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Yuzuru’s reaction when someone compliments him that he is tall.(x)

But seriously, look at his face when that lady says he is tall!!! The smile on his face automatically dropped lol. And the interviewer is such a hardcore fangirl I can’t deal! She keeps repeating “kakkoi kakkoi”, saying he’s still cool and handsome!

Have You Tried Seducing?

Anon Requests: Do you think you could do something like Reader is only wearing Cas’s shirt and they’re in the living room or kitchen or some place like that and Cas thinks it’s Sexy so he decides to fuck reader and they break something, which wakes up in the Winchesters and the Winchesters walk in and Reader get’s embarrassed but Castiel don’t stop fucking until he’s done? Thank you! AND How about a cas x reader where cas has been in love with reader for ages but never acted on his feelings/urges because he’s an angel and it’s a sin for an angel to be with a human(it’s forbidden). The reader overheard cas confess his affection for her to the Winchester boys and she decides to seduce him because she’s always liked him too but felt he hated her(but he was just avoiding temptation). So he just cracks and some really good smut follows and then some cute fluff 🤗 love you btw ✊🏽

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: smut, a little bit of dirty talk, language, nsfw gif further below the cut!!

A/N: I decided to combine 2 requests for this one. hope thats alright!


3 weeks.

It had been 3 weeks since you had overheard Castiel confess his love for you to Sam and Dean.

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“You are a disgrace! An absolute disgrace! I cannot believe you let your daughter see you in this condition, Theodore. She was so worried about you! I wish I could say that I’m surprised right now, but honest to god the only thing that surprises me about this is that you’re not in here with some peroxide blonde tramp!”

Theodore rolls his eyes, wincing as his sister-in-law’s shrill screams penetrate his throbbing skull. “Is she still here?” he mumbles, glancing over at the pink haired doll lying crumpled on the floor beside him.

Arabella scowls at him. “Yes. I had planned to take her and Hazel to school early this morning, but she insisted that I come up here to check on you first.”

He nods, and pulling himself up off the ground Theodore silently breezes past Bella and strides down the hallway toward his daughter and her cousin.

“Lila Grace,” Theo forces himself to smile through the piercing pain in his temples. “Go change out of your uniform, sweetheart. You’re not going to school today.”

“What?” the child frowns. “Why not?”

“Because I’m taking the entire day off work so you and I can spend some long overdue father-daughter time together.”

“What?!” three distinct voices reverberate around the corridor.

“No school! No school!” Lila Grace sings over and over again as she dances around her dad’s legs.

“Do I have to go to school, Mom?” Hazel whines.

“Theodore, I really don’t think that’s such a good idea,” Bella hisses, ignoring her daughter’s repeated tugs on the sleeve of her shirt.

“I just have one quick errand to run this morning, Gracie, but after that I promise I am yours for the rest of day. Does that sound like a plan?”

“Yes!” she exclaims. “I love you so much, Dad!”

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Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. (You guys I am seriously going to hell. I’m sorry if the ghosts of the founding fathers find this, full permission to haunt my ass. ALSO! Credit to the artist :) )

“Bad boys don’t get to come. Bad boys get punished, am I clear?” Alexander addressed.

John Laurens whimpered signaling a yes, but that didn’t work for Hamilton.

“I said, do I make myself clear? Repeat what I said,” Hamilton growled, taking off John’s shirt and boxers in a quick motion.

“Daddy said that bad boys don’t get to come with Daddy. Bad boys get spankies and punishment,” John repeated.

“You’re not getting spankies, not today, I am far too tired from my meeting today little one. What ever shall I do to my boy?” Hamilton asked, pulling open the drawer and pulling out lube and a light pink vibrator.

John whimpered at the sight of what was in his hands.

“Oh wait- How could I forget?” Hamilton said, turning around to get rope.

John sat there naked on his lower half, shaking at his fear of what Hamilton was going to do. Hamilton directed John to get on his hands and knees, well not exactly his hands, but to lean on his shoulders and knees as his daddy tied his hands behind his back, making sure they were secure. Hamilton lubed up the vibrator without saying a word or making a sound. Hamilton shoved the vibrator in his bum without prep, making John cry out in pain and pleasure.

“I will be back in 40 minutes. If you can make it without coming, I will reward you. If you come, I will start the 40 minutes over again. Do I make myself clear?” Hamilton clarified.

“Yes,” John said, shaking his head violently.

Hamilton set an alarm for 40 minutes and put the vibrator on the lowest it would go. Hamilton kissed John’s lower back and left the room, closing the door behind him.

When Hamilton’s alarm went off, he sat up from the couch and opened the door, revealing his little shaking on the bed. Hamilton had been listening to John’s moans and screams for the last 40 minutes. John was lying in the same position when Hamilton entered the room.

“Did you come?” Hamilton asked.

“N-No, I-I di-didn’t Daddy,” John stuttered as Hamilton turned the vibrator off, making him sigh.

“Good boy. Did you learn your lesson, Prince?” Hamilton sighed as he slowly took out the vibrator.

John moaned as the vibrator was removed. Hamilton began to untie his hands.

“Y-Yes Daddy. Ma-May I come?” John croaked.

“Go ahead,” Hamilton smirked as his baby exploded with pleasure. “Good boy. I’ll go clean you up. Stay here,” Hamilton said as he opened their bathroom in their room and got paper towels and a makeup remover wipe.

Hamilton returned, setting John on his bum. Hamilton cleaned up all the cum that got onto the bed and the cum on John. Hamilton took the pomegranate scented makeup wipe and wiped away the running mascara and John’s baby pink lipgloss.

“Cuddle?” John whined as he threw away the dirty wipes.

Hamilton smiled and got into the bed with him, throwing the fuzzy black blanket and comforter over them. John sighed and laid his head on Hamilton’s cozy chest, lightly rising and dropping. John kissed his chest where he was laying.

“I love you, Daddy. Thank you,” John yawned tiredly.

“Mhm, love you too baby.”

Cheat - Klaus Mikaelson

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Klaus x Reader

Request: Yes

Rating: Smut

“Love, stop that.” I straddled Klaus as he sat on the couch.

“Hmm, stop what Klaus?” I ground my hips into his.

“Stop grinding on my like that, you’re gonna make me hard.”

“That’s the point, babe.”

“C'mon, i’m tired. Let’s just go to bed.”

“What do you mean you’re tired? You either painted or read all day.”

“I’m just tired. Lets not do this now.”

“But Klaus.. We haven’t done it in over a week.”

He grumbled something under his breath so that I couldn’t hear. I didn’t ask him to repeat it because he was already in a bad mood.


