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“Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going anywhere~”

“Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit, he took the midnight train going anywhere~” 

Another preview of my 80′s miraculous project, because I can’t keep anything to myself. Two more panels to go. Then I’ll ink them and color them. 

Inspired by Rock of Ages, and also by @lunian

You may not use, edit, repost, or anything, without my permission

Here goes the list of comics I started but i’m not sure if I should post SO I’M ASKING YOU which ones you want to see, thanks :

  1. “BNHA x Avatar” - “The scene were Zuko tries to enter the group except it’s Todoroki trying to make friends”
  2. “BNHA x Bravely Default, part 2″ “fashionabluh scene x Bakugou rescue arc disguises”
  3. “BNHA x Haikyuu” - “the barbecue hype train scene” (I considered other but I didn’t watch this anime so I’m still unsure) feat Todoroki, Midoriya, Iida, Kirishima, Kaminari, Tokoyami, Mina, Jirou and Uraraka
  4. A comic inspired from BNHA OVA 1 with Momo, Todoroki, Uraraka, Midoriya and Aizawa
  5. A doodle of Mina ° v° and Bakugou >:U *boom*
  6. “Midoriya scared by what he sees if he types his name on the internet” feat. Todoroki, Aoyama, Uraraka, All Might and Iida : hint (that’s for all the people trashing on my comics because of some ship wars I don’t wanna be part of but i was thinking best way to make reposting people understand would be the savage way, like… I don’t mind you shipping characters in my comics, just stop trashing about it if this keep going I’ll refuse ANY repost…)
  7. “Todoroki just saw Midoriya’s notes and drawing about him and…”
  8. A doodle of dabbing Dabi hitting Todoroki in the face (because of that one chapter where Dabi was the MVP against him).
  9. The worst idea of comic I ever had : “wake them up inside - parody” feat. Midoriya, Iida, Bakugou and ofc Todoroki.
  10. BNHA x Gintama : except there are so many op scenes I can’t pick just yet but I put it here as a reminder I’m still thinking of it.

Other comics (I will post but just not yet) :

  1. “No title - part 2″ -edited- “Ok but what if Midoriya and Kacchan met Iida and Todoroki when they didn’t get a hold of their quirk yet.
  2. “Bakugou and Todoroki interactions in a nutshell”
  3. The sunglasses squad gif - part 2
  4. Todoroki, Bakugou, Iida and Midoriya in an amusement park feat. the 4D machines and Hatsume Mei. –> so they got plastic guns and glasses for the 3D screen.
  5. More Todoroki personnality and costume swaps (thinking of Midoriya (when he does that pose blushing when a girl gets too close), All Might (a small comic where Todoroki asks Midoriya to teach him how to do All Might’s face just so he can see the look on Endeavor’s face feat. mad Endeavor and Midoriya calling Todoroki “savage”), Kaminari, Nejire (just the personality for this one)).
  6. An Halloween troll doodle.
  7. I’ll spam of doodles and comics of Todoroki, Bakugou and Inasa interacting WHENEVER I CAN! Like seriously, those interactions are the best.
  8. The times Todoroki proved again he was a dork feat. food, feat. others interaction (feat. the school trip arc). –> aka redraws and comic adapation of those panels
  9. BNHA x Soul Eater : the scene from 6:16 to 6:35.

And little by little, I’ll still finish the things I started and already posted… QwQ;
I entered the fandom too late there are so many things I wanna catch up with!

Anyway you can either tell the one you’d prefer to see in the first list or make a list in priority order!



It’s not letting me tag you properly for some reason…

The reason Hiroki’s introduction takes so long is because he’s being a little shit and going into his entire performance career.  He starts saying things like, “Let’s see… I joined my agency back when I was about 16…” then going into why he got into entertainment, etc… and that’s why everyone keeps interrupting him, saying that his self-intro doesn’t need to be that long or go that far back.


iris west week 📰 day seven
iris + au ⚡ a barista by day, iris west teams up with superheroes cynthia reynolds and linda park to fight crime by night. she loves what she does, but she hates keeping it a secret from her best friend stacy conwell.


