i repeat what i said on twitter

“why do people call me dumb”

claralunasworld  asked:

There is another #norbury tomorrow? On twitter? At 7GMT? What do you know about this?

I only know what you’ve said, essentially. I’m not apart of it and haven’t been brought into it in anyway but i hope it succeeds for them. 

i’m under the impression that the repeated attempts to trend that hashtag have now made it more or less impossible, though, but i hope i’m wrong in that assumption

breathe :: camila & shawn

it was only day two of their vacation, and of course, something had to go wrong. he woke up happy, he ate breakfast happy, he cuddled camila. happy. but it wasn’t until he decided to go on twitter, did that stop. his billboard article was posted everywhere, the words he said plastered all over social media – but they weren’t how he said them. “what.. the fuck..?” he shot up, his thumb scrolling farther down on twitter to continue to read what everyone was saying. “i – i didn’t say this..” he mumbled, his hand rubbing over his tired eyes as if to see if that would make it all go away, “i didn’t – i didn’t say this.” he repeated, continuing to scroll through everything.



A highly interesting debate and lots of interesting issues here I think. There has been much said about the AmA’s unnecessary insults, her mistakes and her apologies. What I just want to point out are two things: When AmA used her insults against the fans who went all Sherlock with the script page she unintentionally leaked, some of the Uebers on Twitter immediately whole-heartedly repeated her insults and celebrated them. Then AmA comes to the realization that insulting some fans was wrong and she made a mistake in the first place, and the Uebers? Well their goal is to always, always uncriticially agree with anything their star does and say. And since AmA apologizes they celebrate her some more for having the guts to do that. Hm.

Oh and the second point I want to point out is about the reply AmA tweeted to Andressa ^ . AmA really doesn’t get fan mechanisms, does she? Yeah, AmA you as the celeb have that much power. When you call a fan out and call them names, the other fans will go after the person you called out. If you don’t get that then you really, really don’t understand your own status and how a fandom works.