“Okay.” I repeated after him.

He pulled the bottom of my shirt up and lifted it over my head. I unclasped my bra and let it fall. his hands reached up, cupping my boobs in his hands squeezing lightly.

“I love this.” He moaned, as he used his forefinger and thumb to pinch and pull at my nipples. He ran his thumb one more time over the hardened pebbles and dragged his hands down the sides of my stomach.

“I think we’re wearing too much.” I whispered in his ear.

He nodded.

I got off of his lap and he stood up too. First he pulled his shirt over his head and then worked on his pants. At the same time, I took the rest of my clothes off.

When he was finished undressing, he sat back in the same spot on the couch. I knelt between his legs and took his semi-hard length in my small hand. I pumped it a few times before sucking on the tip in my mouth.

“Fuck, just like that darling.” He grabbed a hold of my hair and pushed me onto his fully hard length. I looked up at Klaus. He had his eyes glued shut and his head thrown back.

I bobbed my head a couple of times before getting up and sitting back in his lap. I hovered over his aching length.


“Yea?” His hands found their way onto my hips and he dug his nails in. His head still thrown back

“Do you want this?”

He bit his lip and squinted his eyes open for a quick second, glancing at me and then at my boobs. “I need this. I need your pussy so bad babe.”

It was a good enough answer for me. I took his length and positioned it at my entrance. I rubbed his tip back and forth along my clit.

He moaned and turned his head to the side as if he was ashamed to be making any noise at all.

“Fuck me already y/n.”

I placed my hands on his shoulders and sat down on his length. My hips met his as he filled me entirely. He pulled me up with his rough hands and slammed me back down. His gaze travelled to where our two bodies where connected and slowed his pace. The grip on my hips loosened as he stared off into space

“C'mon babe, harder.”

He let out a grunt each time as I kept bouncing on his dick. I clenched my muscles around him.

“Shit y/n you’re so tight.” He scrunched his eyebrows up and gritted his teeth together. “Don’t stop baby.” His hands reached for my boobs once again and he toyed with my nipples.

With one last bounce his head threw back and he came inside of me. He rubbed his eyes, wiping some of the sweat off his brow.

“Why won’t you look at me?”

“I was y/n.”

“No you weren’t.”

“God, why does it even matter?”

“Because…Klaus. I love you.”

He didn’t answer. He just lay there, running a hand through his hair, staring up at the ceiling.

“Don’t you love me back?”

“I’m so sorry”

“Why are you sorry? You have nothing to be sorry for.”

“I cheated on you-”

The Interview

It was all so surreal. I was sitting there the lights bright in my face so I couldn’t see anyone. This man was asking me questions.

“What is your name?” Natasha, I answered.
“How old are you?” 21
“Are you a virgin?” Not since I was 15.
“Why did you come here?” I came because I want to try something different.
“Strip!” What
“You heard me, Strip,” he repeated. I stood up and pulled my shirt off. I reached behind my back and unhooked the back band of my bra and pulled that off also. I unbuttoned my pants and slid them and my thong off at the same time.

“Nice, you have a beautiful body,” he replied. I’m 5foot 5inches tall. My breast are a 34B. I have a small triangle of brown pubic hair above my pussy. My mons is full and I have a nice slit. My long brown hair stops at mid back. I have large brown eyes. All my friends say that I’m pretty, but I never believed them.

“Are you clean?” Yes Sir, I am.
“Are you on birth control?” Yes, the Pill.
“Good! Wait here. Do not get dressed,” says the man.

I wait for quiet some time before another woman comes in the room. She’s blonde and naked also. She hands me a pair of black stilettos. “They like that,” she says to me before I can ask. She leads me through a side door onto a stage. The lights are very bright. I can’t see beyond the end of the stage. I hear some talking as I am led on stage. In the middle of the stage is a large bed. “This is Natasha. She’s 21 and this is her first time here tonight. Enjoy,” said the naked blonde woman.

Suddenly, out of the light come five naked men. They are all very athletic and fit. They all have pretty big cocks. They form a semicircle around me stroking their semi erect cocks. One of them pushes me down on my knees. One of the men starts to rub his helmet on my mouth. “Suck Natasha, suck,” I hear voices saying from beyond the lights. I take one in front of me in my mouth. I grab two of the other cocks in each hand and stroke them. The cock in my mouth is getting harder as I suck on him. I feel him swell in my mouth. I start to alternate sucking on the five cocks in front of my face. They are all fairly large with two of them being black cocks. I hungrily suck and stroke all of them. My drool is dripping off my chin as the men force themselves deeper down my throat. “Ack, ack, ack, ack,” I gag as there cocks slam the back of my throat. One man sides his dick all the way down his throat and holds me fast. I gagging on my own spit and mucous as he holds his cock in place. “Ahhhhhhh,” I finally gasp as he removes it.

The men put me on the bed on all fours so my profile is facing the stage. The begin to spit roast me. “Ohhhhh,” I moan as the first cock penetrates me. My moan cut short as a cock is shoved down my throat. My pussy being pounded. His balls slapping against my ass. I feel him pull out only to be replaced by another cock. This man is much bigger. I can tell by the way my pussy stretches. Omg, he’s in so deep as he begins thrusting in and out of me.

The cock removed from my mouth. One of the black men starts to slap his cock over my face. He’s really big. His cock road mapped in big thick bulging veins. He plunges his cock in my mouth. I almost throw up. You hear can hear the crowd gasp as my throats bulges out to accommodate him. Long strands of drool spill out of my mouth and my mascara starts to run. Another switch and violation of my pussy occurs. This cock fucking me hard. My cunt dripping. My juices running down my thighs.

The next black man repositions me. He lays on the bed and has me mount him reverse cowgirl. The naked blonde woman takes his cock and guides it into my raw pussy. He starts to drill me. His big hands fondling my breast. One man in my mouth and a guy in each hand. The last man I service orally switching between the first man.

You can just feel all the heat and sexual tension on stage and in the room. The room is full of moaning as the five men take turns fucking my mouth and my pussy. One by one they switch places. Each of their dicks in my cunt and in my mouth. It feels so dirty, but so so good. Not only because of the five that were using my body as their playground, but because of the ones I couldn’t see watching me get used in such a manner. I have lost count on how many times I’ve cum already.

I was pulled off the BBC. A repositioning. A cock in my soaking wet pussy. Two cocks in my mouth. One man jerking off in front of my face. The fifth man entering my anal rosebud. My body tenses as I feel him pushing inside me. Slowly, he penetrates my most intimate space and pushes past my anal sphincter. This is the first time that I’m double penetrated. I feel like such a slut.