I’ve never been to a con before and Jared was the first person from the show I was seeing because Rob and Richard weren’t starting til after his ops, and Jared was the whole reason I wanted to go in the first place. I was so nervous to meet him I couldn’t stop shaking, the first thing he said to me was “How ya doin’, babe?” so I didn’t stand a chance- he really is the sweetest. He told me he liked my shirt, from his first AKF campaign, and when I showed him the pose I wanted to do he said of course and pulled me into this hug. I know that in one perspective it looks like the cover of an erotica novel, but that was definitely not my intention. Jared means a lot to me, and this protective hug was perfect and whenever I look at it it makes me happy. After the photo was taken he pulled me into a giant hug (the rumors are true: he smells really good) and I said thank you. He responded with “Thank you, darlin’.” 

They say don’t meet your heroes because they might not live up to your expectations but Jared really, really does and I’m so glad that I did this and can’t wait for next year. 

Reposting my Valentine’s Day Piece because I reblogged an added a piece but  people are missing it. 

It’s Vali’s Feast and Berk is having a dance. Hiccup had a little to much mead and is being a bit brazen. Astrid doesn’t seem to mind but her father has something to say about it:

“With all due respect, Chief. Your boy’s getting a little handy d’there, ain’t he? You best go be reigning in him before I have mind to head home and get me ax. He keeps that up, he’ll be missing more than a leg.”

Prompt by the lovely snowflakers who asked for more calron headcanons for “mega feels”.. which is how this fluff fest happened <33 I’m reposting this because tumblr has been acting up for me and my posts won’t show or keep getting deleted.

(P.S; always proceed with the assumption that I’m writing teenage!calron unless I specify their ages <3)

  • Aaron grew up very touch deprived and lonesome which made him the cuddliest person alive. He doesn’t always know how to ask for affection but he’d give Call those shy hopeful smiles, and Call would understand at once and drop whatever he’s doing to go sit very close to his boyfriend and press their shoulders together. Their fingers always find each other and they sit interlaced between them.
  • If there are others around the boys will simply sit very close, hold hands, and occasionally brush a hand through the other’s hair or share fond smiles. But when it’s just Tamara and Jasper around, they do engage in a little more pda. They sometimes cuddle on the couch, Call lays his head on Aaron’s shoulder if they’re watching a movie, Aaron puts an arm around Call’s waist, and they keep whispering things and inside jokes to each other and grinning like idiots. Tamara thinks it’s sickening in a very cute way.
  • When alone they’re always always cuddling or touching in some way. Call buries his face in Aaron’s chest because it makes him feel safe, and Aaron always has an arm thrown around Call’s waist or shoulders. Brushing the hair off of Call’s forehead usually calms him down.
  • They’re each other’s support systems, not only in the counterweight way or the bestfriends way, but in every other sense of the word. They ground each other, know when to offer comfort and when to back down, and they’ve both learned from years of friendship when to use words and when to give hugs and calming touches instead.
  • When in public they only exchange chaste kisses. Aaron’s favorite spot to kiss Call is his temple, and Call kisses his cheek if he’s feeling very mushy that day. Mostly he just presses a finger to Aaron’s wrist or squeezes his hand, and gives him small fond smiles.
  • Aaron has a Call-smile that lights up his entire face whenever Call walks into a room. The Call-smile also appears when Aaron is talking about his boyfriend.
  • Call loves stealing Aaron’s clothes. I keep saying this but he really does because Aaron has a completely different wardrobe than Call’s, and his clothes drown his boyfriend so Call loves wearing them when he’s feeling unwell.
  • Aaron wears warm sweaters and snug hoodies while Call’s aesthetic is ripped band t-shirts and clever one-liner shirts. Whenever Call is having a rough day, he can be found wearing an oversized Aaron-scented sweater, with his hands fisted into the long sleeves (sweater paws!), and a mock scowl on his face because Aaron keeps fondly ruffling his hair.
  • Aaron thinks Call is hilarious. It doesn’t matter if Call is just being silly or working his heavy sarcasm into a conversation, Aaron would find it funny anyway and might have to press a hand to his mouth to keep from laughing out loud.
  • They’re both in love with each other. The first time Call tells Aaron he loves him they’ve been dating for nearly a year (they’re both seventeen at this point), and Aaron has to choke back tears because no one has ever told him they loved him before. Not as sincerely as Call does anyway.
  • Bonus; Aaron wanted to say it first but years of feeling lonely and being scared stopped him. After Call says it, Aaron repeats the words back to him a hundred times, each time punctuated with giddy little kisses.

