i repeat they are getting married

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PART 1: Honestly I think it speaks bad of both Marg & Seb to say that she thinks she can change Seb into wanting marriage. Honestly I don't think Marg wants to get married at the moment, I think she thinks the deuce will make her a star and gain her more roles, not the best time for marriage & babies. Either way if it did happen the fandom would suffer at most a 5 year marriage popping out a kid or 2 before Seb realized his mistake and divorced her. I hope Seb realizes that before though

PART 2: Seb I think doesn’t want to repeat his parents mistakes (as many children of divorce do) and doesn’t want his children being brought up in a broken home. I think his inability to commit to Margarita is probably do to his knowledge that at the end of the day she’s only convenient to him and someone he’d end up divorcing eventually. In which case he should let her go so she can go find someone to be with who can offer her the things she wants.


100% agree. I think he knows Margo is someone he can count on and who he can trust but that in end she’s not the one.

Highlights and Shenanigans from the GPF Banquet

- Yuuri does not get drunk. He refuses to touch a drop of alcohol. He’s not giving a repeat showing of last year’s nonsense.
- he’s not last-year-Yuuri’s level of drunk but he’s had a number of celebration drinks and he’s feeling quite toasty
- eventually he’s draped all over Yuuri
- ‘i love you so much Yuuri I wanna get married RIGHT NOW’
- ‘do you think. do you think anyone here can marry us.’
- ‘victor’
- 'what about yakov do you think yakov would do it if. if we ask really nicely.’
- 'victor, we can’t. we agreed to get married after i win gold at the grand prix , right? so you’re just going to have to be patient until next year haha’
- ….
- 'victor’
- …….
- 'victor why are you crying’
- 'victor please stop yelling’
- 'victor i just said we can’t get married yet, i didn’t say anything about sex. cockblocked isn’t the right word here’
- a heavy thirty seconds of silence follows as everyone processes what yuuri just said
- victor’s looking much cheered up
- yuuri wants to hide under a rock

- meanwhile someone let yurio have a drink to celebrate
- just one
- but he’s a baby and has no alcohol tolerance at all
- now he’s trying to fight jj
- otabek is holding him back
- otabek is flattered his tiny soldier bff wants to fight on his behalf but really please don’t, we’ll get kicked out of the party

- yakov was really pleased at the start of the night because he’s so proud of yuri and he’s quietly proud of victor too for not being a completely awful coach
- but now yuri is making a huge scene and stole someone’s glove for the express purpose of smacking jj in the face with it (GONNA CHALLENGE HIM TO A DUEL LIKE A PROPER FUCKING GENTLEMAN)
- and victor has come over to lean on him and babble about making yakov get ordained so he can officiate his and yuuri’s wedding and yakov YAKOV can you walk me down the aisle too, can you do both?? YOURE LIKE MY DAD YAKOV
- yakov is too old for this

Let's make an analysis of this OFFICIAL, and i repeat OFFICIAL art.

(I’m sorry for my english, it’s not my first language)

No one will take off my head, that is not their wedding.
I really think that.

First they released this one about a month ago. 


No one really cared about it at the time. But a week ago when episode 10 was released, everyone freaked out.
And i did it too.

But now in this wonderful day they released the colored version of that art.


And well, it really looks like they are getting married.

1. Yuuri is wearing a white suit, the color of a bride dress, thank you so much.

2. Yuuri has a bouquet, and who holds a bouquet? Brides.

(As i’m a skeptical, at first i thought this could be when Yuuri wins the Grand Prix, but they don’t change their clothes to receive the medals (and flowers), and Yuuri is not wearing a medal.)

3. Their ring hands are not appearing, we know that they use the rings in their right hands, and in Russia married people use in their wedding rings in the right hands. 

Look right hand.

(And the only places in the world that people use the rings in the right hand, and when they get married change to the left are Brazil, Turkey, Lebanon and Syria).

Viktor right hand is down, we can’t see it, and Yuuri right hand is covered with the ribbon from the flowers.

4. Just look at then, Yuuri is blushing, and they seen very happy. Even Viktor is blushing a little bit.

5. YES, this might not be their wedding, it could be nothing at all, but if that’s the case WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Just a troll art? Why would they post this? Just so people would by the dvd and get this tapestry as they say? Don’t think so.

Well I do not really know anything, I’m just with a lot of hope here.

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I feel down after the new episode, do you think it is still possible that dean will stop sleeping around with women and get together with cas? idk i feel like it will never end and since 11x23 we've seen dean repeat too much that cas is a brother/best friend and it's starting to make me nervous

Well, Dean is a single man, not in a committed relationship (even if WE can clearly see he’s obviously married to Cas), who is allowed to sleep with whoever he wants. Period. But there are some things in that whole scene in the Pickle Jack Shack. And I mean really… the whole place is a sexual innuendo.

Sorry for my “photo of the tv screen screencapping” but… that phallic pickle protruding from the bull riding sign? Ooookay.

(this is also for my two anons asking about what the significance of “Riding Larry” is, so heads up. All will be revealed!)

Also, isn’t it awesome that Sam picked agents Moon and Entwhistle– the two deceased members of The Who as their aliases. THE WHO? on the nose aliases there.

