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Can you do a cute cuddly Sammy imagine?

“Sammy! Sammy!” You yelled loudly from your bed. You giggled slightly as you looked down the hallway to see your boyfriend of two years tripping over his own feet from running so fast. “What? What’s wrong!?” He questioned, running to your side of the bed quickly. “Look he’s moving!” You said pointing at your belly. You were currently 8 and a half months pregnant with yours and Sammy’s baby boy. Unfortunately your parents didn’t handle it so well and they told you to get out, that you didn’t care for the way they raised you. You still love them of course, your parents were just very strict and always taught you to wait until someone special to have children with and to go to college and stuff like that, but they also raised you how THEY wanted you to be, they didn’t bother to stop and think what you wanted in life. Once they first found out you were dating Sammy, they were far from happy. You had straight A’s and honor rolls before you met sammy, and Sammy had low C’s and F’s, and was always late for class or never came. When you started to date sammy, you became ‘a girl version of sammy’, as they said but in reality you had just became what you wanted to be. Sammy was ‘bad influence’ as your parents claimed. He smoked, skipped school, always was getting into trouble, and in their eyes, he was just no good. But in your eyes he was perfect. He was everything you’ve ever wanted. He wasn’t stuck up, he didn’t judge others, and no matter what he always had a goofy smile on his face. Eventually your parents got off of your back about dating Sammy, but once they found out you were pregnant with his child and you wanted to keep it, they felt no need in keeping you. Yeah it hurt but you’ve never been happier living with Sammy and his family. They were all so welcoming and his parents immediately treated you like you were their own. His sister was always around when he wasn’t, whether you guys were going shopping or just having movie nights, and now your main shopping were baby clothes. “Wait so I just about busted my ass on that hard floor just for you to be notifying me that he was moving?” Sammy said pointing at your mountain high belly. You giggled before nodding. “Just watch” you whispered before pressing up under your rips on your right side. In a matter of seconds you both saw a little hand print press against your skin, sammy gasping. You grinned as he rushed to grab his phone out, immediately getting a video on Snapchat. “The fans will probably save that some how” he said as he set his phone back in his pocket. “Hey Lil guy its daddy! I love you and I can’t wait to see you” sammy said in a baby voice before kissing where the baby had just recently reached out at. “I love you” you said running your fingers through Sammy’s hair. “Love you too babe” sammy said before pecking your lips. *two weeks later* “Alright guys, just wanted to post a short video of y/n sleeping. Sounds creepy I know but a lot of you guys have been tweeting me that you wanted to see more baby movements and unfortunately the only good time he really moves is when she’s asleep so yeah, shh” he said before pressing his index finger against his lips. While you laid on your side, your mouth wide open with soft snores coming out, sammy lifted the cover slowly from your belly, showing you in a blue sports bra and your belly sticking far out. Sammy quickly flicked the lamp on before facing the camera at your belly. “He loves staying close to her ribs, she hates it but I say its because she has such a warm heart.” He said before chuckling at his cute comment. Soon sammy started to gently poke at your stomach before the baby boy started squirming around in your belly. “There we go” sammy said with a tone of accomplishment. It was another two minutes of sammy poking you and the baby getting aggaravated before you started to move around, pulling the covers back over you. “Go away” you groaned, your normal grumpy self pushing at sammy. “Rude!” Sammy said jokingly before walking out of the room. “There you guys have it! Send in more stuff that you wanna see or know and me and y/n will get on it!” He said before stopping the video. *3 weeks later* “Is it on?” You asked as you watched jack Gilinsky leaning away from the computer. “Yup! Hey guys its me jack Gilinsky here with jack Johnson, Sammy Wilkinson , and his beautiful pregnant girlfriend y/n!” Gilinsky said pointing each one of you out. Fans had recently requested a video of what all baby clothes you guys had gotten and what the diaper bag looked like so while you and Sammy where hanging with the Jacks, you all decided on doing a you now to update the fans. “Alright so I guess we could start with baby stuff and then we can just talk with you guys” sammy said before standing up, grabbing the bags of baby stuff. “Alright! First, we got these sets of three onesies from Nash. This one is a giraffe, one is a lion which is my favorite, and the third one is a zebra. ” sammy said. “I personally got myself a matching lion onesie and y/n got a zebra one” sammy said. ” I can’t even zip it up fully ” you did giggling. “I know” sammy said laughing loudly as he remembered back to when you cried for two hours straight because you couldn’t fit into the onesie. “ alright, These are from cameron, they’re blue and green baby socks.