It wouldn’t be so battered if he didn’t carry it around everywhere, Scott says. John thinks he should get it converted to hololight and uploaded to his wrist comm, for safer keeping - so that he could leave the paper version in his room. Gordon swears he wouldn’t have gotten it soaked if he’d known it was there before the shove in the pool. Alan just scowls, when he sees Virgil take it out of his top pocket and hold the little photo close to his heart; he’s just jealous because he doesn’t remember her all that well.

So @sparkwithinme​ mentioned that Virgil looked the most like their Mom and I started doodling <33

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Gabriel Reyes©Overwatch


“He can see it, the wrongness of it, a kind of choking blue-red smoke circling Arthur ~ Merlin raises his hand, uncaring of the crowd and the knights and and focuses everything on Arthur and drawing that foulness away from his prince.”

This was done for fanfiction writer’s appreciation day (because hey you guys are awesome), and I thought I’d draw a little something for all the fics I keep going back to re-read. This is for Gadarene by unpossible. More to follow.

Also please do not repost, thanks:)


so i’m whipped with Poe Dameron (and Kylo Ren (and a certain Assassin -cry-))

SO I THOUGHT, HEY. LET’S DRAW HIM IN FIRST ORDER TIE FIGHTER UNIFORM. cries everywhere because he lookssogoodinblackit’ssin

and I had the mightiest need to draw this babycakeangelface so i did.. which is the very top drawing.. then I was like MAYBE I’LL INK IT

but then it lead to like.. KILL ME NOW LET’S COLOUR IT

and then i coloured it but then i was like.. kill me.. just kill me.. because i love him so much! -cries an ocean-

so yea. Poe Dameron for you guys uvu;;

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Poe Dameron©Star Wars

One Last Dance - Michael Clifford Fluff

submitted by a lovely person, thank you!

you can submit things to me here

A/N:This is my first imagine and I request to remain anonymous, please. I know this might be horrible but I’ll try….

Summary: “Just give me one last chance. Just one song and I’ll move on. I just need one last dance..”


It was the Graduation Ball and once again, I’ve been stood up by the person I loved. The final song was about to finish and Michael wasn’t here yet. I left the venue and walked home. 10 minutes into my walk, it suddenly rained. Wow, how lucky I am. I didn’t even bring a jacket which was stupid.

“Y/N!” I heard an oh-so-familiar voice call – Michael. I ignored him and continued walking.

“Y/N!” He called again.

“Leave me alone, Michael. I’ve had enough.” I said and quickened my pace. I was shivering since it was so cold but I didn’t want to face him. Never again.

He suddenly spun me around and I tried to wriggle out of his grip. Let’s just say, I failed.

“Look, I’m sorry. I-I was just so nervous a-and–” I cut him off by saying, “Michael, this is the hundredth time you’ve used that excuse! I can’t do this anymore. We’re through..” I said shakily.

“N-No, No, Y/N, please, don’t end it like this…” He said, crying.

“I’m sorry, Michael..” I said and he let go of me.

“We’ve been together ever since Freshman Year… It just can’t end like this, it just can’t…” He said, getting down on his knees with his head down.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore..” I said. It was still freezing cold but I tried my best to ignore it.

“Y/N, give me one last chance… Please…” He choked out.

“M-Michael…” I breathed. He stood up and gave me his jacket, noticing how cold I was.

“Just one last chance…” He begged.

“I-I-I can’t…” I said, trying to hold back my tears.

“Y/N–” I cut him off with a kiss. He kissed back and held me tightly, as if he didn’t want to let go.

Too bad he has to…

I pulled away and said, “Goodbye, Michael…”

“Y/N, just hear me out…” He said.

“Just give me one last chance. Just one song and I’ll move on. I just need one last dance..” He begged.

“Dancing in the rain?” I asked and he nodded, taking out his phone. The song One Last Dance started playing and I put my arms around his neck and he held my waist.

“This will be our last dance..” He said and I placed my head on his shoulder as we slowly started dancing to the music.

“Are we still gonna talk to each other?” He asked and I didn’t reply.

I wanted to but I know I couldn’t.

“I don’t think so….” I said and I started to cry. I didn’t want to let him go but I couldn’t do this. Not anymore.

As the song ended, he kissed me for the last time and I kissed back. He put every emotion he was feeling in the kiss. It was passionate.