Dean had been “Springsteen, like the Boss” the night before when he’d been talking with her. After she agrees to tell them everything that happened, here’s what she says, with my commentary in parenthesis:

Elke: He ordered burgers to go. It was gonna be a minute. We were slammed. And you knocked back… four shots of tequila?

(already yet another implication that Dean had been drunk, when four shots of tequila for him is probably a warm up)

Elke: Put some (finger quotes) “sick jams” on the juke, and then you hit the bull.

Sam: he what?

Dean: I what?

Elke: Oh yeah, you had the hots for Larry as soon as you walked in here.

(immediately setting an entirely different tone for this conversation, by presenting Dean’s interest in Larry– the mechanical bull with a huge pickle for a phallus– as sexual. Larry is a man’s name, and Dean had “the hots” for him.)

Sam: (quite befuddled by this) He… Dean… you rode Larry?

Dean: (considers this for a minute) Was I good?

Elke: You were– amazing.

(Dean processes that– the fact that he apparently demonstrated skill at riding Larry, and then hums in acceptance of the fact. He smiles. Elke smiles, Sam rolls his eyes so hard he nearly pulls a muscle).

Elke: Anyway, We got to talking, and… you know…

(remember what she’d said earlier, that they were “slammed,” meaning overwhelmed by a rush of customers. Not exactly the sort of situation in which a waitress can “get to talking” with a customer just waiting around for his dinner order to be ready, you know? I already suspect that Elke realizes that Dean WAS roofied here, and didn’t exactly remember what he’d said or done with her… AND THIS I BELIEVE WAS HER TEST TO PROVE IT. She needed to confirm whether he did or didn’t remember what had happened. I’ll quote her here, and then explain afterward)

Elke: (in response to Dean’s complete straight-faced, emotionless waiting for her answer) We blew off some steam.

(Dean STILL has to stop and work out exactly what she means, and then when it registers, Dean only replies with a surprised little “Ah!” Not seeming to recall anything. Because he didn’t. And this doesn’t seem to bother Elke. Because she’s already been told that he was “roofied.” Because most folks would be upset that someone had no obvious response to the confirmation that they’d apparently had sex… It’s kinda insulting, you know? BUT ELKE WAS NOT INSULTED BY DEAN’S LACK OF ANY SORT OF RESPONSE TO THIS INFORMATION. Like the slap to his face earlier implied she would be.)

Sam: Did you see him talking with anyone else?

Elke: My bartender said she saw him run out of here like his pants caught on fire. We were supposed to meet up after close-up. But you never showed… 

(Dean looks lost again)

Elke: Poor thing, you were all roofed up! I didn’t… I am so sorry if I took advantage of you.

Dean: (smiling uncomfortably… because yeah… and patting her on the arm) It’s okay.

(Sam asks if they have security cameras and then the scene shifts to Sam and Dean sitting at a table watching security footage on a laptop)

Dean: First action in I don’t know how long, and it’s like it never even happened. Figures.

Sam: Ha. See now that’s comedy.


Yes, waffles.

Who doesn’t love waffles? May I direct you to the Waffle Masterpost, containing EVERY reference to waffles ever on this show (well, aside from this episode, but I’ll update it in a bit here…)


But what it boils down to is the fact that waffles in this show share some of the same symbolism with El Sol beer. And if it wasn’t clear enough, there was a huge glowing El Sol sign there for good measure.

But as soon as Dean spotted Elke when he and Sam walked into the bar, he identified her as, “the girl from the waffles.” SHE WAS AN ILLUSION, A DECEPTION. She was the girl from the waffles. Waffles being a “more innocent deception” than El Sol.

Because her story of what she and Dean did contradicts itself. Either they were “slammed” to the point that they were so busy that Dean had to wait so long for his food that he not only had multiple shots of tequila but ALSO had time to ride Larry, or she and Dean had time for a leisurely chat and even MORE time to take a break and go somewhere to “blow off some steam.”

Which was it, lady?

She only knew that Dean LEFT, in fact “ran out of here like his pants caught on fire,” because HER BARTENDER told her. Because Elke was “slammed” with customers. THIS IS WHY SHE SLAPPED HIM. Because Dean ran out before her shift ended, when they were supposed to meet up. He ditched her, and then “pretended” not to even recognize her, after having chatted her up and made plans for after her apparently very busy shift, and that’s why I think she was just fucking with him here.

I mean, either she was so busy that Dean had to wait for service, or she had enough time to have some sort of long talk and a quickie in the bathroom or the alley or wherever. WHICH WAS IT, ELKE?!

So in the conversation that revolved around the fact that Dean had been “roofied,” bookended by “the girl from the waffles” and Dean’s assertion that it was “like it never even happened,” well…

I have serious doubts that anything really DID happen.

I mean, I think he was planning on something happening. He was going to go back after her shift to meet up with her… possibly… but did he ever even get his burgers?! 

And without his memories, is it weird that it took THREE TRIES to find the place Dean had gone that night. That place was the third one they checked out, and Sam would’ve followed the same sort of Hunter Logic in trying to find the burger joint Dean went to, probably starting with the one closest to their motel and working his way out. So Dean bypassed two other perfectly good burger places to walk to THIS PLACE SPECIFICALLY. This place that advertised the mechanical bull riding.

This place where Elke confirmed that Dean “had the hots for Larry as soon as he walked in.”