“ Sammy said holding the package of socks up close to the screen. ” Wait? Is his feet really going to be this tiny?” Sammy asked looking over at you. “Yes ” you said laughing. “He’s only like seven pounds right now and I’ve got like a week before he comes out. ” you said. “You should show them your belly” Gilinsky said. “Dude it looks like she swallowed a watermelon!” Johnson said making you gasp. “If I swear if I wasn’t so fat right Now I’d punch you” you said jokingly before standing up from the couch. “Can they see?” Sammy said turning the computer to you, trying to look over the back of the laptop. “Yup! Ok, This is what it looks like with the shirt on..” You said turning to your side before facing forward again. “and this is without. ” you said lifting your shirt up just above your breasts. “I have stretch marks everywhere and my belly button looks like its pregnant too” you said staring at yourself through the screen. “Okay I feel awkward go back to you guys” you said pulling your shirt back down and sitting down next to sammy. “Alright and this is the diaper bag. ” sammy said holding up a black blue simple but cute diaper bag. “My sister got this for us at the baby shower” Sammy said holding it up for a couple more seconds. “We filled it with extra stuff that we would probably need at the hospital. We’ve got a 'coming home ’ outfit. She picked it out guys” Sammy said pointing at you. “Yeah well your sister made it so” you said before grabbing the outfit. You held up a tie shirt loafer (pair that button up at the crotch) and a homemade beanie that was very and blue as well as simple shoes the same colors. “She made the beanie and shoes but the shirt we bought And I figured this would go well because the tie colors are matching the beanie and the shoes” you said holding them up together. “ we also grabbed extra clothes cause I heard you normally have to stay there and extra day or two” you said. “We also packed phone chargers and computer chargers” sammy said. “Here is some baby wipes to wipe the baby’s ass with” johnson said making you laugh. “Yeah you’re going to do that right?” You asked, smirking at johnson. “Ha!” He said raising an eyebrow at you. “Yeah we got like four bags of 0-8 month diapers, and five sets of baby wipes I think. And the rest of the stuff is in the baby room” sammy said. “Go show them” you said to him, pushing his shoulder lightly. All three of them quickly walked into the baby’s room showing this off while you roamed through twitter, answering questions on twitter. After a good thirty minutes, you decided to join the boys but the second you stood up, you felt your pants soak at your crotch, as if you just peed all over yourself. “Sammy!!” You yelled, standing completely still. “What!” He called from the babies room. “My water just broke!” You yelled loudly. “Ha ha very funny!” He called back. You furrowed your eyebrows together, suddenly getting very angry. You stomped down the hall before you entered the baby room, breathing heavily. “Samuel Howard Wilkinson you better grab the fucking baby bag and get me to the hospital now!” You yelled as you felt your first contraction hit you. They all three turned around, looking at your darkened jeans before scrambling around the room, quickly grabbing everything you needed. Before you knew it you were in the back seat next to sammy squeezing his hand tightly as johnson drove you all to the hospital. After Gilinsky called everyone to tell them the news, he had started snap chatting videos of everything going on. *3 hours later* “Alright, push one more time darling!” The nurse said as her and the doctor waited for the baby. “3-2-1” she counted down. The second you heard number one, you pushed as hard as you could, holding your breath as well. You cried out with joy as you heard your baby start to cry, the nurse holding him in the air. “Its a boy!” The doctor claimed before they let you hold him. After they cleaned him off, they let Sammy come into the room to see you. Unfortunately, he couldn’t handle all the pain you were going through and passed out after your first push. They sadly had to send him out of the room but he was quick to get back in there afterwards. “Oh my god” was the first words to come out of Sammy’s mouth as he saw your tired figure holding his baby in your arms. “Hey” you said as a single tear fell from his eye. “He’s beautiful” he said before kissing your lips, multiple tears falling from both of your eyes. “Do you want to hold him?” You asked, looking up at him. He just simply nodded before grabbing the baby, rocking him slightly. “He has your eyes” you said in awe. “He has your nose” he said pinching the baby’s nose slightly. You giggled before one of the nurses walked back into the room, holding a clipboard in her hand. “What’s the babies name?” She asked. “Cody Darren Wilkinson” sammy said. You watched in complete awe as he never took his eye off of cody as he answered all the nurses’ questions. After a while, the doctors and nurses left, letting everyone else into the room. “Oh my god he’s precious!” Sammy’s mom said holding cody, smiling widely at him. “Grandma and auntie is going to spoil you so much!” She said as Sammy’s sister looked at the baby with loving eyes. You sighed heavily before looking down at your hands with sadness. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Sammy said sitting next to you, caressing your cheek as a single tear fell. “I hate that my parents want nothing to do with him. And its all my fault” you mumbled, looking across the room at the smiling baby. “Hey! Look at me. Over time your parents will open their eyes and realize how stupid and judgmental they’re being. No matter what though, I want you to know me, the boys, and my family will always be here for you. We are your family. Maybe not by blood but we are. And soon, we are going to be married, and now that we’re parents, you can raise the baby how babies are suppose to be raised. Don’t be sad. Today is a good day, okay? Tomorrow we will call them and see if they want to see him, which I’m sure they will. and if they don’t. Oh well. More time for us with him. ” he said making you grin with happiness. “You’re right, I’m sorry” you said before kissing him gently. “He loves them already” Sammy said as you watched the boys take pictures and videos of Cody, Matthew making his dinosaur noises at him making him laugh. “He has a goofy personality, like you. I can tell” you said smiling from ear to ear. “I’m so glad I’m having my children with you” he said before kissing your for head once again.
Promise - Sergio Ramos