“Humf, I’m cumming,” stated the man jerking off in my face. He ejaculates three quit spurts of hot cum over my face and in my hair.

The two men fucking my mouth yell that they are cumming. I feel the sudden explosion of warm, salty gooey semen in my mouth. My checks bulge as I try to hold it all in my mouth. Some spills down my chin as they slide out of my mouth and shake the last few drops on my face.

The man in my pussy starts to thrust erratically. I feel his cock swell inside me. He pulls out with a loud moan and cums all over my stomach. His semen making a lake in my belly button.

The last man thrusts deeply in my ass. I feel like I need to pee as he sodomizes my ass. My tits bouncing up and down wildly. My head back as I scream, “OMG…OMG…OMG, I’m going cum. Oohhhh fuccckkkk,”

He pulls out of my ass. I cum instantly in a squirting orgasm. He ejaculates his hot cum into my ass gape. Spurt after spurt of his hot cum fills my slowly shrinking gape and drops out of my ass. I am spent as my orgasm continues to rock my body.

The naked blonde girl comes out on stage. “That was Natasha, everyone. Looks like the little whore had a great time. Let’s hope we will see more of Natasha here with us!”

“Well Natasha, was it everything you hoped for,” asked the Man?

“Yes it was,” replied the girl.
“Good! Shall we see you again?”
“Yes,” replied Natasha.

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punished (jeremy gilbert one-shot)

Prompt: Your best friend Jeremy went on a hunting trip per Alaric’s request, and he specifically asked you to stay home. You, of course did the opposite and it almost cost you your life.

Requested: imagine number two with Jeremy Gilbert (picked from THIS list)

Pairing Jeremy Gilbert x Reader

Warnings: smut, lil rough smut maybe, spanking, nsfw image

A/N: I’m rereading this and holy shit this sucks. I’m sorry everyone. I’m still working to improve my smut writing. I hope you guys don’t dislike this as much as I do.

Jeremy pulls you inside your home and he slams the door shut and locks it. You wince and jump as he lets go of your hand and runs his hands through his long brown locks. He remained silent for a few more moments before sliding his hands across a small dresser and knocking everything down.


He sits down on your couch and runs his hands through his hair once again. You are tempted to pull his hands away, but you hold yourself back. After all, you directly disobeyed Jeremy’s order and this time, you put your life at stake.

“You know, normally I get mad, but I brush it off because you’re okay. You only want to help and I understand that, Y/N, believe me I do.” Jeremy looks at you tiredly and your heart wrenches. “But this time you put yourself on the line to save me. How the hell would I be able to live with myself?”

Jeremy whimpers and you immediately walk over to him, engulfing him in a hug he eagerly returns. He wraps his arms tightly around your back and yours immediately go around his shoulders. He holds you close and pulls you into his lap, as though he’d lose you if he let go.

“You’re the only person who keeps me sane, Y/N. You’re my beautiful best friend,” Jeremy whispers against the crook of your neck and nuzzles you. “God I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You’re all I’ve got, Jer,” you rub his head and hold him close. “If scheming behind your back means that I get to keep you alive, I will do it.”

“What?” He pulls away slightly and looks up at you.

“If I hadn’t stepped in, Michael would have killed you,” you whispered, unable to meet his gaze. “Elijah was in town and decided to warn me, so I immediately went to Rick and it turns out that Klaus told Stefan the same thing.” You brush the hair out of his eyes and kiss his forehead. “I’m so happy you’re alive, Jeremy. I’d gladly risk myself for you, for a person who is so full of determination and light,” you whisper and kiss his closed eyes.

“I love you,” Jeremy whispers and his warm breath hits your neck as you look down a him, ready with your usual reply. “No, Y/N,” he whispers and lays gentle kisses along your jaw. “I’m so in love with you.”

“Jer,” your breath becomes caught in your throat as he removes himself from you, ready for rejection. “I never thought you’d say that.” He looks up at you and you place your lips against his, as though in a rush.

Jeremy responds fervently, one hand splayed across the small of your back as he intensifies the kiss. His free hand reaches up and lightly tugs your hair, causing you to gasp. He takes that opportunity to let his tongue slide into the crevice of your eager mouth. Your tongues wrestle as Jeremy lets his hands wander to your ass. You gasp and he removes his mouth from yours only to place it alongside your neck.

“You’re so, so beautiful Y/N,” Jeremy whispers against your neck as he lays soft, fluttering kisses against the base of your throat. “I can’t believe I almost lost you tonight.”

“You can’t get rid of me that easily, Gilbert,” you chuckle breathlessly and tug on his hair as he sucks down on your sweet spot.

“Who says I want to?” His lips quirk up one end as he looks down at the mark near your collarbone.

You let out a small hum of appreciation before moving your lips to Jer’s neck, causing him to whimper slightly. You kiss the side and slowly make your way to the small patch of skin just below his ear. You nip him lightly and he lets out a low moan, gripping your ass roughly. Smirking, you begin to suck on his sweet spot until a purple splotch covered it. You feel Jer’s erection growing underneath you and you gasp, closing your eyes to prevent a moan from escaping.

“Fuck, Y/N,” Jeremy groans and tugs your hair. “I’m so upset with you but I love you so much.”

“Take your anger out on me,” you whisper and his breath hitches in his throat, eyes darting to yours.

“W-what?” Jeremy squeaks out as you slowly stand in front of him.

“Take your anger out on me,” you whisper again, hoping that he catches on to what you’re saying. His eyes grow dark as a smirk makes it way to his lips.

“Oh dear, sweet Y/N, you’ve got no idea what you’re in for, do you?” Jer whispers and pulls you close. He lifts  up your shirt lightly and lays a small kiss on your bare stomach, close to your navel. He looks at you and waits a moment before his expression hardens and he suddenly smacks your ass. “I asked you a question.”

“S-sorry. I-I don’t know what I’m in for, no,” you whisper and look him in the eye as you bite your lip.

“It’s okay,” Jeremy whispers, resting his chin against your abdomen as his right hands rubs the area he smacked. “Sorry, babe. I know it stings, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.” Jeremy sits back and watches you. “You’re sure you want this?”

“Yes,” you nod immediately, never breaking eye contact. “I need this,” you whisper as Jeremy snarls.

“Turn around for me,” he whispers and you spin on your heels, your ass now in his face. Your short skirt made Jeremy moan, his erection growing immensely.

“Take your shirt off,” he sits up, elbows on his knees.You quickly turn around and look at him, confused. “I don’t need to repeat myself, do I?”

You shake your head and quickly remove your shirt, allowing your nude mesh bra to come to his view. Jeremy leans forward and grabs your clothed breasts in his hands, gently kneading them as you whimper under his touch.

