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  • Konohamaru: okay team, time to introduce yourselves!
  • Sarada: *strikes pose*
  • Sarada: I'm Uchiha Sarada and I'm gonna become the Hokage!
  • Boruto: *sitting with elbows on knees*
  • Boruto: I'm Uzumaki Boruto and I'm going to get stronger to defeat a certain someone
  • Konohamaru:
  • Kakashi:
  • Later...
  • Kakashi: did you two get your children mixed up or something?
  • Naruto & Sasuke: eh?

talk shit about the cartoon all you want but it’s a series entirely about link and zelda wrecking shit up together and i really appreciate it for that.

like let’s think about it for a second – this was the 80s, the writers only had the first two games, and while they made link a lustful jerk, could have easily made zelda a generic damsel in distress he had to save all the time.

but they didn’t.

well yeah link saves her a bunch of times but guess what – SHE ALSO SAVES LINK AND THEY ACTUALLY FIGHT EVIL TOGETHER AS EQUALS. i can count the times this has happened in canon in ONE. HAND. and she doesn’t just fight with magic, no. she actually engages in combat JUST AS MUCH AS LINK DOES. remember, the writers only had the first two games as source material, where zelda is little more than a goal – and yet she’s basically the best character of the show. which isn’t saying much, sure, since the writing is less than stellar, but it’s still really neat that they chose a different route.

i’m not trying to convince you that the cartoon is a masterpiece or anything – its flaws are obvious and one of them is link – but the concept of this show is pretty damn good and it’s something i would love to see executed well, even if it’s just another non-canon cartoon/anime series.

tl;dr: i just want to see link and zelda doing shit together again PLEASE, the show only has 13 episodes (rip in peace) and it’s not enough for me

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Do you know that BuzzFeed mentioned your blog in "19 times tumblr was legitimately the best place to find period jokes". Dont ask me why I was reading the article when I should study for my exam in an hour, but I recognized your blog and thought you wanted to know if you didn't already. Anyway, I'll stop rambling and go study, have a nice day 😊

haha really?  omg I don’t even remember what the joke was. I’m gonna look it up!

omg wow you’re right!  and they even linked to the source post, which I had forgotten about. 

Thanks for telling me! I would have had no idea. That’s really cool and you made me smile tonight. Good luck on your finals!  I have one in about 10 hours myself.

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I've gotta say, your art work is so stunning and so UGH I can't explain it. I gotta ask since I'm in a pretty depressing episode over my art. Do you think someone who will be leaving secondary school this year, still be able to learn how t realistically draw people and apply that to their own style development now? I did the stupid thing and I didn't learn the basics before I drew my own style and now I'm a little stuck. Sorry, you're a pretty amazing artist so if like to know from you

Even if you feel it’s too late to study the basics, it’s better to start now than never. If you give up then you deserve what you only have now. I used to do the same too lazy to search for references, photostudy etc and now I regretted it because I missed so many useful stuff and sources which could’ve made me improved years ago but that’s the past which could be done now and for the future.

Also I don’t think leaving school means you stop improving, I didn’t finish school as well. That’s why I applied college sooner than the others. But wherever the path you go, you’ll learn something from it (what to do and what not to do) for the future. And I get to have more time to draw and hang out with some classmates with the same interest.
Basically everyone can improve but remember each person has their own pace and depends on themselves.

And this is a good source I found recently, it’s a compilation of anatomy, values, etc studies, each reference has the source link so you can explore deeper.

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do you think gerard is trans or non binary? I think he's cis, but mostly i'd like not to think anything and just wait for whatever happens

ok i wasnt gonna answer this in risk of potential shitstorm but here i am so…

FIRSTLY I would like to mention that saying “trans or non binary” is generally a defunct statement since trans is an umbrella term therefore non binary falls within that category. Also saying you think he’s cis until he expands further on the matter is kind of……eh……since it’s assuming that cis = default or people are cis until proven otherwise. Anyways this is already getting messy so I’m just gonna go straight into it. 

1. He uses he/they pronouns. Cis people don’t use and have no need for they/them pronouns.

2. In an interview for boyzine he says “…I never really subscribed to the archetype masculinity growing up, I had no interest in sports or anything like that. There was a time where I was called a girl so often that when I discovered the idea of transgenderism I considered myself to be more of a girl. So I identify with trans people and women a lot…

3. These two replies from a reddit AMA in which he says “I’m so glad that helped in figuring out your gender identity. I have always been extremely sensitive to those that have gender identity issues as I feel like I have gone through it as well, if even on a smaller scale. I have always identified a fair amount with the female gender […] Masculinity to me has always made me feel like it wasn’t right for me.

4. Following on from the previous point, saying here that “I spent a long time being very confused about gender when I was younger

5. Discussing in this podcast that he doesn’t identify with males/masculinity, and finds writing white straight males boring. 