Dean went out of his way to get a burger from THIS PLACE not because he didn’t think the other burger places were any good, but BECAUSE HE WANTED TO RIDE THE MECHANICAL BULL. My guess? He probably saw the sign on their way back to the motel, and he gave the excuse to Sam that he was going out for burgers while Sam did the research SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE HE WANTED TO SNEAK OUT AND RIDE LARRY.

I mean… ???? This is one of those things that Performing Dean would NEVER do, would NEVER ADMIT TO SAM that he would do. Which is why Sam was so ?????? that Dean actually RODE LARRY.

Because Dean hadn’t been “roofied” yet at that point. That was all Dean.

He wanted to do something silly and fun and homoerotic without being judged for it. This is the same Dean that unapologetically loves Finding Nemo. And waffles…

So he has a few shots of liquid courage and climbs on Larry. We see that scene at the end of the episode. He fully gets that memory back, and what appear to be snippets of Hexed Dean Moments… and yet he gets no memories back of his “blowing off some steam” with Elke.

Because it’s like it never even happened.

I think Elke was slowly realizing throughout her conversation that Sam and Dean weren’t lying about Dean not remembering anything from the night before. So she went from angry over having been stood up and Dean “pretending” he didn’t even remember her, to passive-aggressively answering their questions… to noticing Sam and Dean’s bizarre reactions to hearing that he gleefully rode Larry… and then I think threw in the bit about blowing off steam with him just to see his reaction.

He seemed genuinely incapable of either confirming or denying it, and took her word for it that they did something sexual. He wasn’t gross about it, he didn’t elaborate on her assertion, nor did he immediately deny it either. He just accepted her word and moved on.

Notice immediately after that point she distances herself from Dean with her words… not “he ran out” or “I saw him run out, but “my bartender said she saw him run out.” BECAUSE ELKE HERSELF WAS “SLAMMED.” She was busy DOING HER JOB. She didn’t even SEE him run out without his food.

And really, how the hell long was he there, if he had multiple shots while waiting for the burgers, picked songs on the jukebox, rode Larry, made plans for after work with Elke (that he may or may not have intended to follow up on) while sitting at the bar while SHE WAS BUSY WORKING. Long enough after all that for her to not even notice him suddenly run out? BEFORE HE EVEN GOT HIS BURGERS?!

Like, how the hell long does it take to flip a couple of burgers? 15? 20 minutes tops? Even if they’re slammed?

And he still managed to do ALL THAT ^^ WHILE WAITING?

And then as Dean and Sam ran out the back door, we can see a GIANT glowing El Sol sign just inside the bar.

EVERYTHING that happened in there, aside from Dean riding Larry, was an illusion that started with the girl from the waffles and ended with him escaping out the back door past an El Sol sign.

The ONLY thing we actually SEE that was TRUE was that Dean rode Larry.

(aside to note that Dean confirmed himself that he hasn’t had any “action” in so long he can’t even remember when it happened…)

And for my Larry anons, I have no idea if “Riding Larry” is an idiom, but “riding” is a sexual innuendo. And the implication that Dean rode Larry… well… I mean just watch him and tell me what you think is going on there… Dean… riding a dude called Larry… it’s not complex math here.

(and heck here’s another reference… that time Dean WAS roofied in 9.13… SWEET POTATOES. Salted caramel. Best of both worlds. Salty and sweet. and that reminds me of the other “sweet” references lately in relation to angels… and we’re down the rabbit hole again)

Ok but

You know that scene when Viktor talked about how he and Yuuri would get married after Yuuri wins the gold medal at GPF and the atmosphere instantly freezes like:

oh no he mentioned the gold medal


but then



and then they just all left JJ and his fianceé like that lmao

At the start I was skeptical about liking JJ but god bless he is so extra and I love him for it


Jeanere/Erejean Fic Rec Masterpost

HELLO!! Some people have been asking me to do a fanfic rec for a while so here I am! 

on repeat by seabear - Eren and Jean are angry pizza delivery boys. They fall in love.

Traffic Colors by Freekish - Jean and Eren drabbles in a BDSM au. 

story without words (folie à deux) by andreaphobia - Eren and Jean in a world where they could have been happy.

Slammin’ shots and marry a man by pocketsizedtitan - It’s spring break. They get drunk. Marriage and sex ensues.

beach au by dizzyondreams - Eren moves into the house opposite Jean’s.

dudebro au by searwrites (sears) - erejean skater dudebros that dont get along and then do.

I Love You Verse by sciamachy - Or Jean’s Eight Attempts at Confessing to Eren

Leaving On The Fifth by avoidingavoidance - Even on a great night like tonight, Jean is the literal definition of cranky, but that doesn’t stop an overly-friendly Brit named Eren from trying to be his friend.

College, Careers, and Kids… Time Flies! by DeathsLastPrayer - Eren and Jean and the life they build together -from college to old age if they don’t fuck anything up in between!

roadtrip au by dizzyondreams - Jean and Eren inadvertently end up on a road trip alone together.

Appetence (bad blood) by catsonfire - Eren had his expectations, upon receiving his letter to Hogwarts, upon finding out that he was a wizard child born to two muggles without an ounce of wizard blood in the lineage. (…) Above all, he wasn’t prepared for Jean Kirstein.

Good Morning, Asshole by artenon - Internet personalities Eren Yeager and Jean Kirschtein meet, clash, hate each other, become friends, and fall in love. Fun times are had by all.