We pulled away and he said, “I love you..”

“I love you too, Mikey.” I said. He let me go and I did too.

“You can keep the jacket…” He said as I started to walk away.

“I’ll miss you..” I said.

“Me too, Y/N.” He whispered.

And with that, my 4-year relationship with Michael Clifford ended.

(IDK IF I SHOULD DO A PART TWO? I just wanted to submit this because I don’t really do imagines on my blog…)

Free! Eternal Summer 06

And this is how the episode begins!


Since kids, they were always together ~

They really entered the school after that! Haruka, how cute!


More than you can imagine.

Give this sweet pie a hug!

And then you go “OMG HE STILL KEEPS IT”

Rin’s sweet moment.

Rei doesn’t like body hair.

Why do I have the impression people might start shipping them?

I was sure Nagisa would win ~

I have to admit that I got a bit nervous about Makoto. But yay!

Rei-chan is very adorable!


“If you lose, you’re going to be my boyfriend?” ?!

I really loved this frame.

I know you were also curious about this part!



I missed hints with Makoto so much!

Makoto’s seiyuu really moaned at this part. But then you remember he already voices Gian from Lucky Dog 1 and it’s all right.




Huuum ~

Why am I SURE people will start shipping them?

Well, see you next water time!

“The Resistance will not be intimidated by you”

and then he was tortured. haha

poor Dameron oTL

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Poe Dameron©StarWar


Another stream well done! ´w`/ I double streamed with @radjinja huhu <3

We had a blast as always! -cry- illegal i swear!! These are the fruits of my labour!

Most had already been done and just needed colour but Kylo Ren is the only new piece done during the stream! ´w`/

Jinja’s Viktor makes an appearance again haha! we’ve chat how he dips Loki low, smooches him and drops him after that, HAHAHAH i’ve only drawn one part (because apparently i’m going through an art block! ∂u∂’’

Loki and Xone got an upgrade and I hope that’ll be it (for the most part) because dang children you’re annoying HAHAHAH my love for colours are growing stronger -cry- i love playing with colours ugh

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Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren©Star Wars (weep i love)
Viktor© @radjinja
Loki and Xone©mine :u

A Perfect Apple for my Perfect Bud!

Cole is such a cutie patootie and I can’t stop doodling things for him apparently.

But the story is he asked me for an apple the other day and I decided to give him one of the perfect apples I had in my bag instead and his reaction was just the cutest! Not only that, he gave me a god damned Rococo Wardrobe for it! He is my second best bunny bro<3 (the first knows who she is hehe) Cole is in my cycle town with my mayor Ruby and the person who reserved him got him through her boyfriend, so she let me keep him! He will be the only one so far that I won’t be putting up for reservation just because I love him that much uvu<3

Please do not crop, edit or repost this image, or delete the artist comments, thank you!

anonymous asked:

can you do one where Garth thinks that reader (dean's girlfriend) is really pretty, so he tries to chat her up and things without knowing that he's flirting with dean's girlfriend. and dean gets jealous and possessive and its really really fluffy. (not smut haha ^-^)

Hi. I’m so sorry that I took forever to write this! I honestly starting writing it last night, but I didn’t get to finish it because some IDIOT in my geography class decided that it was beneath him to do his section of a group assignment so I had to finish it all at the least minute and I didn’t have time to finish this. But I hope you guys like it!


You circled the block for the third time, and you could sense the frustration radiating in waves out from Dean, your boyfriend. The three of you had come out to this little suburban neighbourhood after Sam had read of a few strange happenings in an online newspaper article. But now that you had driven out here, it seemed as though another death had taken place and as a result, Dean couldn’t find anywhere to park Baby amongst all the police cars and curious neighbours.

“Damn it,” Dean muttered under his breath, hitting the steering wheel with the palm of his right hand.

“Just go park further down,” Sam advised. “Y/N and I can get out here and we’ll wait for you.”

“Yeah, I think we’re gonna have to do that,” Dean answered, a scowl on his face as he slowed down to let you out. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Alright,” you answered, opening up the door of the backseat. Just before you stepped out, you turned back to face Dean. “Hey, it doesn’t matter. Soon enough, this case will be sorted out and we can go back home, where you won’t have to worry about having no parking spaces.”