6. Similarly to the last point, discussing here how “the characters i’ve connected the most with were the women” and “I identified more with the women in my life

7. Despite saying no when asked if he struggled with gender in an interview with kerrang he later tweeted “it’s fairly obvious that I did in fact struggle with gender but not prepared to talk about it”

8. These tweets saying he has “been reading a lot of books on the Transgender subject” and “The research is going well- it’s a lot to take in and digest but there is a very healing quality to the process for me

9. He is listed on the nonbinary.org website under “Nonbinary celebrities” 

There’s probably more, I’m struggling to find sources for a couple tweets I remember him making and there’s a lot to discuss on the topic of him going to art school in drag (which in my opinion is him consciously attempting to pass as female at that time) but yeah………I think I covered most of it. Let me know if any links are wrong (i had like 20 tabs open) or whatever. 

Lucy Pevensie

Lucy Pevensie pushes open the door of the Starbucks and is blown back by a flurry of snow. Beyond the door is a dimly lit clearing; the ground is soft and white and the only source of light is a tall, dark lamppost. Beyond the lamppost is a faun with two coffee cups. He holds one out to Lucy, who takes it. Linking arms, they set off together into the evening snow.

namesnotfred says, “Until I was 14 I had never heard of Narnia,and was given them a gift after the wake of 9/11. In my heart as I read them, I was truly very much Lucy - I wanted all my imaginations to be real, and for my grandparents to stop remembering the last time a nationality had been targeted by the public as the ‘enemy’. (Last time, it was ours). It took me two years to read all the books, and by the time I was 16 I had become like Susan. I’ve learned since then to accept that.”

Anon says, “My Mum passed away when I was a kid and one of the things I’ve always treasured the most is an old set of Narnia books she had, I always identified the most with Lucy.”

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Hi! do you happen to have a link to the video for the most recent gif you posted? The one about being remarried forever? I've been looking for it for the longest time! Thank you! X

Hey there, I don’t know that it’s still online. I’ve been asked before but I can’t remember where I found it. I think @albion-sails-on-course is far more likely to be able to source this than I am, but I will look through my archive tomorrow as I think I managed to save it X


sadly, jinsook’s grandma has passed away.

jinsookie recently confessed to missing her family very much and that she’s sad that she cannot see them as often now. despite this busy comeback time, jinsook’s flown out to attend the funeral, so everyone please keep jinsook and her family in your thoughts.

The Scarlet In-Between: Chapter 1: Conduit (Kylo Ren x Reader fic)

Originally posted by thatonejedi

Authors note: This is the first chapter in a story I’m gonna write, usually I try to write the entire thing before I post anything but hell I’m too excited. 

warnings: mild language (there will be violence later on and most definitely smut, so if that isn’t your cup a tea don’t get attached to this story)

Chapter 1: Conduit. 

“Where did you find her?” Kylo Ren asked staring at a blurry figure on the screen, a girl with y/c hair and a smudgy face. Both her arms held behind her back by stormtroopers.

"Planet 4651, uncharted territory- we scanned it. she was the planet’s only sentient inhabitant” she had been left there- hidden away where no one would find her. In a small trinary star system where she had no one to talk to. She must have been lonely he thought before he could stop himself-  he shoved away all thoughts of concern for the girl.

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If you ship Ianthony... Read This! This Is A Must!


I recently received a message from an anonymous source asking me to check out their Ianthony report. They call it a report, but I call it a theory… A SHIPPING THEORY! Seriously! This person is the MattPat of shipping! Anyways, they purpose a REALLY strong and compelling theory that Ian and Anthony might actually be in an actual secret relationship in real life. 

NOW HOLD ON! Don’t start sending me immature anon hate just yet! Hear me out!

This person makes some really strong points and backs everything that they say up with sources and evidence. It’s well written, detailed, and VERY well put together! It’s so well done in fact that it’s 96 PAGES LONG! Yeah, I’m not joking! I spent five or six hours reading through it and I can honestly say that it’s worth checking out! 

Don’t let the lengthiness of it freak you out!

If you’re an Ianthony shipper or have ever had a thought that Ian and Anthony might be gay, YOU WILL WANT TO READ THIS THEORY!! TRUST ME! Most of it is just an archive or a list of Ianthony moments! 


The link for it is right here! > [X]

All credit for the theory, or report, goes to the person who wrote it! @ianthony-report, I cannot even begin to fathom on how great of a job you did with this! Thank you for slaving over this for months for us! It had to take you a lot of time to round up all of those sources and links! Also, thank you for choosing me to review and share it! I don’t know why you chose me, but I’m SOOO glad that you did and I appreciate it! You’re amazing!


Also remember that any conclusion that Ian and Anthony are in a secret non platonic relationship is all based on a series of evidence that MIGHT not be true. Just remember, it’s just a theory… A SHIPPING TH- Okay, I’ll stop now.

[ENG TRANS] BIGBANG Japan Debut 6th Anniversary Special -Staff Roundtable-

TRANS by @mmvvip. Source is BBworld. If you want to take this out, please take them with proper credit and with the link of this post. Thanks! 