“I want to hear you, princess,” he whispers and removes his hands from your breasts to your ass, squeezing gently and causing you to moan. “Just like that. I want to hear how I make you feel.” You nod as he continues to rub your ass, your hands moving towards your breast in hopes of creating more pleasure.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Jeremy yells out and immediately removes himself from you, leaving you vulnerable and confused. “You cannot play with yourself, touch yourself, or bring any sort of pleasure to yourself. Is that understood?”

“Y-yes,” you whisper and remove one hand from your breast. He raises his brows at you and you nod, melting under the intensity of his gaze and removing your other hand as well.

“Good girl,” he whispers and smacks your ass. “Take off your bra,” he whispers, biting your bare abdomen in the process. You quickly oblige, throwing your bra across the room a few seconds later. Jeremy’s lips slowly move up towards your breast, sucking and nipping on the skin around it.

“J-Jer,” you squirm and breathe heavily as his lips finally find their way to your sensitive buds. His left hand grabs your right breast, taking your nipple between his index finger and thumb while his mouth works on your left side. You let out a soft scream as he takes your bud between his teeth and smirks at you.

“You’re so sexy,” Jeremy whispers and sits back, lounging on the sofa. He pulls off his shirt and unbuckles his belt, slowly pushing down his pants and pulling out his erect member. You stood there, eyes wide and mouth silent as you took in his size. Jeremy was huge, thick and large as his eyes raked over your body. He wrapped his hand around his member and moaned, slowly moving his hand up and down his length. You tried to move forward and help him, but he held up a hand.

“Don’t move, Y/N. Let me watch you squirm as I touch myself. Watch my cock grow and wish you could have it in you, in your mouth,” he whispers and you shiver, the pool in your panties only growing bigger. Jeremy moans your name as he continues pumping his member.

You watch him and squirm, wishing that you could find your release with him. You watch his face as he causes himself pleasure while thinking of you. You wish it was you that was giving him the pleasure instead, you wish that he would ram his thick cock in and out of you. Before you can stop yourself, you move your hand down to the pool of your panties and you slowly push your panties aside and rub your folds.

“Y/N!” Jeremy yells and you look up at him, just then noticing what you had done. “I thought I said no touching yourself?”

“Y-yes,” your eyes widen and you nod. “I-I’m so sorry! I promise it won’t happen again,” you whimper and Jeremy stands, walking over directly behind you.

“Damn right it won’t,” he whispers and his hand immediately pushes past your panties and slaps your opening. “THIS,” Jeremy pinches your folds together and you yelp, arching back against him. “This is mine,” he growls against your neck, letting go of your folds and finding your clit. “THIS,” he flicks your clit and you moan loudly. “THIS is mine. No one but me can play with it. Understood?” You nod quickly and his hands rub your slit. His free hand smacks your ass much more roughly than before. “I need words, Y/N. Do. You. Understand. Me?”

“Y-yes,” you whisper breathily and Jeremy hums in appreciation, his mouth marking the side of your neck as his hand moves quickly over you in an almost animalistic manner.

“Who does this beautiful, soaking pussy belong to, Y/N?” Jeremy nips your earlobe as his slim fingers rub circles against your slit.
“Y-YOU!” You scream out as Jeremy rams two fingers inside of you, his thumb working on your clit.

“All mine,” he growls, his fingers rapidly moving on and out of you as his thumb flicked your clit repeatedly.

“I-I’m so close,” you whimper and Jeremy’s movements stop almost immediately, causing you to whine. “W-Wha–?”

“I’m punishing you,” he whispers and rubs his erection against your clothed ass before removing himself from you completely. He smirks as you turn around to face him. “I’m gonna go take a cold shower, babe.” Jeremy winks and quickly walks away, leaving you flustered and breathless.

Time's Up - Crowley x Reader

A/N: SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG TO UPLOAD! This is for my friend @mysocksaredumb !!! I had a lot of History homework and I had a huge literacy test (it’s mandatory where I am, I need to pass it in order to graduate XD) and this took a bit longer than expected, I apologize! Here it is!

Summary: You sell your soul to Crowley, he ends up falling in love with you when your time is near.

The time skips are a few months apart

You walked in silence while gravel crunched underneath your shoes. The centre of the crossroads became closer and less foggy as you approached it. The cold fought   against you as you walked forward, you knelt down and gently placed an oblong box in the ground. It contained a small photo of yourself along with graveyard dirt and a black cat bone. You dug a small hole with your hands and placed the box in it, you scooped the dirt over the box and slowly stood up. You frowned when you saw nothing, you sighed as you continued to look around.

“Hello darling.” A man with a gruff British accent appeared in front of you. He wore an all black suit and a smirk on his face.

“Are you….Lucifer?” You squinted and took a step back.

“No, I’m Crowley, King Of Hell.” He let out a scoff as he spread his arms out.

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Saccharine (Happy x Reader)

Thank you @xxmooseoncrackxx​ for this request. I’m sorry it’s taken me about 100 years to finally get on this. <3 My muse is slowly coming back to me! 

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Playlist: Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard

Happy Lowman. That was a name you’d always known. He was the boy from around the corner. The one who’s mom was widowed. The one who was always getting into trouble. The one who every other parent warned their kids from hanging out with. The one that all the parents spoke in hushed tones about. His poor mother. That woman is doing her best. Working those long nights. By the time you entered middle school, all your girlfriends were fawning all over him. Every girl in the school was scared of him, but that didn’t stop them from having him star in their dreams every night. Oh the joy of adolescent hormones. You were always too focused on your school work to really put any stock into the kid from around the way. He was also two years ahead of you. You weren’t even vaguely interested.

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anonymous asked:

So the McKirk actors AU, the movie they shot, what about some kind of AU with a similar story to the one the movie had? Jim as one survivor in that bunker and Leonard from outside, just like there.

Long post ahead!