Allons-y by sandwichtree - Jean becomes progressively more protective of the worst possible candidate.

Bound Together by NormieScum - Eren and Jean bump into each other on Spring Break as strangers and end up getting ‘stuck’ together for a night. They’re both assholes but they click instantly :)

5:02AM by Winterreise - After a rude awakening early in the morning, Jean returns to the bedroom and discovers a rather…thrilling way to go back to sleep.

friends with benefits au by dizzyondreams

tell me we’ll be just fine by andreaphobia - Eren’s a drug addict, Jean’s a washed-up freelance writer, and they’re no good for each other. They’re really, really not.

How to Salvage a Terrible Date by jtjenna (pornographicpenguin) - We’re going on a blind date - but wait a moment, aren’t you the one that went down on me in a back alley behind a club year ago? … what do you mean “which one”?

A Series of Unrelated Events Starring Jean x Eren by DeathsLastPrayer - We find Jean x Eren in various settings and plots but always together in the end… or eventually.

in which david bowie is an enabler by dizzyondreams - Eren has had a crush on Connie’s weird, basement dwelling art student brother Jean for so long.

dat jeaneren smut.doc by Sycophantism - Jean and Eren are fighting. Then they’re frotting. Oops.

Habits by Hanaji_ga_Eren - Before he knows it, one of his one night stands just keeps showing up in his life, and they become much more than either intended. Jean slowly realizes that he doesn’t need the coping mechanisms that he’s used so far, as long as Eren’s there to make him feel like a person again.

Fricition by sciamachy - is still friction when it comes to lower body parts. Drabble Collection

Pousse-café by Variabile - Jean accidentally sends half-naked selfies to an unlisted number in his contact list and it’s all downhill from there.

sea change by andreaphobia - Eren and Jean find each other in prison.

clinquant by crunchrapsupreme - It’s not really that big of a deal, Jean thinks. Friends cuddle with each other all the time, right?

and give no warning to her flight. by albion - He keeps on finding him; him, of all people, and his not-mother had told him once that the people you meet have been put in your life for a reason, but Eren can’t work out why for the life of him why fate had decreed that in every universe he keep on finding Jean.

there’s a fire burning within me by jeanpls - Eren’s floating and desires the closeness of another human being.

Mating Ain’t Easy When Your Mate Is An Alpha Wannabe by DeathsLastPrayer - Jean x Eren are placed in an ABO setting as werewolves but it’s kind of like Romeo & Juliet when you consider the fact that Jean’s a City wolf and Eren’s from the forest and no one wants them to be together (they don’t even want to) but they are. Because they’re eternal mates.

Bring Your Best by tanyart - 24 hours without kissing and a still lot of kissing.

the thaw by dizzyondreams - “Yeah, well, at least you didn’t sacrifice your Saturday morning in bed to trek across the state to some bullshit wedding where I have to be your fake boyfriend.” Jean grumbled. God, saying it out loud like that made it seem even stupider than it was.

pulse to pulse by dizzyondreams - The smell of cigarette smoke made Jean stop short, and he peered down the stairwell to see what seemed like a lump of blankets sitting on the bottom step, his usual smoking place.

Frustration of Thunk by SkyChasingDreamer - Jean kept chopping and stacking, the pile growing higher one piece at a time. The sun and sweat made Jean’s skin shine and Eren loathed that. He had a special and particular hate for the hair sticking itself to Jean’s forehead, matted down with wetness that darkened the sandy brown color.

erejean fic collection by searwrites (sears)

dead dreams and debauchery scenes by dizzyondreams - It’s 2am and Jean’s mind is ticking over with deadlines and thoughts of his future and a terrible rising panic about never falling asleep that night, again.

Arcadia by andreaphobia - Eren loses his way, then finds it again… with a little help.

the lowlight by searwrites (sears) - modern au where jean is a couple of years older than eren

Chronos by callmeabs - Four years ago, Eren hated Jean with everything he had, for everything Jean was, including how his own gut was telling him that Jean Kirstein was going to be a permanent problem (fixture) in his life.

A Taste for the Illegal by KuraraOkumura - Jean and Eren are pursued by the police after robbing a bank, and Jean tells Eren to hide in the backseat of their car while they wait for the police to pass. Eren wasn’t expecting the other boy to hide…right on top of him. Things get a little steamy after that. 

Love is Confusing and Life is Hard by kiwisaurus121 - Jean wakes up to find a stranger on his couch. He’s still not sure why he didn’t call the police, but at least he gets a kitten out of it.

EreJean Week 2014 by pandaspots

Eren x Jean Drabbles
by Chukabu00 - Random one-word inspired drabbles on the life of Eren and Jean. In no particular order. Contains some M-rated content from time to time, some married fluff, modern AU.

sun-drenched dream by dizzyondreams - Besides, he had a real nice thing going on with the cute son of a local winemaker that he didn’t want to sacrifice just yet.

Welcoming for Strangers by thanatopis - Eren Yeager and Jean Kirstein have known each other since high school and have very little good things to say about one another. So when Jean comes back from his trip abroad in France, old things are rehashed despite Eren not wanting them to be.

Heart-Shaped Glasses by Emery - “Everything should have been so much clearer now that Eren could see, but the fact of the matter was—it wasn’t. Jean’s face may have been distinct, but Eren’s feelings for him were still as blurry and muddled as they had always been.”