Q: This is a special time of the year; it’s BIGBANG’s 6th anniversary of Japan debut. We have interviewed few staffs who have been working with the five.

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Day 1: Red/Blue

Bless Voltron and bless Klance week. 

I’ve been determined to make this video for an eternity and thanks to Klance week here I am- I can’t remember the last time i enjoyed myself while editing- but making this was so great

So yeah, long story short, I love Halsey, I love Klance, and thank you for Klance week. 

Sources + More Info in the description of the video

Thank you!

(Here’s the YouTube link bc I was dumb and forgot to pitch the song last night ^^’ https://youtu.be/bkEzPvj8Idk )

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Yoongi and namjoon used to hate each other during pre debut? Can you explain more?

Oh my gosh I had to rake my blog for this one source, I really need to start tagging my posts more conveniently.

Here’s the link to the original gifset that I quoted off for that other ask.

To quote it, Namjoon says ‘Ayo Suga, I remember how we came here three years ago, When you and I used to fight all the time, We cried a lot and laughed a lot’.

  • Also, and this is based off what the general here say on the topic is, there is a plausible reason for that initial ‘hate’. Namjoon was the first one to get scouted for BigHit Ent. with one other guy. They were supposed to be a duo but then Yoongi joined too. It’s actually quite complex, I believe, the way BTS was lined up. There was a lot of adding and removing and Namjoon was the only one left from the original line up in the end, with Taehyung the last to join.
  • Basically, long story short, I assume Namjoon and Yoongi weren’t on the best of terms purely out of competitiveness and the fact that their talents are similar (rapping and composing) and therefore the questionable need for both of them to be in the band. 
  • Another thing is that I think Yoongi or was it Hoseok was supposed to be leader at first till it was giving to Namjoon.

I hope that’s enough explanation for you, anon, I’m not sure if that was really comprehensive ~

Old Man Sam Tells Story

You guys, I was thinking about this, this morning, and I’m willing to bet that most of you under the age of 25 or so weren’t aware: 

In the infancy of the internet – when web browsers were just barely becoming a thing, and we were still working out how to deal with loading images on a regular basis – you couldn’t just right-click and save a .gif file.

There was a time, not a long period of time but significant enough that I remember it, when if you right-clicked on an animated .gif image and selected “save as”, you would literally save a still image of the single frame of the .gif that you clicked on. And there was no “copy image link”; in order to find its url, you had to investigate the source code of the page it was embedded into. (Mind you that used to be a lot easier when it was all super-basic HTML.)

So when you encounter frustration today, some minor issue that is just annoying the fuck out of you, I want you to think of me and say to yourself “At least I’m not using Netscape 1.1.”


For those of you new to this blog, Last year I made a post exposing Lime crime for their lies. They had petrolatum in their velvetines, when it was brought to light that this ingredient was not vegan, they just changed it, after assuring all their customers that it was sourced from a vegan source. Here is that post 

Now after it has come to light again, that Lime crime are using ingredients in their velvetines that are NOT LIP SAFE, and they even say this on their own blog (which has been deleted, i linked to it in this ask about it for those long time followers who remember, this post was still up on the 9th of February)

So they knew these ingredients were NOT lip safe, They said it themselves on their own blog!
This was their ingredients list for their Velvetines on the 9th feb 2015:

And now their ingredients list for the velvetines two weeks later? 

Magically disappeared from the ingredients lists, just like last time with the petrolatum.
I know the velvetines are beautiful, but please do not support this lying brand.
Here is a post I made of vegan velvetines dupes
. I will be updating it regularly. 


i don’t even like mushrooms or berries or water from safe sources.

hey there, you should report cumbermelikecrazy for a bunch of reasons (check out the blog here if you want to)

  1. its harassment. it makes a bunch of users that ive spoken to highly uncomfortable and benedict is a real person. please remember that. imagine how he would feel if he found this blog.
  2. they change all the sources on their photos, and the poster’s comments, then reblog it from themselves and delete the original reblog so theres no link to source anything at all
  3. they have used molestation as a compliment multiple times (i know of 3 and have a screenshot of only once. the first two i talked to them about and they deleted them without apologizing or anything.) (e.g. “you look so molestable” “i would love to just molest you”)
Hey! Art theft!

Hey guys, I know I’ve seen lately a lot of really nifty GW2 fanart and concept art pieces going around. So nifty in fact that I remembered seeing them the first time, with their original sources on them. But now a blog called sayeh-reayagh (DON’T CLICK MAYBE, K?) is taking these and reposting them with no credits attached whatsoever. I had the dumb idea of going to the page to try and say something, but it’s a pretty sketch blog and the only link I could see before I quickly left was one advertising to get more followers and some broken text over their audio player. Please, I know the artwork is great and the concept art is just as beautiful as it was 2 years ago, but don’t go reblogging anymore from this source!