Dean’s expression softened as he returned your smile. “I know. I guess I’m just kind of pissed that all these people are going to get in the way of our investigation.”

As Dean drove off to park the Impala, you looked around at the people assembled outside the crime scene tape surrounding the house. “Oh, God,” you moaned. “They’ve already called in a real detective. We’re going to have to do some serious damage control.” You nodded your head towards a skinny guy who looked out of place in a suit.

“Hang on a minute,” Sam began. “Is that…Garth?” At the sound of Sam’s voice, the skinny guy turned around, his face breaking in a grin as he saw Sam.

“Sam! Long time no see!” he exclaimed, pulling Sam into a bear hug. Sam awkwardly reached up to pat Garth on the back while you looked on in amusement. Sam did give out hugs, but this guy was much more enthusiast about the whole institution than anyone you’d ever met before.

“Um, Garth, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Garth, an old hunting buddy of ours,” Sam said once Garth had pulled away.

“It’s nice to meet you,” you said politely, offering a hand which Garth eagerly shook.

“I’m just going to go talk to some of the witnesses,” Sam told you, putting a hand on your shoulder. “You and Garth wait here for Dean, alright?” You nodded in response, turning back to Garth as Sam disappeared into the crowd.

“You know,” Garth began, “you’re really pretty.”

“Oh, thanks,” you replied, a faint blush gracing your cheeks.

“It must hurt,” he said.

“I-what?” You were baffled at his choice of words.

“I mean when you fell from Heaven. Because you’re an angel. I mean, you’re so pretty that you look like an angel…I’m not doing a very good job of this, am I?” He looked so innocent in that moment that you felt your heart melt a little.

“Garth, it was very sweet. But I’m not interested. Sorry. I’m actually in a relationship with -”

“Me,” Dean’s cold voice cut in. You looked up as a placed a protective arm around you, clearly back from parking Baby. “So no, she definitely isn’t interested.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Garth gushed, almost tripping over himself in an attempt to apologise. “I didn’t mean to offend either of you. I didn’t realise. But I’m really sorry -”

“Garth,” you interrupted. “It’s fine. You didn’t know. But would you mind just excusing the two of us for a minute?” Garth nodded, visibly relieved at being pardoned. You pulled Dean by the arm, waiting until you were out of earshot of Garth before saying, “What the hell was that?”

“He was hitting on you!” Dean burst out in indignation.

“Yeah, I realise that,” you told him. “But it’s not like he’s some sleazy guy in a bar. Garth honestly seems like a really sweet guy.”

“That’s beside the point,” Dean retorted.

“Actually, you know what? I get it now,” you answered, suddenly realising what had gotten under your boyfriend’s skin. “This wasn’t about me, was it? This was about you. You were jealous.”

“That’s ridiculous,” he scoffed.

“I agree,” you replied. “But that doesn’t make my theory any less plausible. I just don’t get why you’re jealous. I mean, you and I? We’re tight. I really think there’s something between us that I’ve never felt with anyone else. So I honestly don’t get why you’re worried.”

Dean took a deep breath. “Y/N…it’s just…I keep thinking you’re going to wake up one morning and think, ‘Why am I even with this guy? Why aren’t I in a relationship without all this baggage and extra crap?’ And I worry that one day, you’ll act on those thoughts.” There was a slight tremor in his voice, and even though he was standing tall, you could detect a slight hunching of his shoulders, as though he was trying to fold in on himself as a form of protection.

You reached up, cupping the palms of your hands around his cheeks. “Hey,” you whispered, holding his face in place so he had to meet your eyes, “I’m not going anywhere. You know why?” He shook his head, a cue for you to continue. “Because I love you. And yeah, maybe some days we have to work harder at our relationship than others. But that’s what love is. You take all the crap, and baggage and stress and you keep going, because it’s worth it. You’re worth it, Dean. And don’t you ever, for one second, think otherwise.”

“I guess I don’t really have any reason to be jealous, then, huh?” he said, laughing nervously. You grinned, going up on tiptoes to place a light kiss on his lips.

“Now you’re getting it.”


Thanks for reading! Sorry for the lack of updates. But last night I had the geography thing, and on Saturday I saw TFIOS. It broke me. But it was incredible, a brilliant adaptation.

Anyway, please don’t repost without giving credit! And requests will HOPEFULLY be open again in a couple of weeks.