“Morning, baby,” Sergio said warmly, leaning over the counter to get a kiss, but being met with the whip of my hair.

“It’s one in the afternoon,” I stated, walking out of the kitchen and away from him.

“Oh,” he laughed as he looked at the clock, “did I really sleep that long?” I rolled my eyes as I took a seat in front of my laptop. He seemed oblivious to my mood.

“What did you have for breakfast, baby? You think you could make me something?”

Unbelievable, I thought, but remained silent. “Babe?” he called out, walking over to where I was. “You have a bad morning or something?” I continued to type fiercely and focus on the screen in front of me, ignoring him entirely as he sat beside me. “Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” he cooed, his slick hand creeping up my thigh while his lips curled into a smirk.

“Are you joking?” I shouted, yanking my leg away and smacking his hand. “You’re such an ass.” He followed me as I stomped towards the bedroom.

“What the hell did I do?” he yelled after me. “What is wrong with you?”

“Me?” I turned around and spat. “You’re the idiot who stayed out until five in the morning and slept through our appointment with the wedding planner.”

“Oh,” he mumbled, “that was today?”

“Yup, 9 AM. Been booked for weeks.”

“Well, why didn’t you wake me up?”

“Oh gee,” I laughed sarcastically, “if only I had thought of that. I tried about a dozen times but you just kept rolling over.”

“I mean, you could have gone by yourself,” he scoffed. I gave him a look of disbelief and shook my head.

“So, what? You just don’t care what goes on with our wedding?”

“That’s not what I said, Y/N,” he answered irritatedly.

“You may as well have,” I countered. “I can’t believe you. I was really excited for today and I must have reminded you about a million times. You promised me.”

“What do you want me to say? I messed up, okay? But we can just set up another meeting. I don’t understand why you’re so upset.” I hurled the pillow that was in my hands towards him, aiming exceptionally well and knocking him in the head.

“You know what? You’re an ass for staying out so late. You’re an ass for missing the appointment. And you’re an ass for arguing instead of just apologizing. But for ‘not understanding’ why I would be upset, that just makes you really selfish. Don’t bother making another appointment, I’m not sure we’ll need it.” With that, I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in.