Like A Horse To Water by WolfNotFawn - The Jaegers had lived beside the Kirstein ranch for more than seven years now, but as far as Jean was concerned, Eren was no more than a thorn in his side. If you asked anybody else, they would tell you it was a little more complicated than that.

and you feel like the ocean by dizzyondreams - Jean’s car pulled up outside Eren’s house at 2am sharp, and by 2:30 Eren was pressing him against it for a welcome-back kiss. His skin was warm under his fingers, as if he was still holding lingering heat from the day.

daffodils by crunchrapsupreme - Jean learns that Eren’s favorite flower is a daffodil.

cobwebs and storagerooms by Sexycanofsoup - Sometimes all it takes to get two angsty boys to crack is to lock 'em up in a dirty old room for a while. The big stupid homo crushes tend to reveal themselves without much effort after that. A story of cleaning, confessions, and awkward blushing boys who know how to use their fists better than their words.

cross country trek by supportingcharacters - Jean wakes up at 2am to Eren Jaeger in his car outside, beeping his horn and insisting that he wants to go to the beach. 

The Simple Things by supportingcharacters - Every Thursday, Eren goes to the same drive thru to pick up lunch. Even with the new asshole of a server, he won’t be deterred. Though maybe the new asshole of a server isn’t actually as bad as he thought.

As It Is by Chaeriee (cheshireree) - Eren, Jean and all the trouble that comes with them. A giant collection of old EreJean fics I have.

oh this town it’s so electric by dizzyondreams - The first time Jean saw Eren Jaeger, he was sweating and wearing glitter under the pulsing lights of some club in Stockholm. As he watched the strong line of his body move to the beat of the music, the hazy green lights flash across his face, Jean thought: he’s gonna be mine.

Nothing says 'I love you’ like a bunch of corpses by pandaspots - Jean is an FBI agent and someone has a killer crush on him. Literally. He has no idea how things got to this point, but he figures threatening the sicko he will do anything to see him cuffed and locked up has something to do with it.

a sleeping giant that you’ve woken by qaara (maladictive) - The world went to hell the day Jean Kirstein decided he gave a shit about Eren Jaeger’s emotional well-being.

clear the runway, prepare for takeoff by Piyo13 - July 1948. Jean Kirstein, U.S. Airforce pilot, has been called back to Germany in the wake of WWII, in order to assist in the Berlin Airlift. Eren Jäger, West Berlin resident, has been helping unload cargo from British and American planes for almost a month, trying to keep the city of Berlin fed and warm. It’s grueling work for the both of them, but they make it work.

Seven Minutes in Heaven, Ninety Minutes in Hell by Armajesty (hinatella) - Eren is left with an even bigger one when a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven gets him trapped in a closet with his enemy-but-certainly-not-crush-because-ew Jean. 

Paper Kites by burlesquecomposer - When Eren Jaeger joined as a drummer for a small college indie rock band, he hardly expected it to develop into something more.

Creep by Variabile - Eren giving Jean a tattoo.

When We See the Sea by WhiteSilverandMercury - staring at eren is like staring into the sun, they say it blinds but men do it anyway; and jean is a young man who wears his heart on his sleeve but guards it with the spade ready to dig his own grave.

What We Will Find by jtjenna (pornographicpenguin) - a modern au in which very many slightly related and very goofy things occur.

unintentionally burnt pancakes by venator - Someone set fire to some pancakes once upon a time and it was all downhill from there.

pink lips, pink lace by dizzyondreams - “These aren’t mine you-” He turned just in time to see Eren wriggling into his slightly undersized trousers and caught a flash of something before he pulled them over his hips. Something lacy and distinctly pink. Jean’s words dried up in his mouth.

Doomed from the Start by Engineer104 - Eren found the documents entirely by accident. An Unwind AU.

Working Past It by tyrellis - No matter what Jean may say, it’s not Eren’s fault that this happened: he was just innocently searching for a working vending machine. Jean had the good voice, and sang in French, and seemed like an angel. Eren feels entirely justified in the disappointment he feels when he discovers Jean’s actually a massive dickhead.

bound to fall for you by dizzyondreams - Later, on the bus back to their apartment, Eren went on a stoned rant about Jean’s profile that Armin patiently sat through with a quiet air of bemusement. Mikasa just stared out of the window and offered the occasional, “Believe me, he’s an ass.” to which Eren paid no attention. He officially had a new crush.

Magnolia lights by peralta - Jean enjoys his days working at the flower shop. He’s never had so much fun, though, as when a bright-eyed boy stops by every Friday asking for tulips.