  • Every day is pretty much the same. Up at 6AM, breakfast by 7. Jim starts working as a patrol officer at 8, and he does so until dinner time. After dinner, he works out, showers, and spends time in the bar or other recreational areas until 11PM. There is an occasional shift when Jim fills in for another officer who’s fallen ill, but otherwise, every day looks exactly the same. And it’s fine, it really is. Jim doesn’t know any better. Doesn’t know the world before the bombs, other than what’s on the movies in the small theater room. That world was beautiful. The world now is a poisonous one.
  • Until Leonard shows up. The vault elders always assured no one knew about this vault in particular. Built in secret, and all that. But there he is, when Jim is alone with Scotty in the security office. This guy just stumbles closer towards the vault door, and starts banging his fists against te sealed metal doors in hopes anyone could hear. “Scotty, what is this?” Jim asks. “An outsider,” Scotty comments. “I mean, why is he even alive? Outside is supposed to be too radiated,” Jim replies, and Scotty shrugs. He pushes the comms button, hesitating briefly before leaning in closer to the microphone. “State your name and the purpose of your visit,” Scotty demands, before adding a: “please”. “My name is Leonard McCoy,” the other says, panting lightly, and looking up towards the security camera, “I am a doctor from Vault 118. I seek temporary shelter for-” Jim flinches at the sound of high pitched shrieking in the distance, echoing through the cave that hides their vault door. “No,” Scotty says, but Jim frowns. “Scotty, something’s coming. We can’t just let this man die.” “We have orders, sir. We can’t risk the safety of the entire vault for the sake of one man.” “So, give him a radiation scan.” “No, sir,” Scotty says, “I’ll lose my job if I–” but Jim pushes the lever that releases the vault door anyway. As soon as the thing starts to open, Leonard glips inside. Jim and Scotty both struggle to close it on time for a horde of the creepiest, deformed once-humans, but they manage. Scotty lets out a relieved sigh, rubbing his temples and shooting Jim a glare. “You realize those things could have–” “Yes, but they didn’t,” Jim says, and then he leaves to find Leonard.
  • Jim guides Leonard to the sickbay, but instead of greeting the stranger kindly like Jim expected, Leonard is pushed up against the wall and his hands are quickly tied behind his back. He doesn’t even have the time to stop it. The first time he catches Leonard privately is in one of the cells, and he approaches him cautiously. “You’re from another vault?” he asks, and Leonard looks up. “Yeah. 118. You guys always lock up strangers immediately?” “You’re the first we ever let in,” Jim admits with a sheepish smile. “Or, well, I let you in. What happened out there? What’s it like?” “Our vault looks pretty much the same,” Leonard replies, “or, looked, anyway. It was destroyed.” Jim listens curiously, sitting down by the edge of that cell. “I’m sorry,” he says, and Leonard shrugs. “I’m just looking for refuge. The world out there, it’s not… it’s not for people like us. When can I be let out?”
  • “Never,” Spock says, and Jim frowns. “Why not? He says he’s from Vault 118. It’s a legitimate vault!” "We don’t know if that is even true,“ Spock counters. “He could be from the ground. He’s been on the ground.“ “We did a radiation scan on him,” Jim says, “the amount of radiation in his blood is something we can cure.” “It’s illogical to put the safety of the entire vault at stake for the sake of a complete stranger,” Spock says, “and since when do you even care?” “Because,” Jim says, “it’s the right thing to do.” 
  • So Leonard doesn’t get released fro his cell. Not until it’s absolutely necessary. They’re pretty well sealed off, but occasional trades with the outside happen. Things they can’t grow on their own. Jim’s not actually aware of this happening, until people start falling ill. Jim, too, is feeling sick. He’s not as much of a shivering mess as most, but he does throw up a few times, looks pale and feels sweaty. Spock and Uhura decide to put the sick people in quarantine at first, but when more people start falling ill and work starts lacking, they have no choice but to call those who are still able back into work. “You okay?” Jim asks Spock, who also looks sickly. “We will be once we pass this thing,” Spock says, and Jim hands him a blanket. “Take your rest, yeah? Do we know what caused this?” Jim asks, and Spock shrugs. “Probably just from the outside. Improperly decontaminated trader,” he explains, and Jim smiles worriedly. “Hey, that guy we got locked up-” he starts, but Spock throws him an annoyed glance. “Hey, hear me out, Spock. That guy said he was a doctor. After Martha passed, we haven’t had a real educated one,” Jim says. “Who says this guy is the real deal?” “Why don’t we give it a try, though?” Jim asks, “worst case scenario, he can’t help us and we send him back out. Best case scenario, we have ourselves a new doctor.”
  • Leonard doesn’t really need convincing. He’s just happy to get out of that cell. And he wasn’t lying when he said he was a doctor. The moment he gets to the sickbay, he quietly gets to work, and he seems to know what he’s doing. “It’s not a virus,” Leonard explains after he’s checked up on at least four people, including Spock. “What is it, then?” Spock asks. “Food poisoning,” Leonard says, “I can help everyone if you have antibiotics. If not, I can make them.” “You can make them?” Jim asks curiously. “I mean, natural antibiotics. As natural as they come out there in the wild.” “You… want to go out there?” Spock asks with a frown, and Leonard nods. “Yeah. I mean, not really, but if I have to, I will.”
  • Jim doesn’t think Leonard will return. He offers his assistance, but neither Spock, Uhura, or Scotty let him. But a day later, Leonard is back. With chemicals and dried plants. Jim watches Leonard use the antibiotics on those who are really sick, and provides  his own special tea to the others. Jim feels better almost instantly, but maybe he’s a little biased - he finds Leonard absolutely fascinating.
  • Uhura provides Leonard with his own room afterwards, but he shares bathrooms with Jim and Scotty. Jim really doesn’t mind. Leonard wakes up around the same time as him, and so Jim has the pleasure of watching Leonard shower while Jim brushes his teeth. Jim’s had his share of romances in the bunker, but neither of them permanent, and this is mostly just a nice view. Jim knows everything about everyone in here, but Leonard is a stranger. Leonard is very, very interesting.
  • Leonard is allowed outside. Or, according to him, he’s required outside to gather supplies. He goes out in the morning at least once a week and comes home with whatever he can scavenge. Multiple times Jim tries to come with him, but no one in the vault lets him. Neither does Leonard. But then things go missing in the vault. Small things. Valuables, food resources, and blood samples. Everyone suspects Leonard, which Jim thinks is completely unfair, but he’s the only one who worked with blood samples recently. The first person who actually confronts Leonard about it gets a punch in the face, too, which doesn’t really bode very well for Leonard. 
  • After he’s released from a night in his cell, Jim takes him back to his room. “Did you do it?” Jim asks, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. “Excuse me?” “Steal those supplies-” “Yes, I know what you were referring to. What purpose would I gain with stealing supplies?” Leonard asks, “you guys took me in, I’ve been helping people here. Why would I ruin that?” “I don’t know,” Jim says. “There’s over a hundred people in this vault. Why am I the only one who’s being suspected?” “I don’t know,” Jim repeats. He watches Leonard pull his shirt off, briefly confused and distracted. “What are you doing?” “Taking a shower,” Leonard replies, “or is that a crime now, too?” “No,” Jim says  through gritted teeth. 
  • People start falling ill again. Leonard tries his best, Jim can tell, but the first fatal victim is a young girl. Food poisoning and radiation fever, Leonard calls it. “Whose fault is that?” Spock asks Leonard, cornering him in his office. “What?” Leonard asks. “The radiation fever,” Spock says, “I know you have been exposing us to the radiation outside.” “What?” Jim asks, “Spock, what?” “It’s true, isn’t it?” Spock asks. Leonard nods, and Jim feels strangely heartbroken. “But I can explain,” Leonard says, “these vaults, they’re not build to last. I was just–” “Save it,” Spock replies, and Jim frowns because Spock looks like he’s genuinely upset with his own answer “pack your things, doctor. Come morning, we will revoke your residency here.”
  • “Spock,” Jim calls out after him, “we don’t have to do this. Leonard is a good doctor.” “You think I don’t know that?” Spock counters, falling down on his couch and grabbing his notebook, “doctor McCoy and I have been spending many nights together to do research. I’m just as displeased by this as you are.” “Then why are you doing this?” Jim counters. “A little girl died this morning,” Spock replies, “because of radiation fever.” “We are blatantly ignoring the fact that this is the third of forth time in a shot time we’ve struggled with food poisoning-” “That’s irrelevant, and we’re assuming that’s true because that’s what Leonard says, we don’t know if that’s true,” Spock says, “I’m sorry, Jim. I know you’ve taken a liking to him. So have I. But I have to put the safety of the vault before my own feelings.”
  • Jim visits Leonard’s room, and he watches those tense shoulders shove clothes and supplies in a small backpack. “Why’d you do it?” Jim asks, “the radiation. It’s dangerous. Why would you-” “Because all of you are going to die without me doing so,” Leonard replies, and Jim raises his eyebrows. “What?” “These vaults were built to sustain up to 20 years underground, not 200,” Leonard replies, “one strong radiation storm out there and all of these people are going to die unless you gradually expose them to small amounts of radiation. Not enough to kill them, but–” “Then why did that little girl die?” Jim asks. “That wasn’t me,” Leonard replies, “someone else.” “You’re the only one who has access to the outside regularly!” Jim counters. He frowns when Leonard yanks open his night stand and pulls a pistol out. But rather than threatening Jim with it, he puts it in his backpack, too. “Fuck you,” Leonard says, “my daughter died of overexposure. All I’ve done since day one here, is trying to stop this vault from the same fate, and I’ve been questioned and suspected about it all the time.” “You could’ve just been honest about it!” Jim says, stepping in closer and grabbing Leonard’s arm. Leonard spins around to see him, and he narrows his eyes. Jim frowns, still angry, but taken off guard when Leonard pulls Jim in closer and kisses him. It’s somehow angry and passionate at the same time, and Jim wraps his arms around Leonard’s shoulders, pulling him in impossibly closer.
  • But this somehow makes Leonard’s departure even harder. Jim gets dressed  quietly in the morning, and so does Leonard. They’re both barely dressed up when guards show up to escort Leonard out. Leonard goes with them without struggle. Jim walks with them, too, and he quietly watches the vault doors slide open. It just feels wrong, somehow. In the time that Leonard spent in their vault, Jim became completely smitten with this doctor. It doesn’t feel right to see him walk through those vault door. And when the doors start closing, Jim finds himself moving. He walks towards the closing doors. Slow, at first, and then quicker. Before he realizes what he’s doing, he sprints through the sliding doors less than a second before it closes behind him, and only then it dawns on him. He’s on the outside. 
  • “Leonard!” Jim calls out, running after the other. “Jim?” Leonard asks, spinning around while he climbs his way out to the surface. “What are you doing here?!” “I don’t… I don’t know,” Jim admits sheepishly, falling in love with that grumpy frown all over again when Leonard reaches out and pulls Jim up to his level. “You’re an idiot,” Leonard says, and Jim shrugs. “Can’t argue with that.” “Can you handle a gun?” Leonard asks. The question itself makes Jim frown in worry, but he nods. “I can.” “Good,” Leonard says, reaching out into his backpack and taking out a pistol, “you’re gonna need it.” He gives one to Jim, and after Jim tucks it in his belt, Leonard continues to climb towards the surface. 
  • The surface is an oddly beautiful mixture between a world destroyed by the nuclear war, and mother nature’s attempt to take it back. Patches of green forests go combined with stretches of dry, dead land. “We’ll go to the nearest secured city,” Leonard says, “get a hotelroom for a few days, figure out where to go next. We’ll be fine unless a storm hits. Unless… you want to go back? You still can.” Jim takes a deep breath, the air fresh in his lungs, and it’s like nothing he’s ever breathed in before. The soft breeze and the sun on his skin makes his eyes water, but it’s not unpleasant. “There’s cities? Where people live?” “Yeah,” Leonard says, “people started getting out of vaults a hundred years ago.” Jim looks behind them, towards the descent back to the vault, and then looks at Leonard again. Mind made up, he reaches out and grabs Leonard’s hand. “Let’s go, then.”
Learning To Dominate

Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Word count: 1,001
Warnings: Smut. Oral sex (female). Unprotected sex.
Request: ( @stephizzle94  ) so i havent seen any castiel smut lately and id love to request some! my only thing is i dont really know about a plot? maybe priest!castiel or something with dom!castiel. i mean he’s a kick ass angel of the lord, an a soldier, yeah?? i give you total creativity in this :x
Authors Note: So I went with Learning To Be A Dom!Castiel

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Lance x Allura Domestic Gifs/Headcanons

Domestic gifs and headcanons about the pairing Lance x Allura from Voltron. This is like after things have settled down with the space war and stuff, where they are safe and together. Like a day in their lives. If there is a pairing that you would like to see a post like this made about, you’re welcome to request it!

Thank you for this request!

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The Bat’s Friends

Prompt:  Can i have a Joker(jared leto) smut please!A dirty smut x3 The Joker falls in love with the reader(who is a friend of batman).So she is a little haltingly at first because he’s the “ennemi” but then she can’t resist anymore and join the “dark” side.

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Warning: Kidnapping, smut, sex, curse words, cummies.

Word Count: 1.3k

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Paint Fight

Ayo this is my first ever smut and i feel weird posting it (and even weirder writing it) but oh well gotta be adventurous I guess.

I pull the paint roller out of the can and shake off any excess paint. Ed, my boyfriend, stands a few feet away from me and I notice he’s staring at me. What’s there to look at? I’m wearing black leggings and an oversized gray shirt of his, covered in ivory paint. Painting your bathroom isn’t as easy as you’d think, by the way.

“What?” I question.

“Nothing,” he says with a cute smile.