“Y/N, Y/N, come on. Open the door, please,” Sergio shouted from the other side as he rattled the doorknob.

“I don’t want to talk to you,” I grumbled, taking a seat on the sink.

“Fair enough, but will you just listen?” I contemplated momentarily, but realized I didn’t really have any other option.

“Fine,” I sighed. “I’ll open the door, but you’re not allowed to come in yet.” Reaching over, I undid the lock and pulled the door open, revealing a pitiful looking Sergio. He inched closer, but as directed, stopped at the doorway.

“I’m sorry that I missed the appointment this morning. I really am. I know you were looking forward to it and I should have made it a priority,” he shrugged meekly. I remained unimpressed, fiddling mindlessly with the bottle of lotion I had sat next to.

“I don’t want you to think that I don’t care about the wedding or about you or about us. It’s not that at all. I can’t wait to marry you, Y/N. But all the details and stuff, the flowers and light and music or whatever. I don’t give that stuff any thought. I just want you in a white dress walking to me, that’s all I picture in my head. I thought I did my job just by getting a ring on your finger,” he laughed, “but if you want me to be more involved, then I will. I love you, and I want to make you happy.”

I sat up straight before nodding him over. “Still mad?” he asked, resting his hands on my waist.

“No, I guess not,” I sighed. “I just want this to be our wedding, you know? I know there’s a lot of details you don’t really care about, but you promised yo—“

“Shh, I know. I know. You’re right. I did promise. And I’m going to keep my promise. I’ll call and make another appointment right now. And from now on, I’ll help you pick colors and food and whatever else we need for our wedding. We’ll make it perfect. Ok?”

I nodded and finally gave him the kiss he had been looking for earlier. “Thank you.”

Stakes on a Plane ~A Joshifer One-Shot~

Well! After quite a bit of straight writing, and tons of inspiration from various people on here, including but certainly not limited it to, these lovely ladies right here, I finally got this little Joshifer plane one-shot done! I had so much fun writing this particular one, let me tell you. It makes me so happy to know that those two lovely dorks were up in the sky with each other for nine hours, doing nothing but bothering each other, bickering, and cuddling. So of course I had to write about it haha!

And I am so sorry; I honestly could not help myself with that pun for the title lmao!

I’d also like to say Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates it, and I hope you all have a lovely day! So as usual, without further ado…

Stakes on a Plane

My voice is groggy as my head bashes back against the hard backing of the chair behind me. As if that wasn’t already a bad enough wake-up call, I feel small hands prodding my sides at a hastened pace.

“Josh. Come on Josh, wake up.”

When I refuse, I feel a light stinging sensation as a hand comes in contact with my face, which is enough to drain the sleep from my system.

“Ow! What the hell?” I whine, blinking open my eyes only to come face to face with Jennifer. She’s smiling, and she rubs my cheek gently before tugging on my shoulder.

“You’re easily injured, I know,” she murmurs before standing up, backing away from the chair I’m propped in, “Come on asshole. We don’t want to miss our flight.”

Oh. Right. Our flight.

Jennifer, Woody, Francis, and I had been idling in the Atlanta airport for quite some time, waiting to board the next flight to Paris. Though I’ve been to Paris countless times on my own, I haven’t been with such an extraordinary group of people, and filming Mockingjay there will certainly prove to be interesting.

As excited as we were to get to the airport and wait for our flight, the large layover proved to be a killer one; six hours in a building with nothing to do but idle around.

And I guess I was more tired than I had originally intended to be, because here I was, falling asleep in one of the more uncomfortable chairs found within the airport.

Sighing and gathering my carry-on’s together, I blink the last bits of sleep from my eyes before tagging along side with Jennifer. She’s smiling and carrying on to Francis about how excited she is to go to Paris and film, and I cannot help but smile myself. And envy her energetic spirit of course.

Boarding the plane doesn’t take long, and before I know it, we’re preparing to embark across the ocean.

After slinging my things beneath the row of seats we have claimed, I begin to shuffle towards the window seat, but a firm hand on my shoulder stops me.

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