The facts can be absolutely anything, whatever comes to mind first.

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1.) I think that I use this for every random fact post, but I play the cello. 

2.) I’m of the controversial opinion that you should brush your teeth, wash your face, and wear deodorant.

3.) There’s a long list of historical figures who I will fight with you over.

4.) I only wear skirts/dresses. This discovery always requires at least three people tell me that they, in fact, wear pants. 

5.) My majors were Criminology and Sociology, and my minor was Social Work. I almost double minored and added Christian Studies as my second minor, too.

6.) Someone once said I was a real “ride or die” bitch. It’s probably my favorite compliment to date.

7.) I like to keep a fresh bouquet in every room. It’s my personal opinion that it’s the best decorative choice you could make for any home.

8.) I cry during movies pretty much all the time. If I didn’t cry during it, I probably didn’t like it.

9.) White is my favorite color to wear. It’s what makes southern summers livable.

10.) I always order gin and tonic at bars, but my favorite drink is the French 75.

11.) I learned how to roll joints from a rapper.

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The WML market is really missing something between the full-size “duty” pistol lights like the x300/TLR-1 and the smaller CCW-focused lights like the XC-1 and the various Viridian/Crimson Trace stuff. I’d love to carry my 19 with a WML (and I’m doing it right now with a TLR-1) but it’s such a wide and bulky package that it requires really dressing around the gun to an extent I’m not happy with on a regular basis.

I know about the Inforce APL of course, but it’s poorly made and its output and hotspot are garbage in comparison to the bigger lights, same issue with the XC-1 and company. 

Surefire really needs to develop a single CR123 light that’s the same general size as the APL.

Okay LGBTQ community and supporters. I have a rant that I’d like you to listen to. My friend Ryan decided to wear this outfit to school today. (Very brave seeing as my school is filled with and run by closed minded, homophobic assholes.) he was taken out of his first period class and sent home. The principle made him go home to change his clothing. I am livid! He met all dress code requirements and he has worn similar outfits to school before without reprimand. Not to mention the fact that when girls the same age or younger wear similar or the same outfits to school on a daily basis, they are met with no punishment. Let me explain to you this outfit. He is wearing a Frozen sweat shirt, cut off shorts that meet dress code requirements, a pair of skin-tone leggings over a pair of black tights. Over the skin-tone leggings, he is wearing a pair of black fishnet tights, and to complete the ensemble, he is wearing a pair of nude colored high heels with a six inch heel and a one inch platform. The reason he was sent home, and I quote, was because “his choice of clothing was obscene. He makes the other students uncomfortable when he wears woman’s clothing. Therefore he cannot wear this outfit.” I, along with many of my friends and fellow students, are made uncomfortable when girls wear booty shorts and shirts that show their cleavage. But are they sent home or reprimanded? No. They aren’t even acknowledged. Our school claims not to discriminate. Our school claims to support all sexualities, religions, genders, and races. But when faced with the reality we see that our school is not as accepting as they say they are. Our school has, many Times, denied us of a Gay-Straight Alliance club. Many of my fellow students,and even a few teachers, are outraged by this. We need to make this go public. So now I’m asking you to help. Share this post. Post it on other social media websites. Make this become public knowledge. Make people aware of what is happening in Festus, Missouri. We just lost Leelah Alcorn because of unnacepting conditions. We just lost Leelah Alcorn. She would be as infuriated by this situation as I am. Maybe more. Don’t let corrupt society win this one. I’m begging you. Make. This. Known.

Cosplay Advise?

In light of my attending all 3 days of London Comic Con i’m planning on doing a “Closet Cosplay” of Hiroko Katsuki from “Yuri On Ice!!!” (very exciting for my YOI obsessed brain)

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However, in my search for her uniform I keep coming up with the same problem - all the tops are folded Right over Left, instead of the seen Left over Right

I don’t know an awful lot about Japanese culture and I am aware that some Japanese dress requires it to be folded this way.
Does anyone have any advise or suggestions? 

So I matched with this guy and after about a week and we went for coffee. We were talking, sharing stories, having a nice time. He was a body builder and very passionate about it. At the end of the date he told me for our next date I was REQUIRED to wear a dress and heels, have my hair and nails done, and get all dolled up. To go to his gym. To watch him work out. I politely told him that didn’t really sound fun to me, and that I’m not really the type to get ‘all dolled up’ but I’d be cool with working out with him sometime. He proceed to call me shady for declining and made a big scene screaming horrible names at me. When he left the barista gave me a free coffee and chocolate muffin so I guess it wasn’t all bad.

I need feminism because I was told by my university that for my student teaching internship, I’m required to dress modestly, practice bending over and sitting down, and be mindful of my underwear choices. This is not to keep up professional appearances, but because “it’s distracting to the students especially the boys.”

It's decided! On September 1st on Jungkook's birthday all A.R.M.Y's are required to dress up like Jungkook! I better see pictures! And I shall gather them and send them to BTS's twitter! For Jungkook to see!!

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