That’s it! I’ve read SO MANY lovely jeanere fics so I’m pretty sure I’m missing some but I think that for now this list is good :) I’ll be updating this whenever I read new awesome fics so yeah! stay tuned! You can find some more nice fics here !
last update: 18th february 2017


I GOTTA SAY THIS THEORY (using mish mash based on what I’ve read)
History repeats itself or something like that maybe, idk. But legit that archway WAS IN THE SHAPE OF ECLISPA’S SPADE CHEEK MARKS (was that mentioned in the episode if so sorry I’m too excited). Besides how we now know Star has now exceeded in her magic, her skill reflecting Eclipsa’s, I wonder if they two will have more in common…
Okay lemme just get to my main point.
Ya know how Eclipsa fled and married a demon?
That was most likely frowned upon in Mewni society, just saying. Maybe not just because the fact that they were enemies, but because also of different races perhaps.
What I’m trying to say is, based on that whole blood moon ball in season one and that symbolism AND NOW THERE’S THAT STARCO HUG RIGHT IN THAT ECLIPSA ARCHWAY well, maybe it’s also foreshadowing how Star will eventually get together with Marco. A human.
A non-Mewman.
And I wonder what would happen then. Would that interracial relationship be frowned upon in Mewni society? Would Star maybe be the princess who would be the one to succeed in uniting all races, including monsters and demons?
My point for this whole shizposting is: Eclipsa and Star have things in common. Princesses, magic ability, and rebellious.
Wonder if they will have more…

Edit: Also this may be purely coincidental *hack wheeze lol no* but the outline of the muuthafricking archway is colour coded to blue and red right? STAR AND MARCO
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NOT!!! EVERY!!! GIRL!!! HARRY!!! IS!!! SEEN!!! WITH!!! IS!!! A!!! LOVE!!! INTEREST!!!

I swear he can’t be breathing the same air as a female without being assumed that their dating…..its 2017, some people have been carrying on like this since prehistoric times because GOD FORBID, Harry actually find love. No wonder the boy is private and don’t share nothing about his personal life. What’s some people gonna do when he actually has someone he is in love with out in public? being in a relationship, getting married and having kids??

“Who is she :(” “she’s not good enough for him :(” “she’s so old” “she’s so ugly” “NO HARRY WHY”

So quick to drag someone just for being near him. It’s not healthy. Let’s be happy that our boy enjoyed his birthday celebrations, had a good night with good company, took tequila shots with a dad and sung drunk karaoke at his favourite cafe!!

“I… what?” Sam asked, raising an eyebrow at you.

You breathed out a laugh, shaking your head.

“Will you fake-marry me?” you repeated, looking him straight in the eye as he was perched on the table, “Come on Sammy, don’t make me beg.”

“Shouldn’t you be down on one knee?” he asked, and you sighed.

“I’m not actually proposing,” you reminded me him, “It’s just to appease my mom.”

Sam shrugged, a smirk appearing on his face, “Ask me properly or it’s a no.”

You groaned, getting down on one knee, looking up at him in irritation.

“Samuel Winchester, my good friend, my roommate. My ‘we’re both drunk and horny’ fuck-buddy,” Sam laughed, and you continued, “Will you please do me the honour of fake-marrying me so my mom will get off my back about me dying alone?”

“That was beautiful,” he told you, and you rolled your eyes.

“Is that a yes?” you asked, still on the floor.

“Do we get to have fake-wedding-night sex?” he asked, tapping his finger to his chin in faux-thought.

“If that’s your only condition, fuck yes.”

“Then yes,” he grinned, pulling you to your feet, “I’ll fake-marry you, you dork.”

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okay i said it before tbh but my favorite hc wrt sebastian’s ancestry/origins is that one of his parents was from tevinter? im guessing his mom, but i still like the hc (and also that his grandfather or his father was antivan or half antivan, even ignoring the Queen Asha stuff, im imagining nobles from the free marches marry around a lot?

anyway my favorite supporting piece for this is how similar in facial structure dorian and seb are

their jawlines, cheekbones, noses, hairlines/foreheads and chins are all p similar, though seb’s features are a little softer/dorian’s are more defined

idk. anyway, favorite hc there you go  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

is it really bad that i am so down for aaron’s court date to be on the same day as the wedding??

because like… it would be so /dramatic/ and so Extra and just…. them??? i mean it would be like ssw but times a million because you’d have all that fear and pain and angst because aaron would be so sure he was going to prison but then he’s  found not guilty or w/e and he just looks up at the gallery and meets robert’s eye and they smile and just ???? they would know without saying anything that they were going to get married today

and then aaron rushes out and they hug and both of them are so relieved and maybe aaron’s fighting back tears, maybe robert’s just repeating “i love you” over and over again because he wasn’t sure he’d get a chance to say it if aaron got sent down but now they have their futures back and they’re just so happy?????

and chas suggests they go home but robert and aaron are grinning like idiots and aaron just says “change of plan… we’re getting married” and everyone else is like whaaaaat??? but aaron and robert are smiling too much to care and then that’s what they do

they get married straight after the court case and it’s ridiculous and spontaneous and no one’s had time to plan anything and their vows are totally off the cuff and they’re practically laughing through the whole thing because it’s just fucking hilarious but also so right

and then once they’re married and they’re back in the car heading home, the two of them just keep glancing at each other, both of them thinking how lucky they are and how far they’ve come, and robert’s driving but he takes aaron’s hand and 

i am just so emotional right now

There is a very, very common idea that Darcy’s interference with Jane and Bingley was in fact some Freudian displacement of his own anxiety over Elizabeth—he was using Bingley as a proxy, convincing himself to turn away by convincing Bingley.

This is … perfectly possible. I am not a fan of the psychoanalytical approach (at all), but displacement is at least an actual thing. He could be!


(You had to know this was coming.)

We’re never told that this is true. And we are told about a factor slightly compromising Darcy’s judgment with Bingley—his hopes of Bingley marrying his own sister. That’s not Freudian. It’s just outright conflict of interest.