“Why are you smiling?” I say.

“Because you’re adorable,” he says.

I give him a confused look.

“You’ve got paint all over you, your hair is in the cutest bun, and you’re wearing my shirt. You’re adorable,” he repeats.

I laugh and smile a little. “You’ve got paint all over you too!” I say.

“Not as much as you, love,” he says. He wipes paint on my, um, his shirt.

“You jerk,” I say, giggling.

He touches my face with his hand, leaving paint on my cheeks.

“Stop it!” I say laughing.

He wipes more paint on my forehead and on my nose, marking my face with ivory.

“We’re painting the bathroom walls, not me!” I say giggling uncontrollably and pushing him away. “Cut it out!”

“Make me,” he says.

I dip whole my hand in the paint can and smear it on Ed’s face, through his shaggy, ginger beard, and on his cheek. He stands there, shocked staring at me. I lift one eyebrow and smirk at him.

“Oh, you’re gonna get it!” Ed says.

“Ooh, I’m scared,” I say taunting him.

Ed attacks me with his paint roller and I scream. I pick up mine and roll it over his black t-shirt. He tackles me and we land on the floor next to the shower. I scream again.

“Say uncle,” he says.

“Fuck you,” I say cracking up. I smack his forehead with paint on my hand.

He holds me down and lifts the whole paint can over me.

“Don’t even think about it!” I say shielding my face. He tips the can ever so slowly until the paint is almost running out. I shove the can forward and the paint runs into Ed’s shirt and pajama pants.

I laugh so hard I can’t breath anymore. I start snorting because that’s what I do when I laugh too hard.

He starts laughing too. He rolls off of me, but I roll on top of him, attacking his face with kisses.

“I win,” I say.

“No, love, I do,” he says while rolling over so he’s on top again. He’s positioned himself between my legs. We’re both a mess now, covered in paint.

He kisses my neck, then my cheek, my nose, then finally my lips. I pull off his paint soaked shirt and throw it somewhere next to us. He returns the favor and takes off the shirt I’m wearing, leaving me in my black and white polka dotted bra. He kisses my collar bone, sucking and making my knees wobble.

“You have paint in your beard,” I say giggling. “You’re getting it on me.”

“It’s your fault, you put it in my beard,” Ed says, mockingly.

“Hang on,” I say getting up and grabbing a wash cloth and wetting it.

I wipe his beard with the cloth, then turn around to look in the mirror to wipe my face. He comes and stands behind me. He puts his hands on my hips and turns me around so that we’re facing each other.

“I’m not finished wiping my face,” I say. There’s still plenty of paint on me.

He takes the cloth and cleans my face for me, gently. He even wipes my neck. Once he’s finished, he throws the cloth in the hamper. I kiss him on the lips gently. He picks me up and props me on the counter, so I wrap my legs around him.

He rubs my thighs and it sends chills down my spine. His tongue finds its way into my mouth, swirling about.

“Mmm…” I murmur lightly into the kiss. His hands wander my body.

He breaks the kiss and moves down to my neck. The feeling of the scruff on his face mixed with his soft lips brushing and sucking on my neck make me melt into him. I pull him into me more, tilting my head to the side giving him more access to my neck and shoulders. It’s not fair; he knows exactly where the sweet spot on my neck is. I grind myself into him making him breath heavily.

He pulls back and looks me in the eyes.

“Do you want to go to the bedroom?” He asks me lustfully.

I nod and hop down off the counter. He joins us in a kiss again and gently pushes me backwards, guiding me to the bed. When I feel the back of my knees hit the bed, I know we’re there.

He gently pushes me down on the bed and I crawl backwards to the top. He follows after and stops halfway up and kisses my belly. I giggle a little bit because it tickles. He smiles because I giggle.

He leaves a trail of kisses up my belly and the center my chest before kissing my lips. My hands travel over his biceps and then down his chest, feeling his abs. He doesn’t have many, but I don’t want him to. I hate when guys are too buff.

We really get into it, our bodies moving together in a certain rhythm while he lies on me covering my mouth in a deep, needy kiss. It’s only when he’s sliding my leggings down when I notice something.

“Ed do we have a…?” I look down toward the bulging area in his pants.

“Oh… I think we’ve used the last one in my wallet,” he says.

“There aren’t any more in the nightstand,” I add.

He sighs and rolls off of me. Damn. No protection, no sex.

“I’m glad you remembered because I was really in the zone,” he says.

“Yeah, I’m definitely not looking to start having children tonight, so I’m glad I remembered too,” I say half jokingly.

I sit and think. Then I have an idea.

I roll over on my side and rub his chest, “You know, there are other things we could do… even though we don’t have protection.”

He looks down at me and I raise my eyebrows. My hand moves down towards his erection and I grab him through his pants. He closes his eyes and breaths in deeply.

I climb on top of him and pull off his pants, leaving us both in our underwear. He groans as I kiss his neck and slowly work my way downward to his throbbing erection. I feel how hard he is through his boxers and it turns me on even more. When I reach the place where he needs me most, I start massaging him.

He’s not a big fan of teasing (unless he’s teasing me) so I pull his boxers down and lick my lips as his rock-hard cock slaps against his stomach. Without hesitation, I grab him in my hand slowly run my hand along his length, paying extra attention to the tip. He all but screams when my other hand joins and grips tight, slowly pumping him up and down.

“(Y/N),” he sighs.

I look up at him and smile and wink. I don’t break my eye contact with him as I wrap my lips around his tip and suck hard.

He bucks his hips upward because he can’t help it. I remove one hand from his length and move it upward so that I can caress his chest and abdomen. I close my eyes while I take him completely into my mouth, sucking as hard as I can. I have to be careful though because my gag reflexes might kick in. I have to work up to the point where I can bob my head quickly.

“Ugh,” he groans while he closes his eyes and throws his head back. “Don’t stop.”

I pick up the pace a bit, going ‘mmm’ every once and a while to send vibrations through him just to drive him wild. He starts gripping my hair before realizing he’s holding on really tightly. He lets go with an embarrassed look on his face (he also has pleasure written all over his face). I grab his hand and place it back in my hair because it’s kind of hot that I’m making him have to grip on to something.

He’s whimpering like crazy by the time my head is bobbing so fast I’m almost dizzy. I know he’s close by the way his eyes are squeezed tight, and his face is scrunched up, and by how he’s fidgeting and breathing so loudly. Not to mention that he’s twitching inside my mouth. With one last pump I pull my mouth off of him and he’s moaning slightly and releasing himself all over my hands.

I grab a tissue from the nightstand and wipe my hands off because swallowing is disgusting and I refuse to do it no matter how much I love him.

