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the hp rp community @you right now: ok folks, this is not an exercise! It's a real beard, no make up. I repeat, no make up! It is 100% hair, maybe even more. Calm down everyone, we don't want to scare them away! If you're quiet and sit down I'm gonna ask them. Hush! - Hi! So, erm... Could you make a tutorial on how to make a beard like that? It looks good, very natural...

Well what you’ve got to do first is punch a bear. The rest is a long held secret I’d be murdered for giving away so easily. But they say if you’re a true beard grower the path will find you.

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ADHD isn't caused by not producing a chemical? From what I learned there are varying ideas on it but a prominent theory is that the basal ganglia (which signals when something is important (that is important enough to note)) is over active, overloading the executive producer impairing executive function in directing attention. The reason drugs work isn't because people with ADHD are missing that chemical it's because of the drugs effect of areas of the brain related to attention in a complex way

Um?? Okay? I learned that it was due to a lack of a chemical because your brain doesn’t produce enough of that chemical (whose’s name I don’t remember), and meds work to replace that chemical. However I also know most causes are just theories right now and the precise cause hasn’t been isolated yet.

So you could be right but also who are you and why are you lecturing me on my diagnosis?

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For the made-up fic title: A City Suspended On A Silver Chain

THE CITY SUSPENDED ON A SILVER CHAIN || the get down, shaolin fantastic, shao/zeke (one-sided), magic au

If this were one of those comic books Boo likes, he’d have a name, something like ‘The Black Vibe’ or ‘Quake’, and a dumb-ass costume. Instead, Shao has hard-to-explain bruises and the concrete shivers where he walks.

When he was eleven, he brought a house down.

That’s not bragging, he’s got other shit he’d brag about, if that’s what he was trying to do here. He didn’t even mean to—one minute he was screaming at Randall Ebert about some shit, and the next minute the world was shaking, the goddamn sky was shaking, and the house was crumbling around them like wet cardboard but with more sharp edges, blunted sides, ways to die. (The investigation blamed shoddy section 8 housing and there was a briefly-lived push to strengthen structural inspections, but it died out underfunded in the summer heat.)

If Shaolin Fantastic has an origin story, it’s that—sitting in the dark movie theater with bits of wet plaster in his hair, wide-eyed and shaking, shaking, shaking.

That’s one hell of a thing, Grandmaster Flash says, much later, when Shao loses control, misjudges the height of a jump and lands too heavy on the concrete in front of him. He can feel the ache in his ankles as the shockwaves ripple out, crack the pavement. Shao goes tense, worried that—what, that Flash will call the cops? No, worse, that Flash won’t want anything to do with him, a freak who can make the earth shiver.

Shao needs the heavy bass of the table and the pulse of the speakers. He can’t be the only thing shaking the air, he’ll go crazy. He’ll go fucking nuts, and level the Bronx, screaming. Give me this, he almost begs. C’mon.

Huh, Flash says, and there’s something in his voice that makes Shao relax, ease. The get down.

(This isn’t one one of Boo’s comic books, he doesn’t wear a stupid cape. But that’d be as good a name as any.)


is everyone freaking out about certain ships actually, Reylo in particular?
Yes, I do ship Reylo with lots of pleasure and luckily did not receive any hate yet, but have heard of people who unfortunately were not that lucky.
Now let me tell you something.

If this was real life and Rey was my best friend asking me for advice regarding which guy to pick, I would totally tell her to please pick Finn and live happily ever after. I would freak out if she told me she was in love with a conflicted person like Kylo and would go as far as telling her she should not waste her energy on someone with that many problems because I would be worried he could hurt her because he does not have his shit together.
But this is not, I repeat, this is NOT real life! Star Wars and its characters are FICTIONAL. 

And once something is fictional, views change. Of course it is nice to see the characters you like happy, but if it was all bunnies and rainbows from the beginning, the storytelling potential gets close to zero. When I saw TFA for the first time I was totally convinced of Finnrey, but after seeing it a few more times it just all seemed too perfect to me, too fairytale-like. Finn is nothing short of adorable, a real cinnamon bun and clearly one who would fit into the Disney prince squad. And this is why I did not think it would be the best choice to have Finn and Rey end up together. Fairytales are usually short, Star Wars is going to be another trilogy, and in my opinion it is difficult to fill a trilogy when you have a ship straight from a fairytale. I know, I know, Star Wars is not only about romantic love and ships, but after all it tells a lot about how humans and their emotions work or do not work. 

And this is why Reylo fascinates me. To me it is the ship with the most potential because there is so much controversy of attitudes, actions and emotions. Of course I think Finn might have an interesting backstory and had seen horrible things too, but he has spent too much time in the stormtrooper program to actually keep up with the back catalogue Kylo has to offer. Finn already has his bright moment when turning against the First Order and joining the Resistance, so the biggest steps in his character development have already been set up until now. His and Rey’s chemistry is splendid and already in TFA they become very good friends and maybe there is love (only the writers know), which indicates it would be a love-at-first-sight kind of thing and that a romantic relationship between these to would not require much more character development than we have seen in TFA.
This is why Reylo has more potential. Yes, it will lead to a lot of suffering of both characters, Kylo and Rey alike, but to have these two very different characters, the Dark Side and the Light, end up together, mountains will have to be moved and problems will have to be solved first.
I do not mean to undermine the potential of the character of Finn, but I just think establishing a relationship with Rey does not add anything to the story at all and maybe even alters the potential of both the characters while if Rey and Kylo end up together it would add something to the story and make both characters more interesting. 

So all in all I, and I think most of other Reylo shippers are with me, do not ship Reylo because I am racist or like to see Rey suffer or to see anyone be superior or inferior to the other or whatever, I ship Reylo because to me it has the most fictional potential and it would make the story interesting to me. If it does not become canon and the writers choose to give Finnrey a go, so be it, but then they have to come up with a very, VERY good arc to keep the story interesting.