Yet the displacement theory gets repeated as some sort of objective truth of the novel. I don’t just mean “repeated on Tumblr.” I see it here, I saw it in older fandoms, on lists, in interviews, in respected lit-crit. Everywhere. 

And there is not one shred of evidence that it’s the case. It is never stated to be true, never discussed, never implied, never anything. 

George Lopez Calls A Woman 'Bitch' For Her Reaction To His Racist Joke
"You have two choices: Shut the f**k up or get the f**k out," Lopez said.

George Lopez lost it on a female audience member who evidently didn’t appreciate a racist joke the comedian told at his show in Phoenix, Arizona, Saturday night.

“There are only two rules in the Latino family. Don’t marry somebody black, and don’t park in front of our house,” Lopez said during his set, which prompted a woman in the audience to put up her middle finger.

In a clip of the incident obtained by TMZ, Lopez is seen responding to the woman’s gesture by calling her a “bitch” and telling her, “Sit your f**king ass down or get the f**k out.”

“Sit your f**king ass down,” Lopez repeated three times. “I’m talking, bitch. You paid to see a show. Sit your ass down. You can’t take a joke, you’re in the wrong motherf**king place. Sit your f**king ass down or get the f**k out of here.”

Beautiful Scenario | Sirius Black

Request: hi hi hi i was wondering if you could do a sirius x reader imagine where its just them cuddling and talking about the future (war doesn’t exist or it could its up to you sorry) and getting married and having kids it’s totally okay if you don’t want to tho :-)

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It was a Sunday evening, with nothing to do. Sirius and I were laying in bed, his arm was around my body and my head was placed on his chest, as I tangled my leg with his “I want five.” he suddenly says making me look up at his face with a puzzled expression on mine.

“What?” I asked confused not knowing what he was talking about.

Sirius just chuckles and repeats himself. “I want five, five mini Sirius’s, I could show them everything I know, even better, the Marauders could show them everything we know,” he answers with a big smile.

“Don’t you think five kids are a bit too much?, I mean how are we going to take care of five kids, when we can’t even keep a plant alive for more than a few weeks?” I say laughing.

“Having kids is going to be way more fun than having plants. Think about it, you and me, in a house full of little running feet, we would take them to the park and teach them how to play quidditch. We can tell them all of the Marauders adventures, and they could be friends with Remus and James’ kids. I don’t include Peter here because we all know he would never have kids, he’s doesn’t have that fatherly touch. “

“But, could you imagine that?” Sirius keeps talking with a sparkle in his eyes. “They can even have their own Marauders type of group, pranking people, using the map to explore the castle once they get into Hogwarts, living their own adventure.” god, It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Besides, five kids is a perfect number.” 

I laugh at how cute he sounds talking about future family. “Are we going to have any girls?”  I would love to be able to braid her hair and put her ribbons.” I tell his imagining the beautiful scenario.

“You wouldn’t need any girl to braid her hair. All of our sons would have amazing long hair to braid, just like their father. Of course, without the ribbons” 

We started laughing at his last comment, “So, what do you think?” Sirius tells me once we stopped laughing looking into my eyes.

“Well, when you put it that way, it sounds like a wonderful plan,” I answered with a huge smile giving him a kiss on the lips.

“In that case what are we waiting for?” He says giving me a cheeky wink holding me a bit tighter. 



“Leadership is a lonely role… She centers you” “I think you’ve got it backwards” !!???????!!!! WHAT WAS THAT BELL??? WAS THAT A SOMEWHAT CANON CONFESSION








“If my name’s on that list, your name’s on that list”


“You still have hope?” “We’re still breathing” IM NOT




“Get some sleep”



Fake? Really?-Sebastian Stan x Reader

“You want to what?” Sebastian looked at you with a disbelieving look. “I think you need to repeat that.” 

“It’s simple really, just pretend that we’re dating.” You look at Sebastian with a serious face and it takes him a while for the idea to fully sink in. His face was comical and you held back a laugh. “Think about it, we’re already good friends, the media thinks we’re dating and it’ll get everyone off your back about getting married soon.”

Sebastian lifted your legs from the sofa and sat down. He put them back down and absent-mindedly stroked them. You like Seb, a lot and you knew that it would probably cause a bit of trouble for you all things considered. “I like that idea. What do we do?” 

You took out your phone with and snapped a picture of Seb. You laced your hands with his and placed them back on your legs. You posted the picture on Instagram. It looked good and you captioned it with ‘my fave.’

Your phone went crazy with likes and comments. Most of them consisted of ‘goals’ and ‘they’re going out omg’. You showed Sebastian the comments and he looked relieved. It was believable. 

Sebastian got a text from a family member asking him why he didn’t tell them. He replied with something along the lines of it just happened. It seemed believable considering that everyone was waiting for you two to date.

Deep down you knew that it was a bad idea to get involved like this with Sebastian considering that you liked him. A lot. “See, it’s working.” Sebastian smiled at you and squeezed your hand, you smiled back and lay your head on the side of the sofa.


You had to go to an event with Sebastian and so you did your hair and makeup just a little nicer than usually and picked out a beautiful dress that you had saved for a special occasion. You ran your hands down your sides and walked to your living room.