He looks down at me with heavy breath and wild eyes and says, “Come here.” I follow directions and climb up on top of him. He flips us over and lies on top of me. He reaches around me and unhooks my bra, then slips my lacy underpants down my thighs making sure to hold eye contact with me. I want to see what he’s doing, so I prop myself up on my elbows.

Once his face is level with my nearly dripping heat, he looks up and says, “Tell me what you want, love.”

“You. I just want you, please,” I say breathlessly.

“You’re so sexy when you beg,” he says. “How bad do you want me?” There’s a mysterious grin on his lips and it almost kills me.

“So bad,” I whine.

“Show me, love,” his voice is hushed. “Touch yourself for me.”

I hesitate, but I slip my hand down and glide my finger through my wetness. I weave up and down my folds. And then I reach my clit. I gently roll around the hard, swollen little nub. It makes me moan in the slightest way, I’m not even sure Ed heard it.

“Are you thinking of me?” He asks huskily.

I nod and bite my lip.

“Do you do this when I’m away? Do you touch yourself and picture me between your legs getting you off?”

His words turn me on so much I let out a whimper before I nod again.

I feel myself getting close, so I reach my other hand down and start rubbing over my slit. I can’t help my hips rocking up against my hand. I’m so close…

Suddenly Ed grabs my hands and holds them so I can’t touch myself anymore.

“Ed,” I whine. I try to move my hands but he holds them tight.

“Now, (Y/N), I can’t just let you get yourself off,” he says sounding very satisfied.

I whine some more because my progress is completely gone. I’ve lost all my build up, and that’s exactly what he wanted.

“Don’t worry, love, this will feel even better, I promise,” he smiles.

“Okay then, what are you waiting for?” I ask frustrated bucking my hips toward him unintentionally.

He chuckles and plants a kiss on my inner thigh. He finally reaches my throbbing area and slowly slips his tongue upwards through my lips making me inhale deeply.

“Does that feel good?” He asks seductively, his lips moving against mine. Even though my eyes are closed, I can feel him staring up at me. I shiver while he slowly traces his fingers towards where his mouth is. His tongue lazily laps at my clit and I moan to answer his question.

He gets a very concentrated look on his face and his tongue starts working harder. His lips close around my delicate little bud and he sucks and licks all over it. I can’t stop myself from moaning when he hums a small ‘mmm’ into me.

“Ed,” I sigh loudly latching onto his fiery hair.

I can almost feel him smirk because he made me moan. He goes faster, his tongue darting back and forth across by clit making me loose control. My hips force themselves closer to him.

“Lay your hips flat, love,” he tells me.

I nod and try my best not to move them while his tongue gets back to work. I can’t resist grinding them into him, though.

“Oh god,” I whimper feeling my climax approaching quickly.

Right after that I feel one of his fingers glide up and down my slit. He gently slips it in and pulls it out slowly, repeating this motion gradually increasing his speed.

“Oh my– fuck!” I feel like I’m nearly pulling his hair out, but I have to hold on to something because this feels way too damn good. I throw my head back and my eyes are clenched tight. I’m so close and he knows it. My facial expression is a dead giveaway (and of course the breathy moans).

With one last flick of his tongue and pump of his finger, I’m putty in his hands. My orgasm washes over me as I go completely numb.

“Oh god!” I squirm and whimper. My legs shake while I ride out my high. Ed keeps going, though. The feeling is just all too much.

“Ed, please,” I beg and squeeze my legs shut around his head. Lucky for me, he stops and I still remain numb. My body feels like jello.

He climbs up and kisses me again. I really wish we could actually do it because this just left me wanting more.

“Was that okay?” He asks me looking really uncertain. His body is hovering over mine and I sit up a bit to kiss him some more.

“Okay? Baby, that was amazing,” I say.

“You promise?” He pushes.

“Yes, Ed,” I say. “Couldn’t you tell it felt really good?”

“Well, I did have you gripping my hair and screaming my name,” he sort of jokes with a smirk.

I playfully shove him off of me and then settle down next to him. I curl up into him and he pulls the blankets over us. His warm body embraces me and his arms hold me tight. I close my eyes ready to drift into a nap.

“Babe, I just realized we were supposed to be painting the bathroom,” he reminds me.

I giggle at that and say, “Oopsie.”

Creepypasta #1007: A Pocket Full Of Posies

Length: Medium

Ring a Ring O’ Roses,

A Pocket full of posies,

Ash! Ash!

We all fall down.

I rose my eyes from the old book to find the store owner – a middle aged lady smelling of powder and cold green tea – looking down at me.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I was just –”

“These books are not for sale. You shouldn’t be here.”

Yeah, no shit. I should be at home watching the game. But it’s Valentine’s Day in a couple of days, and Jill has dropped so many hints as to what she wants as a gift I could make an Agatha Christie novel out of them. So here I am.

“I’m looking for a book,” I said. “An old edition of The Unbearable Lightness of –”

“Did you read anything on that book?”

I looked back down at the book I was holding. It was an old collection of nursery rhymes, pages all yellow and flaky. That’s a problem I have with bookstores – especially used book stores – I get lost in them and I browse and I forget what I was there for originally.

“I – I don’t know. I’m sorry, I didn’t know –”

Did you read this?” She asked again, laying a pointy finger over the page the book was open on.

“Yeah… it's… nice. But I’m not interested in buying.”

She closed her eyes. Then opened them again. “You’ll be able to see them now.”

“I’ll be able to what, now?”

She took a deep breath, like it pained her to say the next words. “Don’t make eye contact with them. Whatever you do. If they don’t know you can see them, you will be fine.”

Okay, this lady’s was giving me the creeps. Time to go.

“All right,” I said. “So that’s a no on the Unbearable Lightness of Being thing?”

She shook her head. “Don’t look them in the eyes.” She took the book from me and placed it back on the shelf.

“Don’t look them in the eyes, got it,” I said, applying my theory that it’s always best to agree with crazy people. “Thank you.”

I turned around to leave and stopped. Standing just by the door, under the little bell that announced new customers, was a little girl in a gown that looked like it was sewed around the time Louis XVI was decapitated.

I paused for a second. The kid was scanning the store with a weird, adult-like expression on her face. Something off about her.

Then I went past her and gave no more thought to it.


Ring a Ring O’ Roses… A pocket full of posies…

All the way home, I couldn’t get the rhyme out of my head. It was like a song, stuck there, except… I didn’t know the melody. But there was a melody in my head, as soon as I read it. Almost as if I knew that song from somewhere, or as if the music was written within the words of the book, somehow.

“Hey, hon, where were you?”

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