You took a shot of tequila and felt the quick burn down your body. Sebastian let himself into your home and hugged you. You grabbed your bag, slipped on your shoes and walked to Sebastian’s car. “Wait a minute.” Sebastian moved your hair out of the way and clasped a necklace onto you. “I thought it would be fitting.”

You looked at the beautiful necklace and thanked him. You climbed into the car and instinctively changed the music on the radio. Sebastian laughed and joined you in singing ‘dollhouse’ by Melanie Martinez. You looked at Sebastian and you couldn’t help but smile at his face.

When you got to the venue, Sebastian grabbed your hand and he held you close to him. Whilst you were used to his cologne, it didn’t help but make you feel dizzy. It was intoxicating. 

Flashes of cameras went off around you. Sebastian pulled you closer to him to shield you from the onslaught of screaming reporters and bright lights. You thanked him silently and he kissed the top of your head in a comforting manner.

“Sebastian! Sebastian! Is it true that you’re really dating Y/N?” Reporters waved their arms in the air at him and the pair of you walked over to one of them. Then more microphones were waved in front of you.

Sebastian stood up a little more and spoke. “Yes, Y/N and I have been dating for a while and she makes me really happy.” Sebastian looked at you with a soft smile. You had to remind yourself that he was an actor, it was his job. They shouted and asked you to kiss each other for a picture.

Sebastian cupped your face and kissed you lightly. Cheers from fans echoed to the both of you and Sebastian pulled away from you gently. “I didn’t want to ruin your makeup, I know how annoyed you get.” Sebastian winked at you and you playfully shoved him in response. 


The fake relationship was causing a strain on you. Your feelings for Sebastian were getting stronger and stronger but you knew that he did not reciprocate the same feelings for you. 

You distanced yourself from Sebastian. At first, it was small but then you didn’t meet up with him unless you had to go to an event. It hurt you and whilst he kept asking what was wrong, you always shrugged it off by saying that you were tired.

You curled up in your bed and watched another episode of ‘Game of Thrones’. You were entranced in the show and so the sound of Sebastian entering your room was not registered. 

“Y/N. Why have you been avoiding me?” You jumped at the sound of Sebastian’s voice and you looked up. You shook your head but this time, he was not going to let you get away with it. “Why won’t you talk to me?”

“It’s nothing.” You tried to shake off the voice in your head that told you to tell Sebastian that you liked him. It was off the table.

“One minute you were fine, and the next you’re avoiding me.” Sebastian ran his hand through his hair and he sat on your bed. You shifted away from him a little but the smell of him still drifted to you.

“You wouldn’t understand.” You paused the show and mumbled your words. You avoided his gaze and played with your fingers.

“Try me.” Sebastian let out an exasperated sigh and held your hand. He tried to get you to look at him and you fought every fibre in your body. “Please talk to me.” Sebastian’s voice was soft and smooth.

“Fine. I like you.” You hid your face in shame but you did not stop talking. “I don’t think you understand how difficult it was to just pretend to date you. It sucked to kiss you and then I force myself to remember that you’re an actor. Acting is what you do.” 

Sebastian held you and it prevented you from moving. You struggled with him and a stray tear of embarrassment fell. Sebastian wiped it away with the pad of his thumb and your eyes met his blue ones. “It was your idea. Why would you do that?”

“Because I wanted to help you. Okay? That’s why.” You were unsure as to why you were angry but there was a fire growing inside of you. His eyes softened and he stroked your face.

“Do you want to know why I agreed to your stupid idea?” Sebastian tilted your head towards him. You nodded. Your anger had been subdued by Sebastian’s face. “Because I wanted the excuse to call you my girlfriend.”

Marry Me

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader
Prompt: @marisol-solar requested number 18:  “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
Wordcount: 864 (sorry it’s so short)
Warnings: none, things get a lil bit heated towards the end but nothing explicit and we all thirsty af for Graves anyway

A/N: get your own fic HERE

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Omg, you really know how to pull at my heartstrings, don’t you?? Poor ChuuChuu </3 I also made a minor change that in this situation, Chuuya is married to his significant other because I liked the last part of the headcanon that I came up with ^^;

Chuuya Nakahara

  • Chuuya’s heart literally broke apart and burst open when you repeated the exact same words your physician had said to you during your visitation, that you were completely unable to conceive a child, with tears brimming in those sad eyes of yours. And as heart-wrenching as the news was to him, that’s not what shattered his heart into a million broken pieces in the first place. No, because the following words that came out of your mouth afterwards, “You don’t love me anymore, do you?” was what absolutely destroyed him.
  • Chuuya knows that there had been many occasions where you and him would lie next to each other late at night and talked about starting a life together outside the Port Mafia, and how you’d have a mess of his kids and they’ll grow up to become strong fighters one day. And now that future that’d been painted in your heads just wasn’t meant to be anymore, you were afraid that he would stop loving you and would leave you if you couldn’t give him the life that you two had envisioned together.
  • Chuuya would put your worries to bed though, muttering a quick “you idiot” under his breath and pulling you into his embrace and wrapping his arms tightly around your form. “In sickness and in health, remember? I meant every marriage vow I said to you. I’ll always love you no matter what happens.” After that, he’ll hold you close to him for the rest of the night and would kiss all your tears away, reassuring you that if he had to pick between having children or staying with the woman that he loves, he would always undoubtedly choose you.